Mudpump 7-P Parts

DescriptionPart No.SpecificationQuantity
Cylindrical Roller Bearing (Consolidated Bearing)A5320WB2
Cylindrical Roller Bearing (without race)GMB1145041 / NOV PN 61707A4
Single row deep groove ball bearing (SKF)6214-2Z1
Single row deep groove ball bearing (SKF)6017-2Z2
Single row deep groove ball bearing (SKF)6215-2Z4
Single row deep groove ball bearing (SKF)6020-2Z1
Spherical roller bearing (SKF)22222E3
Tapered roller bearing (Timken)JM718149/ JM7181101
Tapered roller bearing (Timken)JH415647/JH4156101
Pillow block bearing (SKF)SY511M2
Pillow block bearing (Link belt) ID-2.5″NA1
List of 12P mudpump parts
Crosshead, right hand & centre12920155
Crosshead, left hand12920902
Cage, main bearing12920112
Pinion shaft (41 teeth)12920101
Cage, (right hand) pinion bearing12920192
Crank Shaft12920051
Crosshead pin12920281
Gasket , main frame cover12920953
Wiper (left hand), gear & pinion12920823
Wiper (right hand), gear & pinion12920923
Gasket, Inspection cover127515821
Shim, crosshead pin petainer12901144
Ring, crosshead pin bearing SNAP12871099
Seal, pinion bearing oilYS-100042
Gasket, pinion bearing retainer12920972
Ring, retaining69120199
Key, 1-1/8″x2x15-1/4″24040733
Washer, 5/8″ CAD PLT spring76190588
Pin, 1/4″x1-1/2″654161222
Piston rod12921471
Nut, 1-1/2″- 8 elastic stop005-402-0521
Liner, 5-1/2″05-466-50017
Liner, 6″05-466-60021
Liner, 6-1/2″05-466-65017
List of bearing
Pinion Bearing for 12PBrand-SKFID – 2602
Spherical Roller BearingBearing PN-24052CC/C3W33OD – 400
NOV PN-ZB 10236WIDTH – 140
Main Bearing for 12PTIMKENID – 3812
Double Tapered Roller BearingNOV PN- ZT 15000OD – 590.55
WIDTH – 244.475
Crosshead Pin Bearing for 12PTIMKENID – 209.553
Cylindrical Roller BearingBearing PN- N-2759-BOD – 282.448
NOV PN- ZB8253WIDTH – 236.474
Conrod Bearing for 12PTIMKENID – 723.791
Tapered Roller BearingBearing PN- N-2504-BOD – 908.04
NOV PN -ZB 28515WIDTH – 120.65
Conrod Bearing for 12P (Tapered Roller Bearing)AmericanNA3
Bearing PN-ADD42805
NOV PN-ZB28515
Sheave Bearing (Double Tapered Roller Bearing)FAGNA6
Bearing PN-517152
NOV PN -ZT9990
Bearing for Hook Block (Thrust Roller Bearing)AmericanNA1
Bearing PN -TP 9742
NOV PN- ZR7000
Bearing  (Spherical Plain Bearing)SKFID – 18012
Bearing PN -GE 180 ES-2RSOD – 260
WIDTH – 105
Bearing (Tapered Roller Bearing)TIMKENID – 7621
Bearing PN- inner race-L183449OD – 889
outer race-L183410WIDTH -88.9
Southwest Parts List
5-1/2″ Grayloy Liner1377G36
6-1/2″ Grayloy Liner1376G79
5-1/2″ Liner for 10P1301367G310
6-1/2″ Liner for 10P1301367G510
6-1/2″ Liner for FB1300/FB16006390G712
6″ Grayloy Liner F/A 1400PT / A1700PT1388G56
6-1/2″ Grayloy Liner F/PZ10 PZ111377G712
6″ Grayloy Liner F/PZ10 , PZ111377G512
6-1/2″ Grayloy Liner F/A 1400 PT / A1700PT1388G713
Valve insert (ZR124)SWUDD 7 B3
Urethane Liner packing seals (ZR125)2975U6
6-1/2″ Urethane Liner seal (ZR125)2974-7U6
HP valve cover plug seal (ZR125)P1077
Urethane seal (ZR125)2930-1U5
Urethane seal (ZR125)2930-3U5
Urethane liner seal2930-7U5
Liner seal 5-1/2″2974-310
HP valve cover sealP11910
Urethane gasket2988U10
Piston rod sw6278-251
Liner / wear plate seal2930-0811
suction manifold gasket A1700T801020036
Wear plate8488-41
Rod clamp, water spray1277cw1
Discharge manifold gasket568-3431
Suction manifold gasket568-4421
A1700 PT strainer cross seal568-2496
Piston O-ring568-22512
dis conn pack nat2976-21
dis conn pack nat 12P1602976-11
discharge spacer flange seal2976-31
retainer, splitSWR05049201
connection stud1290-21
rod connecting stud1290W21
back up ring discharge manifold8376-31
Valve spring s/sSWR05147904
Valve springSWR05137446
liner/wear plate seal2974-15
rod clamp bolt4018-9210
Valve cover seal emscoAJ12564
Valve springSWR05139896
Urethane liner seal 5-1/2″3974-3U18
HP polyurethane sealP129U4
Piston rod6274-251
Piston rod1286-321
Valve, full openingSWR05204213
Urethane liner seal 5″2974-1U18
Valve assy, double angle O ringSWR05205863
7″ dual duro piston89BDD4
Valve double angle O ringSWR0500119006
Dual duro piston 6-1/2″87BDD5
sub- rod1290HW11
Urethane wearplate/ liner sealAJ0428SU12
sub- rod6284-11
piston rod1290HW251
discharge connector adaptor8376-21
Jack Up Gear (Components)
Gear box frame (WT 670kg)3
Jack up gear motor
Jack up gear bearing (WT 1700kg)
Jack up gear box parts (WT 3200kg)
Jack up gear motor #11
Jack up gear motor #21
Jack up gear motor #31
Jack up gear motor #41
Jack up gear motor #51
Jack up gear motor #61
Jack up gear motor #71
Jack up gear #1 (bullgear)1
Jack up gear #2 (bullgear)1
Jack up pinion #11
Jack up pinion #21
Jack up pinion #41
Mud pump (national 7P)1
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