Hydril X ram BOP Parts


Commodity:Spare Parts For 7-1/16″-10000PSI Hydril Type “X” Ram Double B.O.P
ItemP/NSpec.UnitQtyUnit priceTotal
13102210   Seat, Upper SealPC3  
23101174   Ring, LockPC3  
31900001-448   O-Ring Lower, Seat to BodyPC3  
43101517-5   Backup Ring, Lower Seat to BodyPC3  
51900001-264   O-Ring Upper, Seat to BodyPC3  
63101976-2   Screw, Socket Head SetPC12  
71900001-225*▼O-Ring, Hydraulic ConnectionPC6  
81900042-8012   Cap Screw,Socket HeadPC24  
91900042-8010   Cap Screw, Socket HeadPC48  
103102135   Sub, Fluid HingePC12  
111900001-210*▼O-Ring, Sub to Bonnet HingePC12  
121900001-214*▼O-Ring, Sub to Fluid HingePC12  
133100062-7   SpringPC12  
141900001-212*▼O-Ring, Fluid Hinge to BodyPC12  
151900044-08037   Cap Screw, Hex HeadPC12  
163101173   Bearing, Hinge pinPC12  
173101171   Washer, ThrustPC12  
183101783-1   WasherPC12  
191900001-327   O-Ring, Fluid Hinge to Bonnet HingePC12  
201900001-329   Retainer, Bonnet BoltPC60  
213102194*▼Seal, BonnetPC6  
223100236-8*▼Seal, Piston Rod MudPC6  
233100244-9*▼Ring, SpacerPC6  
243101869-4*▼Ring, RetainingPC6  
253101789-14*▼Seal, Bonnet to Piston RodPC6  
261900001-231*▼O-Ring, Hinge PinPC12  
271900001-228*▼O-Ring, PinPC24  
283100233-6*  Ring, Plastic PackingPC6  
293100234-6*  Ring, Plastic EnergizingPC6  
303100879   Valve, CheckPC6  
313100453*  Packing, PlasticPC6  
323102200   Piston, Manual LockPC6  
333101789-12*  Seal, PistonPC12  
343102199   Lock, MechanicalPC6  
351900001-445*  O-Ring, Cylinder Liner to BonnetPC6  
361900001-449*  O-Ring, Cylinder to BonnetPC6  
371900102-145*  Ring, RetainingPC6  
383100244-8*  Ring, SpacerPC6  
39310178913*  Seal, Cylinder to Mechanical LockPC6  
403100225-2*  ScraperPC12  
  Ram Assembly Parts list    
413102203Upper SealPC34  
423102220-52-3/8″ Pipe Size ,Center Front Packer.PC8  
433103390-52-3/8″ Pipe Size ,Offset-R Front Packer.PC4  
443103391-52-3/8″ Pipe Size ,Offset-L Front Packer.PC4  
453102220-62-7/8″ Pipe Size ,Front Packer.PC4  
463102220-73-1/2″ Pipe Size ,Front Packer.PC6  
473102220-94-1/2″ Pipe Size ,Front Packer.PC8  


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