• Mud pumps Chain
  • Draw works Chain
  • Engine Compounds Chain
  • Transmission drives Chain
  • Rotary countershafts Chain
  • Rotary tables Chain
  • Low and high drum Chain
  • Drilling rig Chain
  • Workover rig Chain
  • Oilfield Chainshort pitch presicion roller chain( A series) 
    good quality,surface of chain is smooth,shiny,beautiful 
    chain is closely, tight

    short pitch presicion roller chain( A series)

    1. We covering a production area of 35,000 square meters, have more than 500 sets of advanced equipment and over 300 highly skilled employees, the annual production capacity has exceeded 120 million;
    2. We specialized in producing all kinds of standard chains and special chains, such as A or B series chains, roller chains, Drag chains, conveyor chains, agricultural chains, Motorcycle Chains and so on.

    3. We have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO16969, AAA, API and SGS certificates.


    Chain model:






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