Premium Oilwell pump fluid end parts list

Premium Oilwell A-850 A-1100 A-1400  A-1700-PT pump Fluid end parts list

ItemPart NumberDescriptionQty

per Pump

110-300-181-PDischarge Module With Studs3
 NS-10-300-181-PDischarge Module – No Studs3
249-001-292-PStud with Nuts – Discharge Manifold12
349-002-837-PStud with Nuts – Frame12
 STUDSET-A850/1100/1400/1700-PT-PStud Set with Nuts (Complete)3
410-300-184-PWear Plate6
50742-PGasket – Wear Plate6
610-300-004-PValve Guide6
70760-PGasket – Valve Cover6
810-300-005-PValve Cover with Bolts for Retainer Plate6
910-300-183-PLiner Adapter3
1010-303-092-PNut, Liner Adapter (A850-PT, A1100-PT only)3
 10-300-182-PNut, Liner Adapter (A1400-PT, A1700-PT only)3
1110-300-185-PSpacer Ring – Liner3
1210-303-091-PCentering Sleeve, Liner (A850-PT, A1100-PT only)3
 10-300-186-PCentering Sleeve, Liner (A1400-PT, A1700-PT only)3
130069-PGasket – Suction Manifold3
140345-PGasket – Discharge Manifold3
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