LS swivel SL450-5

Lanzhou LS swivel SL450-5 parts LIST

Swivel 104.16.00
Bail 104.09.01
Plug 104.05.02 (2″)
Gooseneck 104.05.33
Stud GB898-88 (AGM24-M24x65)
Nut GB6170-86 (M24)
Washer. spring GB93-87 (24)
Washer. spring
Support. gooseneck 104.07.01
Packing. assembly
Umbrella 104.05.07
Bushing (upper) 104.05.08-1
Seal. oil D7-1-67 (220x260x18)
Seal. oil
Spacer 104.06.16
Snap. r i ng 104.05.24
Bearing GB297-84 (2007140)
Shim 104.07.02
Bolt GB5783-86 (M12x40)
Washer. spring GB93-87 (12)
Bolt GB5781-86 (M20x60)
Washer.spring GB93-87 (20)
Washer GB97.1-85 (20)
Gear-ring (disc) 104.07.03 (m=5 z=110)
Stem 104.16.01
Screw GB67-85 (M4x8)
Stud GB898-88 (AM16x65)
Stud GB898-88 (AM16x100)
Nut GB6170-86 (M16)
Pneumatic motor and drive system
Sleeve.hose union 104.05.32
O-ring D4-4-66 (120×5.7)
Nut.hose union 104.05.04-1
O-ring D4-4-66 (165×8.6)
Limit plate 104.07.09
Retainer.Oil Seal
Elbow bend GB3289.2-82 (Rd 1/2)
Elbow bend
Sleeve.hose union GB3289.26-82 (R1 1/2)
Shim 104.07.13
Plate. stop (outside)
Gage. oil 104.07.50-00
Limit Plate 104.07.12
Pin.bail 104.09.08
Plate. stop (outside) GB893.1-86 (130)
Connecting body14/R1/4 F11-1.11-93
Plug 104.05.31 (4″)
Screw with head-holes
Plate. end
Pneumatic mtor and drive system 104 01 06.00
Out-rub piece 1
Out-rub piece II
Out-rub piece III 10407.06.09
Out-rub piece IV 10407.06.10
Out-rub piece V 10407.06.11
Inner-rub piece I
Inner-rub piece II
Inner-rub piece III
Inner-joint cover
Adding power cover
Snap ring GB893.1-87 (75)
Bearing 109
Bearing 8118
Spring seat
Drain plug
Clutch body
0-ring D4-4-66 (175×8.6)
0-ring D4-4-66 (180×3.1)
0-ring D4-4-66 (110X5.7)
Snap ring GB893.1-87 (90)
Bearing 32510
Gear shaft
Packing. assembly
Nut. upper packing gland
Housing.packing gland (upper) packing
0-ring D4-4-66 (135×5.7)
Spacer. top
Wash pipe
Snap ring
Spacer. lower
Grease fitting GB1152-89 (M10X1)
Housing packing gland (lower) 104.05.30. OH
Spacer. middle
Spacer. bottom packing
0-ring D4-4-66 (120×5.7)
Screw GB75-66 (M10x12)
Nut. lower packing gland
Plate. name 104.16.05
Bearing 104.002CG (19954EQ)
Body 104.16.06
0-ring D4-5-73 (560×8.6)
Screw. hex soc hd GB70-85 (M24x65)
Bearing GB283-81 (32148)
Retainer.oil seal 104.05.27-1
Plug 104.05.19 (1″)
Screw JB1000-77 (M12x1.25)
Gasket D3-4-67 (12×20 )
Seal.oil D7-1-67 (250x290x18)
Spacer 104.05.15-1
Plate. end 104.05.28-1
Screw. hex soc hd GB70-85 (M16x30-Q)
Washer. spring GB93-87 (16)
Bushing (lower) 104.05.17-1
O-ring D4-4-66 (155×8.6)
Coupling 104.05.38
Protector. thread 104.06.12
Grease fitting GB1152-89 (M10x1)
Connecting body14/R1/4 F11-1.8-93
Union pipe swing GB3289.37-82 (Rc1 1/2)
Nut GB3763-83 (M22x1.5)
Pipe nipple 104.07.16
soft pipe assembly
soft pipe assembly
Shim —
Bolt ——
Screw ——
Gasket ——
Socket wrench GB5356-85 (S=10)
Socket wrench GB5356-85 (S=17)
Socket wrench GB5356-85 (S=12)
Pneumatic motor and drive system
Pneumatic motor FMS-20
Sleeve, hose union GB3289.26-82 (R2)
Elbow bend GB3289.2-82 (Rc2)
Bolt GB5783-86 (M16x35)
Washer, spring GB93-87 (16)
Small gear
Snap ring GB894.1-86 (28)
Bearing 36110
0-ring D4-4-66 (16×2.4)
woolen ring
Bearing 8120
Out-joint cover
Bolt GB5783-86 (H12x30)
Pin (12n6x32)
Flat key GB1096-79 (14×28)
Shaft End Plate C6~3^2⑽
Bolt GB32.1-88 (M8x16)
Iron wire 1×100
Screw GB70-85 (H12x25)
Washer GB93-87 (12)
Flat key GB1096-79 (14×36)
Circle nut
Washer GB858-88 (48)
Snap ring GB893.1-86 (72)
Bearing 32207
Stud GB898-88 (H12x30)
Nut GB6170-86 (M12)
Bolt GB5781-86 (M12x110)
Pneumatic connector
Connecting body F3-63-80
0-ring D4-4-66 (60×3.1)

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