HT400 Pump parts list

  Table 4.1--WormGear Drive-End Assembly
LocSAP PNLegacy No.QtyDescription
1100007816316.116312Gasket, Worm Housing Input End
2100058137316.116191Retainer, Bearing, Worm-Drive End
3100058140316.116251Bearing, Drive End-Worm Shaft
3a100058139316.116201Inner Race for 316.11625
410002918670.462411Seal, Oil, 53-in. x 7448, Fl, 4-in. B x 5 1/2-in. OD x 1/2-in. Wide
5100058134316.116151Cover, Oil Seal Retainer
610002987470.588064Washer, Flat, 3/8-in. WI, Pl
71343170.438394Screw Hex Socket, 3/8-in.16NC x 1 1/4-in., Unbrako/Loc- Wel
8100054533280.030211Flange, Companion, 1810 Series, 3.0 – 10 Spline
9100058133316.116131Washer, Worm Yoke Retainer
10100058132316.116111Washer, Lock, Worm Yoke Retainer
1110002845570.438162Screw, Hex Cap, 3/8-in. 16UNC x 1 1/4-in., Pl

Cone Drive (8.4:1) Worm Gear Thrust End Assembly

LocSAP PNLegacy No.QtyDescription
1100058310316.164161Plug, Orifice, 1/8-in. NPT, 0.157-in. Diameter Hole
210002838070.4368012Screw, Hex Socket, 1/2-in. 13UNC x 5 1/2-in., Drilled Head
3100058235316.132001Plate, thrust, bearing retainer modified for plunger lube pump
41000154358.340622O-Ring, 90D, 8, 7 3/4-in. x 1/8-in.
5100011748317.510641Adapter, HQ, Worm Shaft, Plunger Lube
6100058150316.11667as req.Shim, Clearance, Worm Thrust Bearing, 0.003 in.
7100011686316.11669as req.Shim, Clearance, Worm Thrust Bearing, 0.005 in.
8100011687316.11671as req.Shim, Clearance, Worm Thrust Bearing, 0.010 in.
9100011688316.11673as req.Shim, Clearance, Worm Thrust Bearing, 0.020 in.
10100058210316.131001Nut, Lock, HT400, worm thrust end, nut and star washer
11100058142316.116291Bearing, Thrust, Stack Worm
12100058144316.116331Bushing, Worm Thurst Bearing
13100058145316.116341Key, Worm-Thrust Bearing
14100058141316.116271Bearing, Thrust-End, Worm Shaft
15100058147316.116451Retainer, Iron Worm-Thrust End Bearing
LocSAP PNLegacy No.QtyDescription
161000154358.340622O-Ring, 90D, 8, 7 3/4-in. x 1/8-in.
17100058249316.13253as req.Shim, 0.005-in., Worm Positioning
18100058250316.13254as req.Shim, 0.010-in., Worm Positioning
19100058251316.13255as req.Shim, 0.020-in., Worm Positioning
20100057938315.311541Key, Worm-Thrust Bearing Spacer


100058285316.135221Worm, Gear, 8.4 to 1 Ratio, Cone Drive Plunger Lube Pump Assembly
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