Megger Detector

Megger 514440-2 DETEX Voltage Detector

Megger 514440-2 DETEX Voltage Detector 3.6 to 36.5 kV

3.6 to 36.5 kV Instrument Operating Range (phase to phase)

2.1 kV Min. Voltage (phase to ground)

4.16 to 34.5 kV Nominal System Voltage Range, 50/60 Hz Systems

48″ Telscopic Pole

Megger 514440-2 Includes:

Carrying Case


For use on any grounded electrical system, DETEX Voltage Detectors are available in seven models that cover a range from distribution class to transmission line voltages up to 550 kV. Biddle offers six electronic “beeper” models and one model with LED indication for greater visibility when testing indoors.

The beeper-style electronic detectors provide audible and visual indication of the presence of phase-to-ground ac voltages, in accordance with ANSI C84.1-1982 standards.

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