Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seal
dimension : 22mm
Rotary Ring Carbon (Graphite/SiC/TC)
Stationary Ring (SiC/TC)
Bellows &Other Parts(VION/SUS304/SUS316)
GFK suitable pump
CR,CRI,CRN 1,3,5
CR,CRI,CRN 10,15,20
CR,CRN 32,45,64,90
CR,CRN 120,150

The full set of seal kit for Grundfos pump ,totoally replace the original seal kit .Much lower cost .
Model Number : Kit,Gasket W seal(69632394),Kit Shaft seal(985164)
Kit,Shaft seal(415080), Kit,Shaft seal(985167)
Kit,Shaft seal(985737)
stocking Seal Kits model : 985164 to Grundfos CH2 and CH4 Pumps
Consists of:
One Mechanical Shaft Seal
Chamber Gaskets (enough to suit CH2 or CH4)
One Shaft Stop Ring (circlip)
One Shaft Lock Nut
One Assembly Instructions with Diagram

Mechanical Seal GF-02
dimension: 12mm
● Rotary Ring (Carbon/SIC)
● Stationary Ring (SiC/TC)
● Secondary Seal(EPDM/VITON)
● Spring &Other Parts(SUS304/SUS316)

Mechanical seal model CR is widely used for GRUNDFOS-PUMP. The normal material
combination include SIC/SIC/viton/machined ss304,TC/TC/VITON/machined ss304 and SIC/
These mechanical seals are used for stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.
They are suitable for use in Grundfos pumps:
CR1 / CR3 / CR5 / CR10 / CR15 / CR20 / CR32 / CR45 / CR64 / CR90 water pumps, O-ring assembly type
CRN1 / CRN3 / CRN5 / CRN10 / CRN15 / CRN20 / CRN32 / CRN45 / CRN64 / CRN90 water pumps, O-ring assembly type

Grundfos ® bush 12mm-Outside ring
Grundfos ® bush 12mm-Inside ring
Grundfos ® bush 12mm-Inside ring
16*12.6*10mm 16*12.6*10.05mm
Grundfos ® bush 16mm-Outside ring
Grundfos ® bush 16mm-Inside ring
16*12.6*10mm 22*15*14mm
Grundfos ® bush 16mm-Inside ring
22*17.5*13mm 22*17.5*14mm
Grundfos ® bush 12mm
35*30*12 TC
Grundfos ® bush 22mm
32/29.5*22*13.5/12 TC
Grundfos ® bush 22mm
22*17.5*11 TC
Grundfos® TC Sets( 22mm )
Grundfos® TC Sets( 22mm )
Grundfos® TC Sets( 22mm )
Grundfos® bush 32mm
42*32.2*25 TC
Grundfos® bush 32mm
32.1*22*30 TC
Grundfos® bush 36mm
46*36.2*30 TC
Grundfos® bush 36mm
36.1*26*35 TC
Grundfos® bush
38.5*29.1*13 TC
Grundfos® bush
29.15*24.14*13.55 TC

GF03 Long ● Rotary Ring(SiC/TC) ● Stationary Ring(Carbon/SiC/TC) ● Secondary Seal(NBR/VITON) ● Retainer(SUS304/SUS316) ● Spring(SUS304/SUS316)

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