Nebitgazburawlayysh drilling rig parts list

Supply of Mechanical Equipment  and spare parts for “Nebitgazburawlayysh” Trust drilling rig

Main drilling, power and process equipment
1Drilling pump “F-1300” with diesel drive CAT-3508V, installation supervision (China, USA)kit8
2Mud pump manifold ZG-100×35-S 35 MPa (land type with manual drive with FIG-1003 thread (China) for URALMASH-3D76 drilling rigBC080112-5000kit1
3Manifold of mud pump MBU-2Ukit1
4Swivel SL-450-5 (China)104.16.00kit5
5Swivel SL-225 (China)kit3
6Auxiliary air winch (China)XJFH5/35kit4
7Winch LBU-1200kit1
8Winch JC-70 DS, installation supervision (China)JC-70DSkit1
9Diesel engine “G12V190PZL-1”installation supervision (China)“G12V190PZL-1”kit7
10Diesel engine “SAT S-15” (petroleum), installation supervision (USA)MCW1-UpPC2
11Rotor ZP-275, with sprocket Z=21 (China)ZP 000000 AG275000100-SMPC5
12Rotor drive ZP-275 (XJ-750) (China)PC2
13Rotor ZP-375 (China)105.08.00PC5
14Rotor P-700, with sprocket Z=1914016.45.000-01PC3
15Air compressor “Sullair” with electric motor (China)LS 12-50HHACkit10
16Air compressor 4VU1-5/9 M4UHL4GOST 2405-88 14040.70.150kit20
17Screw air compressor, air cooling type 5-6 m3/min. 10 Bar (Bar), electric drive 37 kW, voltage 380 Volt, 50 Hz (Hz), permissible inlet temperature 0-40 C°, connection size 1%”kit2
18Degasser ZGQ 1/4 (China)ZGQ 1/4PC2
19Degasser “Cascade-40”“Cascade-40”PC4
20Transmission box “Allison-S5610H” (China or USA)29537462PC2
21Transmission box “Allison-S5620AR” (China or USA)29537301PC2
22Variable gearbox KPZ-900DKPZ-900DPC1
23Diesel engine “Doosan” PU222TI, 588 kW, 2100 rpm, supervising installation (South Korea)kit43
24Control panel CH6U-76 “Upetrom” 2-battery (Romania)430-
25Pneumatic sander or equivalent“PSHM-125”PC2
26Electric hand sander (large)PC2
27Electric hand sander (small)PC2
28Hand electric drill (large)PC2
29Hand-held electric drill (small)PC2
30Console pump 3K6-K 45/53 or aralog3K6-K 45/53PC2
31Console pump 4K12-K 90/35 or equivalent4K12-K 90/35PC2
32Centrifugal pump K 80x 50x 200 with electric motor assembly or equivalentkit2
33Centrifugal pump K 100-65-200 with electric motor assembly or equivalentkit2
34Pipe cutting machine 11kW,400V,50Hz or equivalent“ZMM” 1H983PC1
35Heavy crawler truck TGP-70TGP-
36Transport trolley TP-35TP-35.00.000PC2
37Crane KPB-3M or equivalentGOST 22584-77PC3
38Vibrating sieve S250-1 (China)kit10
39Clay mixer NJ-4m3 single-shaft (China)kit3
40Hydraulic brake UTG-1450GOST 15150-69PC2
Spare parts for the JC70D drawworks for the ZJ70DS drilling rig (2002) (indivisible lot)
41Main drive shaft assembly106.16.37.00kit1
42Intermediate shaft assembly106.16.40.00 (
43Rotor drive shaft ZP-375 with sprocketkit3
44Friction reel for winchJC-70PC3
45Gear oil pump for lubrication of winch SB100ZX09PC2
462-way tap of driller’s consolePC18
47Water-pneumatic swivel116.17.00PC11
48Drive chain, roller 32S-2, 10 meterPC13
49Drive chain, roller 32S-4, 10 meterPC13
50Drive chain, roller 24S-6, 10 meterPC13
51Drilling hose 4″x35 mPa 5 meter FIG-1003PC12
52Mud hose with thread 4”x35mPa -19m FIG-1003PC16
Spare parts for drilling rig ZJ70D(2010) ZJ70DB(2015)
53Spline connection between electric motor and gearbox for JC-70DB winchkit10
54Spline connection between electric motor and gearbox for ZP-375 rotorkit6
55Spline connection between electric motor and pulley for pump F-1600kit10
56Gear oil pumpYB040013PC5
57Hydraulic pump Rexroth 10VD-72150 HorbPC12
58plunger pumpYB05037PC2
59Axial piston pumpJGBOY-BL YB040013PC4
60Sprocket Z=34, P=38.1 3-rowZZ000004PC2
61Working brake cylinder (Support) for winch JC 70 DBPS010000PC12
62Safety brake cylinder (Caliper) for winch JC 70 DBPS020000PC4
Top drive DQ 70BS-JH (2015) (indivisible lot)
63Thrust tapered roller bearingW0106234 max3PC6
64Thrust tapered roller bearingW0106292PC4
65Cylindrical roller bearingW0101100PC10
66Spherical Roller BearingW0102110PC10
67Cylindrical roller bearingW0101220PC10
68Push Force Cylindrical Roller BearingW0103181PC7
69Push Force Cylindrical Roller BearingW0103260PC10
70Cylindrical roller bearingW0101180PC10
71Rotating seal gland 180x210x15M09180PC70
72Rotating seal gland 210x240x15M09210PC100
73Mud pipe seal 127×95NT75401030 810PC650
74Central pipeNT754010308-VIPC10
75Sling 350 tonsW03350108PC4
76Pipe Clamp JawT7540205081kit9
77Carrier roller assemblyT7503153201PC130
78Hydraulic pump unitM2JA132 M6B B35 A3 7-FR-O1- ©zkit6
79Hydraulic motor with gearYBO3315+06kit4
80Bell-shaped casingYB0701PC2
83Ice skating rinkYB0703PC2
84Lubrication motor complete with gear pumpM2JA90L M6A+ HGP-3A-F 40Rkit6
85Return oil filterYQ0203160100PC20
86Return oil filter housingYQ020316 01002PC6
87Transmission oil filterYQ0103160PC52
88High pressure filter for hydraulic oilYQ0102063PC52
89First drive gear70010401PC8
90Second drive gear assembly70010403kit6
91Second driven gear700104013PC6
92Rotation Adapter Small GearT75020106PC6
93Seal for main shaft (o210x78)T7540104082PC36
94Seal for main shaft(0210×164)T7540104060PC20
95Under the tight envelope there is a lower sealing sleeve (o210x60)700104311PC13
96Under the tight envelope there is a lower sealing sleeve (o210x70)700104312PC13
97Hydraulic cylinder for sling tilt assemblyDQ70BS-G Z-03kit2
98Locking device assemblyDQ70BS-G Z-04kit1
99Stopper dieT75020403PC15
100IBOP ManagementDQ70BS-G Z-06kit2
101plunger pumpYB05037 37cm3/rPC5
102Gear pumpHGP-3A-F 30R-2BPC5
103Gear pumpHGP-3A-F 40RPC5
104Drill Pipe Wedges 3 1/2″T75402051 01kit5
105Drill pipe wedges 5″T75402051 0A1kit5
106Pipe clamp pinT754020506PC5
107Hydraulic auxiliary valve blockYFT754BOOOPC3
Spare parts for mud pump F-1300, F-1600 (indivisible lot)
108Cylinder bushing 0130 mmAH000003031200PC150
109Cylinder bushing 0140 mmAH000003031300PC200
110Cylinder bushing 0150 mmAH000003031400PC450
111Cylinder bushing 0160 mmAH000003031500PC400
112Cylinder bushing 0170 mmAH000003031600PC400
113Cylinder bushing 0180 mmAH000003031700PC350
114Piston polyurethane 0130 mmAH 0000040300PC375
115Piston polyurethane 0140 mmAH 0000040500PC500
116Piston polyurethane 0150 mmAH 0000040600PC1125
117Piston polyurethane 0160 mmAH 0000040700PC1000
118Piston polyurethane 0170 mmAH 0000040800PC1000
119Piston polyurethane 0180 mmAH 0000040900PC875
120Slider rodAH 1301010516
121Valve body107.11.140.00PC2000
122Valve seat107.11.140.04PC1000
123Valve rubber polyurethane (plate)PC2000
124Valve holder (upper)AH 36001-05A 04.00PC150
125Valve holder (lower)AH 130101050500PC150
126Upper bronze valve holder insertPC1000
127Crosshead rod sealF-1300, F-1600PC50
128Crosshead coverRS 11309.04.012PC5
129Crosshead bearingRS 11309.04.015PC3
130KW-75 pneumatic compensator diaphragmAK 75350100PC10
131AVB 600×250 semi-circular coupling cylinderPC20
132Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly (F-1600)F-1300, F-1600PC18
133Piston rod with clamp assembly107.11.110.39 NB050015kit30
134Half rod seal107.11.96.00PC80
135Half rod with oil seal assemblyPC30
136F-1600 cylinder liner seal107,11,110.42PC80
137F-1600 valve cover seal107,11,330.00PC80
138Hydraulic cover seal (front) polyurethanePC80
139Cylinder block 600×250 (overlay)PC50
140Pneumatic swivel QFS-15PC14
141Arrester KRJa-1.15PC22
142V-belt (F-1300)5ZV25Jkit10
143Gear oil pump LWBZ-40/6 (50HZ)BZ040100PC6
144Soft rubber connection KHT-DN100PC50
145Soft rubber connection KHT-DN150PC100
146Soft rubber connection KHT-DN200PC100
147Soft rubber connection KHT-DN250PC50
148Soft rubber connection KHT-DN300PC50
149Shear pin safety valve JA-3 (flange)NB110000PC50
150Vibration-resistant pressure gauge 60mPa, 8700Psi (21/16-5000)NB000032PC6
151Valve spring (F-1300, F-1600)NB050007PC1000
152FerruleAH1301010513 XC2013075PC9
Spare parts for mud pump F-800, F-1000 (indivisible lot)
153Cylinder bushing 0 150 mmPC100
154Cylinder bushing 0160 mmPC100
155Cylinder bushing 0170 mmPC50
156Piston 0150 mmPC200
157Piston 0160 mmPC200
158Piston 0170 mmPC100
159Hydraulic cylinder assembly F-800, F-1000PC12
160Crosshead half rod seal F-1000RS 11306.04.007PC50
161Crosshead half rod seal F-800PC50
162Crosshead slider rod F-800, F-1000PC12
163Valve seatPC300
164Valve platePC200
165Rubber valve elementPC200
166Piston rod F-800, F-1000RS 11306.05.017PC20
167Valve holder (upper)RS 11.308.05.010PC50
168Valve holder (lower)RS 11308.05.026.01PC50
169F-1000 slider rod seal holder coverRS 11308.05.04.003PC12
170V-belt 5ZV25J-8000 mm F-800kit12
171V-belt 5ZV25J-8500 mm F-1000kit10
Spare parts for mud pump 3NB-1600 (indivisible lot)
175Oil pump3NB-1600PC2
176Water pump3NB-1600PC2
177Valve holder (lower)3NB-1600PC20
178Hydraulic cylinder3NB-1600PC3
179Cylinder liner seal3NB-1600PC40
181Half rod seal107.11.96.00kit20
Spare parts for swivel SL-450-5 (indivisible lot)
182Main bearing 270x550x130 (19954EQ)SL 000036PC10
183Upper bearing 200x310x70(2007140)GB/T-297SL 000031PC10
184Lower bearing 240x360x56(32148)GB/T-283SL 000039PC10
185Mud pipe cuffPC1000
186Mud pipe assembly104.05.30.00kit30
187Feeding tube104.05.30.03PC280
188Spring O-ring (top) PD220x260x18 mmHG4-692-67PC150
189Spring O-ring (bottom) PD250x290x18 mmHG4-692-67PC350
190Gasket – washer104.05.15-1PC6
Spare parts for swivel SL-225 (indivisible lot)
191Main bearing 9019456QSL 225-29.00PC8
192Upper bearing 32040X2 (SL 000014)GB/T-297-94PC4
193Lower bearing NU240(SL 000018)GB/T283-2007PC4
Spare parts for the ZP-375 rotor (indivisible lot)
194Sprocket P=50, Z=19ZP000012PC3
195Oil seal SG180x210x15ZP030018PC4
196Oil seal SG180x220x18SG180x220x18PC8
197Oil seal PG150x180x16PG150x180x16PC8
198ABOUT-ring 1049.5×8.61049.5×8.6PC8
199ABOUT-ring 407×8.6407×8.6PC8
200Gear wheel of a small umbrellaZP030001PC1
201Stainless steel wire 0I.6ZP000039meter10
Spare parts for the rotor ZP-275 (indivisible lot)
202Input drive shaft assembly with sprocket Z=23 mm, P=50.8 mm with rubber rings, sevanite oil sealKR KR 105.17.02PC3
Spare parts for diesel engine “G12V190PZL-1” (indivisible lot)
203Water cooling radiatorJC2112-1301-199-200PC2
204Reduction gear 1.53, 900 kV, 1500 -1 (1275x1085x980)JS-1200PC1
205Pneumatic starter (pneumatic motor)12VB.46.120FPC2
206Pneumatic fuel pre-feed pump12VB.54.00CPC2
207Air operated valve “JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″12VB.46.300.10PC2
208Pneumatic control valve “JDEC”G12V190PZL-1”PC2
209Oil controller bushing‘JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″Z12V.12.40.01PC60
210Spnng’JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″Z12V.12.12.14APC110
211Washer JDEC” G12V190PZL-1″Z12V.12.01APC60
212Installation automatic. brakes with low oil pressure12VB.34.00APC2
213Fuel pump regulator’JDEC’G12V190PZL-1″T300/750ZPC2
214Tachometer with sensor “/DEC” G12V190PZL-1″12VB.32.00DPC3
215Water pump12VB.22.00VPC3
216Fuel pumpBH6Z140ZPPC4
217Fuel pump/DEC” G12V190PZL-1″YT 235.11.00PC2
218Pump (rotary) for fuel supply12VB 11.00PC2
219Nozzle with sprayer assembly12 VB.16.20EPC24
220Oil filter12VB.18.10BPC600
221Fuel filter12 V.10.30.03PC300
222Air filter (upper)12V.36M.40PC50
223Air filter (lower)12V.36M.50PC50
224Cardan clutch assemblyW51.5×870PC1
225TurbochargerJ170-1 20GJ.00EPC4
226Cylinder head gasket (sealing ring II)12VB.03.12APC80
227Clutch plunger with fuel pump springZ12V.12.20PC40
228Clutch plunger with fuel pump springZ12V.12.30PC40
229Super speed safety assembly12VB.37.00kit2
230Plunger pair complete with springkit24
Drilling rig ZJ-30T. Spare parts for winch JS-30OC (indivisible lot)
231JC-30 winch lift shaftZJ-30TPC2
232Auxiliary winch XJFH-5×35JC-30PC1
233Combined transfer case for power systemDL 050000PC1
234Oil pump assembly for gearbox “Allison-S5610NR”6880125PC10
235Hydraulic pump NSh with power take-off assemblyZJ-30Tkit6
236Drive chain, roller 44.45 mm 10 meter28S-2kit6
237Mud hose 4″x35 Mra17 meter FIG-1003PC2
238Connecting cylinder W31-20-901DDW1057 4100100 20 90ZJ-30T,XJ-750PC10
Spare parts for lifting unit XJ-750 (indivisible lot)
239Oil pump for Allison-M5620R gearbox6880125PC10
240Hydraulic cylinder for mast lifting XJ-750YGQB-262/1900PC2
241Hydraulic pump “PARKER” PMD Qhemnitz Germany Part (Hffl-XJ-750)7049112042PC10
242Drilling hose 4″x35 mPa 17 meter with thread FIG-1003PC4
Spare parts for the circulation system
243Gate valve DN 100 PN 2.5 mPaPC30
244Damping gelatin ring DN80 (element)PC24
245Damping gelatin ring DN100 (element)PC24
246Damping gelatin ring DN150 (element)PC24
247Damping gelatin ring DN200 (element)PC24
248Damping gelatin ring DN250 (element)PC24
249Damping gelatin ring DN300 (element)PC24
250Connection seal drill. manifold ZG-100×35 mPaGK 010022PC50
251Mixer HMG-80 with gearbox, without electric motorGK 010100kit5
252Mixing device 11kW, without electric motorJQ110000PC.15
Spare parts for high pressure drilling manifold ZG 102-35
253High pressure valve 2 x35 mPa FIG -1002JC 150000PC30
254High pressure valve 3x35 mPa FIG-1003JC 020000PC15
255High pressure valve 4x35 mPa FIG -1003JC 100000PC45
Spare parts for the Sullair compressor (indivisible lot)
256Oil filter02250054-605PC60
257Water separating filter02250100-753PC60
258Air filter12P/N 049301PC50
259Dryer “SULLAIR” pneumatic air systemQK 000000″ 50N(37 kV)PC10
Spare parts for the Doosan PU 222TI diesel engine (indivisible lot)
260Cylinder liner assembly “DOOSAN” PU222TI65.01201-0312CPC120
261Pipe loader “DOOSAN”65.09100-7052PC70
262Pipe loader “DOOSAN”65.09100-7160PC70
263Generator 24V300901-00007PC44
264Starter 24V65.26201-7074DPC58
265Cylinder head seal “DOOSAN”51.03901-0338PC649
266Water pump assembly400921-00016kit86
267Water pump bearing65.93410-0087PC30
268Mechanical water pump seal65.06520-6007PC30
269Belt (V-BELT) L=1425×9.565.96801-0062PC90
270Belt (V-BELT) L=1285×9.565-96 801-0134PC140
271Oil filter element65.05510-5020BPC4100
272Coarse fuel filter “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.12501-7023BPC950
273Fine fuel filter “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.12501-7036PC1000
274Oil radiator65.05601-7135PC39
275Water radiator “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.06100-8032PC26
276Nozzle with sprayer assembly65.10101-7053PC68
277Water pump gasket65.06901A0074PC94
278Piston “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.02501-0708PC148
279Piston rings65.02503-0158 65.02503-0159kit10
280Connecting rod “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI150121-00104PC24
281Main shaft liner65.01110-0070 65.01110-0080kit22
282Crankshaft assembly150107-00177PC2
283Connecting rod insert “DOOSSAN” PU 222 TI65.02410-0100PC34
284Connecting rod insert “DOOSSAN” PU 222 TI65.02410-0200PC22
285High pressure fuel pump assembly65.11101-7334PC24
286Oil pump “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.05100-6043APC10
287Oil pressure switch “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.27441-7009PC10
288Air filter element65.08304-6005PC260
289Fuel filter bracket “DOOSAN” PU222TI65.12540-5030PC20
290Cooling thermostat “DOOSAN” PU222T65.06402-0006PC34
291Impeller “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI (cooling fan)65.06601-5048PC24
292Valve pusher65.04302-0026kit44
293Oil radiator seal “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.05901-0014PC24
294Instrument control panel “DOOSAN” PU222TI65.061700-6031BPC16
295Moto-sensor on diesel “DOOSAN” PU222TI65.27161-6001PC10
296Tachometer sensor (on the flywheel) “DOOSAN” PU222TI65.27103-7007PC10
297Oil pressure sensor “DOOSAN” PU 222 TI65.27431-6004PC10
Spare parts for power drive (indivisible lot)
298Cardan clutch “VOITH” 12502463210K060.199.1034.N50PC25
299Cardan shaft 125.024605100AG040 1644kit25
300Friction ring 125.01869110K060.057.0020kit25
301Friction disc 125.0175580001K060.055.0021kit25
302Highly elastic coupling 125.0157030001K060.152.0415.N50kit25
303Connecting element 125.0079620001K060.050.1037kit25
304Cardan cross with clutch bearing “VOITH”DIN 71412PC40
Blowout preventer equipment (air defense preventer)
305Blowout preventer equipment 13 5/8″ x 10000 PSI, with 13 5/8″ x 5000 PSI ring preventer, kit includes: 13 5/8″ x 10000 PS double ram preventer with 5″ pipe rams, 1 ring preventer 13 5/8” x 5000 PSI, muffling and throttling manifold, discharge line with connecting flanges -200m, hydraulic control, rams 0-5″ (127mm) -4pcs, 0-5 1/2″ (140mm) -4pcs; blind -2pcs, 0-6 5/8″ (168mm) -2pcs, 0-6 5/8″ (168mm) -2pcs; 0-9 5/8″ (245 mm) -2 pcs; ring preventer element -2 pcs; adapter flange 13 5/8″ x 10000 PSI -13 5/8″ x 5000 PSI -1 pc; adapter flange 13 5/8″ x 10000 PSI -11″ x 10000 PSI – 1 piece; for spare parts maintenance.kit5
306Manifold throttling block 80×350P41.01..02.000PC2
307Manifold throttling block 80×700PC2
308Manifold muffling block 80×350P41.01..03.000PC2
309Manifold muffling block 80×700PC2
Spare parts for air defense equipment (2015) China
311Universal preventerFH350x70mPaPC2
312Adapter coil, height 700 mm (673.1×673.1) mm 13 5/8×70 mPa x13 5/8×70 mPaPC3
313Adapter 590.6 x673.1 mm 13 5/8×70 mPaPC2
314Adapter 565.2×673.1 mm 11-70 mPa 13 5/8×70 mPaPC2
315Pipe dies 127 mmFZ350x70 mPaPC12
316Pipe dies 140 mmFZ350x70 mPaPC6
317Pipe dies 168 mmFZ350x70 mPaPC4
318Spherical rubber rodF35.11.00PC5
319Small ABOUTO-ring for support ringF751A.13.03PC10
320Big ABOUTO-ring for support ringF35.13PC10
321O-ring for support ringF35.14.00PC10
322Wear ring for support ringF35.12.02PC10
323O-ring for housingF35.16.00PC10
324O-ring for pistonF35.19.00PC10
325Piston Wear RingF35.20.02PC10
Steel rope
326Steel ropeo12 mm (design 6×19-o,c), version-B-H-P-1771GOST 2688-80tn40
327Steel rope 015 mmtn30
328Steel rope 016.5 mmtn30
329Steel rope 019.5 mmtn30
Pumps are different
330Pump 32-PL for rod cooling, vertical with electric motorF-1600, F-1300kit8
331Pump 32-PL for rod cooling, horizontal with electric motorF-1600, F-1300kit8
332Centrifugal 32-SB180/100 2.2 kW spray pump, without electric motorBZ030100PC15
333Centrifugal pump 55 kW without electric motorSB8x6x12-12.5”PC10
334Centrifugal pump 11 kW, without electric motorSB4″x3″-9.5”PC5
335Gear pump 2SNB060300PC5
336Sand pump SB-6″x8J-12%” without electric motorSB680100PC8
337Sand pump SB-5″x60-12%” without electric motorSB568100PC2
338Sand pump SB-2″x2J-8″ without electric motorPC2
339Cutting pump 55 kW, without electric motorJQ6x5J-10PC.3
3403L 50-32-125 pump with electric motor. 2.2 kW 295 rpm or equivalentPC5
341Sh 40-4-19.5/4B-5 pump with 5.5 kW electric motor or equivalentPC5
Spare parts for the LBU-1200 drilling drawworks (indivisible lot)
342Lifting shaft4062.78.150PC3
3435th speed transmission shaft4062.79.000PC10
344Reel Friction Shaft4062.80.000PC2
345Winch gear shaft I4062.91.151PC6
346Winch gear shaft II4062.99.104PC6
347Winch gearbox RL-110004062.99.150PC3
348Brake pulley4062.78.136PC30
349Cardan shaft with hook (L=2680 mm) 01.052.200-034062.90.516PC10
350Cardan shaft (L=2100 mm)4062.90.500PC12
351Splined driveshaft crosspiece4062.90.517PC12
352Cardan shaft crosspiece keyed4062.90.518PC12
353Rotor drive LBU-12004062.92.001PC2
354Double swivel, 2-console4062.39.100PC30
355Pin swivel 4-10 03.2067.0024062.97.200PC20
356Flange swivel 2-16 (single)44038.39.002PC150
3572-valve tap4008.71.500-2PC100
3584 valve valve4003.71.220-10PC95
3594 valve valve4008.71.243PC60
360Discharge valve4062.71.070PC60
361Distributor REP 1-1-20 1.0 mPa14088.95.250-01PC30
362Friction spool pulley4062.80.121PC10
363Friction Reel Tape4062.84.201PC70
364Friction spool cover4066.43.127meter350
365Brake band4062.81.000PC6
366Cam clutch4062.78.123PC70
367Driller’s console4062.95.160PC2
Tire-pneumatic coupling
368Tire-pneumatic coupling 300×100PC50
369Tire-pneumatic coupling 500×125PC200
370Tire-pneumatic coupling 700×200PC30
371Tire-pneumatic coupling 1070×200PC100
Spare parts for the UNB-600 mud pump (indivisible lot)
372Hydraulic box (left)4045.53.811PC15
373Hydraulic box (right)4045.53.812PC15
374Cylinder bushing 0130 mm4045.53.501-07PC190
375Cylinder bushing 0140 mm4045.53.501-06PC250
376Cylinder bushing 0150 mm4045.53.501-05PC300
377Cylinder bushing 0160 mm4045.53.501-04PC300
378Cylinder bushing 0170 mm4045.53.501-03PC350
379Cylinder bushing 0180 mm4045.53.501-02PC230
380Cylinder bushing 0200 mm4066.53.501PC80
381Piston 0130 mm4045.53.230PC380
382Piston 0140 mm4045.53.233PC500
383Piston 0150 mmPC600
384Piston 0160 mm4045.53.235PC600
385Piston 0170 mmPC700
386Piston 0180 mm4045.53.237PC460
387Piston 0200 mm4045.53.239PC80
388Bronze bushing4045.53.66-1PC40
389ShP-70 piston rod with nuts4066.53.520-SBPC900
390Rod cuff M-704066.53.53PC3100
391Rod seal4066.53.540 SBPC2500
392Rod seal housingPC30
393Valve cover cuff4066.53.212PC600
394K-9 valve assembly14023.53.090-2PC1900
395Cylinder liner seal4066.53.578PC1600
396Cylinder liner ring4066.53.586PC2000
397Valve plate4066.53.615PC500
398Compensator diaphragm D-704045.53.230PC30
399crosshead pin4045.53.76-2PC20
400Cylinder cover with bolts4045.53.259-3PC8
401Valve cover4045.53.259-3PC10
402Piston lock nut4045,53,511-1PC20
403Crosshead guide (lower)4045.53.105.4PC15
404Crosshead guide (top)4045.53.106.4PC15
Spare parts for the compressor “4VU 1-5/9M4UHL4” (indivisible lot)
405Crankshaft with bearing 302601033N302-601-03 3P 1PC20
406Stage I piston assembly302-601-06-3/03-24kit26
407Stage II piston assembly302-601-06-3/03-25kit26
4081st stage cylinder blockPC2
4092nd stage cylinder blockPC2
410Counter drive for mechanical compressor4062.70.050PC2
411Piston ring, compression U-125, assembled302-601-06-3/04-34kit50
412Piston ring, oil scraper MP-125 assembled31680/04-132kit50
413Piston ring, compression U-210, assembled302-601-06-3/04-31kit40
414Piston ring, oil scraper MP-210 assembled31677/04-130kit40
415Retaining ringPC40
416Connecting rod assembly302-601-04 Akit30
417Air swivel (left) for counter drive26007.3040.16PC10
4182nd stage valve headPC12
419Piston pinPC10
4201st stage saddlePC10
4211st stage platePC10
4222nd stage saddlePC10
4232nd stage platePC10
Spare parts for air collector BKZ V-2.7m3 or equivalent (indivisible lot)
424Spring safety valve T31MS3o50mmTU1078.21.272-88PC10
425Oil separator for air collectorBKZ=2.7 m3PC6
Spare parts for the ASDU power unit
426Power reducer (reduction) RTS-1.53 rpm-1500PC20
4271st shaft of power gearbox RTS-1.534062.38.010PC39
428Second shaft of the power gearbox RTS-1.534062.38.012PC39
429Drive shaft KP3-900DPC10
430Driven shaft KP3-900DPC10
431Pulley for 2-pulley power unit ASDUPC4
432Coupled pulley for KP3-900D ASDUPC4
433Reduction gear oil seal 1.2x105x38-3GOST 6678-72PC90
434Drive coupling half4062.06.000PC8
436Sump (oil tank V=670 liter) for KP3-900D ASDU4020.68.000PC2
437Oil pump KPZ-900Dtype G-11-25PC4
Spare parts for reduction gearbox JS-1200 (China) (indivisible lot)
4381st shaft of the power reducer with bearingsPC2
439Second shaft of the power reducer with bearingsPC2
440Bearing 232218.CA/C/3W33 140x250x68 3528PC2
441Reduction gearbox (1.53)(900kW)(1500rpm) (1275x1085x980)JS-1200PC2
442Cardan clutch assemblyW51.5×870CT2
Spare parts for the circulation system TsS-3D
443Coupled shut-off valve25 mmPC20
444Coupled shut-off valve20 mmPC30
445Coupled shut-off valve 015 mmPC40
446Coupled shut-off valve 0 80mmDN80 Ru1.0PC6
447Coupled shut-off valve 0 80mmDN80 Ru1.6PC6
Spare parts for the R-700 rotor or equivalent (indivisible lot)
448Rotor transmission TR-350 (366911)4062.92.000PC4
449Rotor drive shaft R-70014016.45.010PC8
450Roller guide insert4062.45.450PC22
451Rotor liner R-7001416.45.270PC6
452Rotor jaw R-5604-8-41/82PC6
453Sprocket Z=194045.45.520PC35
454Sprocket Z=214045.45.511PC5
455Bevel gear Z-1814016.45.015PC6
456Cord 4c 08 mm. L=3.0 M.PC10
457Cord 4c 05 mm. L=6.0 M.PC10
458Oil seal 210PC20
459Main support (bearing 1687/770)PC10
460Auxiliary support (bearing 1688/770)PC10
Spare parts for the MV-2U manifold or equivalent (indivisible lot)
461Manifold valve ZPRM-100×40000.00.000PC50
462Gate seal ZPRM-100×400ZPR-100/32-1APC20
463Gate cuff ZPRM-100×400ZPR-100/40-08PC10
464Manifold valve ZPRM-100×32000.00.000PC12
465Manifold valve ZPRM-80×350M10.02.12.000PC10
466Manifold valve ZM-80x35G (hydraulic)M10.02.02.000PC10
467Gate vane ZPRM-100×400ZPR-100/32-4VPC10
468Gate gasket ZPRM-100×400ZPR-100/32-11PC10
Spare parts for the KP crane
469Crane rotation gearbox with electric motor KPB-3M or equivalentkit8
Lifting equipment
470Electric hoist 10 tons, height 8 metersPC1
471Electric hoist 5 tons, height 6 metersPC6
472Electric hoist 3.2 tons, height 6 metersPC19
473Electric hoist 2 tons, height 6mPC2
474Manual hoist 1.5 tons, height 6mPC3
Perforation valve
475Perforation valve ZPU-180x700HL or equivalentPC2
476Perforation valve ZPU-150x350HL or equivalentPC2
Spare parts for hydraulic remote control CH6U-76 “UPETROM” (Romania) (indivisible lot)
477Triple plunger pump 3RU-20614.20-
Electric and gas welding equipment, tools and accessories
478Welding unit “ADD-4004” or equivalentME55.VO1910.RUPC6
479Welding transformer BX1-400 (China)“BX1-400”PC5
480ANO electrode4 mmkg10800
481ANO electrode3 mmkg550
482Electrode “UONT 04 mmkg7500
483Electrode “UONT 03 mmkg1500
484Cutter for manual cutting RZP-902 or equivalentPC62
485Propane reducer BPO 5-4 or equivalentPC63
486Oxygen reducer BKO 504 or equivalentPC65
487Cylinder oxygen valve VK-74 or equivalentPC60
Rolling bearings
488Bearing 205GOST 7242-81PC138
489Bearing 207GOST 8338-75PC60
490Bearing 208GOST 8338-75PC20
491Bearing 209GOST 8338-75PC20
492Bearing 210GOST 8338-75PC30
493Shaft bearing 214GOST 8338-75PC20
494Shaft bearing 302GOST 8338-75PC6
495Shaft bearing 305GOST 8338-75PC30
496Shaft bearing 309GOST 8338-75PC20
497Bearing 310GOST 8338-75PC25
498Bearing 311GOST 8338-75PC10
499Bearing 312GOST 8338-75PC56
500Bearing 313GOST 8338-75PC10
501Bearing 314PC30
502Bearing 317PC10
503Bearing 322PC20
504Bearing 1612GOST 5721-75PC50
505Bearing 2322PC20
506Bearing 3518GOST 5721-75PC48
507Bearing 3519GOST 5721-75PC8
508Bearing 3522GOST 5721-75PC125
509Bearing 3524GOST 5721-75PC60
510Bearing 3528NGOST 520-2011PC10
511Bearing 3538GOST 8338-75PC26
512Bearing 3612GOST 8338-75PC50
513Bearing 3618GOST 5721-75PC64
514Bearing 3624GOST 8338-75PC232
515Bearing 3628GOST 8338-75PC54
516Bearing 3630GOST 8338-75 ZP050019PC31
517Bearing 3634GOST 5721-75PC8
518Bearing 3636GOST 5721-75PC12
519Bearing 6228GOST 7372-89PC10
520Bearing 6311GOST 7372-8910
521Bearing 7352GOST 333-79PC12
522Bearing 7538GOST 333-79PC28
523Bearing 10079/710PC12
524Bearing 8222PC120
525Bearing 32617PC100
526Bearing 2687/1049ZP030009PC4
527Bearing 32630ZP050018PC6
High-pressure hoses
528Rubber sleeve9 mm 20 atmmeter2000
529Rubber sleeve 015 mmmeter100
530Rubber sleeve 020 mmmeter200
Sealing materials
531Gland packing 0 8mm8x8mmkg30
532Gland packing 010 mm10x10mmkg60
533Gland packing 012 mm12x12mmkg30
534Gland packing 015 mm15x15mmkg40
535Gland packing 022 mm22x22mmkg50
536Impregnated hemp stuffing box14 x14 mmkg105
537Impregnated hemp stuffing box16 x16 mmkg200
538Impregnated hemp stuffing box18 x18 mmkg200
539Impregnated hemp stuffing box19 x19 mmkg50
540Oil and petrol resistant paronitePMB-1 mmkg80
541Oil and petrol resistant paronitePMB-2 mmkg180
542Oil and petrol resistant paronitePMB-3 mmkg538
543Oil and petrol resistant paronitePMB-4 mmkg480
544FUM tape 0.1-1.092480800011kg20
545FUM tape 0.08-1.592480800011kg20
Belts for the Uralmash-3D installation
546Belt A-1250 mmPC50
547Belt B-1250 mmPC20
548Belt A-1330 mmPC50
549Belt B-1650 mmPC50
550Belt B-1600 mmPC50
551Belt B-1800 mmPC12
552Belt A-2120 mmPC22
553Belt A-2240 mmPC32
554Belt A-2800 mmPC125
555Belt S-4000 mmPC170
556Belt C(B)-4500 mmPC280
557Belt E(D)-5600 mmPC1000
558Belt E(D)-10000 mmPC880
Pumping equipment for water supply control
559CNS 300×300 with electric motor 400 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 300×300kit7
560CNS 300×240 with electric motor 315 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 300×240kit5
561CNS 300×180 with electric motor 315 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 300×180kit5
562CNS 180×255 with electric motor 250 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 180×255kit3
563TsNS 180×170 with electric motor 200 kW (6 kV) 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 180×170kit8
564TsNS 180×128 with electric motor 132 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 180×128kit2
565TsNS 180×85 with electric motor 75 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 180×85kit2
566CNS 850×240 with electric motor 800 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalentCNS 850×240kit2
567Pump D 200/36 with electric motor 45 kW 1500 rpm, not explosion-proof or equivalentD 200/36kit6
568Pump 10 ND with electric motor 132 kW 1500 rpm not explosion-proof or equivalent10 NDkit2
569Pump OMEGA 250-800A or equivalentkit3
570Pump K40x40 or equivalentkit4
Spare parts for pump CNS 850 (indivisible lot)
571TsNS-850 ValPC2
572TsNS-850 Impeller 1st stageMSG-7-01-118-1PC5
573TsNS-850 ImpellerMSG-7-01-178PC10
574TsNS-850 Remote bushingMSG-7-01-126-1PC5
575TsNS-850 Water seal bushingMSG-7-01-112PC5
576TsNS-850 Guide vaneMSG-7-01-119PC10
577TsNS-850 Protective sleevePC5
578TsNS-850 Bearing bushingPC5
579TsNS-850 Guide vane 1st stagePC6
580TsNS-850 Bushing 190312MSG-7-01-102.00PC5
581TsNS-850 Nut 1904MSG-7-01-107PC5
582TsNS-850 Bushing oil seal 1905MSG-7-01-108PC5
583TsNS-850 Shaft shirt 1906MSG-7-01-109.1PC5
584TsNS-850 Front bracketMSG-7-01-114PC5
585TsNS-850 Suction cover 1909MSG-7-01-116PC3
586TsNS-850 O-ring 1st stage 1910MSG-7-01-117PC8
587TsNS-850 Working wheel 2nd stage 191112MSG-8-01-118-1PC5
588TsNS-850 Sealing ring 1913MSG-7-01-121PC5
589TsNS-850 Sealing ring 1914MSG-7-01-122PC4
590TsNS-850 Guide device for dispensing 1915MSG-7-01-123PC5
591TsNS-850 Unloading bushing 1916MSG-7-01-125-1PC4
592TsNS-850 Discharge cover 1918MSG-7-01-132-1PC2
593TsNS-850 Rear bracket 1919MSG-7-01-135-1PC2
594TsNS-850 Rotor nut 1924 12MSG-7-01-142-1PC3
595TsNS-850-240 Shaft (2nd stage)PC2
Spare parts for pump CNS 300 (indivisible lot)
596TsNS-300 Rotor nut8MS 7.01.07PC10
597Housing of the CNS guide device 300-120-6008MS 7.0119-2PC10
598TsNS-300 Guide vane ringCNS 300-120PC20
599TsNS-300 Seal cord for the body of the guide deviceCNS 300-120PC20
600TsNS-300 Working wheel for dispensing8MS 7.0118-1PC5
601TsNS-300 Sealing ring8MS 7.0120PC14
602TsNS-300 Sealing ring8MS 7.0121PC14
603TsNS-300 Unloading disk8MS 7.0109PC16
604TsNS-300 Shaft 3 stages. pumpCNS300-180PC2
605TsNS-300 Bearing bushingPC8
606TsNS-300 CuffGOST 87-52-79PC20
607TsNS-300 Throttle bushingPC10
608TsNS-300 impeller8MS 7.0118PC20
609TsNS-300 impeller 1 stagePC10
610TsNS-300 shaft jacket8MS 7.0126PC10
611TsNS-300 Remote bushing8MS 7.0113PC10
612TsNS-300 Water seal bushingTsNSN-300-180.001PC10
613TsNS-300 Front bracket8MS 7.0129PC4
614TsNS-300 Rear bracket8MS 7.0103PC4
615TsNS-300 Unloading bushing8MS 7.0114PC8
616TsNS-300 Unloading ring8MS 7.0112PC20
617TsNS-300 Unloading ring8MS 7.0111PC20
618TsNS-300 Guide vane8MS 7.01.17-1PC20
Spare parts for pump CNS 180 (indivisible lot)
619TsNS-180 Impeller I-stage180 x 255PC13
620TsNS-180 Shaft jacketCNS 180-255.001PC10
621TsNS-180 Remote bushing6MS 6-0113PC10
622TsNS-180 Water seal bushing6MS 6-0126PC10
623TsNS-180 Unloading bushing6MS 6-0114PC18
624TsNS-180 Unloading ringCNS 180-255 6 MS-0119PC20
625TsNS-180 Guide vane6MS 6-0117-1PC20
626TsNS-180 Throttle bushingPC10
627TsNS-180 Front bracketPC4
628TsNS-180 Rear bracketPC4
629TsNS-180 Bearing bushingPC8
630TsNS-180 CuffGOST 87-52-79PC20
631TsNS-180 Sealing ring6 MS 6-0121PC14
632TsNS-180 Sealing ring6 MS 6-0122-1-02PC14
633TsNS-180 Working wheel6 MS 6-0118PC20
634TsNS-180 Housing of the guide apparatusMS 6-01.129PC10
635TsNS-180 Guide vane ringCNS 180×85 85.1.425.01.009PC20
636TsNS-180 Shaft of 3-stage pumpCNS 180×128PC1
637TsNS-180 Shaft of 5-stage pumpCNS 180×212PC1
Spare parts for the cementing unit (indivisible lot)
638Plug valve d=50 P=70 (Pump SIN
639Plug valve d=25 P=70 (Pump SIN
640Articulated elbow d=50 P=70 (Pump SIN
641Plunger d=100-7-72 (Pump SIN
642Valve SP-507 tripleks pump 5S with matching cover (Pump SP-507)SP-507 triplexPC180
643Intake hose d=100 L=4.5 (Pump NSP-32)SIN 30.01.0700000PC100
644Intake hose d=75 L=3m (Pump NSP-32)PC20
645High pressure hose P=25 L=10 (d=50) (NSP-32 pump)PC100
646Discharge hose L=10 (d=50) (NSP-32 pump)PC100
647Adjustable nozzle 2×1050PC10
648Articulated elbow 22 type R2”x1050 bar (Pump SIN
649Plug valve 2x2nkt 60 P=105 Mpa (Pump SIN 633-80PC25
650Plug valve 2x1nkt 60 P=105 Mpa (Pump SIN 633-80PC25
651Plug valve 2x1nkt 60 P=105 MpaGOST 633-80PC25
652Piston rod 9T.2.5. L=880 mm (NPS-32 pump)9T.2.5PC300
653Valve d=111 mm 9T.2.69 (NPS-32 pump)9T.2.69PC360
654Valve seat d=111T.118A (NPS-32 pump)T.118APC120
655Ball valve d=25x40MPa (NPS-32 pump)PC50
656Cylinder bushing d=100 (NPS-32 pump)6G-102PC20
657Cylinder bushing d=127 (NPS-32 pump)6G-104PC20
658Ball valve d=50×40 Mpa (NPS-32 pump)PC50
659Gear pump NSh-10 (Pump NPS-32)PC50
660Gate valve d=100(4″) (NPS-32 pump)SIN 100.13.000PC125
661Worm NPS 01.029A (Pump NPS-32)NPS 01.029APC10
662Articulated elbow KSh-40 d=50 P=40 (NPS-32 pump)KSH-40PC50
663Piston D=127 mm (NPS-32 pump)9T.2.34PC150
664Cylinder bushing D=115 (NPS-32 pump)6G-103PC20
665Crosshead assembly (NPS-32 pump)9G.01.200PC100
Two-pump cementing unit brand 600S for pumps “A” and “B” (indivisible lot)
666Valve seat. Plunger pump (3”)P100002606PC180
667Valve. Plunger pump (3”)P10002714PC180
668Spring. Plunger pump (3”)3102008078PC100
669Flange rubber. Plunger pump (3”)P100002616PC100
670Plunger. Plunger pump (3”)3102008064PC60
6713” seal kitP106000790Akit240
6723”Valve discE030005384BPC23
673Valve disc handleE030011682PC20
674Valve seat.Plunger pump (4.5”)P100028521APC180
675Valve. Plunger pump (4.5”)P100028516APC180
676Spring. Plunger pump (4.5”)3102008078PC100
677Flange rubber. Plunger pump(4.5”)P100028519APC100
678Plunger. Plunger pump (4.5”)3102008140PC36
679Oil ring3102013153PC100
6802” oil sealP100024100APC216
6814.5” seal kitP106000789APC216
6824” valve discE030012440PC20
Wellhead equipment
683Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-3-70 MPa 140x245x324x426 with AFK 6-80/65×70 MPakit7
684Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-3-70 MPa -168x245x324x508 with AFK6-80/65×70 MPakit2
685Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-2-70 MPa-140x245x324 with AFK6-80/65×70 MPakit3
686Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-2-70 MPa 168x245x340 with AFK6-80/65×70 MPakit28
687Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-2-35 MPa-140x245x324 with AFK6-65×35 MPakit8
688Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-2-35 MPa-168x245x340 with AFK6-65×35 MPakit5
689Column head complete with Christmas tree fittings OKK-1×35 mPa-140×245 with AFK6-65×35 mPakit1
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