Products scope, but not limited to below:
Triplex Piston Mud Pump/Packages:
Emsco equivalent F500, F800/1000, F1300/1600; Ellis Williams equivalent W440/446, Gardner Denver P-275
Triplex Plunger Pumps/packages:
Weatherford equivalent Model T2/T5/T9/T10/T13/T22/T25/T40/T45/T50/T70/T90/T105/T105/T125/T165/T270/T340/T425;
Centrifugal Pumps& Fluid parts:
100% interchangeable with Warman AHR, AHM, HH series slurry pumps, Mission Magnum I, 2500 Supreme ,
Double suction single-stage split casing water pumps,Submersible sewage pump, Submersible slurry pump, spray pumps;
Brand Mud Pump parts and Fluid end expendables:
Bimetallic liners, Zirconia Ceramic Liners, Polyurethane bonded pistons, Piston assembly, Piston cup kit, Center stem guide valves and seats, Full Open valves and seats, Piston rods, Pony rods, extension rods, and fluid end cylinder modules, etc. For Emsco(F500, F800, F1000, F1300, F1600, DB-550, DA-700, FA-1600/1300, FC-2200, D-300/500, D-375, D-700), Ideco( T-500, T-800, T-1000, T-1300, T-1600), National(7P50, 8P80, 9P100, 10P130, 12P160, N1300, C-250, K-700, 14-P-220, E-700/G-1000, K-500, K-380, K-500A/700A, C-250/350, JWS-400), Gardner Denver( PZ7, PZ8/9, PZ10/11, FK-FXK, FY-FXD, FD-FXX, FG-GXG, FG-FXG, KG-KXG, FQ-FXQ), Oilwell( A-560/600-PT, A-850-PT/A-1100-PT, A-1700-PT/A-1400-PT), WIRTH(TPK1300, TPK1600, TPK2000), Drillmec (9T800/ 9T1000, 12T1600) Lewco(WH1612, WH1700) UNB600, NBT600,UNBT950, UNBT1180L and others for OPI, Ellis Williams, Wilson, Gaso, Skytop/ Brewster.
Wellhead handling tools:
rotary slip, casing slip,drill collar slip, (MP& C&T)safety clamps, elevator(center latch, side door, slip type), manual&rotary tongs(BJ SDD,DB,B,C,LF,HT55, VARCO HT65,HT100), hydraulic tongs, spider, slip inserts, and tong dies.
Mud system equipments:
Shale Shaker, Shaler Shaker screens(Derrick, Swaco, Brandt), Degasser, Mud Cleaner, Desander, Desilter, Decanter Centrifuge, Jet Mud Mixer, Mud Hopper, Mud Agitator, Mud Gun, Mud Tanks, Rig Mats,etc.
Other oilfield equipments:
Mud Gate Valves, Mud butterfly valves, Mud tank Unions, Hammer Unions, Air Grip Unions, Drill Pipe Wiper, Mud Pressure Gauges, Gates V-belts, Air Flex Clutch, etc.


GB/T3452.1-1992 190*3.55 Oring GB3452.1-92 125*7 Oring
GB3452.1-92 190*7 OringGB3452.1-92 200*7 OringGBT3452.1 345*7
Oring GH3161-03.11(G) oil sealOil Seal: 9.125×10.375×0.625
GH3161-04.06(G) oil seal ring GH3161-04.07(G) Oil Seal, Double Lipped: 5×6.25×0.625 GH3161-04.08(G) seal washer GH3161-04.11(G) splash guard
GH3161-04.14(G) sealing gasket GH3161-05.11.00(G) valve assy
GH3161-05.11.05(G) Valve rubber NB2200G.05.37 bonnet seal ring NB1600M.01.07H Liner seal ring NB2200G.05.28 cylinder seal ringGH3161-05.15(G) Wear-resistant plate NB1602.01.05.00 Φ140 bi-metal liner NB1602.01.05.00 Φ150 bi-metal linerNB 1602.01.05.00(Φ160) bi-metal liner GH3161-05.21(G) bi-metal liner NB1602.01.05.00 Φ180 bi-metal linerGH3161- piston NB800G. ¢150 piston GH3161- piston GH3161- piston
GH3161- pistonGH3161-05.32.00(G) M39*3 piston nut
GH3161-05.33.01(G) capsuleXL-7.5K20(CH) Airbag assembly
NB800G.28.03.00 piston assemblyOTECO 3-1502 7500Psi spring type safety valve gear pump 2S pressure gage Y-60-Ⅱ 0-1.6MpaNB1600M.01.01.00H Module studded, suctionNB2200G.05.31A.00 High-pressure Valve Assembly
NB2200G.05.33 Valve SpringNB2200G.05.34.00 Valve Stem Guide243 Thread Locking Anaerobic SealantNB2200G.05.36 Cushion
NB2200G.05.35 90°Fitting: NPT3/8NB2200G.05.37 Valve Cover Seal RingNB2200G.05.01.00 Valve GlandNB2200G.05.03 Valve Cover
NB1600M.01.02.00H Discharge PipelineNB1600M.01.03H Closure Plate, Discharge Let:5 1/8NB1600M.01.04H Stud Bolt:1 1/8-8UN-2A×245
NB1600M.01.05H Nut:1 1/8-8UN-2B (SPL)NB2200G.05.04 Discharging Pipeline Seal RingNB1600M.01.06.00H Module studded, discharge
NB1600M.01.07H Cylinder Liner Sealing RingGH3161-05.15 Wear Plate
GH3161-05.40 Washer: 39GH3161-05.16 Liner FlangeGH3161-05.17.00 Liner Retainer ScrewGH3161-05.20 Cylinder Liner Check Ring
GB/T3452.1-2005 O-ring200×7-G-SGH3161-05.18 Piston RodGH3161-05.19.00 Spraying Pipe AssemblyNB1600M.01.08.00H Bimetallic Liner
GH3161-05.22.00 Clamp Assembly, Piston RodGH3161-05.23 Liner End CoverGH3161-05.31 Piston Seal RingNB1600M.01.09.00H Piston
GH3161-05.32.00 Piston NutNB2200G.05.28 Cylinder Seal RingANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996 Stud:7/8-9UNC×2 3/8GB/T3452.1-2005 O-ring:190×7-G-S
NB1600M.01.10.00H Suction PipelineGH3161-05.26.00 Washer Set
ANSI/ASME B18.2.2-1987 Nut:1 1/16-8UN(R1999) ANSI/ASME B18.2.1-1996 Stud:1 1/16-8UN×3 1/2GB/T3452.1-2005 O-ring:345×7-G-SGH3161-05.34 Suction Flange(Ⅰ)GH3161-05.38 Plug, Suction Let:12GH3161-05.35 Suction Flange(Ⅱ)GH3161-05.36 Plug: NPT1 1/2GH3161-05.33.00 Suction DamperNB1600M.01.11.00H Ordinary Liner NB1600M.10.00HJA-3H HJA-3H Relieve ValveNB1600M.08.00H KB-75H Pulsation DampenerNB1600M.05.00H Spray System AssemblyNB2200G.05.31A.01 Valve seatNB2200G.05.31A.02 Valve bodyNB2200G.05.31A.03 Valve nut243 Thread locking anaerobic sealantNB2200G.05.31A.04 Valve rubberNB2200G.05.31A.05 Cushion

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