HRSB 2FZ18-21 Ram BOP Parts

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Rongsheng 7 1/16″-3,000 Ram Blowout Preventer

HRSB RONGSHENG 2FZ18-21 Double ram BOP Parts  P/N: RS11984

HRSB RONGSHENG FZ18-21 Single Ram BOP Parts P/N: RS11983

Parts List of the HF Ram Assembly

No. 321
NameRam AssemblyRam BlockFront PackerTop Seal

Ram Specification

Blind C.S.ORS11138.03.01.00RS11138.03.01.01ARS11138.03.01.02RS11138.03.01.03
2  3/8″RS11138.03.02.00RS11138.03.02.01ARS11138.03.02.02RS11138.03.01.03
2  7/8″RS11138.03.03.00RS11138.03.03.01ARS11138.03.03.02RS11138.03.01.03
3  1/2″RS11138.03.04.00RS11138.03.04.01ARS11138.03.04.02RS11138.03.01.03
4  1/2″RS11138.03.05.00RS11138.03.05.01ARS11138.03.05.02RS11138.03.01.03
Φ8 cableRS11138.03.07.00RS11138.03.07.01RS11138.03.07.02RS11138.03.01.03
Φ11 cableRS11138.03.08.00RS11138.03.08.01RS11138.03.08.02RS11138.03.01.03
Φ12 cableRS11138.03.11.00RS11138.03.06.01RS11138.03.11.02RS11138.03.01.03
2 3/8″-2 7/8″RS11138.03.12.00RS11138.03.03.01ARS11138.03.12.02RS11138.03.01.03
2 7/8″-3 1/2″RS11138.03.07.00RS11138.03.04.     01ARS11138.03.07.02RS11138.03.01.03

Shear ram parts list

ItemDescriptionPart numberQty.Notes
 Shear ram assemblyRS11832.07.001Assembled
1Up Ram BodyRS11832.07.01.011 
2Up Ram RubberRS11832.07.01.021Polyamine
3Down Ram BodyRS11832.07.02.011 
4Down Ram RubberRS11832.07.02.021Polyamine

Part List of the Ram Shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1Retainer 105Retainer for holes1
2SFZ1.22Pressure disk1
3SFZ1.21V Ring3
4F9404.23Support Ring1
5GB1235-76O ring 90×5.71
6RJ12326.25AY Ring1
Note: The quantity in this table is the quantity needed for one bonnet.

Part List of the Locking Shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1Retainer 85Retainer for holes1
2GB1235-76O ring 56×3.52
3GB3452.1O ring 73×3.552
4F9405.12Sealing sleeve1
5F751.14.17Dust-proof Ring1
Note: The quantity in this table is the quantity needed for one locking shaft.

Spare Part List

No.NameQuantitySpare Part No.Remarks
1Left Cylinder Cap1RS11832.01 
1ARight Cylinder Cap1RS11832.14 
2Locking shaft Seal2组 See Table 8
3O ring 250×5.74GB1235 
4Set Screw M8X254GB71 
5Locking shaft2RS11832.13 
6Piston Lock Nut2RS11120.03 
7O ring 75×3.12GB1235 
9Seal Ring; Piston4FZ897.1.8 
10Hydraulic Cylinder2RS11832.11 
11Left Flanged1RS11832.04 
11ARight Flanged1RS11832.10 
12Bolt M2712Rs11706.06 
13Bolt M27X12512RS11709.06.02 
14O ring 132×5.32GB3452.1 
15Left Bonnet1RS11832.05 
15ARight Bonnet1RS11832.09 
16Ram Shaft Seal2组 See Table 8
17Bonnet Seal Ring2F9404.15 
18Ram Shaft2RS11832.08 
19Ram Assembly2 See Table 6 &  Table 7
19ABody (single)1RS11983.01 
20Body (double)1RS11984.01 
21Pipe Plug R 1/2”12  
22O ring 40×3.18GB1235 
23Pipe Plug NPT12F9301.29 
24Position pin8F9404.06 
25Screw M12x7516GB5780 
26Hinge mount4F9404.07 
27O ring 30×3.14GB1235 
28Oil pipe Ⅱ4RS11832.17 
29Bonnet Bolt16F9404.04 
30Pipe Plug R 3/8”4RS11811.01.15 
31Oil pipe Ⅰ2RS11832.16 
32O ring 21.2×3.558GB3452.1 
33Acorn nut M2716RS11832.02 
34Hydraulic Cylinder Coupling Bolt16RS11832.03 

Part List of Maintenance Package

No.NameQuantitySpare Part No.Remarks
16Ram Shaft Seal: 
V Ring3SFZ1.21
Y Ring1RJ12326.25A
O Ring190X5.7
2Locking shaft Seal: 
O Ring256X3.5
O Ring273X3.55
17Bonnet Seal Ring1F9404.15 
9Seal Ring; Piston2FZ897.1.8 
22O Ring440×3.1 
14O Ring2132×5.3 
3O Ring2250×7 
7O Ring175×3.1 
32O Ring821.2×3.55 
27O Ring230×3.1 
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