Omron electrical

Omron  e2e2-x10c1 proximity switch8692
Omron  g3pa-220b soild state relay g32a-a20 power device cartridge14923
Omron  s8vk-g06024 power supply15058
Omron 3393029-6a110242
Omron 3497588-9a pcb card11025
Omron 3497588-9a pcb card13227
Omron 3g2s6-cpu15 sysmac s6 programmable controller14019
Omron 404810 226731 3pend subminy timer12275
Omron 61f-11 relay unit12014
Omron 61f-11 relay unit10079
Omron 61f-g3 floatless level switch with 3 relay unit 61f-1190961-f445
Omron 61f-gp-n floatless level switch 100vac90818-f330
Omron 61f-gp-nt floatless level switch 100vac 50/60hz13392
Omron 61f-gp-nt1 floatless level switch 110v 50/60hz6830
Omron 61f-gp-tk level switch83080-e417
Omron 61-g1t-mx relay unit41087-b735
Omron ah3-nb multi-range timer10040
Omron amd-su2 timer motion detector90464-f32
Omron ats-11t pneumatic timer6945
Omron atss timer 10s,5a 125vac,3a 250vac10153
Omron bs-1 electrode holder12580
Omron c200h ,rt201,ia122,oc222 module rack90915-f410
Omron c200h-0c222 output unit87027-e632
Omron c200h-0c224 output unit87029-e634
Omron c200h-0c224 output unit module954
Omron c200h-0c225 relay output unit12452
Omron c200h-0d211 output unit87000-e630
Omron c200h-0d215 output unit 24vdc 0.1a/point,3.2a/unit80456-e48
Omron c200h-ad002 a/d unit45051-c8
Omron c200h-bc081 cpu base unit80454-e46
Omron c200h-bc081-v2 cpu base unit76037-361
Omron c200h-cpu03 cpu unit45059-c15
Omron c200h-ct001-v1 counter unit941
Omron c200h-da002 d/a unit80455-e47
Omron c200h-da002 d/a unit6555
Omron c200h-ia122 input unit87028-e633
Omron c200h-ia122 input unit 100-120vac12558
Omron c200h-ia222 relay input unit12453
Omron c200h-id212 input unit87001-e631
Omron c200h-id212 input unit13327
Omron c200h-id212 input unit 24v 7ma6554
Omron c200h-id215 input unit80457-e49
Omron c200h-id217-1 pcb card7261
Omron c200h-mp831 memory unit91185-f669
Omron c200h-ps221 power supply unit87030-e635
Omron c200h-rt201 programmable controller87031-e636
Omron c200h-rt201 programmable controller 100/200-240vac 50/60hz 100va12523
Omron c200hs-cpu03 cpu unit80458-e50
Omron c200hw-bi081-v1 base unit87032-e637
Omron c200hw-pa204 power supply unit45048-c5
Omron c200hw-pa204 power supply unit13978
Omron c200hw-pa204 power supply unit11021
Omron c200hw-pa204/wide ac power supply unit80451-e43
Omron c200hw-pa204s power supply unit13970
Omron c20-mc221 2114 i 3g2c7-mc221 programmable controller795
Omron c20-mc222 0124 i 3g2c7-mc222 programmable controller794
Omron c20-si221 3g2c7-si221 i/o unit11500
Omron c20-si222 3g2c7-si222 i/o unit programmable controller New90293-e935
Omron c20-si222 3g2c7-si222 programmable controller44059-b841
Omron c20-si222 3g2c7-si222 programmable controller11499
Omron c500 – od412 3g2a5 – od412 programmable controller output unit13781
Omron c500-0d412 3g2a5-0d412 output unit13911
Omron c500-ad101 a/d unit14994
Omron c500-ad101 a/d unit14253
Omron c500-bc081/3g2a5-bc081 cpu base unit14128
Omron c500-cpu11-ev1 programmable controller13813
Omron c500-id218 3g2a5-id218 input unit13912
Omron c500-id218 input unit module13961
Omron c500-od412 3g2a5-od412 output unit35028-b142
Omron c500-ps211 3g2a5-ps211 cpu power unit13836
Omron c500-ps222/3g2a5-ps222 e i/o power unit14080
Omron cj1m cpu11 programmable controller13422
Omron cj1w-id232 plc input unit13424
Omron cj1w-md233 input output unit 24v13423
Omron cj1w-od212 output unit module cj1h-cpu66h9387
Omron cj1w-od233 output unit13425
Omron cj1w-pd025 power supply unit13421
Omron cj1w-scu31-v1 communication unit9208
Omron cp1e-n20dr-a programmable controller9934
Omron cp1e-n30dr-a programmable controller13718
Omron cp1e-n30dr-a programmable controller ver.1.014769
Omron cp1h-xa40dt-d programmable controller9371
Omron cp1h-xa40dt-d programmable controller Used13545
Omron cp1l-l20dr-d programmable controller13773
Omron cp1l-m30dt-d programmable controller8447
Omron cp1w-20edt expansion module9369
Omron cp1w-8et out unit9368
Omron cp1w-ts002 temperature sensor unit14767
Omron cpm1a-10cdr-a-v1 programmable controller9865
Omron cpm1a-20cdr-a-v1 programmable controller14704
Omron cpm1a-20edr1 input/output unit13713
Omron cpm1a-30cdr-a programmable controller13851
Omron cpm1a-30cdr-a-v1 programmable controller14772
Omron cpm1a-30cdr-a-v1 programmable controller14773
Omron cpm1a-40cdr-a programmable controller13852
Omron cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1 programmable controller13811
Omron cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1 programmable logic controller 24v dc13875
Omron cpm1a-40cdr-d programmable controller Used13860
Omron cpm1a-40cdr-d-v1 programmable controller13857
Omron cpm2a-40cdr-a programmable controller13916
Omron cpm2ah-60cdr-a programmable controller13542
Omron cqm1 – id212 input unit13944
Omron cqm1 – pa203 power supply unit 100 – 240vac13973
Omron cqm1-cpu41-ev1 programmable controller13907
Omron cqm1h-cpu51 programmable controller cpu unit13906
Omron cqm1h-cpu51,od212,id212 programmable controller module rack14151
Omron cqm1-id213 input unit14030
Omron cqm1-id213-1 input unit14027
Omron cqm1-lk501 i/o link unit13850
Omron cqm1-od212 output unit13901
Omron cqm1-od214 output unit13849
Omron cqm1-pa206 power supply unit13908
Omron cs1g-cpu44h,id291,od215,od261,ad081-v1,da08v,sp001,scu21-v1,pd024  rack90908-f403
Omron cs1w-bio83 base unit80449-e41
Omron cs1w-oc201 output unit80453-e45
Omron cs1w-oc211 output unit80450-e42
Omron cs1w-od232 output unit 24v dc 0.5a/p 2.5a/c 5a/u80452-e44
Omron cvm1-cpu01-v2/ps211/id218 module80439-e40
Omron d4a limit switch8777
Omron d4a-0500n limit switch8776
Omron d4a-4510n limit switch8296
Omron d4gl-2ffa-a guard lock safety-door switch8523
Omron d4gl-2ffa-a guard lock safety-door switch44056-b833
Omron d4gl-2ffa-a guard lock safety-door switch8435
Omron dl019a power supply12967
Omron drt2-md16 remote terminal15533
Omron drt2-ts04t temperature input terminal module10332
Omron dz-10gw22-1a switch12291
Omron e2a-m18ks08-wp-c2 proximity sensor12512
Omron e2a-m30ks10-wp-c3 15m proximity switch7656
Omron e2a-m30ks10-wp-c3 20m proximity switch7662
Omron e2e-x10d1s proximity sensor9550
Omron e2e-x10e2 proximity sensor12445
Omron e2e-x18my1 proximity sensor12444
Omron e2e-x5e2 proximity sensor10610
Omron e2k-c25mf1 capacitive proximity sensor10083
Omron e2m-ny10 proximity switch76030-c48
Omron e2q2-n15y4-u proximity sensor80759-e104
Omron e4a-3k ultrasonic sensor12349
Omron e5ak-aa2b digital controller80402-d989
Omron e5ax-ah-f temperature controller11905
Omron e5bs-r1kj temperature controller11793
Omron e5c2-r plc temperature controller 200/220 vac~15372
Omron e5cc-rx3asm-000 digital controller14521
Omron e5cn-r2mp-500 temperature controller9572
Omron e5cn-r2t temperature controller 100-240vac90668-f193
Omron e5cn-rt temperature controller9573
Omron e5cn-rtd temperature controller9758
Omron e5cs-r1kjx-520 temperature controller11907
Omron e5cz-r2mt temperature controller9759
Omron e5ek-prr2-500 digital controller39092-b653
Omron e5ex-a temperature controller90772-f281
Omron es1b 10 to 70′ infrared thermosensor5072
Omron fmu-n1 module35026-b140
Omron g2ak-232a 24vdc relay5148
Omron g2r-1 relay 24vdc7059
Omron g2r-2-sn(s) relay2975
Omron g3a-220b-us solid state relay5069
Omron g4q-212s relay90801-f318
Omron g700-uod16 remote i/o terminal12486
Omron g7j-2a2b-b industrial box relay80335-d932
Omron g7j-2a2b-b power relay 24vdc10823
Omron g7j-2a2b-b relay8645
Omron g7j-2a2b-t general purpose relay6142
Omron g7j-4a-b general purpose relay2247
Omron g7t-1112s i/o relay terminalp3612
Omron g7t-1112s i/o relay terminal p7tf-0s16p3611
Omron g9b-12 stepping relay 2522ep9727
Omron g9b-12 stepping relay unit8477
Omron h2a motor driven timer44049-h65
Omron h2e timer switch 100/110v 2va59089-c753
Omron h2e timer switch 100/110v 50/60hz85041-e528
Omron h2e timer switch 100/110vac59088-c752
Omron h2e timer switch 15a11649
Omron h2e-d timer switch 100/110vac63069-c868
Omron h3a 0 to 60 seconds timer10176
Omron h3ba -n8h timer 220 vac 50/60hz12607
Omron h3ba timer10002
Omron h3ba timer 100/110/120vac6079
Omron h3ba timer relay 0-10 min6078
Omron h3ba-305 timer 0.0 to 0.5 min6088
Omron h3ba-305 timer 100/110/120vac 50/60hz6085
Omron h3ba-305 timer 24v6045
Omron h3ba-305 timer 24vac 5a10027
Omron h3ba-8 timer relay 5a 250vac6627
Omron h3ba-8h timer relay 0 to 5 min10169
Omron h3ba-8h timer relay 5a 250vac6631
Omron h3ba-8h-305 timer10028
Omron h3ba-8h-305 timer 100/110/120vac10157
Omron H3BA-8H-305 Timer 24VDC H3BA-N8H1981
Omron h3ba-fa timer 5a 250vac10154
Omron h3ba-fa timer 5a/250vac11099
Omron h3ba-n 24vdc timer10177
Omron h3ba-n solid state timer 24vdc 0 – 1.2 min12608
Omron h3ba-n timer module80358-r103
Omron h3ba-n8 timer 0-3min12353
Omron h3ba-n8 timer 220vac 50/60hz12293
Omron h3ba-n8h time relay 110vac 50/60hz5717
Omron h3ba-n8h timer 0-1.2min12354
Omron h3ba-n8h timer 0-30min 220vac 50/60hz12355
Omron h3ba-n8h timer 110vac 50/60hz5001
Omron h3ba-n8h timer 220vac 1.2s to 300h52022-r72
Omron h3ba-n8h timer 220vac 50/60hz10921
Omron h3bf-8 timer10029
Omron h3bg-8 timer41073-r14
Omron h3bg-8 timer relay 200/220/240vac 50/60hz 5a5000
Omron h3bh-8 power off delay 0.5 to 10min 200/220/240vac12296
Omron h3bh-8 timer 100/110/120vac6083
Omron h3bh-8 timer 200/220/240vac10170
Omron h3bh-8 timer 24vdc10100
Omron h3bh-8 timer 5a 250vac10152
Omron h3bh-8 timer relay .0 to 10 sec10172
Omron h3ca-8 digital time relay8485
Omron h3cr a8 timer 100-240vac 50/60hz/100-125vdc11343
Omron h3cr-a 0 to 12 min timer relay10173
Omron h3cr-a timer10026
Omron h3cr-a timer10025
Omron h3cr-a timer 0 to 1.2 min6081
Omron h3cr-a timer 0.05s-300h10098
Omron H3cr-a timer 100to240vac 50/60hz10003
Omron h3cr-a timer 24-48 vac timer relay10167
Omron h3cr-a timer 24vdc/ac 50/60hz10163
Omron h3cr-a timer 24vdc/ac 50/60hz10165
Omron h3cr-a timer module 100-240 vac12609
Omron h3cr-a-315 timer10161
Omron h3cr-a-315 timer 0 to 1.2 hrs10164
Omron h3cr-a-315 timer 100 to 240vac 50/60hz10162
Omron h3cr-a8 time relay10011
Omron h3cr-a8 timer 0.05s-300h10099
Omron h3cr-a8 timer 0-1.2 min10032
Omron h3cr-a8 timer 100 to 240vac10159
Omron h3cr-a8 timer 100-240vac 50/60hz/100-125vdc10923
Omron h3cr-a8 timer module 5a 250vac 50/60hz10166
Omron h3cr-a8e timer 0 to 1.2 min6080
Omron h3cr-a8e timer 100-240vac /100-125vdc 50/60hz11496
Omron h3cr-a8e timer 24-48vac11498
Omron h3cr-a8el time relay 100 to 240vac12292
Omron h3cr-a8el timer 100 to 240vac10168
Omron h3cr-a8el-315 solid state timer10151
Omron h3cr-a8el-315 timer 0 to 30sec12416
Omron h3cr-h8l power off delay timer 24vdc 50/60hz10030
Omron h3cr-h8l timer 0 to 12 sec10031
Omron h3cr-h8l timer 0.6 to 12 sec10160
Omron h3cr-h8l timer 0-0.6 min12415
Omron h3cr-h8l timer 100/110/120v10033
Omron h3cr-h8l timer 100/110/120vac6082
Omron h3cr-h8l timer 100/110/120vac 50/60hz10158
Omron h3cr-h8l timer relay13259
Omron h3cr-h8l timer relay 0.6 to 12 sec10171
Omron h3d timer 100/110/120vac 50/60hz88068-e751
Omron h3d timer 5a9928
Omron h3de-g time delay relay10063
Omron h3de-h (L) timer 24v62049-c746
Omron h3de-s1 24-230vac timer module91074-f503
Omron h3dh timer 60 sec63007-r82
Omron h3dh timing relay 6sec84026-e458
Omron h3dh timing relay 6sec10078
Omron h3dk-a2et solid state timer 380-440vac10584
Omron h3dk-m2 timer relay 24-240v80792-e133
Omron h3dk-s1 time relay13390
Omron h3dkz-g relay ac/dc24-240v13663
Omron h3dr-g timer relay 5a  250vac15189
Omron h3g-8c timer 200/220/240vac7579
Omron h3ja-8c timer 200 to 240vac 50/60hz10174
Omron h3m-h timer34064-b49
Omron h3m-h timer 100/110/120vac 50/60hz11348
Omron h3t 60s solid-state timer2287
Omron h3y-2 timer 0-30s2686a
Omron h3y-2 timer 100-120v10087
Omron h3y-2 timer 24vac 5a7421
Omron h3y-4 timer35036-b150
Omron h3y-4 timer 0-10 sec12414
Omron h3y-4 timer 0-30 sec12413
Omron h3y-4 timer 0-30sec 110vac 3A7420
Omron h3y-4 timer time delay relay 24v dc 10s11728
Omron h3y-4-7 delay timer relay2685
Omron h3yn-4 timer 0.1s-10min10086
Omron h3yn-4 timer 1s/10s/1min/10min 24vdc6077
Omron h3yn-4 timer relay 200-230v ac11727
Omron h5f-kb time switch10213
Omron h5l-a time switch14155
Omron h5l-a time switch 10a 250 vac or 15a 125 vac13804
Omron h7an-2d digital counter90775-f270
Omron h7cl-a counter54097-r77
Omron h7cn-xln counter 100-240vac12630
Omron h7ec digital total counter12287
Omron h7et-b time counter9830
Omron h7et-n time counter12610
Omron h7et-nfv time counter9829
Omron j7kna-09-10 contactor6152
Omron j7kna-09-10 contactor relay52015-c272
Omron j7kna-ar-40 contactor relay52014-c271
Omron k2ca-hv digital overcurrent relay54019-c417+c790
Omron k2ca-r-s5 overcurrent relay44003-b905
Omron k2cm -q1m motor relay15270
Omron k2cm-q1m motor relay90395-e997
Omron k2cm-q1m motor relay New15272
Omron k2cm-q2m motor relay8773
Omron k2wr-r-r2 reverse power relay34045-b25+b868
Omron k2wr-r-r2 reverse power relay 100/110/200/220vac 5a 50/60hz54054-c419
Omron k2wr-r-s5 reverse power relay43041-b870+b871+b872
Omron k2wr-r-s5 reverse power relay 100/110/200/220vac 5a 50/60hz6284
Omron k2wr-r-s5t revers power relay43034-b869
Omron k2wr-r-s5u reverse power relay35043-b158+b906
Omron k3ma-j-a2 digital panel meter15977
Omron k6em-ps multi-channel earth leakage relay7886
Omron k6em-ps multi-channel earth leakage relay  100/ 200 vac16150
Omron lj30a3-15-j/ez proximity sensor9846
OMron ly3-d 24vdc relay socket54029-r50
Omron ly4 24vdc relay10819
Omron ly4 4pdt relay ly4n10298
Omron ly4 aux.relay 100/110vac6197
Omron ly4z relay 100/110vac7017
Omron mg2 0471ep relay 24v6058
Omron mg2 relay 220vac6055
Omron mg2 relay ac 24v2103
Omron mk2kp power relay 24v5982
Omron mk3p relay11058
Omron mkf-p flicker relay65080-r86
Omron mm2p relay coil 24vdc10411
Omron mm2xp power relay10015
Omron mm4xp power relay91030-f471
Omron mm4xp power relay 100/110vac 50/60hz91026-f471
Omron motion amd-sl1 motion detector1818
Omron my2n 2pole contactor relay 24vdcp4069
Omron my2n relay with socket 2-m4x10 110/120vac11689
Omron my4n relay 100/110vac5984
Omron my4n relay 110/120vac7019
Omron my4n relay 24vdc7013
Omron my4n-j relay coli ac110v ac120v10752
Omron my4z relay 100/110vac6198
Omron my4z relay 24vdc7020
Omron my4zh relay 24vdc5066
Omron mya-bmt c1 dc 24v relay2632
Omron mya-d80 24vdc relay10137
Omron mya-d80 relay10138
Omron mya-dmte1l relay 24v5980
Omron mya-lb2 relay91180-f670
Omron mya-lb2 relay 24 vdc10964
Omron mya-lb2 relay 24vdc2296
Omron mya-lbde-d 24vdc relay2631
Omron mya-lbde-d relay 24vdc4909
Omron nb5q-tw01b display8940
Omron np5-sq000b Interactive touch display13940
Omron ns5-sq10b-v2 interactive display 24v 15w80385-d996
Omron ns8-tv00b-v2 interactive display90919-f416
Omron nt21-st121-e interactive display13929
Omron nt620c-st141b interactive display6277
Omron p7tf-0s08 relay terminal base14886
Omron p7tf-os16 relay block 24vdc12579
Omron r87f-a1a15hp ac axial fan 100v 50/60hz  15/14w11089
Omron r87f-a3a93hp fan55062-c486
Omron s3d2-ccd sensor controller14903
Omron s82h-3524 power supply14260
Omron s82h-3524 power supply 1.3a13734
Omron s82j-30024 power supply10424
Omron s82j-502 power supply module6560
Omron s82j-6205 power supply ac200-240v 50/60hz362
Omron s82k-00305 i/o power supply13797
Omron s82k-01524 power supply9866
Omron s82k-01524 power supply 24v 0.6a6711
Omron s82k-01524 switching power supply10055
Omron s82k-03012 power supply out. 12v 2.5a in.50/60hz6337
Omron s82k-05024 power supply73086-d363
Omron s82k-05024 power supply 50/60hz ac100-240v 1.3a6339
Omron s82k-05024 power supply dc24v 2.1a6345
Omron s82r-5328 power supply 100-120vac 50/60hz6799
Omron s82v-0324 power supply dc24v 1.3a13625
Omron s8fs-c05024j switching power supply15064
Omron s8jc-z05024cd switching  power supply15157
Omron s8jc-z05024cd switching power supply13584
Omron s8jc-zs10024cd-ac2 power supply13583
Omron s8jx-15024cd switching mode power supply13586
Omron s8jx-g15024cd switching power supply9224
Omron s8jx-n30024n power supply52036-c282
Omron s8ts-03012 power supply1420
Omron s8vk-c24024 switching power supply13705
Omron s8vk-c24024 switching power supply14029
Omron s8vs-03024 switxhing power supply  100-240v14607
Omron s8vs-06024 power supply5884
Omron s8vs-06024 power supply12524
Omron s8vs-06024b power supply in. 50/60hz ac100-240v 1.7a80426-e014
Omron s8vs-09024 power supply 100-240v 2.3a13613
Omron s8vs-12024 power supply13573
Omron s8vs-24024 power supply9215
Omron s8vs-24024bp power supply45016-b969
Omron sao-q current sensor 2 to 40s6086
Omron sao-q1n current sensor 100/110/120vac 50/60hz8619
Omron sao-r solid state current sensor5972
Omron sao-s2n current sensor12603
Omron sdv-dm2 voltage sensor 24v41072-r16
Omron sdv-fh2 24vdc voltage sensor54011-r52
Omron sdv-fh2 voltage sensor8476
Omron sdv-fh2 voltage sensor 24vdc90427-f21
Omron sdv-fh6 voltage sensor10354
Omron sdv-fh6 voltage sensor 100/110vac44053-r54
Omron sdv-fh6 voltage sensor 100/110vac SDV FH641071-r17
Omron sdv-fl6 voltage sensor54012-r53
Omron sdv-fl6 voltage sensor12551
Omron sdv-fl7 voltage sensor ac200/220vac12604
Omron sdv-fm6 voltage sensor54010-r51
Omron sdv-fm6 voltage sensor81065-e268
Omron sdv-fm6 voltage sensor 100/110v85018-e499
Omron se-k1n motor relay9895
Omron se-kp1n motor relay8498
Omron se-kp1n motor relay freq.50/60hz62017-c781
Omron se-kp1n motor relay source.100/110/120vac59091-c755
Omron se-sp1 motor relay 100/110v 50/60hz6715
Omron se-sp1 motor relay 100/110vac 50/60hz 1-160a6087
Omron se-sp1n motor relay59092-c756
Omron se-sp1n motor relay34065-b50
Omron se-sp1n motor relay 100/110/120vac8471
Omron se-sp2n motor relay 200/220/240vac12605
Omron srt2-id16p remote module7627
Omron srt2-od16p remote module7628
Omron stp-n subminy timer6708
Omron stp-nm subminy timer91062-f499
Omron stp-nm subminy timer 200/220v14516
Omron sysmac  c20 programmable controller c20-sc07210431
Omron sysmac c200h /id21/oc22/lk202-v1/c200h-mr83114273
Omron sysmac c200he,rm201,ia122,oc222,oc224,pa204r module rack90913-f409
Omron sysmac c200hs  programmable controller cpu011825
Omron sysmac c200hs-cpu21-e cpu unit1832
Omron Sysmac c40h programmable controller c40h-c6dr-d-v181118-e314
Omron sysmac cj2m-cpu35 cpu unit9345
Omron sysmac cpm2ae programmable controller cpm2ae-60cdr-a8782
Omron sysmac cs1h-cpu64h/pa204/oc211/ad081-v1/da08c/id231 module80442-e39
Omron tds-44a223d solid state timer 0 – 10 seconds14081
Omron tdv- 1 twin timer relay10014
Omron tk3p-b module91149-f529
Omron tl – xy10 proximity switch 90 to 250vac14663
Omron tl-n10my1 proximity switch8632
Omron tl-n5me1 proximity switch12374
Omron tl-x5e2-e1 proximity sensor12421
Omron tl-xp10 proximity switch8640
Omron tl-xp10 proximity switch12449
Omron wl ca12-2 limit switch14786
Omron wl ca2-2 limit switch12468
Omron wl d small 2-cicuit limit switch80546-b500
Omron wlca12-2 limit switch12469
Omron wlca12-2n-n limit switch8605
Omron wlca12-2n-q limit switch8564
Omron wlca12-2-q limit switch6214
Omron wlca2-26n limit switch80758-e103
Omron wlca2-2n-n limit switch6218
Omron wlca2-n limit switch10897
Omron wld2-q limit switch12470
Omron wld3 limit switch6492
Omron wlf5d28 explosion proof limit switch8473
Omron xc5a-6422 pcb card Mew-II368002-571
omron xc5c-9622 pcb card Mew-I0968003-572
Omron xl-10g limit switch 10a 125vdc/3a 250vdc8412
Omron xs2f-d421-gco-f connector922
Omron xw2b-20g5  terminal block90898-f382
Omron xwt-od16 remote terminal14275
Omron z-01hq2255-b basic switch14450
Omron z-15gw21 b5 limit switch81072-e276
Omron z-15gw22 t micro switch10824
Omron z-15gw22-b limit switch12356
Omron ze-0a2-2 limit switch85037-e524
Omron zen-10c1dr-d-v2 programmable relay13802
Omron zen-20c2dr-d-v1 cpu unit9366
Omron zen-8e1dr plc input/output unit15245
Omron zl-15g l12l limit switch14152
Phoenix contact emg 45-rels/ir1-g relay module with omron my4in relay6842
Set of 19x Omron pyf-14a-n socket3000
Set of 21x Omron h3ba timer relay 100/110/120vac 50/60hz6628
set of 2x Omron z-15gw22-b micro switch9788
Set of 3x Omron h3ba timer relay 100/110/120vac 0-5sec6630
Set of 3x omron h3cr-a8 timer relay 100-240v6629
Set of 3x Omron mya-lbdc 24vdc relay2630
set of 4x Omron mya-lbdc-d relay2741
Set of 4x Omron v-15fl111-1a limit switch7031
Set of 5x Omron my4n-d2 relay 24vdc12389
Set of 5x Omron pyf14a-e relay base socket11683
Set of 6x Omron a3ct-7021 lighted pushbutton switch11685
Set of 7x Omron z-15gd-b button limit switch10667
Set of 9x  Omron v-10-1b5 micro switch81073-e277
Lot of 10x Omron my4in relay 110/120vac(s)80742-e100
Lot of 2x Omron m2pj-701 lamp max  28v/.1.2w2671
Lot of 2x Omron my4n 200/220 vac relay 5a 240v5993
lot of 2x Omron p2cf-11 relay socket6123
lot of 2x Omron wlca2-2n-q limit switch6213
Lot of 3x Omron 11pfa relay 250v 7.5a6128
lot of 3x Omron h2a timer65079-r85
Lot of 3x Omron my4n 100/110 vac relay 5a 240vac coil-5a 28vdc5992
Lot of 4x Omron my4z-d 24vdc relay 5a 240vac5995
lot of 5x Omron my4zh relay 24vdc5066
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