OFM 600

 catalog numberDescriptionQty
13102008260Exhaust presser head2
23102008259Exhaust gland cover1
43102008919Valve spring3
6Р106001985Rubber valve3
73102004973Valve seat3
8Р100002674O-ring for valve seat2
103102005201Sensor bushing1
11P220024059Consolidation for BRS 2FIG15022
123102005171Sensor connection1
143102005172Exhaust flange1
15D020023329Hex screw with cylindrical head4
163102008255Bushing for valve spring1
183102008253Suction hold-down cover2
193102008257Suction gland cover2
203102005195Valve seat2
21P100002643Face sealing ring3
223102008263Seal box2
24D080008115Cylindrical pin3
253102005199Box for stuffing box2
26B070004686Hex plug3
273102004990Gasket ring for the gland3
28P106000535Packer pack 4.5 “3
293102004987Gland clamping ring2
303102005170Hydraulic connection bolt3
313102005167Sealing clamping head2
323102008250A4.5 “plunger2
333102008269AHose clamp assembly2
3422451-1Mechanical seal pump 22451-11
3520943-21Sleeve of a shaft of the pump Mission 20943-211
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