LS Masts parts



Mast General Assembly
Tong balance weight
Deadline stabilizer 111.53.350.00
Tongs sheave 111.53.360.00
Climb booster 111.53.380.00
Adjustable shim 111.53.390.00
O-matic 111.53.480.00
Escape system 111.53.490.00
Mast leg pinφ120×370
Safety pinφ20×150
Clip 60×φ30×φ3
Bolt M42×230GB5782-86(M42×230-8.8)
Nut M42GB6170-86(M42-8)
Thin nut M42GB6172-86(M42-6)
Flat washer 42GB97.1-86(42)40
Steel frame connecting pinφ50×105
Safety pinφ10×75
Dual-taper pinφ50×120
Dual-taper pinφ60×140
Safety pinφ15×90
Screw M4×8GB67-86(M4×8-6.8)
Eye bolt in tail M30×150GB31.1-86(M30×150-8.8)
Slotted nut M30GB6178-86(M30-8)
Flat washer 30GB97.1-86(30)
Cotter pin 6.3×50GB91-86(6.3×50)
0.5t Air winchQJ-0.5
Bolt M16×80GB5782-86(M16×80-8.8)
Nut M16GB6170-86(M16-8)
Washer 16GB93-87(16)

Jack-up unit of mast
Clip 120×φ60×φ6
Raise line L=48m
Pin φ100×280
Safety pin φ20×150
Clip 60×φ30×φ3

Tongs Counter Weight

Tongs Counter Weight
Copper sleeve φ35/φ25
Mini sheave
Pin φ25×90
Cotter pin 5×36 GB91-86(5×36)
Guide pole
Bolt M20×55 GB5780-86(M20×55-8.8)
Slotted nut M20 GB6178-86(M20-8)
Flat washer 20 GB95-87(20)
Cotter pin 4×36 GB91-86(4×36)
Clip 120×φ60×φ6
Wire line L=50m GB/T8918-1996(6×19-φ12.5-17)

Escaping system
U-bolt M24 111.53.492.00
Slotted nut M24 GB6178-86(M24-8)
Flat washer 24 GB93-87(24)
Cotter pin 5×40 GB91-86(5×40)
Shackle S-BX4.75
Escaping machine (GERONIMO) 111.53.490.00
Pulling line 111.53.493.00
Turnbuckle M27 GB651-65(M27)
Basic line 111.53.494.00

Auxiliary device for climbing
Pinφ40×90 111.53.380.01
Clip 60×φ30×φ3
Lifting tackle HYD-1
Lifting line 111.53.382.00
Clip 80×φ40×φ4
Pulling line 111.53.383.00
Turnbuckle C0.9 GB651-65(C0.9)
Basic line 111.53.384.00
Draw ring 111.53.380.02
Sheaveφ150 111.53.380.03
Copper sleeveφ40/φ20 111.53.380.04
Pin shaftφ20×80 GB882-86(φ20×80)
Cotter pin 5×45 GB91-87(5×45)
Bolt M12×80 GB31.1-88(M12×80-6.8)
Nut M12 GB6178-86(M12-8)
Washer 12 GB93-87(12)
Cotter pin 3×16 GB91-87(3×16)
Sand barrel frame 111.53.380.05
Pipe 111.53.380.06
Sand barrel 111.53.385.00
Safety hook 111.53.386.00

Auxiliary sheave for Drilling Rig
Auxiliary sheave assy. I
Sheave frame101.51.71.00
Pin plate δ8101.51.70.01
Auxiliary sheave shaft101.51.70.02
Sheave φ400101.51.70.03
Seal disc101.51.70.05
Inner spacer101.51.70.06
Retainer 42101.51.70.07
Pin shaft101.51.70.08
Safety chain101.51.70.09
Washer 42101.51.70.10
Slotted nut M42101.51.70.11
Cotter pin 8X80GB91-87(8X80)
Bolt M12X20GB32.1-86(M12X20)
Iron wire φ2GB343-82(φ2)
Bearing φ80Xφ170X39GB283-64(42316)
Auxiliary sheave assy. II
Sheave frame101.51.81.00
Pin plate δ8101.51.70.01
Sheave φ400101.51.70.03
Seal disc101.51.70.05
Inner spacer101.51.70.06
Retainer 42101.51.70.07
Pin shaft φ55X310101.51.80.01
Safety chain101.51.70.09
Clip 120Xφ60Xφ6101.51.00.01
Bolt M12X20GB32-76(M12X20-6.8)
Galvanic iron wire φ2GB343-82-φ2A.R.
Bearing 42316(φ80Xφ170X39)GB283-64(42316)
Ale mite M10X1GB1152-79(M10X1)

A-frame,Oil tube stabbing board
Pinφ100×400 111.53.400.01
Safety pinφ20×150
Clip 60×φ30×φ3
Wire line stop roller
Cantilever sheave of A-frame 111.53.406.00
Pinφ70×380 111.53.400.02
Safety pinφ15×90
Pinφ100×480 111.53.400.03
U-bolt M42 111.53.400.04
Pressboardδ50 111.53.400.05
Slotted nut M42×3GB6178-86(M42×3-8)
Cotter pin 6.3×65GB91-86(6.3×65)
Shackle 8.5TS-BX8.5-1
Clip 60×φ30×φ3111.53.00.03
Safety pin φ10×75111.53.00.05
Fast line sheave assy.
Sheave set assy.
Auxiliary sheave assy. I101.51.70.00
Auxiliary sheave assy. II101.51.80.00
Slotted nut M10GB6178-1986(M10-8)
Bolt M10X70GB/T31.1-1988(M10X70-8.8)
Washer 10GB/T97.1-1986(10)
Cotter pin φ2.5X20GB91-86(2.5X20)
Eye bolt in tail M30X120GB31.1-86(M30X120-8.8)
Slotted Nut M30GB6178-86(M30-8)
Washer 30GB93-87(30)
Cotter pin φ6.3X50GB91-86(φ6.3X50)
Eye bolt in head M16X35GB32.1-1986(M16X35-8)
Washer 16GB/T93-1987(16)
Clip 120Xφ60Xφ6101.51.00.01
Eye bolt in tail M24X120GB31.1-86(M24X120-8.8)
Slotted nut M24GB6178-86(M24-8)
Washer 24GB93-87(24)
Cotter pin 5X40GB91-86(5X40)
Wire line stop device III101.51.145.00
Gin pole of crown block
Pin φ40X90101.51.10.04
Clip 60Xφ30Xφ3101.51.10.05
Cross drawbar101.51.13.00
Pipe φ76X5 L=840101.51.10.06
Pipe φ76X5 L=970101.51.10.07
Pin φ30X80101.51.10.08
Bolt M20X50GB31.1-86(M20X50-8.8)
Nut M20GB6178-86(M20-8)
Washer 20GB93-87(20)
Cotter pin 4X36GB91-86(4X36)
5T Manual I-beam trolleySG-5
O-matic device
O-matic device101.53.151.00
Safety chain101.53.152.00
Bolt M20X185101.53.150.01
Slotted nut M20GB6178-86(M20-8)
Washer 20GB93-87(20)
Cotter pin 4X36GB91-86(4X36)
Sheave set
Bearing seat101.51.40.01
Dust ring101.51.20.04
Bearing 260X360X134Bearing 260X360X134
Sheave φ1270101.51.20.02
End shield101.51.20.01
Bolt M20X45GB/T32.1-1988(M20X45)
Washer 20GB/T93-1987(20)
Iron wire φ2GB343-82(φ2)A.R.
Oil cup M10X1GB1152-89(M10X1)
Plug M24101.51.20.07
Sheave assy.
End shield101.51.20.01
Sheave φ1270101.51.20.02
Bearing φ260Xφ360X134GB299-86(2097952K)
Dust ring
Bearing seat
Eye bolt in head M20X45GB32.1-86(M20X45-8.8)
Washer 20GB93-87(20)
Iron wire φ2GB343-82(φ2X1200)
Oil cup M10X1GB 1152-79(M10X1)

Bayshon assy,Cagged ladder assy.

Eye bolt in tail M12×80 GB31.1-86(M12×80-6.8)
Slotted nut M12 GB6178-86(M12-6)
Spring washer 12 GB93-87(12)
Cotter pin 3.2×22 GB91-86(3.2×22)
Eye bolt in tail M12×100 GB31.1-86(M12×100-6.8)
Bolt M16×60 GB31.1-88(M16×60-8.8)
Slotted nut M16 GB5178-88(M16-8)
Washer 16 GB93-87(16)
Cotter pin 4×28 GB91-86(4×28)

Monkey board
Safety pinφ10×75
Clip 60×φ30×φ3
Lifting tackle H1x1KBL
Pulling device
Chainlet 9 L=400GB5802-86(φ9-400)
Bolt M12×40GB31.1-88(M12×40-8.8)
Slotted nut M12GB6178-86(M12-8)
Washer 12GB97.1-85(12)
Cotter pin 3.2×30GB91-86(3.2×30)

Dual standpipe device

Pipe grapple
Eye bolt in tail M24×80GB31.1-88(M24×80-8.8)
Slotted nut M24GB6178-86(M24-8)
Washer 24GB97.1-86(24)
Cotter pin 5×40GB91-86(5×40)

Cantilever sheave set
Sheave φ720/56
Bolt M20×55GB32.1-88(M20×55-8.8)
Washer 20GB93-87(20)
Wire line φ2 L=400GB343-82(φ2)
Bearing 170×280×150GB299-86(2097734K)
Screw plug M10×1
Cantilever sheave shaft
Baffle plateδ20
Bolt M24×50GB32.1-88(M24×50-8.8)
Washer 24GB93-87(24)
Spacer φ190/φ170
Felt ring 190
Through cover(Ⅰ)
Adjustable mat t=0.2/t=0.5
Oil cup M10×1GB1152-79(M10×1)
Through cover Ⅱ
Locating blockδ10
Washer 160GB858-88(160)
Round nut M160×3
Foot block δ14
Baffle plate1
Bolt M16×35GB32.1-88(M16×35-8.8)
Washer 16GB93-87(16)