NATIONAL 12-P-160 fluid end



ItemPart No.DescriptionQty per Pump
1MK-1292240Discharge Module, Studded (Included Items 2 – 10)(3)
2MK-1292241Discharge Module, Only3
3MK-6300220Nut – Frame30
4MK-2408029Stud – Frame30
5MK-6300180Nut – Liner Bushing18
6MK-2408028Stud – Liner Bushing18
7MK-6300281Nut – Suction to Discharge Module18
8MK-2408033Stud – Suction to Discharge Module18
9MK-6300240Nut – Threaded Ring72
10MK-2408027Stud – Threaded Ring72
11MK-1292243Suction Module, Studded (Included Items 9, 10, 12)(3)
12MK-1292244Suction Module, Only3
15MK-1292165Bushing – Liner3
16MK-1292174Seal Retainer6
17MK-1292172Valve Cover6
18MK-1292178Screw – Wedge Adjusting6
19MK-6300182Nut – Wedge Adjusting6
20MK-1292171Washer – Wedge Adjusting6
21MK-1292176Thread Ring6
22MK-1292268Wedge Assembly6
23MK-1540127Gasket – Valve Cover6
24MK-1292140Holder – Valve Guide6
25MK-1292141Insert – Valve Guide6
26MK-6511416Pin, Dowell6
27MK-12922661 Plate – Wear3
28MK-1292252Connector – Discharge2
29MK-7000307-11Screw, Hex Head16
30MK-7619050Washer, Lock16
31MK-1292253Adapter – Discharge Connector2
32MK-2410031-433Packing, Rectangular2
33MK-2410031-437Packing, Rectangular4
34MK-1292166Clamp – Liner3
41MK-1540851Seal – Suction Manifold3
42MK-1292262Spacer – Discharge, Studded (Included Items 43-44)2
43MK-2408015Stud – Discharge Spacer16
45MK-1292257Seal – Module, Wear Plate6
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