Premium IDECO T-1300 T-1600 fluid end

Premium IDECO T-1300 T-1600 Mud pump fluid end parts list

ItemPart NumberDescriptionQty

per Pump

1551-122-01-PModule with Studs3
 NS-551-122-01-PModule – No Studs3
2551-110-01-PStud with Nut – Frame24
3551-110-02-PStud with Nut – Discharge Manifold12
4551-110-03-PStud with Nut – Threaded Ring48
 STUDSET-T1300/1600-PStud Set with Nuts (Complete)3
5551-105-04-PThreaded Plug Retainer6
6551-105-03-PThreaded Ring9
7551-122-02-PCylinder Head Plug with Bolts for Valve Guide3
8551-105-05-PThreaded Liner Retainer3
9551-105-07-PLower Valve Guide with Bushing3
10551-105-08-PRetainer – Lower Valve Guide3
110782-PGasket – Cylinder Head Plug, Liner9
120339-PGasket – Discharge Manifold3
130447-PGasket – Suction Manifold3
14551-105-06-PValve Guide with Bushing – Upper3
158407-3-PWear Plate3
162930-10-PGasket – Wear Plate3
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