HRSB FZ18-35 Bop parts

RONGSHENG 7 1/16″-5,000 Ram Blowout Preventer Parts List

HRSB Rongsheng FZ18-35 Single Ram BOP  Parts list  P/N: RJ11137

HRSB Rongsheng 2FZ18-35 Double Ram BOP Parts list  P/N: RJ11138

Rongsheng Machinery Manufacture Ltd

Part List of the HF Ram Assembly

No. 321
NameRam AssemblyRam BlockFront PackerTop Seal

Ram Specification

2  3/8″RS11138.03.02.00RS11138.03.02.01RS11138.03.02.02RS11138.03.01.03
2  7/8″RS11138.03.03.00RS11138.03.03.01RS11138.03.03.02RS11138.03.01.03
3  1/2″RS11138.03.04.00RS11138.03.04.01RS11138.03.04.02RS11138.03.01.03
4  1/2″RS11138.03.05.00RS11138.03.05.01RS11138.03.05.02RS11138.03.01.03
Φ12 cableRS11138.03.06.00RS11138.03.06.01RS11138.03.06.02RS11138.03.01.03
2 7/8″-3 1/2″RS11138.03.07.00RS11138.03.07.01RS11138.03.07.02RS11138.03.01.03
Φ8 cableRS11138.03.08.00RS11138.03.08.01RS11138.03.08.02RS11138.03.01.03
Φ11 cableRS11138.03.11.00RS11138.03.06.01RS11138.03.11.02RS11138.03.01.03

Part List of the Ram Shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1Retainer 105Retainer for holes1
2SFZ1.22Pressure disk1
3SFZ1.21V Ring3
4F9404.23Support Ring1
5GB1235-76O ring 90×5.71
6RJ12326.25AY Ring1
Note: The quantity in this table is the quantity needed for one bonnet.

Part List of the Locking Shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1Retainer 85Retainer for holes1
2GB1235-76O ring 56×3.52
3GB3452.1O ring 73×3.552
4F9405.12Sealing sleeve1
5F751.14.17Dust-proof Ring1
Note: The quantity in this table is the quantity needed for one locking shaft.

HRSB Rongsheng FZ18-35 RAM BOP Spare Part List

No.NameQuantitySpare Part No.Remarks
2Left Cylinder Cap1F9405.180.00 
3Hydraulic Cylinder2F9404.03 
4Bonnet Bolt16F9404.04 
5Left Bonnet1F9404.05 
6Position pin8F9404.06 
7Screw M12x7516GB5780-86 
8O ring 40×3.18GB1235-76 
9Hinge mount4F9404.07 
10Body (double)1RJ11138.01 
10ABody (single)1RJ11137.01 
11Ram Assembly2 See Table 6
12Ram Shaft2F9404.16 
13Bonnet Seal Ring2F9404.15 
14Ram Shaft Seal2 sets See Table 7
15O ring 160×5.74GB1235-76 
16Hydraulic Cylinder Coupling Bolt12F9404.19 
18Set Screw M8X254GB71-85 
19Locking shaft2F9404.18 
20Right Cylinder Cap1F9405.110.00 
21Locking shaft Seal2 sets See Table 8
22Piston Lock Nut2RJ11120.03 
23Seal Ring; Piston4RJ11120.05 
24O ring 75×3.12GB1235-76 
25Right Bonnet1F9404.17 
26Bolt M36X3 RS11706.09Quantity according to the contract requirements
27Bolt M36X3X190 RS11709.09.07Quantity according to the contract requirements
27ABolt M36X3X270 RS11709.09.08Quantity according to the contract requirements
28Seal Ring R462SY5297.3-91 
29O ring 30×3.14GB1235-76 
30Pipe Plug NPT14F9301.29 

Part List of Maintenance Package

No.NameQuantitySpare Part No.Remarks
14Ram Shaft Seal: 
V Ring3SFZ1.21
Y Ring1RJ12326.25A
O Ring190X5.7
21Locking shaft Seal: 
O Ring256X3.5
O Ring273X3.55
23Seal Ring; Piston2RJ11120.05 
13Bonnet Seal Ring1F9404.15 
8O Ring440×3.1 
15O Ring2160×5.7 
24O Ring175×3.1 
29O Ring230×3.1 

Note: A maintenance package is the seal element included in the bonnet assembly

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