DEMCO DM MUD GATE VALVE GATE 2″ 3″ 4″ Steel, Nickel Plated P/N 1876 1878 2207 F/Cameron DEMCO MUD GATE VALVE

Our Gate Valve Parts, including Seat, Gate, Minor Repair Kit, and Major Repair Kit are fully interchangeable with Cameron Demco. And the quality and production technique is equivalent to the original; we are OEM for these products for foreign brand resellers.


Seat 2″, Ductile Iron or 316SS/Buna-N, For Demco Gate Valve, 5000 Psi, and Weight 0.74 0 Kg.; p/n: J001876-011; J001876-081, Hs Code: 84819000

Buna-N Seat 3″, Ductile Iron or 316ss/Buna-N, F/ Demco Gate Valve, P/n: J001878-011; J001878-081

Buna-N Seat 4″ & 5×4″, Ductile Iron or 316SS/Buna-N, F/ Demco Gate Valve, P/n: J002207-021; J002207-081


Gate F/Gate Valve 2″ 316SS or Steel Nickel Plated, 5000 PSI, P/N: J001887-008; J001887-002

Gate F/Gate Valve 3″ 316SS or Steel Nickel Plated, 5000 PSI, P/N: J001886-008; J001886-002

Gate F/Gate Valve 4″,4”x5”, 316SS or Steel Nickel Plated, 5000 PSI, P/N: J001926-002; J001926-008

Stem 2″ 303SS, 316SS, F/Gate Valve 5000 PSI, P/N: J001931-002; J001931-008

Stem 3″ 303SS, 316SS, F/Gate Valve 5000 PSI, P/N: J001932-002; J001932-008

Stem 4″/5×4″ 303SS, 316SS, F/Gate Valve 5000 PSI, P/N: J007439-002; J007439-008

1Lube FittingSteelJ005195
2Hub AssemblyASTM A536 Ductile Iron2139713-01
3Pin, Lock HandleSteelJ005420-18732
4Lock handleC-1213J001892
6Stem Screw SealBuna-NJ005526-226
7Screw HousingC-1018J001852
9Stem ScrewC-1213J001914-003
10Secondary SealBuna-NJ005526-212
12Stem Seal AssemblyBuna-N/VitonJ001950-001/J001950-006
13BonnetASTM A105J001971-XXX/ J001976-XXX
14Stem303 SS/316 SSJ001932-002/J001932-008
15GateSteel, Nickel Plated/316ssJ001886-002/J001886-008
16Seat AssemblyInserts: Ductile Iron or Steel or 316 SS Elastomers: Buna-N VitonJ001878-011/J001878-012



17Bonnet SealBuna-N/VitonJ005526-431/J005531-431
20Bonnet StudASTM A193J002066
21Bonnet Stud NutASTM A1942709000-08-01
22Body StudASTM A193J002072/ J002074
23Body Stud NutASTM A1942709000-0901/2709000-1001
NOTEMajor Repair Kit J025091-10321 (including Gate, Seat, Bonnet Seal, Stem Screw, Stem Screw Seal, Stem, Secondary Seal, Stem Seal Assy.)

Minor Repair Kit J025091-00321 (including Gate, Seat, Bonnet Seal)

OEM part no. For reference as below:

Major Repair Kit J025091-10221, J025091-10321, J025091-10421

Minor Repair Kit J025091-00221, J025091-00321, J025091-00421


STEM SCREW M1913 M1914-003 M7416

STEM SCREW Seal M5526-224 M5530-226

STEM 303 SS 316 SS M1931-002 M1931-008 M1932-002 M1932-008 M7439-002 M7439-008

SECONDARY SEAL Buna N M5530-210 M5530-212 M5526-214

STEM SEAL ASSEMBLY M1949-001 M1949-006 M1950-001 M1950-006 M1951-001 M1951-006

BONNET, UNCOATEDCOATED M1237-0210 M1980-0310 M7419-030 M7419-031

BONNET SEAL Buna N Viton M5530-342 M5531-342 M5530-433 M5531-433 M5520-439 M5531-439

GATE Steel, Nickel Plated316 SS M1887-002 M1887-008 M1886-002 M1886-008 M1926-002 M1926-008

SEAT Ductile IronSteel315SS M1876-011 M1876-012 M1876-021 M1876-022 M1876-081 M1876-082

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