I 4 Engine/Gen Control Cubicles
II 1 Synchronizing System
III 1 Ground Detection Network
IV 1 600V Feeder Section
V 2 Soft Starters
I 3 Liquid Cooled VFD Cubicles for Mud Pumps
II 1 Cooling Cubicle
I 1 Mud Pump Console
II 1 PLC System
I 1 Power Control House
II 1 600V Motor Control Center
III 1 Transformer Section
I 1 Emergency 600V MCC Section
I 1 220V Feeder Section
– Commercial Section
The system package will operate in conjunction with the following
customer-furnished equipment:
Qty Description
4 CAT 3512C, 600V, 3 phase, 60Hz, 1950kVA
3 1600HP Mud Pumps, each driven by one (1) 1500HP AC Motor
XYZ will provide four (4) Engine/Gen Control Cubicles, each to include:
Item Qty Description
1 1 2000AF/2000ACS/2000ARP, ABB E3 or equal, Stationary Mount Circuit
Breaker with LI solid state trip unit, UV release and necessary auxiliary
contacts, 85 Kaic, 600 V, 60Hz, 3 pole
2 1 Generator “RUN” Indicating Lamp
3 1 Circuit Breaker “CLOSED” Indicating Lamp
4 1 Kvar/Kw Transducer module for control and instrumentation
5 1 The Woodward EGCP-2 is a microprocessor based complete generator
control and engine management package. It is designed for use with an
automatic voltage regulator and speed control to automate and protect the
diesel or gas engine based generator sets. The control function include:
Engine Control
– Engine Pre-glow Control
– Fuel Solenoid Control
– Engine Starter Control
– Kva Controlled Cool-down Timer
– Oil Pressure Monitoring
– Water Temperature Monitoring
– Battery Voltage Monitoring
– Speed Monitoring with Overspeed Protection
– Digital signal processing to eliminate harmonic issues
– Adjustable phase window, voltage window, and dwell times
– Safe dead bus closing logic internal to the control
– Synchronization across generator and mains breakers
– Multiple shot re-closing with adjustable time delays
– Manual voltage and speed adjusts for manual synchronizing
Real Kw Control
– +/- 3Vdc, or 500 Hz PWM speed bias output
– Configurable load/unload ramp rates
– Isochronous load-sharing of up to 8 units using percentage-based load
– Base load control for optimum fuel efficiency
– Import/Export control using a watt transducer
– Soft Utility Transfer Function
– Externally adjustable Base Load or Process Reference levels with
independent ramp rates
– Kw droop provided for manual load control
Reactive Kvar control
– PF sharing on isolated bus
– Voltage Trim feature for single generator operation
– Voltage Bias signal to AVR configurable for ±1, ±3, or ±9 Vdc
– Power Factor or VAR control when base loaded
– Externally adjustable VAR or PF setpoint levels
Engine Protective Features
– Over/Under Voltage
– Over/Under Frequency
– Reverse Power (Inverse time delay)
– Reverse VARs
– Overcurrent (Inverse time delay)
– Speed/Frequency Mismatch
– Load Surge
Alarms and warnings
6 1 Basler Voltage Regulator
7 Lot Current and Potential Transformers for Operational System
LTI POWER SYSTEMS will provide one (1) Synchronizing System to include:
Item Qty Description
1 1 Synchronizing selector switch
2 2 Synchronizing lights
3 1 Synchroscope
4 1 Synchronizing check relay
5 2 Frequency meters (Bus and Gen)
6 2 Voltmeters (Bus and Gen)
XYZ will provide one (1) Ground Detection System to include:
Item Qty Description
1 1 % AC Ground Detection Meter
2 1 LTI PC Ground Detection PC Card, calibrated
3 3 Ground Detection Indicating Lights (Clear)
4 1 Ground Test Pushbutton
725 – 750 HP SCR Drilling Rig for Sale SCR Drilling Rig for

Ideco 725
750 HP rig123.net’ target=’_blank’>SCR rig123.net’ target=’_blank’>Drilling Rig
10,000′ Depth Capacity

Drawworks : IDECO 725E – 750 HP, powered by DC Traction Motor
Depth Capacity : 10,000′ (1-1/8″ Line)
Power System : 3 – CAT D398; 800 kW Generator; IPS SCR
Mast : DRECO 127′ (Rated at 340,000 lbs on 8 lines)
Substructure : DRECO One Piece Sub (Clear Height = 10′-6″, Floor Height = 13′-6″)
SCR House : IPS 3×3
Block & Hook Load : 150 Ton Block & Hook

Swivel : 200 Ton
Rotary Table : National 20.5″
Mud Pumps : 1 Each National 8P-80, and National 9P-100 Pumps
Mud System : 600 Bbl Total
Shale Shaker : 1 – SWACO Mongoose
Solids Control : Single Cone – Desander; 8 Cone – Desilter

BOP Equipment : 1-13-5/8 Shaffer Posi Loc Double Gate – No Annular
Accumulator : KOOMEY – 5 station with 18 bottles (12 gallon each)
Choke Manifold : 4″ x 3″ (5,000 psi)-7 Gate Valve and Watermelon
Fuel & Water Tanks : Fuel – 9,000 gal; Water – 400 Bbl
Boiler : NO
Drill Pipe : 4-1/2″ XH Connection – 5200 Feet
Drill Collars : 10 Each 6-1/4″ Collars, 2 Each 8″ Collars
Camp : 1- Each 12 X 50 Rig Manager Shack

Electrical Systems for Drilling Rigs (SCR & MCC System)
Draw works driver: 2 * 1100 hp
– Mud pumps driver: 3 * (2 * 1100 hp)
– Rotary table driver: 1 * 1333 hp
– Diesel generator: 4 * 1900 KVA (1330 kW), CAT 3512
– Emergency diesel generator: CAT 3406 400 kW
– SCR units: 5 * 750 VDC / 1800 A
– Generator units: 4 * drivers for 600 VAC / 60 Hz, 1200 PRM, 1900 KVA
– Diesel-generator
– MCC: draw out type with 54 feeders up to 75 hp and top driver feeder
– Power transformers: 1 * 1250 KVA, 1 * 180 KVA
– Air conditions: 2 * 10 tons
– Power house dim: 12.72*3.15*3.7 (L*W*H) m
– PLC: siemens S7-300

Major Client and Projects
National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC)
– Electrical System for Rigs No.: 43 – 71 – 78 – 79 – 80 – 81 and 87 Fath – Since 2001 (Delivered)
– Electrical System for Rigs No.: 72 and 73 Fath (Under construction)

Petroleum are manufacturers of AC and DC SCR Drilling SCR sy
Our DC systems are based on an industry standard design and inherit the dependability, reliability and ease of maintenance of this concept. Our AC systems are built around ABB drive and control technology. Enhanced systems, PLC control and serial links to the Drill Floor are available to reduce rig-uptime for land rigs.
We also have the expertise to source replacements for obsolete spare parts, and re-engineer older systems with new equipment, including adding extra SCR sections for third Mud Pumps or Top Drives, and additional generator sections for additional rig power.
Our people are experienced in the Drilling Industry, mostly having been employed by Hill Graham Controls in England.
We are able to provide training either on-site using your existing equipment, or from our base in London, England. As well as providing in-depth knowledge and support for SCR and generator control systems.
DC SCR drive rigs and AC converter drive rigs, which is bett
As to the electric system, we compared the DC drive rigs and AC converterdrive rigs deeply, we recommend AC (AC-VFD-AC)converter drive rigs due to the following advantage of AC Converter drive rigs.

1, AC Converter drive rigs has the advantage of low speed start and maintenance, it has good performance in low speed running and operation.
2, It has the limitation function of Torque and rotation speed, strong overload protection could avoid the broken of drill pipes and other main parts.
3, Higher efficiency than DC SCR drive rigs.
4, High stability, none carbon brush and commutator, lower motor maintenance cost than DC SCR drive rigs.
5, It has brake assist function, no need equip magnetic electric eddy brake, simplify the drawworks structure with lower weight.
6, Main motor automatic bit feed.
7, Simplify the variable frequency speed regulation system of Drawworks and Rotary Table with stepless speed regulation.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates oil drilling equipment Oilfield Services

Being a manufacturer of power generation controls and high power electronic variable speed driveequipment, Joton must maintain qualified personnel to ensure our products are put into service correctly, and effectively. The wide range of specially designed power equipment sold, designed and manufactured by Joton means that our startup and service personnel must be versatile in the full scope of their knowledge.
This can be of great benefit to customers that have not purchased any of our manufactured products. Our technical staff has knowledge in the following areas and can provide technical Oilfield service in these areas if you have equipment that is shut down from an unresolved failure, or just need to ensure the system is operating correctly.
Areas of Field Service Expertise
• Land rig Drilling Operations
• Offshore Drilling Operations
• Industrial Applications such as:
• Marine Propulsion Station
• Power Generation
• Plastics Extrusion
• Crane Hoisting applications
• Metals Recycling
• Paper Processing
Oil drilling rig control systems services
Power Generation Controls
• NOV Ross hill AC control module
• Woodward Products
• Basler Products
• GE Products
• Most NOV Clone System Products
SCR Drive Systems
• Siemens 6RA Products
• ABB DCS Products
• Cutler Hammer Eaton Products
• NOV DC control module
AC Vendor Drives
• Siemens
• Schneider
• AB
• Eaton
• Top drive

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