Intermot IAM H series Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

Intermot IAM H series Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

The Intermot IAM H series is single displacement radial piston hydraulic motor with low speed high torque.
Technical Performance data

Rated Torque
Theoretical Unit Torque
Rated Pressure
MPa / Bar
Max Pressure
Max Speed
IAM 150 H11514802420/ 2002865026
IAM 200 H12075233316/16025550
IAM 250 H12356893816/16025500
IAM 300 H13188095116/16025400
IAM 250 H22548104020/ 2002860042
IAM 300 H22899204616/16025500
IAM 350 H23398645416/16025420
IAM 400 H240310276416/16025350
IAM 450 H245111487216/16025300
IAM 400 H339712656320/ 2002850068
IAM 450 H345214407220/ 20028480
IAM 500 H345215627820/ 20028450
IAM 600 H359318909520/ 20028420
IAM 650 H3660168010516/16025400
IAM 700 H3706180011216/16025380
IAM 750 H3754192112016/16025350
IAM 700 H4714226011320/ 2002840092
IAM 800 H4792252012620/ 20028400
IAM 900 H4904286014320/ 20028380
IAM 1000 H4992314015720/ 20028320
IAM 1100 H41116354017720/ 20028300
IAM 1250 H41247374018720/ 20028280
IAM 1400 H41315334420916/16025250
IAM 1400 H51413450022520/ 20028300173
IAM 1600 H51648524826220/ 20028250
IAM 1800 H51815518428818/18028220
IAM 2000 H52035516832316/16025200
IAM 2200 H52267576336016/16025160
IAM 3000 H53041732648316/16025120
IAM 2500 H62553952340525/ 25032120308
IAM 2800 H626831055944325/ 25032120
IAM 3000 H63063913548520/ 20028120
IAM 3200 H63218939250020/ 20028120
IAM 3500 H634621022054420/ 20028120
IAM 4000 H641551248166520/ 20028110
IAM 3900 H741551248166520/ 20028120410
IAM 4600 H745241350872020/ 20028120
IAM 5000 H749881590079520/ 20028100
IAM 5400 H754991749087520/ 20028100
IAM 6300 H867651833097520/ 20028125600-700
IAM 8000 H8829823000122320/ 20028125
IAM 10000 H8998225550166920/ 20028100

Model as follows:

IAM H1 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM100H1A0D31. IAM100H1A1D40. IAM100H1A2D31.

IAM150H1A0D31. IAM150H1A1D40. IAM150H1A2D31.

IAM175H1A0D31. IAM175H1A1D40. IAM175H1A2D31.

IAM195H1A0D31. IAM195H1A1D40. IAM195H1A2D31.

IAM200H1A0D31. IAM200H1A1D40. IAM200H1A2D31.

IAM250H1A0D31. IAM250H1A1D40. IAM250H1A2D31.

IAM300H1A0 D31. IAM300H1A1D40. IAM300H1A2D31.

IAM H2 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM200H2A0D31. IAM200H2A1D40. IAM200H2A2D31.

IAM300H2A0D31. IAM300H2A1D40. IAM300H2A2D31.

IAM350H2A0D31. IAM350H2A1D40. IAM350H2A2D31.

IAM400H2A0D31. IAM400H2A1D40. IAM400H2A2D31.

IAM450H2A0D31. IAM450H2A1D40. IAM450H2A2D31.

IAM500H2A0D31. IAM500H2A1D40. IAM500H2A2D31.

IAM600H2A0D31. IAM600H2A1D40. IAM600H2A2D31.

IAM H3 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM350H3A0D31. IAM350H3A1D40. IAM350H3A2D47.

IAM400H3A0D31. IAM400H3A1D40. IAM400H3A2D47.

IAM450H3A0D31. IAM450H3A1D40. IAM450H3A2D47.

IAM500H3A0D31. IAM500H3A1D40. IAM500H3A2D47.

IAM600H3A0D31. IAM600H3A1D40. IAM600H3A2D47.

IAM650H3A0D31. IAM650H3A1D40. IAM650H3A2D47.

IAM700H3A0D31. IAM700H3A1D40. IAM700H3A2D47.

IAM800H3A0D31. IAM800H3A1D40. IAM800H3A2D47.

IAM H4 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, Distributor: D31, D40, D47.

IAM700H4A0D31. IAM700H4 A1 D40. IAM700H4A2D47.

IAM800H4A0D31. IAM800H4 A1 D40. IAM800H4A2D47.

IAM850H4A0D31. IAM850H4 A1 D40. IAM850H4A2D47.

IAM900H4A0D31. IAM900H4 A1 D40. IAM900H4A2D47.

IAM1000H4A0D31. IAM1000H4 A1 D40. IAM1000H4A2D47.

IAM1100H4A0D31. IAM1100H4 A1 D40. IAM1100H4A2D47.

IAM1200H4A0D31. IAM1200H4 A1 D40. IAM1200H4A2D47.

IAM1250H4A0D31. IAM1250H4 A1 D40. IAM1250H4A2D47.

IAM1400H4A0D31. IAM1400H4 A1 D40. IAM1400H4A2D47.

IAM H5 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, A11. Distributor: D55, D75.

IAM1000H5A0D55. IAM1000H5A1D55. IAM1000H5A2D75.

IAM1200H5A0D55. IAM1200H5A1D55. IAM1200H5A2D75.

IAM1400H5A0D55. IAM1400H5A1D55. IAM1400H5A2D75.

IAM1500H5A0D55. IAM1500H5A1D55. IAM1500H5A2D75.

IAM1600H5A0D55. IAM1600H5A1D55. IAM1600H5A2D75.

IAM1800H5A0D55. IAM1800H5A1D55. IAM1800H5A2D75.

IAM2000H5A0D55. IAM2000H5A1D55. IAM2000H5A2D75.

IAM2200H5A0D55. IAM2200H5A1D55. IAM2200H5A2D75.

IAM H6 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, A11. A12. Distributor: D90.

IAM2200H6A0D90. IAM2200H6A1D90. IAM2200H6A11D90.

IAM2500H6A0D90. IAM2500H6A1D90. IAM2500H6A12D90.

IAM2800H6A0D90. IAM2800H6A2D90. IAM2800H6A3D90.

IAM3000H6A0D90. IAM3000H6A2D90. IAM3000H6A11D90.

IAM3200H6A0D90. IAM3200H6A3D90. IAM3200H6A12D90.

IAM3500H6A0D90. IAM3500H6A11D90. IAM3500H6A2D90.

IAM H7 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4. Distributor: D90.

IAM3900H7A0D90. IAM3900H7A1 D90. IAM3900H7A4D90.

IAM4300H7A0D90. IAM4300H7A1 D90. IAM4300H7A4D90.

IAM4600H7A0D90. IAM4600H7A2 D90. IAM4600H7A3D90.

IAM5000H7A0D90. IAM5000H7A2 D90. IAM5000H7A4D90.

IAM5400H7A0D90. IAM5400H7A3 D90. IAM5400H7A4D90.

IAM H8 series, shaft type: A0, A1, A2, A11, A22. A5. Distributor: D200.

IAM6000H8A0D200. IAM6000H8A1D200. IAM6000H8A11D200.

IAM6500H8A0D200. IAM6500H8A1D200. IAM6500H8A22D200.

IAM6800H8A0D200. IAM6800H8A2D200. IAM6800H8A5D200.

IAM7600H8A0D200. IAM7600H8A5D200. IAM7600H8A11D200.

IAM8000H8A0D200. IAM8000H8A5D200. IAM8000H8A22D200.

IAM H45 series, shaft type: A0, A1. Distributor: D40, D47. D55. D75

IAM1100H45A0D40. IAM1100H45A1D55. IAM1100H45A0D47.

IAM1400H45A0D40. IAM1400H45A1D55. IAM1400H45A0D47.

IAM1600H45A0D40. IAM1600H45A1D55. IAM1600H45A0D75.

IAM1800H45A0D40. IAM1800H45A1D55. IAM1800H45A0D75.

IAM H55 series, shaft type: A0, A1. A2. Distributor: D90

IAM2200H55A0D90. IAM2200H55A1D90. IAM2200H55A2D90.

IAM2500H55A0D90. IAM2500H55A1D90. IAM2500H55A2D90.

IAM2800H55A0D90. IAM2800H55A1D90. IAM2800H55A2D90.

IAM3000H55A0D90. IAM3000H55A1D90. IAM3000H55A2D90.

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