SYD-509A engine fuel Gum Tester
This instrument is suitable according to national standards GB / T509 Engine fuels tendency to form gum when used in the determination of the engine fuel (gasoline, kerosene, diesel) method.

Main Specifications:
1. The oil bath: mezzanine round steel container Φ196 × 225mm
2. beaker: No mouth-high beaker, capacity 100ml, Φ47 × 48mm
3. Electric heating power: 1000w
4. Temperature accuracy: 150 ℃ ± 3 ℃, 180 ℃ ± 3 ℃, 250 ℃ ± 3 ℃
5. Flowmeter indication: 60L / min

Conditions of Use:
Power supply 220 ± 10% 50Hz AC

Summary of Method:
The conditions of the instrument, temperature and air flow 25mL sample of predetermined evaporated, the resulting residue was then weighed and contained in a sample 100mL Gum milligrams (mg / 100mL) Fig.
SYD-257 engine fuel saturated vapor pressure tester

This instrument is suitable according to GB / T257 standard assessment of motor fuel evaporation intensity, start-up performance, and tends to generate a vapor lock tendency during transportation and storage of light fraction losses.

Technical performance:

1. Saturated vapor pressure tester
Sub fuel and air chambers, the volume ratio of 1: 4 ± 0.2 is equipped with a needle valve opening and closing the upper chamber in the air, can withstand 0.7MPa air tightness test.
2. Water bath
Filled with insulating material interlayer insulation tube and provided with an electric heater and electric mixer and membership to WMK-0.5A temperature control device, the bath temperature is maintained at 38 ℃ ± 0.3 ℃, set hanging hold saturated steam in a water bath pressure measuring device holder. Equipped with a water bath cylinder 0.4 precision pressure gauge for measuring the pressure generated in the measuring device.
3. Thermometer: rod 0 ~ 50 ℃, minimum scale 0.1 ℃
SYD 265-1 capillary cleaning

This instrument is a device for measuring the viscosity of the oil equipment. It is mainly used for measuring the viscosity of oil in a capillary viscometer key attachments (or other similar devices) cleaning, viscosity measurements can also be used in the initial phase of sampling of the specimen.


Very convenient to use the instrument, press the view of the connector, Port A Port A hose coupling capillary viscometer, the capillary viscometer (or other similar items to be washed) C port immersed in the bath and block B port. When cleaning large diameter viscometer, the movable switch using the instrument on the left point to control the pump intermittent work, and vice versa when cleaning small diameter viscometer, the instrument on the right to open the switch, so that the pump for continuous operation. When the waste liquid is visible in the instrument window, you should immediately turn off the switch, will be decanted waste bottle, if necessary washed again, repeat the above operation until the cleaning requirements.


Throughout the cleaning process, should pay close attention to the waste liquid bottle height to avoid contact with the waste liquid is sucked by the pump inlet and outlet tubes, so that damage to the instrument.TAG:
SYD-508 Petroleum Products Ash Tester
This instrument is in accordance with the national standard GB / T 508-85 requirements “Petroleum products – Determination of ash,” the manufacture, applicable to the determination of ash content of petroleum products, but not containing raw ash additives (additives including certain phosphorus-containing compounds) of petroleum products, nor to lead lubricating oil and used engine crankcase oil.

Technical Parameters:

1. Power: 220V 50Hz AC
2. Total power: 4.9kW
3. The use of ambient temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃
Summary of Method:

Ash-free filter paper for core fire ignited in the appropriate sample crucible, and burned to ash and leaving residual carbon. And then heating the carbonaceous residue is converted to ash at points 775 ℃ high temperature furnace, then cooled and weighed

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