Plunger Pump fluid end

Plunger Pump Fluid End Consumables in fracturing and cementing serivces such as,

Plunger: hard surface-coated or flame-sprayed, long service life. Plungers are used to pull fluid into the fluid end through the suction valve and push it out through the discharge valve. They do it by retracting from the fluid end to create volume in the fluid end chamber and then extending back into the fluid end chamber to displace volume and push the fluid out.

Valve & Seat: forged alloy construction, deep carburized surface, greater fluid flow and easy valve maintenance. Valves are used to direct the flow through the fluid end and separate the suction side of the pump from the discharge side. As the plunger is pulled back the pressure in the fluid end drops causing the discharge valve to pull harder onto the discharge valve seat and also causes the suction valve to lift off its seat.

Pressure Packing: The pressure packing creates a seal around the moving plunger to contain the fluid being pumped. The packing arrangement consists of several components that work together in order to achieve this. For example,

HT400:Spacer Ring, Header Ring, Packing Ring, Female Adapter, Seal Carrier, Seal Carrier O-ring, Packing Lube Seal

Tws600: Lantern Ring, Seal Ring, Pressure Ring, PKG adapter, Header Ring, O-ring, Back-up, O-ring, Back-up, Wiper Ring

Plunger Pump Model includes,

SPM:TWS600,TWS900, TWS1000,TWS2250,QWS2500

Gardner Denver: GD2500,TEE-165

Halliburton: HT400

Serva: TPA-400,TPA-600,TPB-600

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