Substructure parts



Inclined ramp assembly
Stand support
Slanting support 112.64.330.00
Raise-down unit
Front stem 112.45.300.00-1
Right upper seat
BOP guide rail device 112.64.300.00
Slanting stem 112.45.320.00
Ladder on the right of drilling floor
Left/right back stem 112.64.350.00
Handrail general drawing
Safety slide
Floor man house support 112.70.430.00
Left upper seat
Gate stem
Right front lower base 112.64.560.00
Left front lower base 112.64.501.00
Ladder on the front of drill floor
Draw beam of basement 112.64.510.00
Right back lower base 112.64.550.00
Left back lower base 112.64.520.00
Drilling floor left rolling ladder
Inner surrounding drawing of drill floor 112.64.400.00
Back support 112.45.800.00
Support of air tank
Drawworks beam
Table beam 112.45.660.00
Set back beam 112.45.670.00
Front support
Pin φ120×295
Safety pin φ25 112.45.04
Clip φ30
Double taper pin φ60×200 112.64.510.02
Safety pinφ15
Double taper pin φ110×660 112.45.05
Double taper pin φ80×350 112.45.01
Safety pinφ20 112.45.02
Double taper pin φ110×500
Double taper pin φ100×360
Double taper pin φ90×340
Double taper pin φ60×250
Double taper pin φ40×180
Double taper pin φ80×280 112.45.03
Substructure jack up unit 112.64.320.00
Pin shaft φ160
Casing block
Balance frame for raising up
Pin shaft φ120×430
Hoisting wire line
Little platform
Shaft φ230
Web joint
Pulley φ960
Shaft φ110
Pulley φ700 112.64.340.00
Shaft φ150 112.64.320.01
Raise-down unit
Hydraulic system(including four hydro cylinder and pipeline,control box) YG05-00
Double pad eye
Cylinder clamp
Foot block
Pin shaft φ63X160
Clip φ30
Board 150×100
Board 129×100
Foot block 87x20x20 F8-3-93
Long double pipe clamp 18 F7-7-93

Safety slide
Safety slide
Upside slide
Lower segment slide
Pin shaft 35×95 SDZ70DB01-81
Clip 4×65 SDZ70DB01-85
Loop chainφ4 L=250 GB549-83