Premium NATIONAL 10-P-130 pump fluid end

Premium NATIONAL 10-P-130 Mud pump fluid end parts list

ItemPart NumberDescriptionQty

per Pump

11290335-PDischarge Module with Studs3
 1290336-PDischarge Module – No Studs3
21290338-PSuction Module with Studs3
 1290339-PSuction Module – No Studs3
32408020-PStud with Nut – Frame30
42408018-PStud with Nut – Liner Bushing18
52408034-PStud with Nut – Suction to Discharge Module18
62408019-PStud with Nut – Threaded Ring72
72402560-PStud with Nut – Discharge Spacer16
 STUDSET-10P130-PStud Set with Nuts (Complete)3
81290348-PDischarge Spacer2
91290165-PLiner Bushing3
111290307-PValve Cover6
121290178-PScrew – Wedge Adjusting6
131290308-PThreaded Ring6
141290376-PWedge Assembly with Spring6
150893-PGasket – Valve Cover6
161292140-PHolder with Bushing- Valve Guide6
176511416-PPin – Suction to Discharge6
181290357-PWear Plate3
191290342-PDischarge Gonn^ctor2
201290343-PAdapter РDischarg© Gonnector2
210892-PGasket – Discharge Connector2
220891-PGasket – Adapter and Discharge Connector4
231290166-PClamp – Liner3
240890-PGasket – Wear plate/Suction Module to Discharge Module3
250889-PGasket – Suction Manifold3
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