Drill Pipe Slips SDXL. SDML. SDS
The SD Style Drill Pipe Slip has a unique full wrap around grip and insert design to prevent damage to the
drill pipe. The design of the slips with its dove tail slots holds the inserts securely in place and are easily
changed for different size pipes. Three different sizes; short, medium and long covers the shallowest and
deepest wells.
Body Size3-1/2″4-1/2”
Pipe Size2-3/8″2-7/8″3-1/2”3-1/2”4″4-1/2″
Part NumberJ-3901J-3903J-3905J-3907J-3909J-3911
Insert Qty2436
Retaining Ring c/w Hex Nut & BoltJ-3738
Left HandleJ-3768
Right HandleJ-3767
Center HandleJ-3766
Left Handle (Flex)J-3768F
Right Handle (Flex)J-3767F
Center Handle (Flex)J-3766F
Handle Pin c/w Washer & Cotter PinJ-3769
Body Size3-1/2″4-1/2”5″5-1/2”
Pipe Size2-3/8″2-7/8″3-1/2″3-1/2”4″4-1/2”4″4-1/2”5″4-1/2”5″5-1/2”
Part NumberJ-15524J-15523J-15522J-15563J-15564J-15565J-15567J-15568J-15569J-15571J-15572J-15573
Insert Qty30454545
Retaining Ring c/w Hex Nut & BoltJ-3748J-3739J-3741J-3740
Left HandleJ-3768
Right HandleJ-3767
Center HandleJ-3766
Left Handle (Flex)J-3768F
Right Handle (Flex)J-3767F
Center Handle (Flex)J-3766F
Handle Pin c/w Washer & Cotter PinJ-3769
Hinge Pin c/w Cotter PinJ-2192
3ody Size4-1/2”5″5-1/2″
Pipe Size3-1/2″4″4-1/2″4′4-1/2”5″4-1/2”5”5-1/2”
Part NumberJ-15515J-15514J-15513J-15518J-15517J-15516J-15521J-15520J-15519
insert Qty545454
Retaining Ring c/w Hex Nut & BoltJ-3739J-3741J-3740
_eft HandleJ-3768
Right HandleJ-3767
Center HandleJ-3766
_eft Handle (Flex)J-3768 F
Right Handle (Flex)J-3767F
Center Handle (Flex)J-3766F
Handle Pin c/w Washer & Cotter PinJ-3769
Hinge Pin c/w Cotter PinJ-2192
Woolley B Style Slips
MKP carries three sizes of slips Type B: short, long and extra long, to handle all size wells to be drilled. They
have a unique torque transfer slot preventing excess wear and pressure and inserts are designed with flat
backs so load is transferred to slip body. Slip inserts are easily replaced with removal of one retaining pin.
Woolley Type Slips
DescriptionType B Long 4-1/2”Type B Short 4-1/2″X-Long 5″
Woolley Type SlipJ-738-244-0100J-738-144-0100J-738-350-0100
.eft HandleJ-737-000-0100J-737-000-0700
Right HandleJ-737-000-0300J-737-000-0701
Center HandleJ-737-000-0200J-737-000-0800
.eft Handle (Flex)J-737-000-0100FJ-737-000-0700F
Right Handle (Flex)J-737-000-0300FJ-737-000-0701 F
Senter Handle (Flex)J-737-000-0200FJ-737-000-0800F
Randle PinJ-737-000-0400J-737-000-1000
Ringe PinJ-737-000-0500J-737-344-0500
nsert Retainer PinJ-737-000-0600J-737-000-1100
hotter PinJ-117-005-0400
Baash-Ross Style Slips
DescriptionDU RegularDU Long
DU Slips w/Steel HandlesJ-7613-62J-7613-63
DU Slips w/Flex HandlesJ-7613-5043J-7613-5046
rront Handle (Steel)J-7613-5187
Hear Handle (Steel)J-7613-5195
Hinge Pin w/CotterJ-7613-A-12
rront Handle Pin w/CotterJ-7316-B-12
Hear Handle Pin w/CotterJ-7316-C-12
_iner Retainer Key w/CotterJ-7313-A-52J-7313-A-67
Hinge Spring AssemblyJ-7613-211
DCS Drill Collar Slips
MKP Style DCS uses button style inserts for maximum holding of
the collars and tools slip sizes can easily be changed with adding
or removing segments or changing button sizes. They use the full
wrap around design for a positive and fast slip settings. They are
offered in three sizes, short, medium and long to cover all tubular.
Drill Collar SlipDCS-SDCS-RDCS-L
OD Size3″-4”4” – 4-7/8″4-1/2”-6”5-1/2″ -7″6-3/4” – 8-1/4″8”-9-1/2″8-1/2”-10’9-1/4”- 11-1/4”11″-12-3/4″12’-14″
Cicular ButtonsJ-2628J-2620J-2628J-2620J-2630J-2630J-2627J-2630J-2625J-2630
Qty Per Slip49638896104112136136
Hinge Pin w/ Cotter PinJ-2525J-2520
Handle Pin c/w Washer & Cotter PinJ-3769
Right & Left HandleJ-3765
Center HandleJ-3766
Right & Left Handle (Flex)J-3767F
Center Handle (Flex)J-3766F
Woolley A Style Drill Collar Slips
The MKP Style A Slip with trussed style segments give maximum support, they use three piece inserts which
levels easy for complete gripping action.
Woolley Type A Drill Collar Slips
Part NumberDescription
J-709-420-0100Slip 4-1/4″-5-3/4″
J-709-540-0100Slip 5-1/2″ -T
J-709-660-0100Slip 6-3/4” – 8-1/4″
J-707-000-0100Hinge Pin
J-707-000-0300Handle Retainer
J-117-005-0400Cotter Pin f/ Handle & Hinge Pin
J-707-000-0600Insert Retainer
J-117-005-0200Cotter Pin M Insert Retainer
Casing Slips CMSXL
The MKP CMSXL Style are full wrap around grip style slips to meet the heavy casing loads, they use button
type inserts for maximum grip and range in sizes from 6-5/8″ – 30″ O.D. casing.
Casing Slips CMSXL
Casing Size6-5/8″7”7-5/8″8-5/8″9-5/8″10-3/4”11-3/4″13-3/8”16″18-5/8″20′24″26″30″
Cicular ButtonsJ-2628J-2619J-2630J-2630J-2630J-2630J-2627J-2630J-2631J-2626J-2631J-2631J-2631J-2631
Qty Per Slip144144144156168180204216252300312360396444
Right End SegmentJ-5320
_eft End SegmentJ-5321
Intermediate SegmentJ-5322
Hinge Pin w/Cotter PinJ-2525
Handle Pin c/w Washer & Cotter PinJ-3769
Right & Left HandleJ-3765
Center HandleJ-3766
Right & Left Handle (Flex)J-3765F
Center Handle (Flex)J-3766F
Hinge Casing Spider & UC Slips
The MKP 200 Ton Hinged Casing Spider is designed for loads up to 200 ton from 13-3/8″ down to 8-5/8″ and
smaller using reducing insert bowls. The UC-3 style slips have 3″ taper (except 8-5/8″ down which has 4″
taper). Sizes offered are 8-5/8″ to 13-3/8″.
Hinge Casing Spider & UC Slips
Part NumberDescription
J-7704-A-79Hinged Casing Spider 200 Ton 13-3/8”
J-7704-1008Insert Bowl 13-3/8” x 10-3/4″
J-7704-1009Insert Bowl 13-3/8” x 8-5/8”
J-7704-5031UC-3 Casing Slip 8-5/8” x 8-5/8″
J-7704-5028UC-3 Casing Slip 10-3/4” x 10-3/4”
J-7704-5025UC-3 Casing Slip 13-3/8″ x 13-3/8″
J-7704-A-17Handle f/Slip
J-7704-A-16Handle Pin w/ Cotter
J-7704-B-16Hinge Pin w/ Cotter Pin
J-7704-A-29Liner Retainer Key w/ Cotter Pin f/8-5/8” Slip
J-7704-5024Keeper Assembly c/w Bott & Washer f/10-3-‘4” & 13-3/8″ Slips
Single Joint Elevators
The MK SJ Elevator is designed to enable the drilling rig crew to hoist up the tubular safely to the rig floor
without damaging the shoulder or the threads.
Single Joint Elevators
Part NumberDescription
J-SJ0238Single Joint Elevator 2-3/8*
J-SJ0278Single Joint Elevator 2-7/8*
J-SJ0350Single Joint Elevator 3-1/2*
J-SJ0400Single Joint Elevator 4″
J-SJ0440Single Joint Elevator 4-1/2*
J-SJ0500Single Joint Elevator 5″
J-SJ0550Single Joint Elevator 5-1/2″
J-SJ0700Single Joint Elevator T
J-SJ0758Single Joint Elevator 7-5/8*
J-SJ0958Single Joint Elevator 9-5/8*
J-SJ1034Single Joint Elevator 10-3/4*
J-SJ1134Single Joint Elevator 11-3/4*
J-SJ1338Single Joint Elevator 13-3/8″
J-SJ1600Single Joint Elevator 16r
J-SJ1858Single Joint Elevator 18-&’8*
J-SJ2000Single Joint Elevator 20″
J-SJ2400Single Joint Elevator 24″
J-SJ3000Single Joint Elevator 30″
Elevators TA Style
The MKP TA Style Elevators are for use on tubing, casing and drill collars. The elevators are balanced for
easy handling with safety lock and latch and guarded operating handles. Sizes range from 35 ton to 150 ton
and cover all size tubular up to 11-1/4″.
Elevators TA Style
ElevatorUpset/Non Upset1.050″1.315”1.660″1.900″2-3A9″2-7/8″3-1/2″4”4-1/2″
BJTypeTA Elevator Parts
FrameJ-323S7J-32386J-32385J-32384J-32383J-32754 | J-39342
Latch Lock AssemblyJ-32484J-32>382J-32753
Latch LockJ-32447J-32381J-32752-2
Latch Lock PinJ-36685J-36208J-36207
Latch Lock SpringJ-32483J-32469J-32758
Hinge PinJ-32917J-32915J-32916J-32919J-32915J-32924
Latch PinJ-32424-4J-32424-2J-32424-3J-32424-1J-32424-2J-32762
Latch SpringJ-32482J-32470J-32760
Link BlockJ-23404J-32430J-9519
Link Block PinJ-23405J-29359J-8151
Cotter PinJ-939667-19J-939667-19J-939667-19J-939672-19
Link Block BoltJ-23406J-939051-69J-939051-65J-8145
Link Block NutJ-939484-5J-939484-7J-8150
Grease FittingJ-940308-1
Expansion PlugJ-944048-1J-944048-16J-944048-15J-944048-19J-944048-16J-944048-22
Elevators SLX Style
The MKP Style SLX Side Door Elevators are designed for all size casing up to 24″ with load rating of 100 ton
to 250 ton. The shielded safety latch protects the latch from accidently opening; the SLX design has a double
latch safety feature.
BJ Style SLX Side Door Elevator
Base FrameJ-31239-XXXJ-33950-XXXJ-33982-XXXJ-34087-XXXJ-33632-XXXJ-34175-XXX
Latch LockJ-31332J-33635
Latch Lock PinJ-29980-4J-32424-2
Latch Lock SpringJ-31404J-33658
Hinge PinJ-34611J-33953J-33985J-33646J-34179
Latch PinJ-32424-3J-33645
Latch SpringJ-31383J-33657
Roller PinJ-31584
Lock BarJ-34614J-32918J-32892J-31074
Link BlockJ-9519
Link Block PinJ-8151
Link Block BoltJ-8145
Link Block NutJ-8150
Cotter PinJ-939667-20
Grease FittingJ-940308-1
Drill Pipe Elevators G Series
MKP “G” Series 18° Bottleneck Elevators provide center latch operation for running external upset drill pipe
from 100 – 350 ton loads. They will exceed the API safety factor for handling it’s load capacity. MKP Elevators
are made of high quality heat treated alloy steel. The “G” type elevators have a safety latch and latch lock
combination to prevent equipment induced accidents.
BJ Drill Pipe Type Elevators
BJ Drill Pipe Type Elevator Parts
DescriptionGG Part NunberMGG Part NunberRG Part NumberMG Part Number
Size4’ -5-1/2″3-1/2’- 5-1/2’2-3/8’-3-1/2’4’-5-1/2’2-3/8’ – 5-1/2’
.atcn LockJ-13152J-23729J-13152J-11764
.atcn RnJ-31073J-34097J-23544J-24045J-26814
.atcn Rn DowelJ-18608J-34911J-8156J-29468J-8156
.atcn SpnngJ-18416J-34909J-23546J-13155J-11766
.atcn Lock SpnngJ-13188NA
.atcn Lock BoltJ-15101NANA
Door Lug RnJ-13190J-23547J-13190J-12529
Door eaten Arm RnJ-12916NANA
Door eaten spnngJ-9561NANA
Door eaten Arm AssemblyJ-13821NANA
Stop SpringJ-13185J-23548J-13185
Hinge PinJ-31072J-34908NANAJ-26813
.ink Block AssemblyJ-9519-1J-26817-1
.ink BlockJ-9S19J-26817
.ink Block PinJ-8151J-8031
.ink Block Bon AssemblyJ-8145-2J-8145-2
Hinge Pin Lock BarJ-31074J-34910NANA
Dotter RnJ-939667-19NANA
-atcn Lock NutJ-939484-8NANA
Grease FittingJ-940308-1NANA
.atcn CamJ-11S81
Drill Pipe Tongs
The BJ Style Tongs covers all pipe sizes up to 36″ with extention heads in the B series; MKP offers the tongs
with torque ratings up to 65,000 FT/LBS with the DB series. The multiple latch steps on the jaws will cover
different size pipe without removing jaws.
BJ Type “DB” Style Drill Pipe and Casing Tong
Part NumberDesorption
J-30111Tong Complete w/o Lug Jaws
J-26782Hanger Assembly
J-25860Hinge Pin
J-24528Hinge Pin Nut
J-25853-1Latch Assembly
J-30064-2Long Jaw Assembly
J-30065-2snort Jaw Assembly
J-30062-2Lug Jaw (3-1/2’- 8-1/4“)
J-30O66-2Casing Lug Jaw Assembly (8* -11-3/4*)
J-30707-1Lug Jaw Assembly (8* -11-3/4″)
J-30067Lug Jaw Assemoiy (11-3/4’ -14-3/8″)
J-30069Lug Jaw(i6*-ir)
J-30068-3Hinge Jaw Assembly (8-1/4’ -17″)
BJ Type “B” Style Drill Pipe & Casing Tong
Part NumberDescription
J-30114Tong complete w/o Lug Jaws (Long Lever)
J-30114-1Tong complete w/o Lug Jaws (Snort Lever)
J-26782Hanger Assembly
J-11140Hinge Pin (Drop in)
J-11141Hinge Pin (Threaded)
J-11142Hinge Pin Nut
J-11138-1Latch Assembly
J-11194-1Long Jaw Assembly
J-11765-1Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (3-1/2’ – 5″)
J-23622-1Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy <5* – 6-3/4″)
J-11196-2Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (6-5/8″ – 9″)
J-11297-1Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (9’ -10-3/4″)
J-13285-1Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (11-3/4″)
J-24592-1Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (13-3-8″)
J-23927-1Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (4″ – 5-1/2″)
J-11196-3Latch Lug Jaw Assemoiy (4-1/4″ – e-a’A”)
BJ Type “LF” Drill Pipe and Casing Tong
Part NumberDescription
J-30121Tong Complete w/o Lug Jaws
J-23916-1Hanger Assembly
J-23921Hinge Pin
J-8150Hinge Pin Nut
J-23914-1Latch Assembly
J-23909-1Long Jaw Assembly
J-23910-1Short Jaw Assembly
J-23911-1Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (2-3/8* – 3-1/2*)
J-23912-3Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (3-1/2* – 51
J-23913-1Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (4-3/4* – 6-1/4’)
J-25010-1Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (5-3/4* – 71
BJ Type “C” Style Drill Pipe and Casing Tong
Part NumberDescription
J-30117Tong Complete w/o Lug Jaws (Long Lever)
J-30117-1Tong Complete w/o Lug Jaws (Short Lever)
J-13264-1Hanger Assembly
J-11520-1Hinge Pin (Drop In)
J-11521-1Hinge Pin (Threaded)
J-11522Hinge Pin Nut
J-11933-1Latch Assembly
J-11511-1Long Jaw Assembly
J-11511Long Jaw
J-11513-1Short Jaw Assembly (7-5/8* -10-3/4*)
J-11513-1Short Jaw
J-11513-5Short Jaw Assembly (2-3/8* – T)
J-11513-2Short Jaw
J-30728-1Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (2-3/8* – 3.668″)
J-30727-1Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (2-7/8* – 4-1/4*)
J-11939-4Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (3-1/2* – 5-1/4*)
J-11940-2Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (5-1/4* – 7″)
J-11941-1Hinge & Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (7″ – 8-5/8″)
J-11941-2Latch Lug Jaw (7* – 8-5/8″)
J-11942-1Hinge Jaw Assembly (7″ – 8-5/8″)
J-13799-1Hinge & Latch Lug Jaw Assembly (9-5/8* -10-3/4″)
J-13799Latch Lug Jaw (9-58″ -10-3/4″)
J-13798-1Hinge Jaw Assembly (9-5”8” -10-3/4″’)
Web Wilson Style Tongs
MKP offers the AAX, B, and C Rotary Tongs with torque
ratings from 20,000 – 55,000 lbs for tubing, casing, and drill
strings, all tongs are made of cast Alloy steel. The inter-
changeable lug jaw design permits tongs to handle most
pipe sizes up to 13-3/8″. The stirrup -type self locking latch
reverses the possibility of unlatches under load.
Web Wilson Type C Style Tongs
Part NumberDescription
J-8531-5013Tong Complete With Standard Lever Less Lug Jaws
J-4215Lug Jaw (2-3/8′ – 3-1/2″)
J-4218Lug Jaw (2-2”8″ – 3-3/4″)
J-429Lug Jaw (2-7/8’-4-1/4″)
J-427Lug Jaw (4″ – 5-3/4″)
J-423Lug Jaw (5-3/4’ – 7″)
J-428Lug Jaw (7-1/4’ – 8-5/8″)
J-4212Lug Jaw (9-5/8″ -10-3/4″)
J-422Long Jaw
J-424Short Jaw
J-4210Latch Spring
J-4211Hinge Pin
J-4217Hanger Adjustment Bolt & Nut
J-4217Lever End Bolt & Nut
J-10037Tong Die Retainer Pin
Web Wilson Type B Style Tongs
Part NumberDescription
J-8531-5065Tong Lever Complete w/o Lug Jaws (Short lever)
J-8531-5019Tong Lever Complete w/o Lug Jaws (Standard lever)
J-442Long Jaw
J-444Short Jaw
J-4510Latch Spring
J-4411Hinge Pin
J-4538Hanger Adjustment Bolt & Nut
J-4538Lever End Bolt & Nut
J-10037Tong Die Retainer Pin
J-448Lug Jaws (2-3/8’ – 3-3/4′)
J-438Lug Jaws (2-1/2′ – 4-5/8′)
J-449Lug Jaws (4-1/2′ – 5-3/4’)
J-443Lug Jaws (5-1/4’ – 7-1/4″)
J-4420Lug Jaws (6-7/8″ – 8-5/8″)
J-4421Lug Jaws (9’ -10-3/4″)
Web Wilson Type AAX Style Tongs
Part NumberDescription
J-8531-5025Tong Complete With Standard Lever Less Lug Jaws
J-8531-5057Tong Complete With Short Lever Less Lug Jaws
J-4522Lug Jaw (2-7/8″-3-3/4″)
J-4523Lug Jaw (3-1/2″-4-1/2″)
J-4528Lug Jaw (4* – 5-1/4″)
J-4527Lug Jaw (5* – 7-1/4″)
J-8531-5192Lug Jaw (6-7/8 – 8-5/81
J-4524Lug Jaw (9* -10-3/4″)
J-4529Lug Jaw (10-3/4-11-3/4″)
J-4530Lug Jaw (13-3/8″)
J-4512Long Jaw
J-454Short Jaw
J-4510Latch Spring
J-4611Hinge Pin
J-4538Hanger Adjustment Bolt & Nut
J-4538Lever End Bolt & Nut
J-10114Tong Die Retainer Pin
TypeT and C Safety Clamp
The MK Type T and C Safety Clamp are designed to hold flush joint tubular or other slick tools safely and pre-
vent the dropping of strings into well. The T and C sizes range from 1-1/8″ – 15-5/8″ with the ease of adding or
removing of links.
Type C Safety Clamp
Part NumberRange
J-7624-50073-3/4″ – 4-5/8″
J-7624-50084-1/2″ – 5-5/8″
J-7624-50095-1/2″ – 6-5/8″
J-7624-5010S-1/2″ – 7-&/8″
J-7624-50117-1/2″ – 8-5/8″
J-7624-50123-1/2″ – 9-5/8″
J-7624-50139-1/2″ -10-5/8″
J-7624-501410-1/2″- ll-S’8″
J-7624-501511-1/2″-12-5/8 ’
J-7624-501713-1/2″- 14-5/8″
J-7624-501814-1/2″ -15-5/8*
TypeT Safety Clamp
Part NumberRange
J-7624-50463-1/4″ – 4-1/2″
Type C &T Safety Clamp Parts
DescriptionType C PartsType T Parts
Link Assembly CompleteJ-7624-A-7J-7624-B-7
Intermediate LinkJ-7624-A-1J-7624-A-18
Slip w/ Cotter PinJ-7624-A-4J-7624-A-21
Slip SpringJ-7624-E-5J-7624-B-21
Link Pin w/ Cotter PinJ-7624-C-5
End Link (Screw Side)J-7624-A-3J-7624-A-20
End Link (Pivot Block Side)J-7624-A-24J-7624-A-19
End Link Pin w/ ChainJ-7624-F-5
Pivot BlockJ-7624-A-5000
Pivot Block PinJ-7624-D-5
Handle Link Pin w/ CotterJ-7624-G-5
Safety Clamp BoxJ-7624-A-36J-7624-A-9
MP Clamp
The MP Style Clamp catches tubular from 2-7/8″ – 30-1/2″ to safeguard against dropping string with the ad-
justment of the tool. The head’s forged heat treated steel contraction gives this tool long life and dependability.
The clamp can also be inserted and fitted with hold down lugs for snubbing operations.
Safety Clamps
StyloSize RangePart Number
MP-S2-7/8″ – 4-1/8″J-33030
4-1/2″- 5-5/8’J-33011
MP-R6-3/4’ – 8-1/4’J-33013
9-1/4″. 10-1/2″J-33015
10-1/2*- 11-1/2’J-33016
MP-L17* -18-1/2’J-33022
18-1/8’ -19-3/8’J-33023
MP-XL22-5/8’ – 23-3/4’J-33033
23-3/4’ – 24-7/8’J-33034
24-7/8″ – 26’J-33035
29-3/8′ – 30-1/2’J-33039
Safety Clamp Parts
Part NumberDescription
J-3335Link Assembly Complete (S Only)
J-3319Link Assembly Complete (R . M & L)
J-3306Link w/ Cotter Pin
J-3307Pin w/ Cotter Pin
J-3325Die Carrier Assembly (S Only)
J-3324Die Carrier Assembly (R. M & L)
J-3309Die Carrier
J-51604-18Roll Pin
J-51405-28Cotter Pin
J-3318Side Link Bar
J-3304Link Latch (S. R . M & L)
J-3321Link Latch (XL Only)
J-3308Screw Pin w/ Cotter Pin
J-3315Screw Pin Bushing
J-51405-10Cotter Pin
J-2714Thrust Washer
J-3303Makeup Nut
Master Bushings
MKP Master Bushings are designed for SQ and Pin drive Kelly bushings
from sizes 17-1/2″ to 37-1/2″ rotary tables. The pin drive allows the
use of extended insert bowls to meet flush with the top of table which
means better slip support and preventing damage to drill pipe. The SQ
drive bushing has a 4″ deep recess to be used with the SQ drive Kelly
bushings. Short and medium style slips are used in the SQ drive for shal-
lower depth and drilling.
Master Bushings
Gardner Denver17-1/2′J-1003
Casing Bushinas
The MK Style Casing Bushings are designed to fit into the
rotary table for perfect alignment with the well bore. All
bushings are designed to be fitted with insert bowls to
accommodate all pipe and casing sizes. The bushings and
bowls are designed to be used with the CMSXL slips and
all API 4 tapered slips.
ManufactirerRotary Taoie SizeCasing SizeCasing Bushlngmsert Bo*1
11-3-4″- 13-39*33102
Ail17*1 – AJ-\)£9-5/8 & 10-3/431902
16-5.9 & 2033103
2-3-8 – 8-5/B31809
All26 & 27*1/211-3-4& 13-3833105
A1 [27-1/2 API)OT.1 (O9-5.9 & 10-3436114
41 1/411-3-4 & 133836126
9-5/8 & 10-3436114
11-34 & 13-3836126
NATIONAL37-1/2 – 49-1/224311253
16-5.9 & 20316964
9-5.9 & 10-3436114
11-34 & 133836126
UlLWkLL / WIHTfi37-1/2 – 49-1/22436170
135.9 & 20316964
35/8 & 10-3436114
11-34 & 13-3836126
EMSCO37-1/2 – 49-1/224316542
135.9 & 20316964
35/8 & 10-3436114
IDECO37-1/211-34 & 13-3836126
MKP Kelly Drive Bushings
The MKP Square and Pin Drive Bushings are designed for shallow,
medium depth and deep well drilling. The bushing will accommodate
3″ – 6″ hex and square Kellys. Standard fiber sleeve bearings are offered
with optional roller bearings upon request.
Kelly Bushings
3* HexJ-1402-30J-5208-30J-3650-30J-3635-30
3-1/2′ HexJ-1402-35J-5208-35J-3650-35J-3635-35
4-1/4′ HexJ-1402-42J-5208-42J-3650-42J-3635-42
5-1/4″ HexJ-3650-52J-3635-52
2-1/2′ SqJ-1401-25J-5209-25
4-1/4* SqJ-1401-42J-5209-42J-3651-42J-3636-42
6″ SqJ-3651-60J-3636-60
Roller Assemblies
3′ HexJ-1450J-5210J-3667
3-1/2″ HexJ-1451J-5211J-3668
4-1/4′ HexJ-1452J-2948J-3669
5-1/4* HexJ-3672
6″ HexJ-3673
2-1/2* SqJ-1445J-2949
3″ SqJ-1446J-2943J-3660
3-1/2* SqJ-1447J-2944J-3661
4-1/4* SqJ-1448J-2945J-3G62
6″ SqJ-3666
Master Bushing Insert Bowls & Accessories
The MK Style Insert Bowls are designed to work with the MPCH and Solid master bushings to accommodate
sizes up to 13-3/8”. We also provide 2 and 4 leg lifting slings and a bit breaker adapter plate.
Master Bushing Insert Bowls & Accessories
Part NumberDescription
J-1810API # 3 Insert Bowl 8-5’8’ and Smaller
J-1904API # 2 Insert Bowl 9-5/8′ -10-3/4’
J-1903API # 1 Insert Bowl 11-3/4’-13-3/8’
J-6608API # 3 Insert Bowl w/ Ears 8-5/8* and Smaller
J-6609API # 2 Insert Bowl w/ Ears 9-5/8’ -10-3/4’
J-6610API # 1 Insert Bowl w/ Ears 11-3/4* -13-3/8*
J-1021Lifting Sling ( 2 Leg )
J-6699Lifting Sling ( 4 Leg )
J-1816Bit Breaker Adapter Plate
Tubing Spider Slips
The Cavins Style C and CHD covers loads up to 125 ton
and ranges in size from 1.315″ to 5-1/2″. The MKP styles
are air operated with full circle wrap around inserts to
prevent damage to tubing.
Part NumberDesorption
J-65000Type “O’ Spider Assembly
J-65000HDType “HD’ Spider Assembly
J-65101Body. Type *C’ Spider (includes one J-65102 Spider Gate and two J-65114 Door Pins with Chains)
J-65101HDBody. Type “HD’ Spider (includes one J-65102 Spider Gate and two J-65114 Door Pins with Chains)
J-65103Link (includes two J-65125 Link Bushings and tw<o J-992073-4 Grease fittings)
J-65104Left Hand Crank Shaft
J-65105Right Hand Crank Shaft
J-65106Lift Arm
J-65108Safety Guard
J-992073-4Grease Fitting
J-992005-09Hex Head Cap Screw
J-992005-07Hex Head Cap Screw
J-992089-09Hex Nut
J-992005-01Hex Head Cap Screw
J-992051-10Lock Washer
J-65114Door Pin with Chain
J-992075-144Lift Arm Set Screw
J-992161-06Lift Arm Taper Pin
J-65122Shaft Retaining Clip
J-992073-01Grease Fitting
J-65124Crank Shaft Bushing
J-65125Link Bushing
J-992285-MH-6-6Male Disconnect
J-46053Pipe Nipple
J-65135Safety Latch
J-65136Safety Bolt
J-65140Hydraulic Cylinder
Slip Bodies & Inserts
Part NumberDescription
J-65622Slip Bodies 1.315″ to 3 V2” range
J-65652-1.3151.315″ FC Inserts
J-65652-1.6601.660″ FC Inserts
J-65652-1.9001.990″ FC Inserts
J-65652-2.0652.062” FC Inserts
J-65652-12 3/8′ FC Inserts
J-65652-22 7/8″ FC Inserts
J-65652-33 V2 FC Inserts
J-65623Slip Bodies 3 Yi to 4 W
J-65653-13 V2” FC Inserts (made to order only)
J-65653-24″ FC Inserts
J-65653-34 W FC Inserts
J-65624-15″ Solid Slip Bodies
J-65624-25 V2* Solid Slip Bodies
J-65601Retainer Ring
J-992012-44Cotter Pin
Manual Spiders
TheTS 100 Style Manual Spider comes in two ranges: 3-1/2″ Bowl and 5-1/2″ Bowl. The bowl sits differently
in the API SQ Bushing in table or can be bolted to adapter plate.
TS 100 StyleTubing Spider
Part NumberDescription
J-7502-100Manual Tubing Spider 1.66 – 3.5 Size 100 Ton
J-7502-103Manual Tubing Spider 3.5 – 5.5 Size 100 Ton
J-7502-104Slip Assy 3 1/2’ Less Inserts
J-7502-70Slip Assy 5 1/2’ Less Inserts
J-7502-A-5069Slip Insert 3 1/2″ x 3-1/2″
J-7502-A-5070Slip Insert 3-1/2″ x 2 7/8″
J-7502-A-5071Slip Insert 3-1/2″ x 2 3/8”
J-7502-A-26Slip Insert 5 1/2″ x 5-1/2″
J-7502-D-26Slip Insert 5-1/2” x 5″
J-7502-C-26Slip Insert 5-1/2″ x 4 1/2”
J-7502-G-26Slip Insert 5-1/2” x 4″
J-7502-F-26Slip Insert 5-1/2” x 3-1/2″
Rod Hook
The MKP Rod Hook is designed with a load rating of 25 tons. The special designed snap-in latch mechanism
lets rod elevator bail hook in without operator releasing latch and bail is held secure in place until released.
Trico Style Heavy-Lift Short Snap-In Rod Hook
Part NumberDescription
J-RH25-35Hook – complete
J-554-542-500Grease cap
J-554-544-800Housing – spring
J-554-543-105Pin – latch
J-554-543-100Pin – Lever
J-554-542-700Plug – Bail
J-554-542-600Screw – Grease cap
J-554-579-000Repair kit
Rod Elevators
The MKP Style Plate Type Elevators are unique with interchangeable heat treated steel plates for different
size rods and ease of changing plates when worn to limit wear on elevator body.
Mud King Rod Elevator
Part NumberDescription
J-RE3478Rod Elevator 3/4″-7/8″
J-RE5834Rod Elevator 5/8’ – 3/4”
J-RE7810Rod Elevator 1”
J-RE0118Rod Elevator 1-1/8”
J-RE0114Rod Elevator 1-1/4″
J-RE330102Rod Elevator Plate Screw
J-RE330103AWasher 1/2″~5/8”
J-RE330103BWasher 5/8″~3/4”
J-RE330103CWasher 3/4″-7/8″
J-RE330203AWasher 1″
J-RE330203BWasher 1-1/8”
J-RE330203CWasher 1-1/4”
J-RERK112118Rod Elevator 1/2’~1-1/8” Minor Repair Kit
J-RERK114Rod Elevator 1-1/4” Minor Repair Kit
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