LEE MIN Filter

LEE MIN Filter

LEE MIN Filter ISV line suction filter and filter element models are: ISV20-40X*-C ISV25-63X*-C ISV32-100X*-C ISV40-160X*-C ISV50-250X*-C ISV65-400X*-C ISV80-630X*-C ISV90-800X*-C ISV100-1000X*-C Filter Model: LX-40X* LX-63X* LX-100X* LX-160X* LX-250X* LX-400X* LX-630X* LX -800X* LX-1000X

LEE MIN  CFF self-sealing magnetic suction filter and filter cartridge models are: CFF-510X* CFF-515X* CFF-520X* Filter parts are: FX-510X* FX-515X* FX-520X*

LEE MIN ZL12-122 series self-sealing magnetic oil filter and filter filter models are: ZL12-122X* ZL12B-122X* ZL12C-122X* filter models are: ZL12X-122X* ZL12BX-122X

LEE MIN XNJ tank suction filter and filter Filter model: XNJ-25X*-C XNJ-40X*-C XNJ-63X*-C XNJ-100X*-C XNJ-160X*-C XNJ-250X*-C XNJ-400X*-C XNJ-630X* -C XNJ-800X*-C XNJ-1000X*-C Filter Model: JX-25X* JX-40X* JX-63X* JX-100X* JX-160X* JX-250X* JX-400X* JX-630X* JX -800X* JX-1000X

LEE MIN NJU box internal suction type oil filter and filter element models are: NJU-25X*LY/C NJU-40X*LY/C NJU-63X*LY/C NJU-100X*LY/C NJU-160X*LY/C NJU-250X*LY/C NJU-400X*LY/C NJU-630X*LY/C NJU-800X*LY/C filter Part No.: UX-25X* UX-40X* UX-63X* UX-100X* UX-160X* UX-250X* UX-400X* UX-630X* UX-800X

LEE MIN WF Series Suction Filter Model: WF-3A WF-4A WF-4B WF-6B WF-6BL WF-8B WF-10C WF-10CL WF-12C WF-12D WF-16D WF-16DL WF-20D WF-24D WF-24DL Please inquire.

LEE MIN WU series suction filter models are: WU-16X*-J WU-25X*-J WU-40X*-J WU-63X*-J WU-100X*-J WU-160X*-J WU-225X*- J WU-250X*-J WU-400X*-J WU-630X*-J WU-800X*-J WU-1000X*-J

LEE MIN WUI suction filter models are: WUI-10X*-J WUI-16X*- J WUI-25X*-J WUI-40X*-J WUI-63X*-J WUI-100X*-J WUI-160X*-J WUI-225X*-J WUI-250X*FJ WUI-400X*FJ WUI-630X *FJ

LEE MIN  RF Series Direct Return Oil Return Filter and Filter Cartridge Model: RF-60X*LY/C RF-110X*LY/C RF-160X*LY/C RF-240X*LY/C RF-330X* LY/C RF-500X*LY/C RF-660X*LY/C RF-850X*LY/C RF-950X*LY/C RF-1300X*LY/C Filter Type: LH0060R*BN/HC LH0110R*BN/ HC LH0160R*BN/HC LH0240R*BN/HC LH0330R*BN/HC LH0500R*BN/HC LH0600R*BN/HC LH0850R*BN/HC LH0950R*BN/HC LH1300R*BN/HC

LEE MIN RFA Miniature Oil Return Filter and Filter Filter Model: RFA-25X*LY/C RFA-40X*LY/C RFA-63X*LY/C RFA-100X*LY/C RFA-160X*LY/C RFA-250X*LY/C RFA-400X* LY/C RFA-630X*LY/C RFA-800X*LY/C RFA-1000X*LY/C filter models are: -25X* -40X* -63X* -100X* -160X* -250X* -400X* – 630X* -80 0X* -1000X*

LEE MIN RFB direct return type oil return filter and filter element models are: RFB-25X*FY/C RFB-40X*FY/C RFB-63X*FY/C RFB-100X*FY/C RFB -160X*FY/C RFB-250X*FY/C RFB-400X*FY/C RFB-630X*FY/C RFB-800X*FY/C RFB-1000X*FY/C filter element: FBX-25X* FBX- 40X* FBX-63X* FBX-100X* FBX-160X* FBX-250X* FBX-400X* FBX-630X* FBX-800X* FBX-1000X*,

LEE MIN WY-A Magnetic Filter and Filter Filter Model: WY- A300X*QY/C WY-A400X*QY/C WY-A500X*QY/C WY-A600X*QY/C WY-A700X*QY/C WY-A800X*QY/C Filter Model: WY-300X*Q WY- 400X*Q WY-500X*Q WY-600X*Q WY-700X*Q WY-800X*Q, Dawn GP Return Filter and Filter Cartridge Model: GP-A300X*QY/C GP-A400X*QY/C GP-A500X*QY/C GP-A600X*QY/C, filter type: GP300X*Q GP400X*Q GP500X*Q GP600X*Q

LEE MIN type oil return filter and filter element Model: QYL-63X*-P QYL-100X*-P QYL-160X*-P QYL-250X* -P QYL-400X*-P filter type: QYLX-63X* QYLX-100X* QYLX-16 0X* QYLX-250X* QYLX-400X*

LEE MIN  XNL tank return filter and filter cartridge Model: XNL-25X*-C XNL-40X*-C XNL-63X*-C XNL-100X*-C XNL- 160X*-C XNL-250X*-C XNL-400X*-C XNL-630X*-C XNL-800X*-C XNL-1000X*-C Filter Type: XLX-25X* XLX-40X* XLX-63X* XLX -100X* XLX-160X* XLX-250X* XLX-400X* XLX-630X* XLX-800X* XLX-100X

LEE MIN SP Rotary Line Filter and Filter Cartridge Model: SP-06X* SP-08X* SP- 10X* SPA-10X10 Filter Type: SPX-06X* SPX-08X* SPX-10X* SPAX-10X10,

LEE MIN PLF Series Pressure Line Filter and Filter Filter Model: PLF-H30X*P PLF-H60X*P PLF- H110X*P PLF-H160X*P PLF-H240X*P PLF-H330X*FP PLF-H500X*FP PLF-H660X*FP PLF-E30X*P PLF-E60X*P PLF-E110X*P PLF-E160X*P PLF- E240X*FP PLF-E330X*FP PLF-E500X*FP PLF-E660X*FP PLF-C30X*P PLF-C60X*P PLF-C110X*P PLF-C160X*P PLF-C240X*FP PLF-C330X*FP PLF- C500X*FP PLF-C660X*FP Cartridge Model: PLFX-30X* LH0060D*BN/HC LH0110D*BN/HC LH0160D*BN/HC LH0240D*BN/HC LH0330D*BN/HC LH0500D*BN/HC LH0660D*BN/HC ,

LEE MIN RLF series return line filter and filter Filter model: RLF-60X*P RLF-110X*P RLF-160X*P RLF-240X*P RLF-330X*P RLF-500X*P RLF-660X*P RLF-850X*P RLF-950X*P RLF- 1300X*P filter model: SFX-60X* SFX-110X* SFX-160X* SFX-240X* SFX-330X* SFX-500X* SFX-660X* SFX-850X* SFX-950X* SFX-1300X*,

LEE MIN ZU- H pressure line filter and filter element Model: ZU-H10X*-P ZU-H25X*-P ZU-H40X*-P ZU-H63X*-P ZU-H100X*-P ZU-H160X*-P ZU- H250X*-P ZU-H400X*-P ZU-H630X*-P filter type HX-10X* HX-25X* HX-40X* HX-63X* HX-100X* HX-160X* HX-250X* HX-400X* HX-630X*,

LEE MIN QU-H Chemical Fiber High Pressure Filter and Filter Cartridge Model: Q2U-H10X*-P Q2U-H25X*-P Q2U-H40X*-P Q2U-H63X*-P Q2U-H100X*-P Q2U -H160X*-P Q2U-H250X*FP Q2U-H400X*FP Q2U-H630X*FP Filter Cartridge Model: HX-10X*Q2 HX-25X*Q2 HX-40X*Q2 HX-63X*Q2 HX-100X*Q2 HX- 160X*Q2 HX-250X*Q2 HX-400X*Q2 HX-630X*Q2,

LEE MIN QU-H Chemical Fiber High Pressure Filter and Filter Filter Model: Q3U-H10X*P Q3U-H25X*P Q3U-H40X*P Q3U- H63X*P Q3U-H100X*P Q3U-H160X*P Q3U-H250X*P Q3U-H400X*P Q3U-H630X*P filter type: HX-10X*Q3 HX-25X*Q3 HX-40X*Q3 HX -63X*Q3 HX-100X*Q3 HX-160X*Q3 HX-250X*Q3 HX-400X*Q3 HX-630X*Q3.

LEE MIN ZU-H plate type high pressure filter and filter element Model: ZU-H10X*BP ZU-H25X*BP ZU-H40X*BP ZU-H63X*BP ZU-H100X*BP ZU-H160X*BP ZU-H250X*BP ZU -H400X*BP ZU-H630X*BP Filter Model: HBX-10X* HBX-25X* HBX-40X* HBX-63X* HBX-100X* HBX-160X* HBX-250X* HBX-400X* HBX-630X*,

LEE MIN QU-H plate type chemical fiber high pressure filter and filter element Model: Q2U-H10X*BP Q2U-H25X*BP Q2U-H40X*BP Q2U-H63X*BP Q2U-H100X*BP Q2U-H160X*BP Q2U-H250X*BP Q2U -H400X*BP Q2U-H630X*BP Filter Model: HBX-10X*Q2 HBX-25X*Q2 HBX-40X*Q2 HBX-63X*Q2 HBX-100X*Q2 HBX-160X*Q2 HBX-250X*Q2 HBX-400X *Q2 HBX-630X*Q2,. Filter model: Q3U-H10X*BP Q3U-H25X*BP Q3U-H40X*BP Q3U-H63X*BP Q3U-H100X*BP Q3U-H160X*BP Q3U-

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