NOV Varco 4S Top drive parts list

USA NOV Varco 4S Top drive system spare parts list

185678Leveling Cylinder Seal Kit for TDS-4S Top Actuator
21000149Repair kit for manual regulator
350004100-3Set of black linings for 350 t links shank diameter 3 1/2″
450004100-2White lining kit for 500 t links shank diameter 4 1/2″
550004100-1Set of green linings for 750 t links shank diameter 5 3/4″
650004133-12Accumulator Cylinder Precharge Pressure Test Kit Varco 50004133
720012091Multi-Ram block, 5″-7″, NXT complete with seals for NXT Shaffer blowout preventer
8200119876-5/8″ NOV/20011987 Tubing Dies Assembly with Seals for NXT Shaffer BOP
956625-1.5-03Power cable 3×1.5 mm2
1056626-07Power cable 7×1 mm2
11703305-19GSet of shims
1220017079+20Diaphragm repair kit
139930026Triplex pump repair kit for air defense control station
149910001Set of repair regulator with manual control for air defense control station
150000385Repair kit for cylinder accumulator 15 gallon for air defense control station
169933240Repair kit for pump
179931510Repair kit for pump
1894764-SKCounterweight cylinder repair kit
19P611000038Mud tube assembly kit 3″ SVP assembly
20P611000038-500Face seal kit 3″
21P611000038-501Set of service sealing rings 3″
2230182002-502Key set
23P611000038-503Floating carrier seal kit
24P611000038-504Lower Nut Kit
25P611000038-505Top Nut Kit
2636020Seal kit
2730155689-2Flow Switch 0.25 GPM for Top Actuator TDS-4S
2830155689-3Flow Switch 1.2 GPM for Top Actuator TDS-4S
2971847Rod pusher for top actuator TDS-4S
30109600-11Auxiliary fluid circuit for TDS-4S top power drive
311292182Oil scraper for mud pump 12-P-160
321292266Wear-resistant disc for mud pump 12-P-160
336908040Steel wafer ring for mud pump 12-P-160
3481788+30Torque wrench for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
35143267+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
36143273+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
37143280+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
38143281+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
39143282+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
40143283+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
41143284+71Hydraulic hose 3/8″, 500 bar for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
427815673Pin cotter pin with ring for drawworks 1320-UDBE
437000208-30Hex screw for drawworks 1320-UDBE
442111777Pneumatic pump for drawworks 1320-UDBE
4505466650НРCylinder sleeve ⌀6 1/2″ for mud pump 12-P-160
462110490Bearing for drawworks 1320-UDBE
472110288Spring for drawworks 1320-UDBE
4820026217+20Top seal for Shaffer 18-3/4-5/10/15Kpsi shear ram
4920026206+20Bottom seal CVX, for Shaffer 18-3/4-5/10/15Kpsi shear ram
502110001Emergency brake cylinder for drawworks 1320-UDBE
5110852863-001Sealing element for universal preventer 18-3/4″
527401803Double acting valve SPM
5381768Proportional valve for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drilling tong
5498826Hydraulic clamp block for Hydra Tong T4063 automatic drill tong
553688AP06Air filter for cooling system of electric motors
5630123288Retaining ring for TDS-4S upper power drive
57123284Pressure pipe nut for TDS-4S top actuator
5830123289Pressure pipe 7500 psi for top actuator TDS-4S
5930123563Stuffing box for top power drive TDS-4S
60123585Top separator ring for top power drive TDS-4S
6130123286Middle separator ring for top power drive TDS-4S
62123287Lower separator ring for upper power drive TDS-4S
6331948/M2Sleeve M2 for safety valve Titan Class C
6432524Valve seat insert for safety valve Titan Class C
6533003-01Piston Rod Subassembly for Titan Class C Relief Valve
6632501-2Lower piston seal for safety valve Titan Class C
67702640-24-31Sealing ring in the gap between the sleeve and the housing for the Titan Class C safety valve
68702640-23-01Stem bushing outer seal for Titan Class C safety valve
691292240Injection box complete with studs for mud pump 12P-160
7050000650YHydraulic elevator BX4-75
7180375-2Hose assembly TW press. (H1) for TDS-4S Top Actuator
7234000-02-01Safety valve Titan Class C (flanged connections, without return connections)
731292350Stop for mud pump 12-P-160
74XD110001206Anti-wear plate for hydraulic tong
75XD110001207Anti-wear plate for hydraulic tong
77203121High pressure hose pos.20
781292362Hydraulic suction boxfor mud pump 12-P-160
7991762Tube assembly for torque wrench PH85 top drive TDS-4S
8091761Tube assembly for torque wrench PH85 top drive TDS-4S
8180426Linear length transducer W/2M
8231022Hydraulic cylinder 80/50 for HYDRATONG automatic drilling tong
83142392Hydraulic motor
842110668Service brake caliper lever pos. 2 for Drawworks 1320-UDBE
852110044Brake shoe pin pos. 3 for Drawworks 1320-UDBE
862110484Emergency brake caliper lever pos. 2 for Drawworks 1320-UDBE
881480247Anti-vibration hinge 4″
8996507Cylinder of clamping of lateral jaws of automatic drilling key
9055908-8-8Quick coupling FD45-4 for elevator BX-4-75
9199461Cylinder of a clamp of lateral jaws of an automatic drilling key 120/80
9293124Hydraulic cylinder 100/50
930000096Balloon accumulator for air defense control station, 207 bar, 15 gal
941502062SSPiston 6 1/2″ for mud pump 12-P-160
95MB64-15Piston 6 1/2″ for mud pump 12-P-160
9619206-80-30Working wheel 12″ for Mission Magnum pump
9719123-01-30APump body for Mission Magnum pump
9819121-70-30Working wheel 11″ for Mission Magnum pump
9919121-90-30Working wheel 13″ for Mission Magnum pump
1001480065Vibration motor
1011480228Locking ring
1021490015Hinge pin
103472492Oil seal
104BRK-D270Rubber seal kit
105BWS-D270Rear wall seal
10660506The coil of the discharge line of the pump No. 1
107665002003Suction elbow
108M291295396Chain lubrication pump
109M291292844External lubrication system
1111292225Cross with filter assembly for mud pump 12-P-160
112150854Sliding plate
11333091Roller bearing
11427479Roller bearing
11692993Rubber bumper
117152540Hydraulic swivel
11826775Swivel ring
11933082Roller bearing
120152553Rubber buffer
12535437Ball bearing
12610197Retaining ring
12829386Roller bearing
12991971Bushing flange
13054569Linear Length Transducer w/AVM
131447-B-357Intermediate tank vent valve
13255909-8-8Hydraulic quick coupling, male thread FD-45 #8
133979798-7-CManometer coupling Mini-mess M16x2 – 1/4″ BSP, o-ring, stainless steel
13450004133-11Cylinder seal kit
135XD110001547Slide plate for hydraulic tong
136XD110001194Slide plate for hydraulic tong
137XD110001125Slide plate for hydraulic tong
138XD110001115Slide plate for hydraulic tong
139XD110000943Slide plate for hydraulic tong
140662013009Shaft sleeve
141700030711Hex head bolt 1/2″x2″
142123582Mounting plate
14376649Fan suction gasket
14476643Fan shroud
14572396Duct plug
146140966-86-20-20Loop power cable
14830170945-86-20-20Cable control cable
149122705-86-1-2Loop hydraulic cable
15030157486Moisture separator mounting frame
151107590Air supply hose 10×25 ft.
152107588-20Hose clamp
15330174380Mounting plate
15430156360-LTerminal box
15530174660Terminal box
1562110298Mandrel for removing the wear sleeve
1572110263Mandrel for installation of anti-wear seal
1582111575Drift for installation of the bushing of the rotary lever of the brake caliper
1592111576Drift for installation of the bushing of the rotary lever of the brake caliper
1602111573Drift for installation of the bushing of the rotary lever of the brake caliper
1612110493Mandrel for installation of seal
1622110496Mandrel for removal of the bushing
1632110659Hinge pin retainer plate
1642110497Gasket ring
165128996Tilt Strut Assy pos 200 for TDS-4S Top Actuator
16690793-QDrive gear for SVP electric motor TDS-4S
1672112458Disc brake assembly for drawworks 1320-UDBE
168123285Top separator ring
169200662-1Hinged jaw assembly, 8 1/2″-17″
17051603-16-SLock pin
17177034Lifting cylinder fork pipe clamp PH85
172115341Adapter protective plate
17350010-20-C5DHexagon bolt with cotter hole
175642183-АGear Coupling Housing
176620967-1Gear coupling
177YS-4757Seal for drawworks 1320-UDBE
179622868-3Adjusting gasket
180622868-2Adjusting gasket
181622868-1Adjusting gasket
182622868Adjusting gasket
183618947Outer clip
184612372Internal clip
186612361-АRoller holder
188612738-АRoller bearing
189619319-АSwitch Clutch Ring
190612747Tube seal
191641013Outer clip
192641019Load ring
193641157Internal clip
194641440Adjusting gasket
195645856Load ring
1977805052Grease dispenser
19913381Bolt with hexagon head М10х30
20037591Bolt М10х140
20132969Locking screw M6x10
20295714Ball bearing
20325606Bolt М5х25
20425614Bolt М6х20
20619122-01-30APump casing
207030639Sealing ring
208040989Sealing ring
209717400Sealing ring
212030617Sealing ring
214030583Sealing ring
215040999Retaining ring
216717315Lower sealing ring
217717316Top sealing ring
220030609Sealing ring
2211292292Irrigation system sleeve bushings, 1-1/2″x37″, assemblyfor mud pump 12-P-160
2221282036Irrigation hose bushings, 1″x30″, assemblyfor mud pump 12-P-160
22394764Counterweight cylinder
22451404-18-SSplit pin
2281502062XTPiston 6 1/2″ for mud pump 12-P-160
24059044P08A060High pressure hose assembly
24159026P08A060High pressure hose assembly
24259026P08A012High pressure hose assembly
24359024P230008High pressure hose assembly
24459024P230021High pressure hose assembly
24559044P230020High pressure hose assembly
24658892P290069High pressure hose assembly
24758592P230105High pressure hose assembly
24858572P230105High pressure hose assembly
252150027Blade holder
254149267Blade setting tool
255167200Locking plate 95x15x1.5
256147054Bolt М8х20 A4
257159131Locking plate 78x15x1.5
258185908Stop plate
259165074Stop plate
260147051Shaft 80х96
261147236Shaft 60×112
262185841Spherical bearing CB80
263147237Sleeve 60/75х100
264147053Rod rod 120/CH90x137.5(87.5) M53x3
265XD110002117Stabilizer bolt
26634259Locknut М36
26726652Nut М36 HDG
26826565Washer М36 VG
269XD110001555Stabilizer plug
27095702Disc spring
271XD110001688Anti-wear plate
27325143Bolt М12х30 mm
27499707Bushing AMPCO 18
27527084Bolt М10х40 mm
27625141Bolt М12х20 mm
277XD110001691Stop plate
278XD110001286Retaining bolt
279XD110001692Retaining bolt
280XD110001721Stop plate
281XD110001722Cylinder bolt
282XD110001689Stop plate
28319006Bolt M10x16 mm
28425673Bolt М16х70 mm
286215807Cylinder cover lower cylinder, 120/KM60x135, M125x2
28730182002-26Face seal pin
28850208-BNut 1/2″-13
28917469489-001Sealing element for universal preventer 18-3/4″
29083542Pressure regulator
29187234Pressure regulator assembly
29287204Shuttle valve
2931292903Crankshaft assembly with gear for mud pump 12-Р-160
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