NOV Varco parts

1200277123Bushing ,wear, elevatorVarco
5113138Shaft 4 -1/4 ” Dia ShaftNov
6619279Spring Clutch1625/DeNational Oil Well
77802965Coupling Assy Female , Quick, Disconnect , Disc BrakeNational Oil Well
11E273-40diaphragm,50 IN,1-12″ insertNational Oil Well Varco
1471131Gland kit,gland rod F/motor,Alignment cylinderAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
1556703-12-12-SNipple, PipeTDS-4SVarco
1630155690Ring.Segment retainer ,3-setTDS-6SVarco
1772947Valve,Sequence cartridgeTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
18500067C5DCapscrew, Hex head, Drilling 3/8″-16*7/8″ Actuator IBOP Valve Crank AssyTDS-4SVarco
2076762-1Seal Kit,Piston Cylinder,3.25″ lift/lowerTDS-4National Oil Well  Varco
2176762-1Repair-Pack, Seals,Piston/bodyNational Oil Well  Varco
2390172Seal kit,body,PHM1 Retract cylinderTDS-4SVarco
24103582Seal,PolyPak,Alignment cylinderTDS-6SVarco Drilling Support Services
26103583Seal,Alignment cylinderTDS-6SVarco
301033142Repair KitTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
3175663Valve Exhaust Kit 1/2″ NPTVarco Drilling Support Services
33103573Ring,Wear,Alignment CylinderTDS-6SVarco
3451606-40-CPin,Roll, 3/8″*4.5″TDS-4SVarco
3550006-4-C5DCapscrew, Hex head, Drilling 3/8″-UNC*.5″ LG Drill HeadTDS-4Snational oilwell varco
3685198-2PIN, ClevisTDS-4SVarco
3785198-1PIN, ClevisTDS-4SVarco
385814355-16-SPin,Cotter, for nut/Pivot pin on alignment cylinder TDS,DWG 30172237, Item23TDS-4SNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
4187736PIN,Retainer, for retract CYL pivot pinsTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
427810619KIT Overhaul284876-RTNnational oilwell varco
4372948Valve, Pressure, Reducing P/N PBFBKANTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
4499584LINK , SafetyTDS-4 Snational oilwell varco
461033142Repair KitTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
4950420CNut , HexTDS-4SVarco
5089644-11connector, Assy, BB- FBX, O-Ring, ThreadsTDS-4SVarco
5187711Fuse, Flow, 1/2″, PortsTDS-3,Varco
521033142Repair, KitTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
532170-45Insert, SET,SDML, Rotary slip, f/5-1/2″ SDXL, SET/54SDHLVarco Drilling Support Services
55626163Lining, friction shoe, F/46 X, 10 Dy-A-FLEX, Clutch Assembley,1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
71241002112Packing, O-ring, Disc Brake,National
8180784Follower, CamVarco
82940090-17Bearing BallVarco
8382749Element, Filter, HydVarco
84948171BNCartridge, PRV Block retract systemVarco
91107634-29DNEAssy, Valve, Motion Control, Part of anti roll, system for AR3200 Iron roughneckAR3200 Iron RoughneckNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
9785126Switch, Flow, 1 1/4 “Varco
98949809-001Plug, electrical, (cannon) martin deckerVarco
102M611005552Screw, shoulder, F/PH-85, Clevis clampNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
105124207-RKit, Rod seal for cylinder Assy 124253-502, for use in RBS hydraulic cylindersNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
1087818146Strainer oilPS2-1000 TOP Drivenational oilwell varco
109713900313Strainer, 3/4 “1625 -DE- SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
1102110288Spring, Caliper ReturnEPL-1107 Disc Brakenational oilwell varco
1117815438Air (ARO)2040-UDBEL DrawworksNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
112P511254Valve, Controlar, H-3 mfg, Wabco1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
11531351Seal1101JNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
11630062O-Ring518144NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
11730124O-Ring433091NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
118119263Ring, Wear1140PNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
11930252O-Ring239027NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
120N1490 2-268N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 510030147NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12188950Spring, PlungerTDS-4SVarco
122N0300 8-268N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 510030962NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12330954Ring, Backup306011NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12430953Ring, Backup146031NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12530139O-Ring505083NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12680698Valve, Control, Flownational oilwell varco
127108894-YBWrench, gland, F/117888 CylinderPRS-3, Racking SystemVarco Drilling Support Services
128103141-4Clevis head for rod end of 36″ cylinderVarco
1304650C3000N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 5100119263/30226456NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
13130105O-Ring80195736national oilwell varco
132NM304 2-460N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 510080163236NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
13330830Ring, Backup80188030national oilwell varco
13430974O-Ring80152049national oilwell varco
13530791RG, BU, NIT80165647national oilwell varco
13630975RG, BU80160466national oilwell varco
137152344Wearband, 1/2″ wide /Q 23115NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
1407804879Element, filter, hydraulic, (fairey arlon)2040-UDBEL Drawworksnational oilwell varco
1437805832Filter ReturnNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
144P511252Valve , controlaire H3 (MFG WABCO) Drawworks1625-DE, SN: T2613national oilwell varco
1506135595Ring, guide, tarque tube,7-5/8″ IBOPTDS-4SVarco
151610238Packer, connection , outer1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
15419035Tube, ClampSSW-30, Spinning wrenchVarco
156948171BNCartridge, PRV Block retract systemVarco
160103574Ring, wear, Alignment cylinderTDS-6SVarco
1612110284Pin, cylinder, service calyperEPL-1107 Disc Brakenational oilwell varco
16230174005-65Kit, secondary, retentionPH60 & PH85 pipehandlerVarco
1633017400569Kit,secondary, retentionPH60 & PH85 pipehandlerVarco
1643017400568Kit, secondary, retentionPH60 & PH85 pipehandlervarco
1655010622Pin, retainingMPCH 37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
16781788Die, Wrench, TorquePH85 pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
1686606Retainer, pin , hingeMPCH 37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
17051205-11Pin, LOCk, retainer27 HDPVarco
1727804882Element, filter, hydraulic, (fairey arlon)2040-UDBEL Drawworksnational oilwell varco
17470006208Boalt, 3/8 x1NC, GR8, Socket Head cathead1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
1757810663Kit, repair, main hyd, pump, for new national oilwell universal disc brake hydraulicEPL-1336national oilwell varco
176RG2087A-01Assembly, ROP drive MFR martin decker 9 DWK encoder driverVarco
17830123290-PKSeal kit , packing, washpipe, 5K PSITDS-4Snational oilwell varco
180622862ARetainer, diaphragm, low clutch1625-DE, SN: T2613national oilwell varco
18156548-8-8-SWlbow, 45 DEG, seivel int 37/37, #8 JIC, SSAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
18287414-2Pin, hinge, block, retract, ref, DWG 118178 POS 12DSC 600 KVarco
1832110635Pin support, wide, emerging leverEPL-1107 Disc BrakeNational
184620116Roller, Rope, F/ rope roller bracket assy 641192-A41625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
1852110832PIN service supportEPL-1107 Disc Brakenational oilwell varco
188545Rubber, replacement for 6 1/2″ supreme pisto12-P-160 mud pumpnational oilwell varco
1891386Piston, green due, 6 “12-P-160 mud pumpnational oilwell varco
190646989Nut, lock, castle 4″C-495, Rotary tablenational oilwell varco
1926912043Ring, retainer, item 15 DRG PL 211002 DEPL-1107, disc brakenational oilwell varco
19594522ANValve, catridge, relief, Block retract systemvarco
1987500683Valve, relief (sun)2040-UDBEL Drawworksnational oilwell varco
1992110658Pin, caliper pivot, wide leverEPL-1107 Disc Brakenational oilwell varco
20010632Gasket, motor, airSSW-10, spinning wrenchVarco
20286625-04Gland, cable, 1-1/4″ NPT, TDS, F/AR3200 iron roughneckVarco
20351300-458-BO-ringTDS-4Snational oilwell varco
205124205-4Kit, Rod seal for cylinder Assy 124253-502, for use in RBS hydraulic cylindersNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
207917211Cartridge, valve (dual overcenter)Varco Do Brazil
2092110262valve assy, pressure controlEPL-1107 Disc BrakeNational
210124207-BKit, body seal for cylinder assembly 124253-502 for use in RBS hydraulicNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
21251300-348-FO-Ring1346JNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
21475006669Valve, pilot, f/ drawworks disc brake systemnational oilwell varco
215128175-1Kit, seal, for hydraulic cylinder torque SCD AR-3200 atlas cyl-cytm 150 x 850 revNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
217223102Valve, ball 3/4 “, 3000 PSI, stainless steelVarco
22181788-1Die. Wrench, torquePH-85 Pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
2222627-104Button set, circular, 8 1/2″ to 10″Varco
2232162-30Insert, die, 3 1/2″pipe,SDMLVarco
2242628-63Button set, circular for varco DCS-R-drill sssollar, slips, 4-1/2″ 6″ODDCS-R (4-1/2-6)Varco Drilling Support Services
225868112Block, torque wrench, 3-3/4″-7-3/4″AR3200varco
2362111772Exchanger, heat assy, for HPU 2112356NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
279980248-1Switch, grease , indication550 1/2″ HYD, OP Rotary S/N : NL36201Varco
280118775-J024-5Lamp, LEO24, VDC , AmberTDS-4SVarco
29594539-3 NValve, adjustment, slow speedTDS-4SVarco
300619287Kit1805JNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
301103141Rod clevis female for torque cylinderNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
3039443Rng, LockRotating mouseholeVarco
3042031350Valve, Reeder Charging, Disc BrakeEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational
3109395123PIN, Clevis, 3/16″ X 5/8″Type HGG 500TVarco
31184824+30Valve, Control, Dual flow, RBS system DWSNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
31292587-CC8888CValve, dual overcentreNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
313559081212Coupler, VLVD QD, aeroquip , quick connection , female , mfg varcoVarco
3163745Screw, retaining insert, W/ WashersNational OilWell Varco
317524331Coil, Solenoid, 120 valt, 60 HZ require for RBS Solenoid, double model, QMD5WCA3V, assyTDS-4SVarco
31978877Valve repressure reducingTDS-3Varco Drilling Support Services
32153303-14Wrench, Hex, Long arm, 5/16″AR3200CVarco Drilling Support Services
32250924-CWasher, Lock, 1 1/2″ Regulap60 1/2″  HYD, OP, rotary  S/N : NL 36201Varco
3235083RCWasher, FlatTDS-4SVarco
32450004100-50Kit, Link Block adapter for  #5 universal elevator rotatorNational OilWell Varco
3253737Nut kit, screen (contailn 6 pcs)SDXLVarco
327649357Nut, Wash pipe holding,P-650, S/N:T5337National OilWell Varco
32832806+71Guage, pressure, 0-25bar, (0-360 PSI)Active heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
330224520Valve, solenoid, 115 PSI, 1.6 Watt 1/4″, pipe mfg, ASCO, red hat II160K riser tensionerVarco
334144600Relay, switching mfg gemsVarco
3422203006Grip, kellem, double -eye, split mesh, rod 1.25″-1.49″ (hubbell)PRS-3, Racking SystemVarco
34310785-5406-AValve, rotorseal1625-DE DrawworksNational OilWell Varco
344NPN-60-1/2Lifting assy,eye post, for RTS 0-1/2″60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
3467500511Valve, body , cartridge SS, ref DWG disc brake control cabinet assyNational OilWell Varco
34766001Bushing, master, W/Locking pocket, 4/set, mfg varcoMPCH 37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
348108894-Y8Wrench, gland, F/117888 CylinderPRS-3, Racking SystemVarco Drilling Support Services
349837A3EX706Thermostat, Well. Haz loc, mfg.allen bradley1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
35130156326-54 SMotor, hydrauiic , for gear shft on TDS , gearbox , drawing- 122090, Item-1TDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
3529448GasketVarco Drilling Support Services
353121953-1190Seal, DWG no122090 Item 11Varco Drilling Support Services
35489644-2Seal Kit PistonAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
35597307Valve, counterbalanceVarco Drilling Support Services
3567817600348O- Ring, Rubber1625-DE, S/N  T 2613National OilWell Varco
3577500511Valve, body , cartridge SS, ref DWG PL 211019, Disc brake, controll , cabinet assy.National OilWell Varco
358P511252Valve, controlaire- H3, (mfg WABCO) Drawworks1625 -DE- SN: T 2613National OilWell Varco
36089196Spring, compression, gear changerTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
362619402Nut, packing, brake rim,1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
3631625KPKicker Plate. Lebus fof 1625 drawworks 1 5/8″ drill line.)1625-Udbe drawworksNational OilWell Varco
364216570Switch, pressur, differentDSC 600 KVarco Drilling Support Services
366E-97, 27Diaphragm, 6 4/4″National OilWell Varco
370619401Adapter , brake, Rim pipe1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
372625293 BSpring, clutch1625-DE, S/N  T 2613National
3787804743Element filter hydraulicEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
38680560Nut , HexVarco Drilling Support Services
387108894-Y8Wrench, gland, F/117888 CylinderPRS-3 Racking systemVarco Drilling Support Services
38986701-10-U16Valve pilot , control directional, 2 POS 35 GPMULNational OilWell Varco
391204194Pressur, 1/2″ NPT airRSC -600 KVarco
392218929Kit, mountng for actuator 1″ valve400-20DNational OilWell Varco
39320027952Kit, mounting for actuator 1/2″ valve0400-200National OilWell Varco
39550197+71Relay, miniature,  10A-16A Single poleActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
399204440Plange , 1″x 1″ sae 4 bolt conne, 5000 PSActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
402216744Regulator, pressure, air 500 PSI out 6000 PSI in self venting, 1/2 “NPTVarco Drilling Support Services
40363075+71W/Seal for 4 liter accumulatorActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
40481788Die, Wrench, TorquePH-85 Pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
405142860+71Relay, safty, 24 VDC 8 NO contacts ,  1 NC contactActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
40620082453Seal kit, major  seal kit,  3″ Ball valveActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
4079910170Repair kit, regulator F/# 1000278 & 1000279BOP controllsNational OilWell Varco
408146780+71Board, PC, dig, input, 16 X 24 VDCActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
409142860+71Relay Safty 24 VDC 8 NO contacts, 1 NO contactActive heav compansatorNOV Rig solutions Spares & Services
41020080075Valve, solenoid, 24V, IS, VersaActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
45053303-15Wrench, Hex, Long arm,3/8″AR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
45182736End, rod, endAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
45350391+71Breaker, Circuit, 6AActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
455146780+71Board, PC, dig, input, 16 X 24 VDCActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
456204038O-Ring, pipe work, 70 DuroActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
458151897+71Module, Dignostic, 4 ChannaelActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
45957141+71Contact, element, 1-NCActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
4601200013Regulator, Relieving , air, 1/2″ NPT, W guage 0-250#BOP-ControllsNational OilWell Varco
46321887+71Filter, BreatherActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
465979937-4Valve, cartridge for RST manifold60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
46981788-1Die, Wrench, TorquePH-85 Pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
47380679Spring, compression F / RBS III stabbing , head assyTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
47680995Pin, rollerVarco Drilling Support Services
477NPN-60-1/2Lifting assy,eye post, for RTS 60-1/2″60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco Drilling Support Services
47871047+30Gear, idler, fifoot assyAR3200National OilWell Varco
479108894-G13Kit, rod seal & bronz glands for cylinder assembly 84630-2 & 80641- for use in RBSNOV drilling support services
48056538-24-24SUnion, Bulkhed ext, 1 5/13 UNF x 1 5/16 UNF (Replaces part NO. -980064 -24-24SRST 605 rotary tableVarco
481NPN-60-1/2Lifting assy, eye/ post, for RTS-60-1/2″60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
48550041004Kit, VBL wear button, 1000 T links  (70101) BX universal elevator, rotatorNational OilWell Varco
5092110658Pin, caliper pivot, wide leverEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
5102110045Pin, cylinder, emergency caliperEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
512227188Valve, solenoid, 24 VDC, 1/4 “, 4 Way, position double sole,Active heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
51450L-COD92Contactor, 60A Cont Rating, AC contactor 600 MAC MixTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
51530175768-1Element, element, filter 25 micron for TDS gearbox lube oil, stock spare Fo RV TDSTDS-4SNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
52172421Gland, pipe handlerPH60 & PH85 pipehandlerVarco
52279388Switch, pressure, Safty valveVarco
523868112Jaw, NO 02 Die for (3 3/4 – 7 3/4) drill pipe ## new quote day 26 May 2009##AR3200Varco
52483444- 04Gland, cable PHM-1, ARM CBLAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
52585986-U16Valve, 4 Way solenoid , 2 POS , 120V, 60HZNOV drilling support services
526103141-4For rod end of 36″CylinderVarco Drilling Support Services
53198005860 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
532221698Ring, retainer, for tensioner sheaveNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
534221698Ring, retainer, for tensioner sheaveNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
539178166+20Seal kit, Cartridge, F/ 1272441206PNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
541626163Lining, friction shoe, F/46 X, 10 Dy-A-FLEX, Clutch Assembley,National OilWell Varco
54361753ABody, connecation air & water1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
5446605Pin, Hinge , stationery, W/ Lube fittingMPCH37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
546P583780002Valve, pilot air, PNL MNT (WABCO)2HA3National OilWell Varco
54787609Clevis, female, rod for block retract cyl#87415, POS2  TDS:4S S/N:485, Ocean clippTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
5482110632Pin service supportEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
54990859Pin, jaw, 75 DiaTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
550610351Pin, anchor, brake , K-621625-DE S/N:2613National OilWell Varco
5527807622Hose assy,National OilWell Varco
55489071Bushing, Geneva shaft, 1.62 X 1.75 X 75 LGTDS-4SVarco
555T-700Snubber, line (handle)EBNational OilWell Varco
556619445Pin, operating1625-DE S/N:2613National OilWell Varco
55720031684Indicator, position, 4 switchNOV drilling support services
5582111995Bushing, Brake lever 2-1/2″  A1 BronzeEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
5615-0506Roller, replacement , consisting of bushing roller, shaft , locknut and cotter keyRoliguide drill line guideNational OilWell Varco
562649357Nut, Wash pipe holding,P-650, S/N:T5337National OilWell Varco
563YS2507Seal, oil, calipar support armEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
566103141-11Rod, clevis female for torque cylinder,NOV drilling support services
567216570Switch, pressure, differentialDSK 600 KVarco Drilling Support Services
568202655Rock, overload, RTS60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco Drilling Support Services
569979919-3Valve, proportional,  cartridge60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco Drilling Support Services
57185869Retainer, die, on back-up plate jawsTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
573P511252Valve, controlaire- H3, (mfg WABCO) Drawworks1625 -DE- SN: T 2613National OilWell Varco
578121953-120Seal, DWG No. 122090 Item 12Varco Drilling Support Services
579112078Cylinder, Pneumatic SRM 3-1/4″Varco Drilling Support Services
5802110004Rod disc brake1625-UDBDNational OilWell Varco
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