NOV Varco parts list

SR.NOPART NO.DESCRIPTIONqtyCommentsDrawing No./classification
180713+30GLAND,O-RING8To be source Locally80713
287714SUPPORT,TUBE,.50*SCD*9To be source Locally295137
310439+50ASSY,THRUST WASHER8To be source Locally200435
410490037-001WIRE CABLE;MULTICORE;3 CONDUCTOR;WIRE 16…248To be source Locally56625-1.5-03 Classification
510687945-500LOCK, PROPRIETARY;PIN, LOCKING;IRON ROUG2To be source Locally10687945-
6108857TUBE,ASSY,.381To be source Locally108857
7109130TUBE,ASSY,1.02To be source Locally205570
8109766AR3200 TUBE ASY1To be source Locally207116
9109900AR3200 TUBE ASY1To be source Locally207380
1130156341-4CABLE, EARTHING,  (YEL-GRN) LOW HAL, MUD RES104To be source Locally16561792-DAS
1250006-12-SSCREW, CAP-HEX HD (UNC)4To be source Locally50006-12 classification
1350006-16-SSCREW, CAP-HEX HD (UNC) (SEE TEXT)4To be source Locally50006-16 classification
1450008-16-C5DSCREW, CAP-HEX HD DRILLED12To be source Locally50008-16-C5D classification
1550010-16-C5SCREW, CAP-HEX HD8To be source Locally50010-16-C5 classification
1650010-20-C5SCREW, CAP-HEX HD (UNC)8To be source Locally50010-20-C5 classification
1750104-16-CSCREW, CAP-SOC HD8To be source Locally50104-16-C classification
1850108-48-CSCREW, CAP-SOC HD (UNC)6To be source Locally50108-48-C classification
1950608-12-CSCREW, CAP-FL HD (UNC)24To be source Locally50608-12-C classification
2050908-CWASHER, LOCK, REGULAR108To be source Locally50908-C classification
2151214-32PIN, DOWEL2To be source Locally51214-32 classification
2251220-3CABLE,NYLON COATED7To be source Locally51220-3 classification
2351608-8-SPIN, ROLL4To be source Locally51608-8 classification
2453001-8-SPLUG,PIPE4To be source Locally53001-8 classification
2553202FTG, GREASE 45 DEG2To be source Locally3022877
2655224-CNUT, HEX-STD (UNF-2B)8To be source Locally55224-c classification
2755908-16-16-SSQUICK DISCONNNECT;FEMALE NPTF-16;FEMALE;MATL STREE2To be source Locally55908-16 classification
2856501-4-4-SADAPTER, EXT PIPE/37DEG4To be source Locally56501-4-4-S classification
2956502-12-8-SELBOW, 45DEG EXT PIPE/372To be source Locally56502-DAD
3056502-2-4-SELBOW, 45DEG EXT PIPE/375To be source Locally56502-DAD
3156506-12-8-SELBOW, 90DEG EXT/372To be source Locally56506-DAD
3256522-4-4-SELBOW, 90 BULKHEAD 37/372To be source Locally56522-4-4 classification
3356529-10-6-SCONN, O-RING BOSS/374To be source Locally56529-10-6 classification
3456546-16-16SELBOW, 90DEG ‘O’ RING BOSS/37″ LONG1To be source Locally56546-16-16S classification
3556547-8-SLOCKNUT, BULKHEAD2To be source Locally56547-8 classification
3656550-8-8-SELBOW, 90SWVL INT 37/372To be source Locally56550-8 classification
3756556-16-8-SREDUCER, O-RING BOSS8To be source Locally56556-16-8 classification
3856557-8-8-SELBOW, 45 O-RING BOSS/37*SOH=0 SEE TEXT5To be source Locally56557-8-8-S classification
3956602-16PLUG, CLOSE UP SQ HD2To be source Locally56602-16 classification
4056625-1.5-24CABLE,SHPBD MLTCR IEC92-315To be source Locally56625-1.5-24 classification
4156625-2.5-04Cable, Composite;Shipboard-Multicore;3 Conductor;20To be source Locally56625-2.5-04 classification
4256700-20-4-SADAPTER,PIPE INT/EXT2To be source Locally56700-20-4 classification
4356703-6-6-CNIPPLE, PIPE SS1To be source Locally56703-6-6-C classification
4572708+30PIN,RESTRAINING4To be source Locally72708
4782918SPACER,FLAT,1.38X3.0X5.01To be source Locally82918
4886748PIN,HINGE,LOWER1To be source Locally86748
4986778CLEVIS PIN4To be source Locally86778


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