Rig manufacturer parts

Drilling rig parts for Bomco,Lanzhou LS,Sichuan honghua, Sj petro, RG petro

Drilling rigZJ15RG Petro
Mast or derrickJJ90/39-KRG Petro
DrawworksJC13RG Petro
HooksYD125RG Petro
Swivel stemsSL125RG Petro
Rotary tablesZP-445RG Petro
Mud pumpsNB-350RG Petro
Koomey unitBeijing BPM
Drilling rigZJ20SJ Petro
Mast or derrickJJ135/40-KSJ Petro
DrawworksJC20SJ Petro
HooksYD135SJ Petro
Swivel stemsSL135SJ Petro
Rotary tablesZP-445SJ Petro
Mud pumpsF-800SJ Petro
BOP Control UnitDONGSU
Drilling rigZJ32DFXK
Mast or derrickJJ225/42-ADFXK
Swivel stemsSL225DFXK
Rotary tablesZP-520DFXK
Mud pumpsF-1000DFXK
Rig fleet 4
Drilling rigZJ45HAIHUA
Mast or derrickJJ315/43-AHAIHUA
Swivel stemsSL315HAIHUA
Rotary tablesZP-700HAIHUA
Mud pumpsF-1300RONGSHENG
Drilling rigZJ60BOMCO
Mast or derrickJJ450/45-KBOMCO
Swivel stemsSL450BOMCO
Rotary tablesZP-950BOMCO
Mud pumpsF-1600BOMCO
Drilling rigZJ15JDCPTDC
Mast or derrickJJ90/39-KCPTDC
Swivel stemsSL125CPTDC
Rotary tablesZP-445CPTDC
Mud pumpsNB-350CPTDC
Rig fleet 7
Drilling rigZJ15ZDHONGHUA
Mast or derrickJJ90/34-WHONGHUA
Swivel stemsSL135HONGHUA
Rotary tablesZP-445HONGHUA
Mud pumpsF-500HONGHUA
Mast or derrickJJ35/35-WLANZHOU LS-NOW
Swivel stemsSL135LANZHOU LS-NOW
Rotary tablesZP-445LANZHOU LS-NOW
Mud pumpsF-800LANZHOU LS-NOW
Drilling rigZJ32DBPMMP
Mast or derrickJJ225/42-KBPMMP
Swivel stemsSL225BPMMP
Rotary tablesZP-520BPMMP
Mud pumpsF-1000BPMMP
Drilling rigZJ45DBAOJI PLANT
Mast or derrickJJ315/43-KBAOJI PLANT
Swivel stemsSL315BAOJI PLANT
Rotary tablesZP-700BAOJI PLANT
Mud pumpsF-1300BAOJI PLANT
Mast or derrickJJ450/45-KLANZHOU LS-NOV
Swivel stemsSL450LANZHOU LS-NOV
Rotary tablesZP-950LANZHOU LS-NOV
Mud pumpsF-1600LANZHOU LS-NOV
Drilling rigZJ15ACPTDC
Mast or derrickJJ100/21-KXCPTDC
Swivel stemsCPTDC
Rotary tablesCPTDC
Mud pumpsF-800CPTDC
Drilling rigZJ20CHONGHUA
Mast or derrickJJ35/35-WHONGHUA
Swivel stemsSL135HONGHUA
Rotary tablesZP-445HONGHUA
Mud pumpsNB-550HONGHUA
Mast147 ft height,Gross nominal capacity 315 mton
Racking platform capacityRacking platform capacity of 5” DP = 4200 m
Rig floor set backrated load capacity 160 mton
Crown blockTC3-315 ,rated load capacity 315 mton
Travelling blockYC315,rated load capacity 315 mton
Hook blockDG315,Rated load capacity 315 mton
Swivel headSL450-5,Static rated capacity 450 mton,Rated working pressure 5,000 psi
DrawworksJC-50 L,Rated input power 1500 HP
Drilling linesize 1.3/8″
Top DriveNot available
Rotary tablezp700 a1,maximum opening 27.1/2″,
Mud Pumps2 X F-1300,triplex,single acting,Max press 5000 psi
Solid control equipmentDerrick,FLC 2000,3 panel

Model : ZJ70D

Power : 2000 HP

Mud Pump : 3 ea 1600 hp – Bomco

Mast:2000 HP JJ450/45-5

Model : ZJ50D

Power : 1500 HP

Mud Pump : 3 ea 1600 hp

MAST:1500 HP JJ450/45-K

Static Hook load (w/6 ×7 lines) (1,000,000 lbs)

Effective Height: 45.50m

Model :MR 8000 Mechanical

Power : 1000 HP

Draw work: : Single Drum line groove (1 1/8″) Drilling Line Driven by 2 each 376 kW diesel engine CAT 3408C-DITA

Model :ZJ70/4500D SCR

Power : 2000 HP

Draw work: : Single Drum, line groove (1 1/2″) Drilling Line Driven by 2 each 1100 hp DC Motors

Model :E2000 VFD/SCR 50Hz

Power : 2000 HP

Draw work: : Single Drum, line groove (1 1/2″) Drilling Line Driven by 2 each 1070 HP YJ13X AC Motors

Model :ZJ70/4500D

Power : 2000 HP SCR 60HZ RIG

Draw work: :2000 HP , JC70D , LINE GROVE ( 1 1/2″ ) DRILLING DRIVEN BY 2EA 1100HP DC MOTOR

Model : JJ450/45-5

Power : 2000 HP

Mud Pump : 3 ea 1600 hp – Bomco

SubstructureDZ 450/10.5 Height: 10.5 m (34.5 ft)
Height under rotary beams: 8.91 m (26.24 ft)
Max load of rotary beam: 454 mt (500 sh ton)
Max load of Set Back: 224 mt (247 sh ton)
MastJJ450/45-K, 45 m (147.6 ft) 5 section
Capacity: 454 mt (500 sh ton)
Crown BlockTC-450
No of sheaves: 6+1
Grooved: 1 1/2″
Capacity: 454 mt (500 sh ton)
Travelling Block and HookYC-450 traveling block + DG450 Hook
No of sheaves: 6
Capacity: 454 mt (500 sh ton)
SwivelSL 450-5 with integrated kelly spinner
Capacity: 454 mt (500 sh ton)
Max working pressure: 350 bar (5000 psi)
Top DriveAK MH PTD-500-AC
Capacity: 454 mt (500 sh ton)
Power: 800 KW (1088 HP) AC
DrawworksJC 70 DB (2000 HP) two pcs of YJ13A4, 1088 HP each
Brake: electrical control hydraulic disc brake
Automatic driller : K187 one pc 50 HP AC motor
Rotary TableZP 375, 37 1/2″
Capacity: 454 mt
Power: 600 KW (816 HP) AC
Power PlantDiesel Engines: 4 x MTU/DDC 4000 G23, 1420 kW

4x Leroy Somer 2100 kVA / 600 V 1344 KW,
Cat C-15 genset  450 kVA / 400 V  360 KW,
Olympian Gep-150 150 kVA / 400 V  100 KW
Total output power: 5836 kW

Conversion SystemSiemens VFD
Mud SystemMud Pumps: 3 x F1600 triplex, each pump powered by one electric motor YJ 13A6 type, 1600 HP each
Mud Tanks: 3 (Active mud tanks) + 2 (Reserve mud tanks) + Trip Tank + Sand Trap, Total capacity: 400 m3
Water Tanks: 2, Total capacity: 80 m3

1, ZJ10/ ZJ20/ ZJ30/ ZJ40 car rig;

2, XJ150/ XJ250/ XJ450/ XJ650/ XJ750 workover rig XJ350/ XJ550/;

3, JC14/JC14/11 single double drum winch /JC18/JC18/11 single double drum winch / JC21/JC21/11 single double drum winch / JC28/JC28/11 single double drum winch and JC32/11 double drum winch;

4,BZX180B / FD70/FD110/FD140 / JX90/130/240 series car transfer case series angle box /ZX110/ZX140 series rotary transmission box /BJX260 and box angle / JJX140 drop from the box / LTH series climbing chain box / LTXF500/LTXF800 series mud pump chain box;

5, TPQ (TPQ118/ TPQ218/ TPQ318/ series clutch TPQ124/ TPQ224/ TPQ324/ TPQ330) and ATD series clutch (ATD114H / ATD214H/ ATD314H/ ATD118H/ ATD218H/ ATD318H /ATD124H /ATD224H / ATD324H/ ATD230H/ ATD330H);

6, PSZ30/PSZ40 hydraulic disc brake;

Drawworks Horsepower 250 HP

Main Drum

SJ Petro, Double Drum

Sand Drum

9/16” Grove, 7000 ft

Mast SJ Petro Height 95 ft

Crown Block 6 – 1 lines

Prime mover

Engine CAT C-9 ACERT

Transmission Allison 4700 OFS

Rig Carrier SJ Petro, 4 axels, 8 x 8

Working Platform Class II & III BOP

Hoist Steel Base Suitable to the rig carrier

Travelling Block YG70, 3×24, 70 Tons

Drilling Line Blue Strand 7/8”, 6 x 19 IPS, IWRC

Sand Line Blue Strand 9/16”, 6 x 7 IPS, FC

Hydraulic Winch ?” & 5/8” wire rope, cap. 3 ton & 5 ton

Service Depth 6500 ft with 3.1/2” EUE tubing

Work Over Depth 4100 ft with 3.1/2” DP

Nominal Hook Load 112.000 lbs

Max. Static Load 140.000 lbs

Engine Cummins K19

Fluid End OPI 350

Accumulator Shengkai

Annular BOP Hydrill, 11” x 3000 Psi

RAM BOP Shaffer, 11” x 3000 Psi

Mud pump FB-1600

Mud pump JF-1600

Honghua mud pump HHF-1000

NOV Mud pump 8-P-80

NOV Mud pump 12-P-160

NOV Mud pump 10-P-130

Bomco mud pump F-800

Mud pump PZ-7

Hook DG-450

Lanzhou, travelling block YC-450

NOV, swivel SL450-SL

NOV,drawworks  JC-50D

NOV, hook DG 450

NOV, swivel SL-450-5

Lanzhou, swivel SL-450-5

Lanzhou, traveling block YC-450-2

SJ Petroleum Machinery, drawworks JC400

Bomco, drawworks JC50DB

Kerui Group, E-2000-DC

Kerui Group, travelling block YC450

Honghua, drawworks JC40

Honghua mud pump HHF-800

Honghua, travelling block YG225


Bomco, hook DG315

Bomco, traveling block YC315-8C

Bomco, swivel SL-450

Bomco, travelling block YC315

Bomco, swivel SL-450

BOMCO, traveling block YC-450

SJ Petroleum Machinery, drawworks JC750

SJ Petroleum Machinery, traveling blokYG 180

JiangSu, Swivel SL-225

Lanzhou, Hook,DG-450

NOV, Travelling block YC450-2

NOV, Swivel SL-450-5

BOMCO drawworks JC-70DB

Traveling block YC-450

Drum gear coupling GCL12(125D)-00

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