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5W175 Parts Catalogue & Price List
No.Drawing numberName
1Power End5W175-01-00
2Hydraulia End5W175-02-00
3Safety overflow valve5W175-03-00
01 Power End
2Crank bearing5W175-01-02
3Oil seal for Crank bearing PD120x150x125W175-01-02-01
4Ball bearing7324E5W175-01-02-02
5Connecting rod5W175-01-03
6Connecting rod boltM18x1035W175-01-03-01
7Bearing shell5W175-01-03-02
8 Sleeve5W175-01-03-03
10Crosshead pin5W175-01-04-01
11Crosshead pin Circlip5W175-01-04-02
12Sealing box5W175-01-05
13Sealing box Gasket5W175-01-05-01
14Sealing box bolt M10x305W175-01-05-02
15O-ring for Sealing box φ195×5.75W175-01-05-03
16Oil seal of the sealing box PD55x75x125W175-01-05-04
17Middle pole5W175-01-06
18Bearing blank cap5W175-01-07
19O-ring for Bearing blank cap φ350×8.65W175-01-07-01
20 Bearing blank cap bolt M16x405W175-01-07-02
21Bearing ventilating cap5W175-01-08
22O-ring for Bearing blank cap φ350×8.65W175-01-08-01
23Bearing ventilating cap bolt M16x405W175-01-08-02
24First end cover5W175-01-09
25First end cover bolt M10x205W175-01-09-01
26On end cover5W175-01-10
27On end cover Gasket5W175-01-10-01
28On end cover bolt M10x205W175-01-10-02
29Latter end cover5W175-01-11
30Latter end cover Gasket5W175-01-11-01
31Latter end cover bolt M10x205W175-01-11-02
32Middle Ball bearing Circlip5W175-01-12
33Middle Ball bearing bolt M16x205W175-01-12-01
34Middle Ball bearing 82961(NU2961M)5W175-01-12-02
35Oil scraper5W175-01-13
36Oil scraper bolt M10x185W175-01-13-01
37Oil drain plug M16X355W175-01-14
38Ventilating cap5W175-01-15
39Ventilating cap bolt M4x155W175-01-15-01
40Oil gauge5W175-01-16
41Oil gauge bolt M105W175-01-16-01
02 Hydraulia End
42Pump body5W175-02-01
43Sealer 15W175-02-02
44O-ring for Sealer 1 φ110×5.75W175-02-02-01
45Sealer 25W175-02-03
46 Sealer 2 bolt M36x1005W175-02-03-01
47Adjusting nut5W175-02-04
48Back guide tubeφ100×325W175-02-05
49 Front guide tubeφ100×205W175-02-06
50Carbon fiber seal   φ80xφ100×105W175-02-07
51 Plunger φ805W175-02-08
52Upper flange5W175-02-09
53Upper flange bolt M36x1255W175-02-09-01
54Upper flange Nut M365W175-02-09-02
55Front flange5W175-02-10
56Front flange bolt M33x1205W175-02-10-01
57Front flange Nut M335W175-02-10-02
58Front chock plug5W175-02-11
59O-ring for front chock plug 85×3.55W175-02-10-01
60Tapping flange( pressure gauge)5W175-02-12
61O-ring for Tapping flange   φ100×5.75W175-02-12-01
62Tapping flange bolt M30x1055W175-02-12-02
63Tapping flange Nut M305W175-02-12-03
64Tapping flange(Air relief cock )5W175-02-13
65Suction pipe assembly5W175-02-14
66Intake blind flange5W175-02-14-01
67Intake concave flange5W175-02-14-02
68Intake raised flange5W175-02-14-03
69 Bolt M16x605W175-02-14-04
70Nut M165W175-02-14-05
71Intake attachment flange5W175-02-14-06
73O-ring for intake attachment flange φ90×3.55W175-02-14-08
75Intake manager pipeline5W175-02-14-10
76Intake branch pipeline5W175-02-14-11
77Upper Chock plug5W175-02-15
78Dowel φ10×205W175-02-15-01
79O-ring for upper Chock plug φ135×5.75W175-02-15-02
80Upper Chock plug gasket φ135xφ125×25W175-02-15-03
Intake valve base subassembly
81 Intake valve base5W175-02-16
82O-ring for intake valve base φ130×5.75W175-02-16-01
Tapping  valve base subassembly
83Tapping valve base5W175-02-17
84O-ring for tapping valve base φ135×5.75W175-02-17-01
85Intake spring5W175-02-18
86Tapping spring5W175-02-19
88Intake valve hood5W175-02-21
89Tapping valve hood5W175-02-22
90Power accumulator5W175-02-24
91Power accumulator base5W175-02-24-01
92Pressure gauge5W175-02-25
93Air relief cock5W175-02-26
94Connection stud M27x3155W175-02-27
95Pipeline φ90x5x1305W175-02-28
96Water deflector5W175-02-29
03 Safety overflow valve
NameDrawing number
97Safety overflow valve base5W175-03-01
99Adjusting screw5W175-03-03
100Ejector pin5W175-03-04
102Valve base5W175-03-06
103Preparation of cap5W175-03-07
104 Nut M27x1.55W175-03-08
105Upper spring base5W175-03-09
106Lower spring base5W175-03-10
107Body skin 15W175-03-11
108Body skin 25W175-03-12
109Pressing plate5W175-03-13
110 O-ring for  valve base φ45×3.15W175-03-14
111 O-ring for  Pressing plate φ100×5.75W175-03-15
112 O-ring for  Ejector pin φ35×3.55W175-03-16
NameDrawing No.
Body5DS-1-1 (general)
Crank bearing5DS-1-5 (general)
Bearing blank cap15DS-1-14 (general)
Bearing ventilating cap5DS-1-15 (general)
Oil seal for ventilating cap5DS-1-17 GB9877.1-88 (general)
O-ring for ventilating cap and blank cap)φ310*8.65DS-1-18 GB3452.1-82 (general)
Ball bearing5DS-1-19   GB297-84 (general)
Crosshead5DS-1-8 (general)
Crosshead pin5DS-1-10 (general)
Circlip5DS-1-20 GB893.1-86 (general)
Check plate5DS-1-16 (general)
Connecting rod)5DS-1-7 (general)
Bearing shell5DS-1-4 (general)
Sleeve5DS-1-9 (general)
Connecting rod bolt5DS-1-6 (general)
Sealing box5DS-1-12 general)
Oil seal of the sealing box)5DS-1-3 GB9877.1-88 (general)
Middle pole5DS-2-1 (general)
Water deflector5DS-2-2 (general)
Oil scraper5DS-1-02(general)
Magnetic device5DS-1-11(general)
Ventilating cap5DS-1-13(general)
Pump body5DS-2-3 (general)
Pump body connecting bolt M275DS-2-10 (general)
Upper flange plate of bump body5DS-2-4 (general)
Lower flange plate of bump body5DS-2-9 (general)
Bolt for upper flange plate M365DS-2-12 (general)
Bolt for lower flange plate M365DS-2-13 (general)
Flange screw cap M365DS-2-15   GB6170-86 (general)
Cross joint5DS-2-11 (general)
O-ring for cross joint φ90*3.15DS-2-16 GB3452.1-82 (general)
Bolt for cross joint M305DS-2-17 (general)
Screw cap for cross joint M305DS-2-18 GB6170-86 (general)
Angle stop valve of pressure gauge5DS-13 (general)
Shock resistant pressure gauge 0-10MPa5DS-14 (general)
High pressure pipe5DS-00-01 (general)
Air relief cock subassembly5DS-16 (general)
O-ring for tee φ95*3.15DS-2-19 GB3452.1-82 (general)
Bolt for tee  M305DS-2-20(general)
Screw cap M305DS-2-21 GB6170-86 (general)
Power accumulator5DS-2-43(10L)
Safety overflow valve5DS-03-00 (general)
Lowe valve5DS-01-1 (general)
Upper valve5DS-01-8 (general)
Safety valve base and spool5DS-03-2 (general)
Guide holder5DS-03-6 (general)
Knockout pin5DS-03-5 (general)
Upper spring base5DS-03-11 (general)
Lower spring base5DS-03-7 (general)
Safety valve spring5DS-03-14 (general)
Adjusting screw5DS-03-12 (general)
O-ringφ30*3.55DS-03-3  GB3452.1-82 (general)
Gasket φ30×25DS-03-4 (general)
Cap5DS-03-15 (general)
Suction pipe assembly5DS-ZF-2-00 (general)
Gasket of suction pipe φ1205DY-ZF-2-01(general)
Inlet flange gasket φ184.55DS-2-22 GB3452.1-82 (general)
Inlet flange bolt M165DS-2-38 (general)
Inlet flange screw cap M165DS-2-39 GB6170-86 (general)
Adjusting nut5DS-2-31
Allen screw M365DS-2-32     GB70-85 (general)
Sealing gasket  φ1255DS-2-23 (general)
Plunger φ805DS-2-34-80
Front and back guide tubes5DS-2-35-80
Carbon fiber seal5DS-2-36-80
Chock plug5DS-1-14 (general)
O-ring for chock plug φ135*5.75DS-2-37 GB3452.1-82 (general)
Chock plug gasket φ135*25DS-2-7 (general)
Intake valve base subassembly5DS-2-25 (general)
Tapping valve base subassembly5DS-2-8 (general)
Upper sleeve5DS-2-5 (general)
Lower sleeve5DS-2-24 (general)
Limit chock plug5DS-2-6 (general)
Intake spring5DS-2-26
Tapping spring5DS-2-27
O-ring for intake valve φ130*5.75DS-2-40 GB3452.1-82 (general)
O-ring for intake valve φ135*5.75DS-2-41  GB3452.1-82 (general)
Intake valve gasket φ130*25DS-2-28 (general)
Tapping valve gasket φ135*25DS-2-7 (general)
O-ring for limit chock plug φ110*5.75DS-2-42 GB3452.1-82 (general)
Replace )5DS (general)
Needle bearing φ305*3805DS-1-21 (general)
Digital display electronic pressure gauge5DS (general)
T285 List of recommended spare parts for 1 years operation
1Oil seal for Crank bearingPD130x160x15
2Oil seal of the sealing boxPD100x125x12
3O-ring for Stuffing boxØ145×5.7
4O-ring for Discharge valve baseØ170×5.7
5O-ring for Suction valve baseØ165×5.7
6O-ring for Discharge flangeØ120×5.7
7O-ring for Suction flangeØ165×5.7
8O-ring for front plugØ135×5.7
9O-ring for Upper plugØ175×5.7
10O-ring for Bearing blank / passcapØ340×8.6
11O-ring for Sealing boxØ225×5.7
14Suction valve assemblyAR110
15Discharge valve assemblyAR110
18Bearing shellT285
20Valve baseAR110
21Restrictive ringØ87xØ107×4
22Restrictive ringØ117xØ137×4
23Guide sleeveØ87xØ107×20
24Guide sleeveØ117xØ137×20
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