Recommended 3 Months’ Spare Parts for NWD Rig109 (BOMCO)
1Water/Air swivelAF0000030100
2Brake Linings ( Pads )AF700104-030103
3Caliper Sealing Rings(KG80/BG80 four per each )
4friction disk (inside and outside,each 4 piece)WG00920832
8Shock resistance double scale pressure gauge Y-60N 0~1.6MPa380202051160006000
9O-ring Φ50 x 3.1530301190600031000
10O-ring Φ45×3.1530301190450031000
11Combined gasket 48530402048001020000
12Filter screen HX-250 x 180W512605510072501000
13Hose Joint Φ16 x Φ28520901150004020000
14Hose Joint Φ10 x Φ19520901150003020000
15 Joint NPT1/2-M22X1.5520901150014020000
16 Joint R1/4-M16X1.5520901150009020000
17 Joint R1/2-M16X1.5520901150016020000
19O-matic valveFP-L6A512704070200050000
20Air hose Φ10 x Φ19140501050100100000
21Air hose Φ16 x Φ28140501050160100000
22Pressure switch PEV-1/4-B512604051500030000
23Shuttle valve OS-1/4-B512704110400070000
24Rapid discharge valve NPT1/2512704070600100000
25Hose PAN-L12 x 1.75150204120020100000
26Hose PAN-L10 x 1.5150204120020200000
27Gauge, Pressure, YTN-60-0.6, JC70DB DrawworksYTN-60-0.6
28O-ring 35 x 3.1530301190350031000
29O-ring 24 x 2.4530301190240024000
F-1600L Mud pump unitization (for one mup pump)
30Double-lip seal 5"x 6.25″x 0.625″AH1301010406
31Liner 7AH000003033800
32Liner 6 1/2AH000003033600
33Liner 6AH000003033400
34Liner 5 1/2AH000003033300
35Liner 5AH000003033200
36Piston 7L-2T504-014.00
37Piston 6 1/2L-2T504-012.00
38Piston 6B-2T504-010.00
39Piston 5 1/2 B-2T504-008.00
40Piston 5B-2T504-006.00
41Piston rod(API SA-4)AH1301020504
42Valve springAH00000101
43Liner sealAH1301010512
44Valve cover sealAH1301010510
46Piston assy.AH000006010300
47Shear pinAH0000060111
48Crosshead extensionAH1301010409
49Lower guideAH1301010412
50Valve guide(lower)AH1001010510
51Valve guide(upper)AH130101050500
52Electric spray pump c/w motor260101010922200000
53Combined V-belt140302025408000000
54Gear Oil Pump device c/w motor512601010055004000
56Packing gland set
57Oil auge
SL450 Swivel
58Washpipe assemblyAD450001-0500
Driller’s control cabin
59Microphone FD-MKF369902060010020000
60Loudspeaker FD-LB369902070020020000
61Acoustic-optic alarm lamp XD37(SLC)-MRDC24340702061000402000
62DC circuit indication lamp XB2BVB4C340702060700102000
63General circuit indication lamp XB2BVF4C340702062100011000
64Start-up buttonXB2BW33M1C330109020811100000
65Stopbutton XB2BA4342C330109020811100000
66Option switch XB2BD21C330109031100100000
67Self-reseting three position option switch XB2BD53C330109031100100000
68Normally open contact ZB2BE101C330109031200100000
69Explosion-proof plug & socket 60YT/GZ-5330399060050000000
70Explosion-proof plug & socket  15YT/YZ-3330399060030020000
71Explosion-proof plug & socket 15YT/GZ-3330399060020020000
72Plug & socket WB-E-18-1-P/S340802390020050000
73Single pin tube 110V/60HZ 20W340703410102011000
74Quick release Hose JointФ10 x Ф19520901150106010000
75Shockproof Pressure gauge YN60ZT(0~1.6)380207011162506000
76Shockproof Pressure gauge YN60ZT(0~1.0)380207011102506000
77Differential pressure switch huba604 E011011380605040070060000
78Differential pressure switch   huba604 E111011380605040070050000
Well mechanized tool
79Torque meter for make upDia. for meter screen: 100mm
80Torque meter for break outDia. for meter screen: 100mm
81Oil-filter ScreenTFX-400X180
82Oil-filter ScreenFBX-400X30
83Pressure type signal indicatorCYB-1
84Suction oil filterTF-400X180F-Y
85Oil return filterRFB-400X30F-Y
86O-ring 8.5 x 1.8GB3452.1-92
87O-ring 63 x 3.1GB1235-76
88O-ring 20 x 2.4GB1235-76
89O-ring 24 x 2.4GB1235-76
90O-ring 30 x 3.1GB1235-76
91O-ring 33 x 3.1GB1235-76
92O-ring 40 x 3.1GB1235-76
93O-ring 45 x 3.1GB1235-76
94Combined gasket 14JB982-77
95Combined gasket 18JB982-77
96Combined gasket 27JB982-77
97Combined gasket 33JB982-77
98Combined gasket 42JB982-77
99Combined gasket 48JB982-77
100Filter coreTFX-63X100
101Filter coreSPX-06X25
102Filter coreHDX-63X30
103Shock resistance pressure gauge(0-10MPa)YN-60
104O-ring 11 x 1.9GB1235-76
105O-ring 240 x 5.7GB1235-76
106O-ring 5 x 1.8GB3452.1-92
107O-ring 48 x 3.55GB3452.1-92
108Combined gasket 22JB982-77
109Plunger pumpDP14R-310C
110O-ring 12 x 1.9GB1235-76
111O-ring 35 x 3.1GB1235-76
112Normally open brake KG-80WG05211104
113Normally close brake BG-80BWG05211111
114Shock resistance pressure gauge YN60-Ⅲ(0-10MPa)380207012102506000
115O-ring 8 x 1.9GB1235-76
5T air winch
116Brake band with beltXJFH5/35
117Brake beltXJFH-5
Well site lighting system
118Non-spark plug & socket500V 15A YZ/YT(2P3W)
119Non-spark plug & socket500V 15A YZ/GT(2P3W)
120Non-spark plug & socket500V 15AYZ/GT(3P4W)
121Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(2P3W)
122Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/GT(2P3W)
123Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(3P4W)
124Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(3P5W)
125Non-spark plug & socket500V 60AYZ/GT(3P4W)
126Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/YT(3P4W)
127Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/GT(3P4W)
128Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/YT(3P5W)
129Non-spark plug & socket500V 150AYZ/GT(3P4W)
130Explosion-proof fluorescent lampGBYL-2*40/A120
131Explosion-proof fluorescent lampGBYL-Y2*40/A120
132Single pin tubeTXL33/40W
133Explosion-proof acousto-optical obstacle lightBBJ-PWF2
Mud control system
134LT butterfly valve12″ extension bar
135LT butterfly valve10″extension bar
136LT butterfly valve8″extension bar
137LT butterfly valve12″
138Couple clamp butterfly valve10″
139Couple clamp butterfly valve8″
140Couple clamp butterfly valve6″
141Couple clamp butterfly valve4″
142Couple clamp butterfly valve3″
143Couple clamp butterfly valve2-1/2″
144Couple clamp butterfly valve2″
145Flexiable connector8″
146Flexiable connector6″
147Flexiable connector4″
148Flexiable connector3″
149Flexiable connector2-1/2″
150Union hose3″
151Union rubeer ring12″
152Union rubeer ring10″
153Union rubeer ring8″
154Casing union ring12″
155Casing union ring10″
156Casing union ring8″
157Casing union ring6″
High pressure manifold
158valve DN100WG06010303
159valve DN50(1502)WG06010105
160Hose L=12200,35MPAGH700002-1700
161Hose L=19000,35MPAGH700002-3000
162Hose L=22500,35MPAGH700002-3100
163Hose assy.L=5000GH700002-2900
164O-ring φ147×10T517-612.04
165O-ring φ89×7T517-611.04
LS12-50HP compressor
167ELEM,FLTRMOIST. SEP.02250081-108
VFD/MCC Control system
168Power limit unit
169Indicating lamp6.3V
170Indicating lamp18V, 6W,(grounding test lamp)
171Indicating lampIC9/24,24V
172Indicating lamp1C9/120,120V
173Indicating lamp130V(Sync.lamp)
174Indicating lampCE220/240 ,2.6W
175Indicating lampXB2-EV444,220V(green)
176Indicating lampXB2-EV443,220V(red)
177Indicating lampP9XUIRD0(white)
178Indicating lampP9XUVRD(green)
179Indicating lampP9XURRD0(red)
180Indicating lampP9XUGRD0(yellow)
183Micro-active switchYSL2-15C
184Fuse1A ,690V
185Fuse2A ,690V
186Fuse4A ,690V
187Fuse6A ,690V
188Fuse10A ,690V
189Fuse15A ,690V
190Fuse4A,with 3852
191Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-60A/YT-60A
192Two-core plug/receptacleP20K2HJG-1/P20J2MQJG
193Three-core plug/receptacleP20K3HJG-1/P20J3MQJG
194Four-core plug/receptacleP28K9QJG/P28J9MQJG
195Four-core plug/receptacleP28K10QJG/P2810MQJG
196Seven-core plug/receptacleP28K4QJG/P28J4MQJG
197Twenty-core plug/receptacle16YT-20J/16GZ-20K
198AC contactorLC1-D3201M5C
199AC contactorLC1-D4011M5C
200AC contactorLC1-D5011M5C
201AC contactorLC1-D11500M5C
202AC contactorLC1-D15000M7C
203FUSE LINK170M8650
204FUSE LINK170M2673
CCTV System
207Camera BolinX27
FLC2000 Shale shaker & mud cleaner
2084″ cone assembly (standard)10523-12
209Gauge, press-100 PSI 4″ DIAL.250NPTUI40-450FG02L
210Cone assy., desander-10″6066-51
211Gauge, press-0 to 200 PSI 2.500 DIALPP1042
212PMD 48-30 DX38 PYRAMID screenDX-A35
213PMD 48-30 DX50 PYRAMID screenDX-A45
214PMD 48-30 DX84 PYRAMID screenDX-A70
215PMD 48-30 DX110 PYRAMID screenDX-A80
216PMD 48-30 DX140 PYRAMID screenDX-A100
217PMD 48-30 DX175 PYRAMID screenDX-A140
218PMD 48-30 DX210 PYRAMID screenDX-A140F
219PMD 48-30 DX210 PYRAMID screenDX-A200
M/D Drilling Instrumentation
220W15 Hydraulic fluid
Tubular Handling Tools
221Elevator, Drill Pipe, Type MGG, 3-1/2″, 250 Ton, 18 DEG,
222Elevator, Drill Pipe, Type GG, 5″, 250 Ton, 18 DEG,
223Slips,Rotary, Drill Pipe, 3-1/2″, SDXL with Inserts15522
224Slips,Rotary, Drill Pipe, 5″, SDXL with Inserts15516
225Inserts, Drill Pipe Slips, 3-1/2″, Type SDXL15522
226Inserts, Drill Pipe Slips, 5″, Type SDXL15516
227Inserts, Slips, Casing, 13-3/8″, CMS-XL
228Inserts, Slips, Casing, 20″, CMS-XL
229Inserts, Slips, Drill Pipe, 5-1/2″, for 500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
230Inserts, Slips, Casing, 7″, for  500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
231Inserts, Slips, Casing, for 9-5/8″, 500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
232Inserts,Slips, Casing, for 13-3/8″, 500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
233Handle,Slips Right Hand
234Handle,Slips Left Hand
235Handle,Slips Center Hand
236Cotter,Pin For Hand Slips
237Pin,Handle For Hand Slips
238Retainer, Inserts For Hand Slips W/ Bolts and Nuts
239Pin, Hinge For 3-1/2″ Rotary Slips Type SDXL
240Pin, Hinge For 5″ Rotary Slips Type SDXL
241Inserts,Drill Collar, 4-3/4″ Set Circullar
242Inserts,Drill Collars, 6-1/2″ Set Circullar
243Inserts,Drill Collar, 8-1/4″, Set Circullar
244Inserts, Drill Collar, 9-1/2″ Set, Circullar
245Pin,Hinge For Drill Collar Slips
246Pin,Handle For Drill Collar Slips
Recommended 6 Months’ Spare Parts for NWD Rig109 (BOMCO)
1Water/Air swivelAF0000030100
2Brake Linings ( Pads )AF700104-030103
3Caliper Sealing Rings(KG80/BG80 four per each )
4friction disk (inside and outside,each 4 piece)WG00920832
8Shock resistance double scale pressure gauge Y-60N 0~1.6MPa380202051160006038
9O-ring Φ50 x 3.1530301190600031001
10O-ring Φ45×3.1530301190450031001
11Combined gasket 48530402048001020000
12Filter screen HX-250 x 180W512605510072501000
13Hose Joint Φ16 x Φ28520901150004020000
14Hose Joint Φ10 x Φ19520901150003020000
15 Joint NPT1/2-M22X1.5520901150014020000
16 Joint R1/4-M16X1.5520901150009020000
17 Joint R1/2-M16X1.5520901150016020000
19O-matic valveFP-L6A512704070200050600
20Air hose Φ10 x Φ19140501050100100000
21Air hose Φ16 x Φ28140501050160100000
22Pressure switch PEV-1/4-B512604051500030000
23Shuttle valve OS-1/4-B512704110400070602
24Rapid discharge valve NPT1/2512704070600100000
25Hose PAN-L12 x 1.75150204120020100500
26Hose PAN-L10 x 1.5150204120020200200
27Gauge, Pressure, YTN-60-0.6, JC70DB DrawworksYTN-60-0.6
28O-ring 35 x 3.1530301190350031000
29O-ring 24 x 2.4530301190240024000
F-1600L Mud pump unitization (for one mup pump)
30Double-lip seal 5"x 6.25″x 0.625″AH1301010406
31Liner 7AH000003033800
32Liner 6 1/2AH000003033600
33Liner 6AH000003033400
34Liner 5 1/2AH000003033300
35Liner 5AH000003033200
36Piston 7L-2T504-014.00
37Piston 6 1/2L-2T504-012.00
38Piston 6B-2T504-010.00
39Piston 5 1/2 B-2T504-008.00
40Piston 5B-2T504-006.00
41Piston rod(API SA-4)AH1301020504
42Valve springAH00000101
43Valve assembly API 7 throughAH0000020300
44Liner sealAH1301010512
45Valve cover sealAH1301010510
47Piston assy.AH000006010300
48Shear pinAH0000060111
49Crosshead extensionAH1301010409
50Lower guideAH1301010412
51Valve guide(lower)AH1001010510
52Valve guide(upper)AH130101050500
53Electric spray pump c/w motor260101010922200028
54Combined V-belt140302025408000000
55Gear Oil Pump device c/w motor512601010055004014
57Packing gland set
58Oil auge
SL450 Swivel
59Washpipe assemblyAD450001-0500
Driller’s control cabin
60Microphone FD-MKF369902060010020000
61Loudspeaker FD-LB369902070020020000
62Acoustic-optic alarm lamp XD37(SLC)-MRDC24340702061000402000
63DC circuit indication lamp XB2BVB4C340702060700102000
64General circuit indication lamp XB2BVF4C340702062100011000
65Start-up buttonXB2BW33M1C330109020811100000
66Stopbutton XB2BA4342C330109020811100000
67Option switch XB2BD21C330109031100100000
68Self-reseting three position option switch XB2BD53C330109031100100000
69Normally open contact ZB2BE101C330109031200100000
70Explosion-proof plug & socket 60YT/GZ-5330399060050000000
71Explosion-proof plug & socket  15YT/YZ-3330399060030020000
72Explosion-proof plug & socket 15YT/GZ-3330399060020020000
73Plug & socket WB-E-18-1-P/S340802390020050000
74Single pin tube 110V/60HZ 20W340703410102011000
75Quick release Hose JointФ10 x Ф19520901150106010000
76Shockproof Pressure gauge YN60ZT(0~1.6)380207011162506015
77Shockproof Pressure gauge YN60ZT(0~1.0)380207011102506015
78Differential pressure switch huba604 E011011380605040070060000
79Differential pressure switch   huba604 E111011380605040070050000
Well mechanized tool
80Torque meter for make upDia. for meter screen: 100mm
81Torque meter for break outDia. for meter screen: 100mm
82Oil-filter ScreenTFX-400X180
83Oil-filter ScreenFBX-400X30
84Pressure type signal indicatorCYB-1
85Suction oil filterTF-400X180F-Y
86Oil return filterRFB-400X30F-Y
87O-ring 8.5 x 1.8GB3452.1-92
88O-ring 63 x 3.1GB1235-76
89O-ring 20 x 2.4GB1235-76
90O-ring 24 x 2.4GB1235-76
91O-ring 30 x 3.1GB1235-76
92O-ring 33 x 3.1GB1235-76
93O-ring 40 x 3.1GB1235-76
94O-ring 45 x 3.1GB1235-76
95Combined gasket 14JB982-77
96Combined gasket 18JB982-77
97Combined gasket 27JB982-77
98Combined gasket 33JB982-77
99Combined gasket 42JB982-77
100Combined gasket 48JB982-77
101Filter coreTFX-63X100
102Filter coreSPX-06X25
103Filter coreHDX-63X30
104Shock resistance pressure gauge(0-10MPa)YN-60
105O-ring 11 x 1.9GB1235-76
106O-ring 240 x 5.7GB1235-76
107O-ring 5 x 1.8GB3452.1-92
108O-ring 48 x 3.55GB3452.1-92
109Combined gasket 22JB982-77
110Plunger pumpDP14R-310C
111O-ring 12 x 1.9GB1235-76
112O-ring 35 x 3.1GB1235-76
113Normally open brake KG-80WG05211104
114Normally close brake BG-80BWG05211111
115Shock resistance pressure gauge YN60-Ⅲ(0-10MPa)380207012102506044
116O-ring 8 x 1.9GB1235-76
5T air winch
117Brake band with beltXJFH5/35
118Brake beltXJFH-5
Well site lighting system
119Non-spark plug & socket500V 15A YZ/YT(2P3W)
120Non-spark plug & socket500V 15A YZ/GT(2P3W)
121Non-spark plug & socket500V 15AYZ/GT(3P4W)
122Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(2P3W)
123Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/GT(2P3W)
124Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(3P4W)
125Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(3P5W)
126Non-spark plug & socket500V 60AYZ/GT(3P4W)
127Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/YT(3P4W)
128Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/GT(3P4W)
129Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/YT(3P5W)
130Non-spark plug & socket500V 150AYZ/GT(3P4W)
131Explosion-proof fluorescent lampGBYL-2*40/A120
132Explosion-proof fluorescent lampGBYL-Y2*40/A120
133Single pin tubeTXL33/40W
134Explosion-proof acousto-optical obstacle lightBBJ-PWF2
Mud control system
135LT butterfly valve12″ extension bar
136LT butterfly valve10″extension bar
137LT butterfly valve8″extension bar
138LT butterfly valve12″
139Couple clamp butterfly valve10″
140Couple clamp butterfly valve8″
141Couple clamp butterfly valve6″
142Couple clamp butterfly valve4″
143Couple clamp butterfly valve3″
144Couple clamp butterfly valve2-1/2″
145Couple clamp butterfly valve2″
146Flexiable connector8″
147Flexiable connector6″
148Flexiable connector4″
149Flexiable connector3″
150Flexiable connector2-1/2″
151Union hose3″
152Union rubeer ring12″
153Union rubeer ring10″
154Union rubeer ring8″
155Casing union ring12″
156Casing union ring10″
157Casing union ring8″
158Casing union ring6″
High pressure manifold
159valve DN100WG06010303
160valve DN50(1502)WG06010105
161Hose L=12200,35MPAGH700002-1700
162Hose L=19000,35MPAGH700002-3000
163Hose L=22500,35MPAGH700002-3100
164Hose assy.L=5000GH700002-2900
165O-ring φ147×10T517-612.04
166O-ring φ89×7T517-611.04
LS12-50HP compressor
168ELEMENT. FILTER250025-526
169ELEM,FLTRMOIST. SEP.02250081-108
VFD/MCC Control system
170Power limit unit
171Indicating lamp6.3V
172Indicating lamp18V, 6W,(grounding test lamp)
173Indicating lampIC9/24,24V
174Indicating lamp1C9/120,120V
175Indicating lamp130V(Sync.lamp)
176Indicating lampCE220/240 ,2.6W
177Indicating lampXB2-EV444,220V(green)
178Indicating lampXB2-EV443,220V(red)
179Indicating lampP9XUIRD0(white)
180Indicating lampP9XUVRD(green)
181Indicating lampP9XURRD0(red)
182Indicating lampP9XUGRD0(yellow)
185Micro-active switchYSL2-15C
186Fuse1A ,690V
187Fuse2A ,690V
188Fuse4A ,690V
189Fuse6A ,690V
190Fuse10A ,690V
191Fuse15A ,690V
192Fuse4A,with 3852
193Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-25A/YT-25A
194Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-60A/YT-60A
195Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-100A/YT-100A
196Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-150A/YT-150A
197Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-200A/YT-200A
198Two-core plug/receptacleP20K2HJG-1/P20J2MQJG
199Three-core plug/receptacleP20K3HJG-1/P20J3MQJG
200Four-core plug/receptacleP28K9QJG/P28J9MQJG
201Four-core plug/receptacleP28K10QJG/P2810MQJG
202Seven-core plug/receptacleP28K4QJG/P28J4MQJG
203Twenty-core plug/receptacle16YT-20J/16GZ-20K
204AC contactorLC1-D3201M5C
205AC contactorLC1-D4011M5C
206AC contactorLC1-D5011M5C
207AC contactorLC1-D11500M5C
208AC contactorLC1-D15000M7C
209FUSE LINK170M8650
210FUSE LINK170M2673
CCTV System
213Camera BolinX27
FLC2000 Shale shaker & mud cleaner
2144″ cone assembly (standard)10523-12
215Gauge, press-100 PSI 4″ DIAL.250NPTUI40-450FG02L
216Cone assy., desander-10″6066-51
217Gauge, press-0 to 200 PSI 2.500 DIALPP1042
218PMD 48-30 DX38 PYRAMID screenDX-A35
219PMD 48-30 DX50 PYRAMID screenDX-A45
220PMD 48-30 DX84 PYRAMID screenDX-A70
221PMD 48-30 DX110 PYRAMID screenDX-A80
222PMD 48-30 DX140 PYRAMID screenDX-A100
223PMD 48-30 DX175 PYRAMID screenDX-A140
224PMD 48-30 DX210 PYRAMID screenDX-A140F
225PMD 48-30 DX210 PYRAMID screenDX-A200
M/D Drilling Instrumentation
226W15 Hydraulic fluid
Tubular Handling Tools
227Elevator, Drill Pipe, Type MGG, 3-1/2″, 250 Ton, 18 DEG,
228Elevator, Drill Pipe, Type MGG, 5″, 250 Ton, 18 DEG,
229Slips,Rotary, Drill Pipe, 3-1/2″, SDML with Inserts15522
230Slips,Rotary, Drill Pipe, 5″, SDXL with Inserts15516
231Inserts, Drill Pipe Slips, 3-1/2″, Type SDML15522
232Inserts, Drill Pipe Slips, 5″, Type SDXL15516
233Inserts, Slips, Casing, 13-3/8″, CMS-XL
234Inserts, Slips, Casing, 20″, CMS-XL
235Inserts, Slips, Drill Pipe, 5-1/2″, for 500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
236Inserts, Slips, Casing, 7″, for  500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
237Inserts, Slips, Casing, for 9-5/8″, 500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
238Inserts,Slips, Casing, for 13-3/8″, 500 Ton Spider Slip Elevator
239Handle,Slips Right Hand
240Handle,Slips Left Hand
241Handle,Slips Center Hand
242Cotter,Pin For Hand Slips
243Pin,Handle For Hand Slips
244Retainer, Inserts For Hand Slips W/ Bolts and Nuts
245Pin, Hinge For 3-1/2″ Rotary Slips Type SDML
246Pin, Hinge For 5″ Rotary Slips Type SDXL
247Inserts,Drill Collar, 4-3/4″ Set Circullar  (DCS-R4.1/2″-6″)
248Inserts,Drill Collars, 6-1/2″ Set Circullar (DCS-R5.1/2″-7″)
249Inserts,Drill Collar, 8-1/4″, Set Circullar (DCS-L 6.3/4″-8.1/4″)
250Inserts, Drill Collar, 9-1/2″ Set, Circullar (DCS-L8.1/2″-10″)
251Pin,Hinge For Drill Collar Slips
252Pin,Handle For Drill Collar Slips
Recommended two years’spare parts for one  ZJ70DB rig  (BOMCO)
Section 1Drawworks
1Oil seal PD260 x 300 x 20530301142603002024
2Water and air instrumentaion deviceAF0000010600
3Water/Air swivelAF0000030100
4Wireline block  pulleyT105-001.00
5Wireline clampφ38T100-006.00B1
6Complete Brake Cylinder (KG80/BG80 one per each )
7Hydraulic Hoses
8Brake Linings ( Pads )AF700104-030103
9Caliper Sealing Rings(KG80/BG80 four per each )
10Complete Set Butterfly Springs ( Emmergency Brake.)
11Push disc clutch(ATD327)WG00920831
12friction disk (inside and outside,each 4 piece)WG00920832
15O-ring 20 x 2.4530301010200024008
16Oil seal PD100 x 130 x 12AF700201-01042009
17Oil seal PD 40 x 65 x 12530301140400651224
18Oil seal PD 50 x 70 x 12530301140500701224
19O-ring 90 x 5.3530301010900053000
20Bearing 6218430107000621800000
21Bearing 6208430107000620800000
22Overflow nozzleT007-001.00
25Pressure sensor BSCYG9010-1.0380210100010000000
26Shock resistance double scale pressure gauge Y-60N 0~1.6MPa380202051160006038
27Gear oil pump LBZ-125BSC512601010072012000
28O-ring Φ50 x 3.1530301190600031001
29O-ring Φ45×3.1530301190450031001
30Red Copper pipe Φ10 x 1051102010100010002
31Combined gasket 48530402048001020000
32O-ring Φ35 x 3.1530301190350031000
33O-ring Φ30 x 3.1530301190300031000
34Filter screen HX-250 x 180W512605510072501000
35Hose Joint Φ16 x Φ28520901150004020000
36Hose Joint Φ10 x Φ19520901150003020000
37 Joint NPT1/2-M22X1.5520901150014020000
38 Joint R1/4-M16X1.5520901150009020000
39 Joint R1/2-M16X1.5520901150016020000
41O-matic valveFP-L6A512704070200050600
42Air hose Φ10 x Φ19140501050100100000
43Air hose Φ16 x Φ28140501050160100000
44Pressure switch PEV-1/4-B512604051500030000
45Shuttle valve OS-1/4-B512704110400070602
46Rapid discharge valve NPT1/2512704070600100000
47Ratary air guide union XJ-L15520902900200003015
48Joint NPT1/2520203080200150000
49Air horn QF66-GF74561122090000010100
50Right-angle joint QSL-1/4-10520902040102200600
51Straightway  joint QS-1/4-10520902040101400600
52Straightway joint QS-3/8-12520902040104500900
53Right-angle  joint QSL-3/8-10520902040103700900
54Tee QST-10520902040100400800
55Joint QSSF-1/4-10-B520902040102000600
56Joint QSSF-1/2-12-B520902040101901200
57Straightway  joint QS-1/2-12520902040101701200
58Hose PAN-L12 x 1.75150204120020100500
59Hose PAN-L10 x 1.5150204120020200200
60Valve terminal single valve piece HCPV18-M1H-30LS-3GLS-1/4176070
61Valve terminal single valve piece CCPV18-M1H-2 x 3-GLS-1/4163189
62Bolt M36×160AF700303-37
63Bolt M36×120AF700303-20
64Bolt M36×125AF700303-12
65Blocking nut M36-8-Zn.D420421016360400000
66Nut M36-6-Zn.D420402016360300000
67Nut M36-8-Zn.D420402026360400000
74Oil sealTC210*250*16
75Oil sealTC100*125*13
76Oil sealTC80*110*12
82Shaft retainerGB894.2-86/B type 100
83Shaft retainerGB894.2-86/B type 38
84Hole retainerGB893.1-86/A type 180
85Gear wheelTC1-5/20M3D38
86Gear wheelTC2-2/128M3D80
87Self-aligning rolling bearing 22334CA/W33170 x 360 x 120
88Self-aligning rolling bearing 22340CC/W33200 x 420 x 138
89Self-aligning rolling bearing 23248CA/W33240 x 440 x 160
90Quatre contact ball bearing QJ228N2MA140 x 250 x 42
91Cylindrical rolling bearing NU2228ECML140 x 250 x 68
92Cylindrical rolling bearing NU2236M180 x 380 x 126
93O-ring165 x 3.55
94O-ring175 x 3.55
95O-ring365 x 7
96O-ring387 x 7
97O-ring412 x 7
98Self-aligning rolling bearing 22340CC/W33200 x 420 x 138
99Self-aligning rolling bearing 23248CA/W33240 x 440 x 160
100Quatre contact ball bearing QJ228N2MA140 x 250 x 42
101Cylindrical rolling bearing NU2228ECML140 x 250 x 68
102O-ring136 x 3.55
103O-ring224 x 5.3
104O-ring250 x 5.3
105O-ring236 x 5.3
106O-ring450 x 7
107O-ring425 x 7
108FilterC-M90 x 2
109KF type pressure switchKF-L8/14E
110Pressure gaugeYTN-60-0.6
Section 2Rotary table drive unit
111Angular contact push ball bearing 1270×1050×1049.5×2202687/1049
112Self-alligning short cylindrical rolling bearing 150×320×108NU2330(32630)
113Self-alligning spherical rolling bearing 150×320×10822330(3630)
114Spring seal ring SG180×220×18HG4-692
115O-ring 1049.5 x 8.6AG3750010905
116O-ring 470 x 8.6AG3750011102
117Bearing 22226C/W33(Φ130 x Φ230 x 64)GB/T299-94
118Oil seal PG150 x 180 x 16HG4-692-67
119Chain 24S-4-106GB/T3638
120Drum couplingBA505301-0400
121Brake tong assy.BA505303-0500
122Stressing pump assy.BA505303-0600
123Hydraulic pipe assy.BA505303-0400
124Pin Φ20 x 105AZ502106-0111
125Clip Φ4 x 65T403-002
127Pin Φ50 x 185T404-05004
128Clip Φ6 x 120T403-003
129Pressure gaugeYN-60(0-1.6MPa)
131Gear pumpCB-B32
132Oil filterLXZ-100X180L-Y
133Overflow valveDBDH10P10/25
Section 3Substructure
134U type boltT420-005
135Pin Φ130 x 640T405-13003
136Pin Φ60 x 170T405-06025
137Pin Φ35 x 400T404-03512
138Pin Φ100 x 410T404-10009
139Pin Φ130 x 410T404-13009
140Pin Φ100 x 330T404-10005
141Pin Φ100 x 390T405-10007
142Pin Φ70 x 250T404-07007
143Pin Φ50 x 205T404-05006
144Pin Φ35 x 140T404-03504
145Pin Φ50 x 370T405-05015
146Pin Φ40 x 100T404-04013
147Pin Φ50 x 215T404-05007
148Clip 8 x 180T403-005
149Clip 6 x 120T403-003
150Clip 4 x 65T403-002
151Pin Φ63 × 170DZ475301-0617
152Joint NPT3/8-M18 x 1.5520901140307020100
153Lock nut M18 x 1.5520901140103020100
154Joint NPT1/4-M16 x 1.5520901140303020100
155Lock nut M16 x 1.5520901140102020100
156Joint NPT3/4-M30 x 1.5520901140214020100
157Joint NPT1-M45 x 2520901140219020100
158Joint NPT1/4-M16 x 1.5520901140203020100
159Joint NPT3/8-M18 x 1.5520901140207020100
160Joint NPT3/8-M16 x 1.5520901140206020100
161O-ring 35 x 3.1530301190350031029
162O-ring 24 x 2.4530301190240024029
163Cylinder 140/100-680512606050100000002
164Cylinder 125/80-1000512606050090000000
165Female joint NPT3/4520901040720190120
166Dust proof plug 3/4520901040820002000
167Female joint NPT1520901040725250120
168Dust proof plug 1520901040825002000
169Dust proof plug 1/4520901040806002000
170Female joint NPT1/4520901040706060120
171Dust proof plug 3/8520901040810002000
172Female joint NPT3/8520901040710100120
173Dust proof plug 1/4520901040806003000
174Male joint NPT1/4520901040706060130
175Dust proof plug3/8520901040810003000
176Male joint NPT3/8520901040710100130
177O-ring 12 x 1.9530301190120019029
178O-ring 11 x 1.9530301190110019029
Section 4F-1600L Mud pump unitization (for one mup pump)
179Double-lip seal 5"x 6.25″x 0.625″AH1301010406
180Oil seal ringAH1301010405
181Seal gasketAH1301010411
182Mud apronAH1301010408
183O-ring 125 x 7530301011250070007
184O-ring 160 x 7530301011600070007
185O-ring 190 x 3.55530301011900035507
186O-ring 245 x 7530301013450070007
187O-ring 185 x 7530301011850070007
188O-ring 200 x 7530301012000070007
189O-ring 95 x 5.3530301010950053007
190Rubber 40 x 10 x 5800140601061000000000
191Liner 7AH000003033800
192Liner 6 1/2AH000003033600
193Liner 6AH000003033400
194Liner 5 1/2AH000003033300
195Liner 5AH000003033200
196Piston 7L-2T504-014.00
197Piston 6 1/2L-2T504-012.00
198Piston 6B-2T504-010.00
199Piston 5 1/2 B-2T504-008.00
200Piston 5B-2T504-006.00
201Piston rod(API SA-4)AH1301020504
202Piston nut 1 1/2-8UNT501-303.00
203O-ring 41.2×3.55530301010412035507
204Valve assembly API 7 throughAH0000020300
205Valve insertAH000002030103
206Valve springAH00000101
207Liner sealAH1301010508
208Liner sealAH1301010512
209Valve cover sealAH1301010510
210Suction pulsationAH0000050101
212Piston assy.AH000006010300
214Shear pinAH0000060111
215Piston rodAH0000060105
216Crosshead extensionAH1301010409
217Lower guideAH1301010412
218Cross headAH1301020401
219Wear plateAH1301020503
220Clamp assemblyAH130102050600
221Valve guide(lower)AH1001010510
222Valve guide(upper)AH130101050500
223Seal gasketAH13010113
224Seal gasketAH10010109
225Seal gasketAH10010116
226Electric spray pump c/w motor260101010922200028
227Combined V-belt140302025408000000
228Gear Oil Pump device c/w motor512601010055004014
229Sleeve shaft
230Mechanical seal
231Oil seal  65*90*12
233Packing gland set
234Pin and sheath loop
235Bearing 7341ACM
236Bearing 6341
238Cover of seal
239Special spanner
240Oil auge
Section 5YC450 Travelling block
241Bearing 37961K304.8×393.7×107.95
Section 6DG450 Hook
242Top springWG00345006
243Inner springWG00345007
244External springWG00345008
245O-ring 28×3.5D4-6-66
246O-ring 90×5.7D4-6-66
247O-ring 100×5.7D4-6-66
Section 7SL450 Swivel
248Washpipe assemblyAD450001-0500
249Mud packingAD450001-0505B1
251Bushing ring(upper)AD450001-0506B1
252Bushing ring(lower)AD450001-0508B1
253O-ring 109 x 5.3530301011090053001
254O-ring 125 x 5.3530301011250053001
255Inner friction plate blockAD450001-220700B1
256Outer friction plate blockAD450001-220800B1
257Oil seal PD 220 x 260 x 18530301142202601824
258Oil seal PD 250 x 290 x 18530301142502901824
259O-ring 545 x 8.63530301015450086001
260O-ring 136 x 8.63530301011360086001
261O-ring 150 x 8.63530301181500086001
262O-ring 109 x 5.33530301011090053001
Section 8Air system
263Gasket Φ20T001-1703
264 Joint M62 x 3-R1 1/2″T001-0118
265 Joint M62 x 3-M62 x 3T001-0204
266Joint M22 x 1.5-M24 x 1.5T001-0506
267 Joint  M48 x 2-M62 x 3T001-0603
268 Joint M48 x 2-R2T001-0703
269Straight-angle Joint M16 x 1.5-M10 x 1T001-2401
270Guiding pulleyT002-100.00
271Guiding shaftT002-101.00
272Ear seatT002-102.00
273Crown saver TFPQWG04920215
274Ball valve Rc1/2〞441205010016380133
275Ball valve  Rc1〞441205010016380253
276Ball valve  Rc2〞441205010016380503
277Two-position three-way valve  K23JK-F40512704240000144000
278Rapid escape valve G3/8512704070600120004
279Auto-draw off valve AD400-04512705090000100400
280Air hose Φ10 x Φ19140503070100101900
281Air hose Φ16 x Φ28140503070160102800
282Air hose Φ25 x Φ35140503070250100000
283Air hose Φ51 x Φ63140503070510100000
284Hose Joint Φ10 x Φ19520901150003020000
285Hose Joint Φ16 x Φ28520901150004020000
286Hose Joint Φ25 x Φ35520901150005020000
287Hose Joint Φ51 x Φ63520901150006020000
288Hammer type hose joint Φ25 x Φ35520901150007020000
289Hammer type hose joint Φ51 x Φ63520901150008020000
290Rapid hose Joint Φ10 x Φ19520901150106020000
291 Joint  M22 x 1.5520901150050020000
292 Joint  M16 x 1.5-R1/4520901150009020000
293 Joint  R1/2-M22 x 1.5520901150010020000
294 Joint  Rc1/2-M22 x 1.5520901150103020000
295 Joint M39 x 2-R1520901150011020000
296 Joint M62 x 3-R2520901150012020000
297 Joint Rc2-M62 x 3520901150105020000
298Combined gasket  10530402020001010000
299Combined gasket  48530402020001048000
300Male joint Rc1/4″-Rc1/2″520203044008401502
301Elbow Rc1/2″520207050400150002
302Female joint R1/2″520203080300150002
303Female joint R1/2″-R1″520203090025001502
304Elbow Rc1″520204050400250002
305Female joint R1″520203080300250002
306Male joint Rc1″520203030400250002
307Tee  Rc1″520209050400250002
308Plug R1″520204020300250002
309Tee Rc2″-Rc1/2″520209064050401502
310Male joint Rc1″-Rc2″520203044025405002
311Tee Rc2″-Rc1″520209064050402502
312Male joint Rc2″520203030400500002
313Elbow Rc2″520207050400500002
314Female joint R2″520203080300500002
315Tee Rc2″520209050400500002
316Cone-shaped adjustable joint Rc 2″520201040400500002
317Plug R2″520204020300500002
318Clamp 8KT061403010080200000
319Drilling line Φ7.5 x 60000 6 x 7 (H6)040301010301200753
Section 9Driller’s control cabin
320Circuit breaker  5SX2650-7CC330102060030050000
321Circuit breaker  5SX2206-7CC330102060130150000
322DC breaker  5SX5216-7330102060120140000
323Circuit breaker 5SX2216-7CC330102060090110000
324Circuit breaker 5SX2208-7CC330102060110130000
325AC contactor 3TF4510-0XG1330103010724508000
326Thermorelay 3UA5940-2E330401172001101000
327AC contactor 3TF3200-0XG1330103010723209000
328AC contactor 3TF3000-0XG1330103010723009000
329Microphone FD-MKF369902060010020000
330Loudspeaker FD-LB369902070020020000
331Acoustic-optic alarm lamp XD37(SLC)-MRDC24340702061000402000
332DC circuit indication lamp XB2BVB4C340702060700102000
333General circuit indication lamp XB2BVF4C340702062100011000
334Start-up buttonXB2BW33M1C330109020811100000
335Stopbutton XB2BA4342C330109020811100000
336Option switch XB2BD21C330109031100100000
337Self-reseting three position option switch XB2BD53C330109031100100000
338Normally open contact ZB2BE101C330109031200100000
339Explosion-proof plug & socket 60YT/GZ-5330399060050000000
340Explosion-proof plug & socket  15YT/YZ-3330399060030020000
341Explosion-proof plug & socket 15YT/GZ-3330399060020020000
342Plug & socket WB-E-18-1-P/S340802390020050000
343Single pin tube 110V/60HZ 20W340703410102011000
344Joint G1/4-G1/4520902070300200000
345Sleeve 10520901150083010000
346Nut M16X1.5520901150069020000
347Quick release Hose JointФ10 x Ф19520901150106010000
348Air hose Φ10 x 19140501020100100000
349Air horn GF66-GF74561122090000010100
350Tee M16 x 1.5T001-4002
351Pressure sensor S100-10-20mA380210100170000000
352Pressure gauge joint R1/4-M16 x 1.5520901140503020100
353Joint R1/4-M16 x 1.5520901150009020000
354Shockproof Pressure gauge YN60ZT(0~1.6)380207011162506015
355Shockproof Pressure gauge YN60ZT(0~1.0)380207011102506015
356Stainless steel ball valve           Q11F-16P DN6440305011104164006
357Nut M14X1.5520901140101020100
358Straight joint NPT1/4-M14 x 1.5T001-4301
359Pressure transmitter BSCYG9010-20380210100020000000
360Copper pipe Φ10 x 1051102020100010001
361Emergency button XB2BS542C330109020811100700
362Option switch XB2BD25C330109031100100700
363Explsoin-proof plug & socket 16YT-20J/16GZ-20K340802390270240000
364Gland HSM-EX-M40 x 1.5330209070010140000
365Two-position three-way explosion proof magnetic valve ND7512704140600010000
366Explosion proof magnetic coil 24VDC512705040600202000
367Cross Rc3/4520210040400200003
368Two-position three-way air control valve ND12512704240600200000
369Stainless steel ball valve Rc3/4441205010016380203
370Red copper pipe Ф16 x 1.5 with 10m051102010160015002
371Tee M22 x 1.5G-R1/2-M22 x 1.5G520901150060020000
372Sleeve 16520901150086010000
373Nut M22 x 1.5520901150071010000
374Joint G1/2-G1/2520901016510080000
375Joint M22 x 1.5G-R1/2520901150010020000
376Insert joint QSSF-1/4-6-B520902040105000600
377Check valve GRA-1/4B512704050000090400
378Insert joint QSSF-1/4-10-B520901020930081260
379Inset right angle joint QSL-1/4-10520902040102200600
380Hose PUN-10 x 1.5-BL with 10m150204120020200200
381Insert tee QST-10520902040100400800
382Shuttle valve OS-1/4-B512704110400070602
383Insert straight joint QS-1/4-10520902040101400600
384English unit female joint R1/4520203080300080002
385Insert tee QST-1/4-10520902040106600600
386Air process dual connector LFR-1/4-D-5M-MINI512605520140080000
387Stainless steel ball valve Rc1/4440305011104164006
388Insert tee QST-6520902040102700600
389Hose PUN-6X1-BL with 10m150204120020200700
390Differential pressure switch huba604 E011011380605040070060000
391Differential pressure switch   huba604 E111011380605040070050000
392Front screen wiper assembly T-3ZA700101070270350000
393Switch for screen wiper T-3-Q700101070260340000
394Top screen wiper assemblyT-3-ZB700101070250330000
395Portable emergency explosion-proof light330305080106000200
Section 10Well mechanized tool
396gear pumpCBF-E25P
397Exproof motorYB2-225S-4-H B35
398Exproof motorYB2-802-4-H B35
399Explosion proof magnetic valveDHA0631/M24DC
400Throttle valveDVP20-3-10
401Throttle valveDVP10-3-10
402Overflow ValveDB20-1-50/315
403Pressure gauge MPa-psiYN-100
404Torque meter for make upDia. for meter screen: 100mm
405Torque meter for break outDia. for meter screen: 100mm
406Oil-filter ScreenTFX-400X180
407Oil-filter ScreenFBX-400X30
408Pressure type signal indicatorCYB-1
409Vacuum pressure sensorZKF-Ⅱ
410Suction oil filterTF-400X180F-Y
411Oil return filterRFB-400X30F-Y
412Exolosion proof tube type heaterSZY2-22/3
413Explosion proof hot resistanceWZP-24SAT4
414Liquid level thermometerYWZ-300T
415Liquid level relayYKJD24-350
416O-ring 8.5 x 1.8GB3452.1-92
417O-ring 63 x 3.1GB1235-76
418O-ring 20 x 2.4GB1235-76
419O-ring 24 x 2.4GB1235-76
420O-ring 30 x 3.1GB1235-76
421O-ring 33 x 3.1GB1235-76
422O-ring 40 x 3.1GB1235-76
423O-ring 45 x 3.1GB1235-76
424Combined gasket 14JB982-77
425Combined gasket 18JB982-77
426Combined gasket 27JB982-77
427Combined gasket 33JB982-77
428Combined gasket 42JB982-77
429Combined gasket 48JB982-77
430Filter coreTFX-63X100
431Filter coreSPX-06X25
432Filter coreHDX-63X30
433Shock resistance pressure gauge(0-10MPa)YN-60
434O-ring 11 x 1.9GB1235-76
435O-ring 20 x 2.4GB1235-76
436O-ring 24 x 2.4GB1235-76
437O-ring 30 x 3.1GB1235-76
438O-ring 240 x 5.7GB1235-76
439O-ring 5 x 1.8GB3452.1-92
440O-ring 48 x 3.55GB3452.1-92
441Combined gasket 14JB982-77
442Combined gasket 18JB982-77
443Combined gasket 22JB982-77
444Combined gasket 27JB982-77
445Combined gasket 33JB982-77
446Plunger pumpDP14R-310C
447Gear pumpCEF-E25P
448Explosion proof motor 460 V 60HZYB100L2-4 B35 3KW
449Explosion proof motor 460 V 60HZYB802-4 B35 0.75KW
450CouplingNL3 YA28X62/YA19.05X40
451CouplingNL2 YA19X40/YA20X40
452Overflow ValveDB10-1-30/100
453Check valveRVP8
454Check valveRVP10
456Explosion proof tube type heaterSZY2-22/3
457Explosion proof hot resistanceWZP-24SA T4
458Liquid level relayYKJD24-300
459Liquid level thermometerYWZ-200T
460Air cleanerC-M48X2
461Tool for chargeCQJ-16
463High pressure ball valveBKH-1/2NPT
464Low pressure ball valve3/4
465O-ring 11 x 1.9GB1235-76
466O-ring 12 x 1.9GB1235-76
467O-ring 24 x 2.4GB1235-76
468O-ring 35 x 3.1GB1235-76
469Rapid joint assy. NPT1/4520901040906060120
470Rapid joint assy. NPT3/8520901040910100120
471Rapid joint assy. NPT3/4520901040920190120
472Rapid joint assy. NPT1520901040925250120
473Cylinder 125/80-1000YG05-00
474Cylinder 140/100-680YG06-02
475High pressure hose 32I-13000JB1885-77
476High pressure hose 19Ⅲ-13000JB1885-77
477High pressure hose 8I-14000JB1885-77
478High pressure hose 10I-14000JB1885-77
479High pressure hose 8I-8000JB1885-77
480High pressure hose 10I-8000JB1885-77
481High pressure hose 8I-1800JB1885-77
482High pressure hose 10I-1800JB1885-77
483High pressure hose 8I-2800JB1885-77
484High pressure hose 10I-2800JB1885-77
485High pressure hose 8I-7500JB1885-77
486High pressure hose 10I-7500JB1885-77
487High pressure hose 8I-8500JB1885-77
488High pressure hose 10I-8500JB1885-77
489Over flow valve DB10-1-30-100U512604010002011000
490Manual reverse valve 4WMM10A10512604250000311000
491Pressure gauge YN-60ZT 25MPa380202012252506003
492Two-positio four way air reversal valve DK-1832/WGH512704240000290000
493Two-positio four way air reversal valve DK-183.1/2/WGH512704240000340000
494Ex-proof ratio brake valve KGZA/M-031/BT512704900000016000
495Electric control unit of brake valve E-MEACO1F/TLP23L/S330701010000010000
496Ex-proof single electric control magnetic valve MFH-3-1/8-EXD24512704140000080000
497Ex-proof single electric control magnetic valveMOFH-3-1/8-EXD24512704151500020300
498Air control reversing valve VL-5-1/8-B512704260400060602
499Parking button L89J-22XB/2-22K330109030522103000
500Emergency button A89J-22ZS/2-22R330109030122104000
501Pressure transmitter BSCYG9010B-10380210100050000000
502Shuttle valve OS-1/8-B512704110400100302
503Plastic air hose PUN-6×1-S1150204120020200701
504Normally open brake KG-80WG05211104
505Normally close brake BG-80BWG05211111
506Brake pieceAF700104-030103
507Bolt M12 x 52AF300307-010108
508Shock resistance pressure gauge YN60-Ⅲ(0-10MPa)380207012102506044
509Combined gasket 10530402020001010000
510Combined gasket 14530402020001014000
511Rapid joint assy.NPT1/2 PAV13(12,13)SPAV13(02,03)520901040913130000
512Rapid joint assy. NPT1/4  PAV06(12,13)SPAV06(02,03)520901040906060000
513Copper gasketT001-1701
514Shaft circlip 30420602021030160000
515Shaft circlip 40420602021040160000
516Shaft circlip 80420602021080160000
517O-ring 8 x 1.9GB1235-76
518O-ring 12 x 1.9GB1235-76
519O-ring 20 x 2.4GB1235-76
520High pressure hose 16II-4000140507011602000010
521High pressure hose10I-800140507011001000010
522High pressure hose10I-1500140507011001000010
523High pressure hose10I-2500140507011001000010
524O-ring 8 x 1.9530301190080019001
525O-ring 24 x 2.4530301190240024001
526O-ring 30 x 3.1530301190300031001
527O-ring 35 x 3.1530301190350031001
528Gasket Φ6 x Φ18T001-1702
529Rapid joint assy. NPT1/4520901040906060000
530Rapid joint assy. NPT3/4520901040920190120
531Rapid joint assy. NPT1520901040925250120
532Plunger pump A10VSO71DFR/31R-PPA12N00512603010008007100
533Explosion proof electric-hydro reverse valve DPHUA-2714/PA-GK24DC/WG512604240200032703
534Joint NPT 1-M45 x 2520901140219020100
535Joint NPT3/4-M30 x 1.5520901140214020100
536Joint  NPT1/4-M14 x 1.5520901140202020100
537Joint NPT1/4-M14x1.5520901140302020100
538High pressure hose 6I-6000140507010601060010
539High pressure hose 19III-7000140507011903070010
540High pressure hose 19III-2000140507011903020010
Section 11Mast
541Pin ø30 x 170T404-03008
542Pin ø30 x 150T404-03006
543Pin ø50 x 245T404-05010
544Pin ø90 x 720JJ74541546
545Pin ø100 x 370JJ74541544
546Pin ø50 x 185T404-05004
547Pin ø50 x 530JJ7454151407B1
548Pin ø50 x 275T404-05013
549Pin ø30 x 105T410-007
550Pin ø50 x 195T404-05005
551Pin ø120 x 800JJ7454154106
552Pin ø130 x 800JJ7454154105
553Pin ø130 x 650JJ7454154104
554U type clamp M42JJ745415-58
555Pin ø30 x 130T404-03004
556Pin ø130 x 470T404-13012
557Pin ø50 x 240 (including safety pin)JJ7454155700
558Pin ø65 x 300JJ7454153701
559Pin ø150 x 800JJ7454153101
560Safety pin ø20 x 180JJ7454153102
561Pin ø50 x 270JJ7454153501
562Safety pin ø20 x 90JJ7454153702
563Pin ø20 x 95T404-02003
564Pin ø30 x 130T404-03004
565Pin ø30 x 120T404-03003
566Pin ø30 x 105T410-007
Section 125T air winch
567Distribution assy.
568Brake band with beltXJFH5/35
569Brake beltXJFH-5
570Oil & gas ring
571Cylinder cover gasket
572Distribution valve cover gasket
573Distribution valve body gasket
Section 130.5T air winch
574PistonJQH-5 x 48
575Cylindr coverJQH-5 x 48
576Oil & gas ring
577Body gasket
578Gear box gasket
579Cylinder cover gasket
Section 14Crown block
580Bearing 37961K (oil bore shall inside of inner circle)430104030796100000
581Bearing 42316 (N316)430110040031600000
582Guided pulley Assy.AA450102-0100
Section 15BOP handling system
583Copper sleeveFY50-01.04.02
584Hoist line assy.FY50-09.02
585J2K-160Cycloid motor604-114
586Loosen buckling screwS-DX35-2
Section 16Hydraulic cathead
587Pressure welding stranded (non-rotary) wirelineGB1102-74
588Dust-proof ring 110 x 120 x 6/8DSI
589Yx Circlip for hole 180 x 165 x 9OSI
590Yx Circlip for shaft 110 x 125 x 9ISI
591Guide belt 25 x 2.5 x 353KD22-90
592O-ring 112 x 5.3GB3452.1-92
593O-ring 170 x 5.3GB3452.1-92
594O-ring 69 x 5.3GB3452.1-92
595O-ring 24 x 2.4GB1235-76
596Combined gasket 22JB982-77
597Combined gasket 27JB982-77
Section 17Well site lighting system
598Non-spark plug & socket500V 15A YZ/YT(2P3W)
599Non-spark plug & socket500V 15A YZ/GT(2P3W)
600Non-spark plug & socket500V 15AYZ/GT(3P4W)
601Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(2P3W)
602Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/GT(2P3W)
603Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(3P4W)
604Non-spark plug & socket500V 25AYZ/YT(3P5W)
605Non-spark plug & socket500V 60AYZ/GT(3P4W)
606Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/YT(3P4W)
607Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/GT(3P4W)
608Non-spark plug & socket500V 100AYZ/YT(3P5W)
609Non-spark plug & socket500V 150AYZ/GT(3P4W)
610High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*35+1*16-125℃
611High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*25+1*10-125℃
612High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*16+1*10-125℃
613High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*6+1*4-125℃
614High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-4*6+1*4-125℃
615High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*4+1*2.5-125℃
616High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*2.5+1*1.5-125℃
617High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*2.5-125℃
618High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-3*1.5-125℃
619High temperature rubber flexible cableTXX-1000V-4*1.5-125℃
620Explosion-proof buttonLA53-2
621Explosion-proof magnetic starterBQD55
622Explosion-proof fluorescent lampGBYL-2*40/A120
623Explosion-proof fluorescent lampGBYL-Y2*40/A120
624Single pin tubeTXL33/40W
625Explosion-proof acousto-optical obstacle lightBBJ-PWF2
626explosion-proof junction boxBAH-C/20W
627Schenider breakerNS100N/3P 100A
628Schenider breakerP65N/D25-3P
629Schenider breakerP65N/C25-2P
630Siemens contactor3PF-4511-0XV0
631Siemens thermal relay3UA-5900-27
632Copper joint400A
633Copper joint401A
634Copper joint300A
Section 18Mud control system
63512″ ImpellerSB00-01
636 pump caseSB00-02
637Shaft sleeve 52×63×100SB00-03
638Oil seal 63×85×10SB00-04
639Packing 12×12SB00-05
640Oil seal 63.5×88.9×9.53SB00-06
641Oil seal 52×70×10SB00-07
642Bearing 2313SB00-08
643Bearing 7311B/DFSB00-09
644drive rubber 80×200×28SB00-10
645Bearing E307BJ00-01
646Oil seal 35×60×12BJ00-02
647Packing 10×10BJ00-03
648drive rubber 56×108×24BJ00-04
649Bearing E307QS00-01
650Oil seal 35×60×12QS00-02
652drive rubber 46×94×18QS00-04
653drive rubber 75×150×25JBQ-01
654LT butterfly valve12″ extension bar
655LT butterfly valve10″extension bar
656LT butterfly valve8″extension bar
657LT butterfly valve12″
658Couple clamp butterfly valve10″
659Couple clamp butterfly valve8″
660Couple clamp butterfly valve6″
661Couple clamp butterfly valve4″
662Couple clamp butterfly valve3″
663Couple clamp butterfly valve2-1/2″
664Couple clamp butterfly valve2″
665Flexiable connector8″
666Flexiable connector6″
667Flexiable connector4″
668Flexiable connector3″
669Flexiable connector2-1/2″
670Union hose3″
671Union rubeer ring12″
672Union rubeer ring10″
673Union rubeer ring8″
674Casing union ring12″
675Casing union ring10″
676Casing union ring8″
677Casing union ring6″
Section 19High pressure manifold
678valve DN100WG06010303
679valve DN50(1502)WG06010105
680Hose L=12200,35MPAGH700002-1700
681Hose L=19000,35MPAGH700002-3000
682Hose L=22500,35MPAGH700002-3100
683Hose assy.L=5000GH700002-2900
684O-ring φ147×10T517-612.04
685O-ring φ89×7T517-611.04
Section 20Wireline guider
687Bearing 6305-R5430107000630500001
688B-type retainer for hole φ62420602031062160000
689B-type retainer for shaft φ25420602021025160000
690Roller shaftAZ000001010201
Section 21Mobile grease units
691SGZ-8 type mobile manual lubrication pump512605070000100000
692Grease fitting joint IIT106-006.03
693Grease fitting joint IT106-009.02
694Hose joint φ10 x φ19T106-009.04.00
695Hose joint φ10 x φ19, L=4.5m140501050100100000
Section 22JZG41 Dead line anchor
696Sensor diaphragm
697Hydraulic oil
Section 23LS12-50HP compressor
700KIT. SEPARATOR02250100-755
701KIT. SEPARATOR02250100-756
702ELEMENT. FILTER250025-526
704KIT. SEAL REPAIR (OLD 248306)001177
705KIT. CAP MPV02250046-396
706KIT. O-RING M.P. VALVE02250048-363
707KIT. PISTON MPV02250051-337
710KIT. BLOWDOWN FOR (250030-276)02250045-132
711VALVE,SOL 3WNO 1/4 8320G192250038-666
712VALVE,SOL 3WNO 1/4250038-673
713KIT. REPL COIL250031-738
716VLV,CHK 1/402250050-363
717ELEM,FLTRMOIST. SEP.02250081-108
718FLTR.CONTROL AIR 1/4 NPT     KB02250112-032
Section 241T air winch
719Manual control valve
Section 25Wireline spooler
720Manual reverse valve 34SM-L20H-W/T
721Hydraulic motor BM50-250
722O-ring 24×2.4GB1235.76
723O-ring 30×3.1GB1235.76
724Joint M30×1.5-M30×1.5
725Joint M42×2-M36×2
726Joint M45×2-M36×2
Section 26Common parts
727567 Letai glue170506020100567000
728406 Letai glue170506010100406000
729609 seal glue170522010306090000
730242 seal glue170506010100242000
731243 Letai glue170506010100243000
732609 seal glue170522010306090000
733raw band530201470025000000
Section 27Oil, water and air system
734Male joint NPT2″520203030200500002
735Hammar pipe joint Φ51 x Φ63520901150008020000
736Joint M62 x 3-NPT2″520901150212020000
73745°English unit elbow NPT2″520207060200500003
738Thread protector THHM-M62×3520901041462030000
739Female joint R1520901150038020000
740Cross Dg25520210010250000002
741Female & male screw 25 x 8520202010250080009
742Straight joint M16 x 1.5-R1/4520901150052020000
743Hose joint Φ10×Φ19520901150003020000
744Joint M16×1.5G-R1/4520901150021020000
745Joint M39 x 2G-R1520901150011020000
746Hammar hose joint Φ25 × Φ35520901150007020000
747Stainless steel ball valve Rc1″441205010016380253
748Tee Dg25520209010250000002
749Elbow Dg25520207020250000002
750Bolt M12 x 25420201080712025060
751Spring gasket 12420503016121600000
752Pipe clamp U41-008L060804030100801000
753Pipe clamp U41-015L060804030101501000
754Pipe clamp U41-025L060804030102501000
755Pipe clamp U41-032L060804030103201000
756Pipe clamp U41-040L060804030104001000
757Pipe clamp U41-065L060804030106501000
758Pipe clamp U41-080L060804030108001000
Section 28VFD/MCC Control system
759AC Control module1400 type
760Power limit unit
761Power supply panelPC01
762Generator exciting panelPC11
763Driller control panelPC01T
764Fault testing panelPC13
765AC active power meter2000KW/AC,KILOWATTS
766AC inactivity kilovar meter2000KVAR/AC,KILOVARS
767AC voltage meter0-750V/AC
768AC ammeter0-2000A/AC
769AC ammeter89T2-A,80A
770AC ammeter89T2-A,125A
771AC ammeter89T2-A,200A
772Indicating lamp6.3V
773Indicating lamp18V, 6W,(grounding test lamp)
774Indicating lampIC9/24,24V
775Indicating lamp1C9/120,120V
776Indicating lamp130V(Sync.lamp)
777Indicating lampCE220/240 ,2.6W
778Indicating lampXB2-EV444,220V(green)
779Indicating lampXB2-EV443,220V(red)
780Indicating lampP9XUIRD0(white)
781Indicating lampP9XUVRD(green)
782Indicating lampP9XURRD0(red)
783Indicating lampP9XUGRD0(yellow)
786Micro-active switchYSL2-15C
787Fuse1A ,690V
788Fuse2A ,690V
789Fuse4A ,690V
790Fuse6A ,690V
791Fuse10A ,690V
792Fuse15A ,690V
793Fuse4A,with 3852
800Fuse socket31110 2P 32A/690V
801Fuse socket31110 1P 32A/690V
805Field emergency box
806Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-25A/YT-25A
807Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-60A/YT-60A
808Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-100A/YT-100A
809Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-150A/YT-150A
810Three-phase four-pole plug/receptacleGZ-200A/YT-200A
811Two-core plug/receptacleP20K2HJG-1/P20J2MQJG
812Three-core plug/receptacleP20K3HJG-1/P20J3MQJG
813Four-core plug/receptacleP28K9QJG/P28J9MQJG
814Four-core plug/receptacleP28K10QJG/P2810MQJG
815Seven-core plug/receptacleP28K4QJG/P28J4MQJG
816Twenty-core plug/receptacle16YT-20J/16GZ-20K
817Threr-stage breakerNS80H with MA25
818Threr-stage breakerNS80H withMA50
819Threr-stage breakerNS160N with MA150
820Threr-stage breakerNS100N with TM60D
821Threr-stage breakerNS100N with TM100D
822Threr-stage breakerNS160N with TM160D
823Threr-stage breakerNS250N with TM200D
824Single-stage breakerC65N-C6
825Single-stage breakerC65N-C10
826Single-stage breakerC65N-C16
827Single-stage breakerC65N-C25
828AC contactorLC1-D3201M5C
829AC contactorLC1-D4011M5C
830AC contactorLC1-D5011M5C
831AC contactorLC1-D11500M5C
832AC contactorLC1-D15000M7C
833Self-resetting buttonXB2BA31C
834Two-position switchXB2BD21C
835Three-position switchXB2BD33C
836Three-position self-resetting switchXB2BD53C
840Power supplyPS307-1KA00-0AA0
841I/O moduleSM331-7KF02-0AB0
842I/O moduleSM332-5HD01-0AB0
843I/O moduleSM322-1BH02-0AA0
844I/O moduleSM321-1BH02-0AA0
845I/O module321-1BL00-0AA0
846I/O module322-1HH01-0AA0
847I/O module338-4BC01-0AB0
848Fore contactor with 40 pins392-1AM00–0AA0
849CPU6ES7 315-2AG10-0AB0
850MMC memory card953-8LJ11-0AA0
852TRIO power supply(10A)TRIO-PS/1AC/24DC/10
853TRIO power supply(5A)TRIO-PS/1AC/24DC/5
854RS485 Signal amplifier6ES7 972-0AA01-0XA0
855Photoelectricity module6GK1 502-3CB10
859Absolute value encoderAVM14N-05MK2A0GN-1212
860Coupling9410 12X12
865DC-CAPACITORB43586-S3468-Q1 9PCS S
870FUSE LINK170M8650
871FUSE LINK170M2673
Section 29VFD motor
884Heater120V, 60Hz, 200W
885Lock for terminal box5CZ.885.021
886Emergency stopLAY 37
887Air switchDWYER 1910-1
888Connector, male (plug)TY57-20TY
889Connector, female (socket)TY57-20ZY
890Sealing rubber (terminal box)8CZ.766.020
891Oil-proof rubber pipeφ8 x 1.5 x 2400
892Connector for air hoseφ6 1/8 NPT
893Air hose PU φ6L=400
Section 30CCTV System
894Combined cable
895Socket Pentax 623
896Camera BolinX27
Section 31FLC2000 Shale shaker & mud cleaner
897Super “G” motorSGX-30-18-460/480-6-001
899Side support w/HRDW 27 7/8″6417-01
900Cross support w/HRDW 39-7/8″6417-06
901Channel rubbers3660/5/30
902Float mount assembly, 4″ x 3″1129-00
903Heater element (50HZ)SQD-B7.70
904Push button manual starter onlySQD-2510-MC03
905Rapid change bolt assy.12048-00
906Spinner wrench w/universal joint5925-01
9074″ cone assembly (standard)10523-12
908APEX, cyclone-drop-in. 625/4″ URE10523-02
909Valve, ball-2″ w/11.500 STR HDL GALVG0002077
910Gauge, press-100 PSI 4″ DIAL.250NPTUI40-450FG02L
911Elbow, cyclone-180 deg w/2″ VIC GRV6431-00
912Cone assy., desander-10″6066-51
913APEX, 10″ desander-1.375 ORF BP URE6066-57
914Gauge, press-0 to 200 PSI 2.500 DIALPP1042
915PMD 48-30 DX38 PYRAMID screenDX-A35
916PMD 48-30 DX50 PYRAMID screenDX-A45
917PMD 48-30 DX84 PYRAMID screenDX-A70
918PMD 48-30 DX110 PYRAMID screenDX-A80
919PMD 48-30 DX140 PYRAMID screenDX-A100
920PMD 48-30 DX175 PYRAMID screenDX-A140
921PMD 48-30 DX210 PYRAMID screenDX-A1140F
922PMD 48-30 DX210 PYRAMID screenDX-A200
Section 32M/D Drilling Instrumentation
923Kit, UL DAQ spares
924Power supply 125W, MDT HMI
925Transducer, 5000 PSI, 4-20MA
926Transducer, 1000 PSI, 4-20MA
927Depth sensor, Chinese drawworks
928Level sensor, ultrasonic, 30 Ft w/flange
929Sensor, Proximity
93012″ Hydraulic weight indicator
931Tong system with 6.53 cylinder
9326″ Pump pressure indicator spares
933Cup, mud diaphragm
934Disconnect set with nipple
935W15 Hydraulic fluid
Section 33Substructure Rigidity Balance Bridge
936M24x1.5×7510.9 LevelGB5783
937Washer 24GB93
938Adjusting ShimZJ40DZ-002
939Adjusting ShimZJ40DZ-003
940Adjusting ShimZJ40DZ-004
941Seal RingZJ40DZ-006
942Seal RingZJ40DZ-007
943O-Rubber Seal Ring8EB.370.149T
944Oil Seal AssemblyS4-3101070
946Nut M277 10.9 LevelGB56
948Bolt M12x30GB5783
949Washer 12GB93
950Oil Seal Assembly3100-3101070
951O-Ring 206 (Inner) x 7.0GB3452.1-82
952Adjjusting ShimS4-3000016
953Adjusting ShimS4-3000017
954Adjusting ShimS4-3000018
955O-Rubber Seal RingS2-3103055
956O-Rubber Seal RingS4-3103056
Section 34Drag Bridge
957M24x1.5×7510.9 LevelGB5783
958Washer 24GB93
959Adjusting ShimZJ40DZ-002
960Adjusting ShimZJ40DZ-003
961Adjusting ShimZJ40DZ-004
962Seal RingZJ40DZ-006
963Seal RingZJ40DZ-007
964Oil Seal AssemblyS4-3101070
965O-Rubber Seal Ring8EB.370.149T
967Nut M2710.9 LevelGB56
969Bolt M12x30GB5783
970Washer 12GB93
971Oil Seal Assembly310-3101070
972O-Ring (Inner ) x 7.0GB3452.1-82
973Adjusting ShimS4-3000016
974Adjusting ShimS4-300017
975Adjusting ShimS4-300018
976O-Rubber Seal RingS2-3103055
977O-Rubber Seal RingS4-3103056
Section 35 Mechanical Device
978Nut M16GB/T6170-2000
979Bolt M16x55GB/T5780-2000
980Spring Washer 16GB/T93+2000
Section 36 Semi Axis Assembly
983Nut M27 ( 10 Level )GB56
984Oil Seal AssemblyS4-3101070
985Nut M27 ( 10 Level )F-006
988O-Seal Ring8EB.370.149T
989O-Seal RingS4-3103056
990Washer 12GB93
991Bolt M12x30GB5783
992O-Seal RingS2-3103055
993Oil Seal Assembly3100-3101070
994M24x1.5×7510.9 LevelGB5783
995Adjusting ShimS4-3000016
996Adjusting ShimS4-3000017
997Adjusting ShimS4-3000018
998O-Ring 206 (Inner)x 7GB3452.1-82
Section 37 Left to Right Moving Oil Cylinder
1002Dustproof-RingFAFA7080 RP
1003O-Ring130 (outer dia.)x3.1 RubberGB3452.1
1004Guide Ring For PistonGST5909-D130 PTFE
1005Square Ring For HoleGSF1300
1006O-Ring45 (outer dia) x 3.1 RubberGB345201
1007Guide Ring For PistonGST5089–D70 PTFE
1008KY RingKYC-7085 Pu
1009O-Ring Closing Ring  0125X0130CX-3405007
1010O-Ring Closing Ring  040X045CX-3405008
Section 38 Bearing Carriage
1011Bolt M16X65GB5782-86
1012Washer 16GB97.1
1013Washer 16GB93
1014Bolt M24X100GB5782-86
1015Washer 24GB97.1
1016Washer 24GB93
Section 39Lifting Oil Cylinder
1018Dust Scraping RingGP6001400
1019O-Ring 170X5.3 RubberGB3452.1
1020Guide RingGSxx1400
1021Square Ring For HoleGSF001800
1022O-Ring 36.5X3.55 RubberGB3452.1
1023Guide RingGTxx1800
1024Square Ring For BearingGS1001400
1025O-Ring, Closing Ring 170CN08-3-207
1026O-Ring Closing Ring 36.5CN08-3-208
Section 40Train of Wheels  for ZD140 Tons One Axis And Two Axles
Section 41Balance Beam and Axle Assembly
1029Axle CoverZS20-00001B
1030Outside Nut PadZS20-15001
1031Outside Nut M100x3ZS20-01083
1032Outside Nut Locking PlateZS11184-151302
1033Hexagonal Bolt M6x10GB/T5782
1034Spring Gasket 6GB/T93-1987
1035Inner Nut M100*3ZS20-01082
1036Locking Blocking PlateZS150-00003
1037Steel BushingZD140-BJ-01105
1038Hub 1ZD140-BJ-01105
1039“U” BoltZD140-BJ-0003
1040Hub Limiting StopZD140-BJ-0001
1041Balance Beam Limiting StopZD140-BJ-0002
1042Hub 1 FenderZD150-01103
1043Strengthen BlockZD140-BJ-01103
1044Strengthen StripZD140-BJ-01104
1045Lock BlockZD140-BJ-0004
1046Hexagon Thick NutsGB56-1988
1047Hexagon NutsGB/T6171-1986
1048Hexagonal Bolt M6x10GB/T5782
1049Spring Gasket 6GB/T93-1987
1050Straight Through GreaseQC/T407-1999
Section 42Tripod and Balance Beam Connection system
1051Hexagonal Bolt M24x25GB/T5782
1052Spring Gasket 24GB/T93-1987
1053Shifting Sleeve 1ZS150-0004
1054Axle PinZS150-0005
1055Steel BushingZD200-0006
1056Shifting Sleeve 11ZD150-0007
1057Position FenderZD200-00005
1058Inner Nut M130*3ZD200-0009
1059Double lock GasketZD200-0010
1060Hexagonal Bolt M8x15GB/T5782
1061Spring Gasket 8GB/T93-1987
1062Outside Nut M130*3ZD200-0011
1063Stop GasketZD200-0012
1064Axle CoverZD200-00006
1065Hexagonal Bolt M8x15GB/T5782
1066Spring Gasket 8GB/T93-1987
1067Oil Resistance ShimZD20-00007
1068Adjustment ShimZD200-00008
1069Oil Cup M10x1QC/T407-1999
1070Nozle Rod M18GB/T5782
Section 43Axle Assembly System
1071Tyre Bolt Assembly M22*1.5AQ-15201-B
1073Axle Cover GasketZS50-02
1074Inner Nut M130*3ZD200-0009
1075Double Lock Fastening RingZD200-0010
1076Stop GasketZD200-0011
1077Outside Nut M130*3ZD200-0012
1078Axle Cover GasketZS25-00006
1079Hexagonal Bolt M8x15GB/T5782
1080Spring Gasket 8GB/T93-1987
1081Hexagonal Bolt M10x15GB/T5782
1082Spring gasket 10GB/T93-1987
1083Bearing 3222632226
1084Bearing 3222632226
1085Bearing CirclipZS50-101
1086Oil SealZS50-151202
1087Lining 1ZDQDF50-003
1088Brake RollerZDQDF50-006
1089Return SpringZDQDF50-004
1090Gasket 41.5ZDQDF50-007
1091Camshaft Spacer WasherZDQDF50-008
1092Oring 50×2.5GB9877.2–88
1093Dustproof CoverZDQDF50-010
1094Axle Spring Circlip 40GB894-88
1095Rubber Sleeve
1096Tie-In Influshing Oil Cup 90*GB1157-79
1097Hexagonal Bolt M8x30GB/T-5782
1098Hexagonal Nut M8GB/T-6170
1099Joint Bracket AssemblyZD25-01107
1100Adjustment ArmWS4218-3. 302
1101Gasket 38WS4218-3. 303
1102Axle Spring Circlip 38GB894. 1-88
1103Bolt M8x15GB5785-86
1104Spring Gasket 8GB93-76
1105Hoof PinZDQDF50-012
1107Brake SpederZDQDF50-013
1108Brake ShoeZDQDF50-002
1109Retainer SpringWS4218-3.105
Recommended 6 Months’ Spare Parts for NWD Rig13 (BOMCO)
28.FPO: 09-75-0243       : SAFETY VALVE.
13-1/2″ SAFETY VALVE 5,000 PSI W.P
22-7/8″ SAFETY VALVE 5,000 PSI W.P
 33.FPO: 09-75-0248       : RIG 13 MISC. PARTS
223Crown stay103.04.20
22828 x 3.5 O-ringD4-4-66
229100 x 5.7 O-ringD4-4-66
23090 x 5.7 O-ringD-4-4-66
231Spring 180 x 220 x 15D7-7-67
232155 X 8.6 o- RINGD4-4-66
233120 x 5.7 O- ringD4-4-66
234560 x O – ringD4-5-73
235165 x 8.6 O ringD4-4-66
236135 x 5.7 O – ringD4-4-66
237250 x 290 x 18 Spring ringD7-1-67
238220 x 260 x 18 Spring ringD7-1-67
240Slurry packing104.05.30.08
241Slurry pipe104.05.30.03
242Upper bush104.05.08-1
243Lower Bush104.05.15.17-1
244Outer Friction pad I104.07.06.07
245Outer Friction pad II104.07.06.08
246Outer Friction pad III104.07.06.09
247Outer Friction pad IV104.07.06.10
248Outer Friction pad V104.07.06.11
249Inner Friction pad I104.07.06.31
250Inner Friction pad II104.07.06.32
251Inner Friction pad III104.07.06.33
252180 x 220 x 15 Spring ringSpring ring 180 x 220 x 15
2531050 x 8.6 O – ringO – ring 1050 x 8.6
254470 x 8.6 O – ringO – ring 470 x 8.6
255Hydraulic motorIQJMI – 0.5 OS
256Hydraulic cylinderDG-J63C-E1E-Y3-580
257Hydraulic cylinderDG-J50C-E1E-Y3-600
258Hydraulic CylinderDG-J40C-E1E-Y3-160
259Hydraulic CylinderDG-J40C-E1E-Y3-50
260Hydraulic hoseØ8-II-A-3.7 m
261Hydraulic hoseØ8-II-A-8 m
262Hydraulic hoseØ8-I-A-20 m
263Quick JointG 3/8″
264O ringØ 11 x 1.9
265Combined seal gasketØ 16
266Combined seal gasketØ 33
2672-7/8″, 3-1/2″, 4-1/2″, 5″, 7″, 9-5/8″ Blind board rubber core
268Ball rubber Core (2 pairs)
269FH35-70, Ring blowout Preventer kits
270FZ35 – 70 Single Gate Blowout preventer
2712FZ35 – Dual blowout preventer kits
272FKQ 800 – 7 Ground controller kits
274Bolt M48 x 3 x448, Nut M48 x 324 bolt, 48 nuts
275Bolt M48 x 3 x 290, Nut M48 x 324 bolt, 48 nuts
276Bolt M48 x 3 x 448, Nut M48 x 324 bolt, 48 nuts
277R39 Ring pad
27880L Accumullator Bladder ( 80L)with plastic butterfly
279GNG HP fire resistant hose assembly25 x 35 Mpa x 12
28025 x 35 Mpa Universal elbow
28125 x 35 Mpa Quick selfsealing joint
28225 x 35 Quick selfsealing union
28340 Mpa, 25Mpa Shock proof pressure meterM20 x 1.5 On emote console, interface M20 x 1.5
28440 Mpa, 25 Mpa Proportional pressure meterOn drllers console
285Blowout preventer plug
286R27 Ring pad
28740MPa Pressure100mm surface 100mm, on manifold
288Angle Stop valve
290Bolt M48 x 3 x 350 Nut M48 x 3
291Safety Ring
292Sand HelmetØ25
293Slave Drillers console
294Manual directional valve4WMM10M10
295Manual Directional valveWMM10A10
296Overflow valveDB10-1-30 /10 U
297Check valveRVP – 10
298pressure meter 25MPa, Mpa-PSI double scaleY-60ZT
2998 x 1.9 O ringGB1235-76
300Cylinder BushJQH-5 x 48-0001
301PadJQH – 5×48-0002
302Piston ringJQH – 5 x 48 – 0202
303Piston ringJQH-5×48-0201
304Distribution valveJQH-5×48-0023
305Master valveJQH-5×48-0019
306Cylinder BushXJFH- 5/35-2014
308Piston ringXJFH-5/35-2016/2017
310Piston PinXJFK-5/35-2020
311Piston PinXJFK-5/35-2021
312Connection BarXJFK-5/35-2014
31325 RingØ25
314Gas Distribution AssemblyXJFK-5/35-1000
315Braking AssemblyXJFK-5/35-5000
316Brake Belt I
317Brake Belt II
318Clutch Pin
319Coupling Pin
320Deep Groove Ball Bearing 63166316
321Deep Groove Ball Bearing 62146214
322Deep Groove Ball Bearing 62106210
323Pipe slip 2167 (54/pair)5″
324Pipe slip 2163 (54/pair)3 1/2″
325Sleeve Slip 2631(312/pair)20″
326Sleeve Slip 2630(216/pair)13.3/8″
327Sleeve Slip 2630(168/pair)9-5/8″
328Sleeve Slip 2619(144/pair)7″
329Sleeve Slip 2628(108/pair)5″
330B-typ tong dies (100/set)Common
331B-type fasten tong 5a3.3/8″-5.1/4″
332B-type fasten tong 5b4.1/4″-6.3/4″
333B-type fasten tong 5c6.5/8″-8.5/8″
334B-type fasten tong 5d8.1/2″-10.3/4″
335B-type fasten tong 5e11.3/4″-12.3/4″
336B-type fasten tong 5e313″-13.3/8″
337B-type fasten tong bearing pinCommon
338OK seal gasketOK 0150 00701
339BA seal gasketBA-8007-030
340C2 seal gasketC2 F015 N34
341C2 seal gasketC2 C025 N34
342A5 dust ringA 5 8008 N3587
343Guide BeltFM 3020 L
344O-ringØ145 x 3.55
345O-ringØ118 x 2.65
346O-ringØ11 x 1.9
347O-ringØ16 x 2.4
348O-ringØ18 x 2.4
349O-ringØ24 x 2.4
350O-ringØ30 x 3.1
351Combined Gasket10
352Combined Gasket14
353Combined Gasket16
354Combined Gasket18
355Combined Gasket22
356Combined Gasket27
357Work Tong cylinderPSZ75B
358Safety Tong CylinderPSZ75B
359Brake BlockPSZ75A
360Pip Filter ElementSPX-06×25
361Pressure Filter ElementHDX-25×10
362Return-oil Filter elementFAX-40×10
363Pressure MeterYN-60III,0–16MPa
364Hydraulic Directional valve3WH6B5X
365Throttle ValveZ2FS6-30/S2
366Pneumatic Directional valveDG18V-32ALB60
367Parking ValveDG17V32N60
368Brake Lever AssemblyFB80H
369Disk Spring
370Quick jointH2
371Quick jointH3
372Quick jointH4
374Manual Directional valveK23R5
375Brake Block Bolt
376HP Hose assembly8I-700
377HP Hose assembly8I-1400
378Stainless ball valve1 inch
379Stainless ball valve1.5 inch
380Union1 inch
381Union1.5 inch
382Tee fitting1 inch
383Bend1 inch
384Steel PadDN25
385Union GasketDN25
386Stainless ball valveDN20
388Steel PadDN20
389Steel PadDN50
390Level MeterUHZ-511-1200
394Tee FittingDN20
395Asbestos CushionDN500
396Union GasketDN20
397Breather valveDN50
Suggested Operational Spare parts for 1 year.
Spare parts for Mast
5wench S=65  45702.111.03.18
6safty pinspring steel wire702.
7safty pin 4*65ZJ30-06.07.20
8safty pin Φ 30spring steel wire702.111.03.03
9safty pin Φ 50702.
10mast leg pin Φ 150   35CrMo702.111.07.02
13washer 12  65MnGB93-87
16washer 16  65MnGB93-87
17washer 16   200HV gradeGB97.1-85
19washer 20  65MnGB93-87
20washer 24   65MnGB93-87
21washer 24   140HV gradeGB97.1-85
22washer 27   140HV gradeGB97.1-85
23washer 30  65MnGB93-87
24washer 30   200HV gradeGB97.1-85
26washer 8   65MnGB93-87
27washer M48   200HV gradeTB/ZQ4080-1997
32sheave Φ 575 / Φ 38ZG310-570702.
33sheave Φ 660 / 72ZG310-570702.
34sheave Φ 932ZG310-570702.
41split pin 3.2*50Q235AGB91-86
43split pin 3*30Q235AGB91-86
44split pin 4*50Q235-AGB91-86
45split pin 4*36Q195GB91-86
46split pin 4*6065MnGB91-86
47split pin 5*50GB91-86
50shearing pin 20702.111.03.02
51shearing pin Φ10702.
52shearing pin Φ15702.111.03.07
57nut M24GB6178-86
58nut M12GB6178-86
60nut M16GB6170-86
62nut M20GB6178-86
64nut M30GB6178-86
65nut M48*3GB/T6171-2000
70bolt M16x40GB32.1-88
71bolt M20x45GB32.1-88
72bolt M20x60GB32.1-88
74bolt M16x40GB31.1-88
76bolt M20x90GB31.1-88
78bolt M30x150GB31.1-88
79bolt M30x60GB32.1-88
80bolt M48x3x200GB/T5786-2000
81bolt M8x16GB5783-86
82plain washer 12GB96-85
84hoisting blockHLX 1KBL
85air winchJQL-5*12
86A-frame link pin Φ120702.111.07.03
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