JC70D Drilling rig parts List

JC70D Drilling rig spare parts List

Product NameTechnical descriptionEd.
quantityDelivery time (number of days)
Spare parts for the JC70D drawworks for the ZJ70DS drilling rig (2002) (indivisible lot)
1Main drive shaft assembly106.16.37.00set1120
2Intermediate shaft assembly106.16.40.00  (
3Rotor drive shaft ZP-375 with sprocketset3
4Friction reel for winchJC-70pc.3
5Gear oil pump for lubrication of winch SB100ZX09pc.2
62-way tap of driller’s consolepc.18
7Water-pneumatic swivel116.17.00pc.11
8Drive chain, roller 32S-2, 10 meterpc.13
9Drive chain, roller 32S-4, 10 meterpc.13
10Drive chain, roller 24S-6, 10 meterpc.13
11Drilling hose 4″x35 mPa 5 meter FIG-1003pc.12
12Mud hose with thread 4”x35mPa -19m FIG-1003pc.16
Spare parts for drilling rig ZJ70D(2010) ZJ70DB(2015)
13Spline connection between electric motor and gearbox for JC-70DB winchset10120
14Spline connection between electric motor and gearbox for ZP-375 rotorset6
15Spline connection between electric motor and pulley for pump F-1600set10
16Gear oil pumpYB040013pc.5
17Hydraulic pump Reхroth 10VD-72150 Horbpc.12
18plunger pumpYB05037pc.2
19Axial piston pumpJGBOY-BL       YB040013pc.4
20Sprocket Z=34, P=38.1 3-rowZZ000004pc.2
21Working brake cylinder (Support) for winch JC 70 DBPS010000pc.12
22Safety brake cylinder (Caliper) for winch JC 70 DBPS020000pc.4
Top drive DQ 70BS-JH (2015) (indivisible lot)
23Thrust tapered roller bearingW0106234 maх3pc.6120
24Thrust tapered roller bearingW0106292pc.4
25Cylindrical roller bearingW0101100pc.10
26Spherical Roller BearingW0102110pc.10
27Cylindrical roller bearingW0101220pc.10
28Push Force Cylindrical Roller BearingW0103181pc.7
29Push Force Cylindrical Roller BearingW0103260pc.10
30Cylindrical roller bearingW0101180pc.10
31Rotating seal gland 180x210x15М09180pc.70
32Rotating seal gland 210x240x15М09210pc.100
33Mud pipe seal 127×95NT75401030 810pc.650
34Central pipeNT754010308-VIpc.10
35Sling 350 tonsW03350108pc.4
36Pipe Clamp JawТ7540205081set9
37Carrier roller assemblyТ7503153201pc.130
38Hydraulic pump unitM2JA132 M6B B35 A37-F-R-O1-H-S-Kset6
39Hydraulic motor with gearYBO3315+06set4
40Bell-shaped casingYB0701pc.2
43Ice skating rinkYB0703шт2
44Lubrication motor complete with gear pumpM2JA90L M6A+                                    HGP-3A-F 40Rset6
45Return oil filterYQ0203160100pc.20
46Return oil filter housingYQ020316     01002pc.6
47Transmission oil filterYQ0103160pc.52
48High pressure filter for hydraulic oilYQ0102063pc.52
49First drive gear70010401pc.8
50Second drive gear assembly70010403set6
51Second driven gear700104013pc.6
52Rotation Adapter Small GearТ75020106pc.6
53Seal for main shaft (ø210×78)Т7540104082pc.36
54Seal for main shaft (ø210×164)Т7540104060pc.20
55Under the tight envelope there is a lower sealing sleeve (ø210×60)700104311pc.13
56Under the tight envelope there is a lower sealing sleeve (ø210×70)700104312pc.13
57Hydraulic cylinder for sling tilt assemblyDQ70BS-G   Z-03set2
58Locking device assemblyDQ70BS-G   Z-04set1
59Stopper dieT75020403pc.15
60IBOP ManagementDQ70BS-G   Z-06set2
61plunger pumpYB05037   37cm3/rpc.5
62Gear pumpHGP-3A-F 30R-2Bpc.5
63Gear pumpHGP-3A-F  40Rpc.5
64Drill Pipe Wedges 3 1/2″Т75402051 01set5
65Drill pipe wedges 5″Т75402051 0А1set5
66Pipe clamp pinТ75402050 6pc.5
67Hydraulic auxiliary valve blockYFT754BOOOpc.3
Spare parts for swivel SL-450-5 (indivisible lot)
68Main bearing 270x550x130 (19954EQ)SL 000036pc.10120
69Upper bearing 200x310x70(2007140) GB/T-297SL 000031pc.10
70Lower bearing 240x360x56(32148) GB/T-283SL 000039pc.10
71Mud pipe cuffpc.1000
72Mud pipe assembly104.05.30.00set30
73Feeding tube104.05.30.03pc.280
74Spring O-ring (top) PD220x260x18 mmHG4-692-67pc.150
75Spring O-ring (bottom) PD250x290x18 mmHG4-692-67pc.350
76Gasket – washer104.05.15-1pc.6
Spare parts for swivel SL-225 (indivisible lot)
77Main bearing 9019456QSL 225-29.00pc.8120
78Upper bearing 32040X2 (SL 000014)GB/T-297-94pc.4
79Lower bearing NU240 (SL 000018)GB/T283-2007pc.4
  Spare parts for the ZP-375 rotor (indivisible lot)
80Sprocket P=50, Z=19ZP000012pc.3120
81Oil seal SG180x210x15ZP030018pc.4
82Oil seal SG180x220x18SG180х220х18pc.8
83Oil seal PG150x180x16 PG150х180х16pc.8
84O-ring 1049.5×8.61049.5х8.6pc.8
85O-ring 407×8.6407х8.6pc.8
86Gear wheel of a small umbrellaZP030001pc.1
87Stainless steel wire ø1.6ZP000039m10
Spare parts for the rotor ZP-275 (indivisible lot)
88Input drive shaft assembly with sprocket Z=23 mm, P=50.8 mm with rubber rings, sevanite oil sealKR
KR 105.17.02
Spare parts for diesel engine “G12V190PZL-1” (indivisible lot)pc.
89Water cooling radiatorJC2112-1301-199-200pc.2120
90Step-down gearbox 1.53, 900 kV, 1500-1 (1275x1085x980)JS-1200pc.1
91Pneumatic starter (pneumatic motor)12VB.46.120Fpc.2
92Pneumatic fuel pre-feed pump12VB.54.00Сpc.2
93Pneumatic controlled valve “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″12VB.46.300.10pc.2
94Pneumatic control valve “JDEC”G12V190PZL-1”pc.2
95Oil controller bushing “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″Z12V.12.40.01pc.60
96Spring “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″Z12V.12.12.14Apc.110
97Washer “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″Z12V.12.01Apc.60
98Installation automatic. brakes with low oil pressure12VB.34.00Аpc.2
99Fuel pump regulator “JDEC”G12V190PZL-1”Т300/750Zpc.2
100Tachometer with sensor “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″12VB.32.00Dpc.3
101Water pump12VB.22.00Вpc.3
102Fuel pumpВН6Z140ZPpc.4
103Fuel supply pump “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″YT 235.11.00pc.2
104Pump (rotary) for fuel supply12VB 11.00pc.2
105Nozzle with sprayer assembly 12 VВ.16.20Epc.24
106Oil filter12 VB.18.10Bpc.600
107Fuel filter12 V.10.30.03pc.300
108Air filter (upper)12 V.36M.40pc.50
109Air filter (lower)12 V.36M.50pc.50
110Cardan clutch assemblyW51.5×870pc.1
111TurbochargerJ170-1 20GJ.00Epc.4
112Cylinder head gasket (sealing ring II)12VB.03.12Apc.80
113Clutch plunger with fuel pump springZ12V.12.20pc.40
114Clutch plunger with fuel pump springZ12V.12.30pc.40
115Super speed safety assembly12VB.37.00set2
116Plunger pair complete with springset24
Drilling rig ZJ-30T. Spare parts for winch JS-30OC (indivisible lot)
117JC-30 winch lift shaftZJ-30Tpc.2120
118Auxiliary winch XJFH-5×35JC-30pc.1
119Combined transfer case for power systemDL 050000pc.1
120Oil pump assembly for gearbox “Allison-S5610NR”6880125pc.10
121Hydraulic pump NSh with power take-off assemblyZJ-30Tset6
122Drive chain, roller 44.45 mm 10 meter28S-2set6
123Mud hose 4″x35 Mra 17 meter FIG-1003pc.2
124Connecting cylinder W31-20-901DDW1057 4100100 20 90ZJ-30T,XJ-750pc.10
Spare parts for lifting unit XJ-750 (indivisible lot)
125Oil pump for Allison-M5620R gearbox6880125pc.10120
126Hydraulic cylinder for mast lifting XJ-750YGQB-262/1900pc.2
127Hydraulic pump “PARKER” PMD Çhemnitz Germany Part (НШ-XJ-750)7049112042pc.10
128Drilling hose 4″x35 mPa 17 meter with thread FIG-1003pc.4
Spare parts for the circulation system
129Gate valve DN 100 PN 2.5 mPapc.30120
130Damping gelatin ring DN80 (element)pc.24
131Damping gelatin ring DN100 (element)pc.24
132Damping gelatin ring DN150 (element)pc.24
133Damping gelatin ring DN200 (element)pc.24
134Damping gelatin ring DN250 (element)pc.24
135Damping gelatin ring DN300 (element)pc.24
136Connection seal drill. manifold ZG-100×35 mPa     GK 010022pc.50
137Mixer HMG-80 with gearbox, without electric motor     GK 010100set5
138Mixing device 11kW, without electric motor    JQ110000pc.15
Spare parts for high pressure drilling manifold ZG 102-35
253High pressure valve 2” x35 mPa FIG -1002JC 150000pc.30120
254High pressure valve 3” x35 MPa FIG-1003JC 020000pc.15
255High pressure valve 4” x35 mPa FIG -1003JC 100000pc.45
Spare parts for the Sullair compressor (indivisible lot)
256Oil filter02250054-605pc.60120
257Water separating filter02250100-753pc.60
258Air filter12Р/N 049301pc.50
259Dryer “SULLAIR” pneumatic air systemQK 000000» 50Н(37 кВ)pc.10
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