ZJ40 / 2250L oil rig
ZJ40 / 2250L drilling rig is my company based on: SY / T5609-1999 standard, API specification design and production of mid-drilling equipment. The rig can meet the 4000 meters oilfield exploration and development of gas fields, wells, using JiChai 12V190B series diesel, wagon drive coupling being “two machine a pump” or “three machine two pump” linkage form; winch drum is grooved. Tape mainbrake, eddy current brake assist; equipped with auxiliary lifting device; using air tube clutch shift; the whole formula or modular structure. Winch arrangement using split high-mounted; stacked box-type structure rig; no guy wire before opening type derrick, lifting lower overall installation; with the overall chain box apparatus; mechanical parts in line with SY / T5609-1999 standards and API Specification .
Technical Parameters:
Rig Model Model ZJ40 / 2250J (L)
Nominal drilling depth 114mm (4 1/2 in.) Drill DP 2500 ~ 4000
(8200 ~ 13200) auxiliary brake type brake eddy current brake /E.T.N
127mm (5in.) Drill DP 2000 ~ 3200
(6600 – 10500) dial opening diameter 698.5 (27 1/2)
Maximum static hook load 2250 (496) 4 wheel gear number n + 2 down
Maximum lifting system roping 5 × 6 single mud pump power of 956 (1300)
Rope diameter 32 (1 1/4) Mud pump station number 1
1120 swimming outer diameter pulley (44) Diesel Power 810 (1100)
Number of the swivel tube diameter 75 (3) Diesel 3
Winch rated power 735 (1000) Mast height 43 (142)
4 winch gear number n + 2 down the drill floor height 5 (16.4) 6 (19.7),
7.5 (25)
The main brake type disc brake / brake rig with headroom 3.76 (12.4) 4.76 (15.6),
6.26 (20.5)
PSZ30 / PSZ40 hydraulic disc brakes
JC series of single / double drum winch, TPQ / ATD series push the disc clutch, PZ30 / PZ40 hydraulic disc brakes, WCB224 / 324/236 series of water-cooled brakes, drills transmission box (corner boxes, and wagons, wheel gearbox, positive reverse box, transfer case, mud chain box, etc.), oil drilling accessories (pulleys, sprockets, pulleys, bridge seat, etc.) as well asrilling aids, etc., and can accept incoming sample processing customized .

processing customized .
Nanyang fellow main products include:
1, ZJ10 / ZJ15 / ZJ20 / ZJ30 / ZJ40 mobile rig;
2, XJ150 / XJ250 / XJ350 / XJ450 / XJ550 / XJ650 / XJ750 workover rig;
3, JC14 / JC14 / 11 single and double drum winch / JC18 / JC18 / 11 single and double drum winch / JC21 / JC21 / 11 single and double drum winch / JC28 / JC28 / 11 single and double drum winch and JC32 / 11 double drum winch;
4, BZX180B and trunk / FD70 / FD110 / FD140 series transfer case / JX70 / 130/240 series angle box / ZX110 / ZX140 series rotary table transmission box / BJX260 and angle box / JJX140 drop from the box / LTH Series climbing chain box / LTXF500 / LTXF800 series mud pump chain box;
5, TPQ series push-plate clutch (TPQ118 / TPQ218 / TPQ318 / TPQ124 / TPQ224 / TPQ324 / TPQ330) and ATD series of push-plate clutch (ATD114H / ATD214H / ATD314H / ATD118H / ATD218H / ATD318H / ATD124H / ATD224H / ATD324H / ATD230H / ATD330H );
6, PSZ30 / PSZ40 hydraulic disc brakes.
In addition, fellow Nanyang can also provide a variety of common parts on the car rigs and workover rigs, including casting and forging welding pulley (diameters from 105mm to 915mm), clutch balloon / push plate / friction plate / return spring like, water-cooled friction brakes copper coil / dynamic friction plates / seals and other internal and external, winch accessories (including brake block, brake hub, Lebus rope groove boards, roller body, etc.) and winch accessories (including double guide leader, dead end of rope clips, etc.), hydraulic disc brakes brake block / repair kits / clamp bracket / cylinder and other transmission elements (including pulleys, sprockets, chains, cross the bridge seat, etc.), hydraulic components (including Y series telescopic cylinders, lifting cylinders, Y3030 hydraulic legs, Y15160 hanging clamp cylinders, YJ3C and YJ5B hydraulic winch, hydraulic station, etc.) and a variety of commonly used equipment repair kit, commonly used wearing parts (such as packing faucet, faucet red tube, dust seal) and the like.

ZJ30 and ZJ40 drilling rig and car trunk BZX180B
1, oil rig accessories: HSG7035 balance cylinder repair kit, UKS oil seal 120x150x12, Y3030 hydraulic legs repair kit, YG225 Hook Block Repair Kit, YJ3C hydraulic winch kits, YJ5B hydraulic winch kits, ZP275 wheel repair kits, water brake repair kits SSC502, faucet repair kits SL225;

2, the tap and turntable: taps red tube SL110, faucet red tube SL135-09, faucet packing SL110, faucet packing SL135-06, faucet packing box SL225, turntable ZP275;

3, Crane and Hook Block: forge welding pulley H915-01, H915-02, H915-03, H915-04, H915-05; casting pulley H610-01, H610-02, H610-03, H610-04 , H760-01, H760-02, H760-03, H760-04, H760-05, H915-01, H915-02, H915-03, H915-04, H915-05,1540×35; pulley dustproof seal: 180mm , 210mm, 250mm, 260mm;

4, the push plate clutch: push-plate clutch 18-inch hole airbag TPQ118-02-00,18 inch push-plate clutch return spring TPQ118-07,18 inch push plate clutch plate clutch plate TPQ118-08,18 inch push push plate TPQ118 -03,24-inch push-plate clutch plate clutch push TPQ224,24 inch hole airbag TPQ124-05-00,24 inch push-plate clutch return spring TPQ124-02,24 inch push plate clutch plate TPQ124-04,24 inch push plate airbag TPQ124-05-00,24 inch holes clutch plate clutch push push push plate TPQ124-07,30 inch disc clutch TPQ330,30 inch push-plate clutch return spring TPQ330-10,30 inch push-plate clutch friction plate TPQ330-07, 30-inch push-plate clutch four-hole airbag TPQ330-04-00;

5, hydraulic and pneumatic components: FP-L6 crane anti-collision elbow valves, SE-1/2-B quick exhaust valve;

6, Eaton assisted brakes: 24-inch piece of dynamic friction static friction Tongpan 508459,36 508725,24 inch inching friction plates 513 658, inner ring 000402×0023, inside and outside the ring 000402×0005 / 0006, inside and outside the ring 000402×0023 / 0024, the cylinder seals 000402×0005, outer ring 000402×0024;

7, rig transmission box: and wagons BZX180B, and angle box BJX260, transfer case FD140, bridge seat GQZ, down from the box JJX140, corner box JX70A, corner box JX240B, corner box JX240D, angle bevel gear box JX240 -13/14, mud chain box LTXF500, positive reverse box ZJ30CZ-04-01-00;

8, rig transmission components: Oil Roller Chain 24S-2,24S-3,24S-4,24S-6,28S-2,28S-3,28S-4,28S-6,28S-8,32S-2, 32S-3,32S-4;

9, rig chassis parts: power steering CQ8111J;

10, rig aids: pulley groove gauges, tool joints feet;

11, drilling winch: winch brake hub JC21A-01-10-00, JC21D-01-05-00, JC32B-01-07-00; winch brake blocks: JC21A-03-16, JC28A-02-08, JC21 / 11-03-19, JC28 / 11-03-13A; brake lining assembly JC28A-02-01-00, the drum body assembly JC28K-01-00, single drum winch JC28K, double drum winch JC14 / 11, the drum wire rope clips SJ32, rope drum groove boards, winch brake block nut M10, winch brake block bolts M10x35, winch brake block bolts M10x40, sprocket JC32E-01-15;
oil drilling mud pump
Strict implementation of the requirements of GB / TI9001-2008-ISO9001-2008 quality management system, and in accordance with industry standards SY5138-92, SY / T6760-2010 American standard API for production and testing.

Company: oil rig123.net’ target=’_blank’>drilling mud pump (gems, Honghua, Emori, etc.) accessories; automotive rig123.net’ target=’_blank’>drilling rigs and workover rigs (two machines, four machine) accessories and winch accessories; hydraulic disc brakes (Northern Rock, Brocade, precious stones) Accessories and other ancillary products, our products and manufacturers of the above products are completely interchangeable. Product detail as follows:

First, the oil rig mud pump accessories (HL: on behalf of high-pressure hydraulic cylinder L-shaped configuration of slurry pump)

1.1: Gemstone –F500 / F800 / F1000 / F1300 / F1600 / F1600HL / F2200HL.

1.2: Honghua –HHF500 / HHF800 / HHF1000 / HHF1300 / HHF1600 / HHF2200

1.3: Emori –RSF500 / RSF800 / RSF1000 / RSF1300 / RSF1600

1.4: Two-machine –RGF500 / RGF800 / RGF1000 / RGF1300 / RGF1600

1.5: Qingzhou –QZ3NB500 / QZ3NB800 / QZ3NB1000 / QZ3NB1300A / QZ3NB1600 (QZ = SL = RL = A – 3NB1300A; SL3NB1300A; RL3NB1300A / D)

1.6: Portland stone –3NB1000C, 3NB1300C, 3NB1600C,

Second, the car drilling rig, workover rig, skid-mounted rig accessories

2.1: ZJ10CZ, ZJ20CZ, ZJ30CZ, ZJ40CZ mobile rig (two machines, four machine) accessories, ZJ40, ZJ50,ZJ70, ZJ90 skid-mounted drilling rig (gems, blue stone, Honghua) accessories.

2.2:. XJ250, XJ350, XJ450, XJ550, XJ650, XJ750, XJ850 workover rig (two machines, four machine) accessories.

2.3: JC14, JC14 / 11, JC18, JC18 / 11, JC21, JC21 / 11, JC28A, JC28K, JC28 / 11, JC32 / 11, the vehicle-mounted drilling rig, workover rig single and double drum winch JC40, JC50, JC70, JC90 skid double drum winch mounted rig (two machines, four machines, precious stones, blue stone)

2.4: TC90, TC110, TC135, TC160, TC170, TC180, TC225, TC315, TC450, TC675, TC900 crane (two machines, four machines, precious stones, blue stone) (accessories: pulleys, bearings, seals).

2.5: YG90, YG110, YG135, YG160, YG170, YG180, YG225, YC315, YC375, YC675, YC900 tour hook / Traveling (two machines, four machines, precious stones, Portland stone, such as stone) (accessories: pulleys, bearings, seal).

Third, the push plate clutch and accessories

3.1: Eaton push plate clutch ATD118H, ATD218H, ATD318H, ATD124H, ATD224H, ATD324H, ATD230H, ATD330H.

3.2: Two-machine push plate clutch TPQ118H, TPQ218H, TPQ318H, TPQ124H, TPQ224H, TPQ324H, TPQ230H, TPQ330H

3.3: push plate clutch parts: airbag, push plate, friction plate, the return spring, the middle chainring and the like.

Four: the auxiliary brake / brake cooling

4.1: Eaton auxiliary brake WCB124, WCB224, WCB324, WCB236, WCB336, WCB436.

4.2 :: four planes Serva / Pan Wei water brake WPT124, WPT224, WPT324, WPT236, WPT336, WPT436.

4.3: Auxiliary brake parts: airbag, brake disc / disc friction, static disk / copper plate, moving plate / stator bolt, cylinder repair kits.

Five, PS hydraulic disc brakes and accessories

5.1: PSZ65, PSZ75 Northern Rock the brake disc.

5.2: BK65, BK75 Brocade hydraulic disc brakes.

5.3: PS40, PS50, PS70, PS80, PS90, PS120 hydraulic disc brakes treasure

5.4: PSK50, PSK70, PSK80 universal subjects disc brakes. (Accessories: actuators – brakes, clamp holder, work clamp, safety gear, cylinders, security cylinders, brake blocks, return spring, disc spring, cylinder repair kits; operating mechanism – driller valve assembly, the brake assembly, brake valves, valves and other parking; hydraulic station – piston group, valve, filter, piston pumps, quick connectors, hydraulic control valve, gas control valve, accumulator, etc.).

Six air tube clutch

6.1: Ordinary –LT300 / 100T, LT300 / 150T, LT400 / 125T, LT500 / 125T, LT600 / 125T, LT700 / 135T, LT700 / 200T, LT800 / 135T.

6.2: ventilated –LT500 / 200T, LT500 / 250T, LT600 / 250T, LT700 / 250T, LT800 / 250T, LT900 / 250T, LT1070 / 200T, LT1170 / 250T, LT965 / 305T, LT1168 / 305T, LT1120 / 300T, LT1250 / 300T, LT700 / 135DY.

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