SJ PETROLEUM MACHINERY Drilling & workover rig spare parts
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SJ Petroleum Machinery Co .
XJ550 Workover Rig Parts Manual
S/NDescriptionDrawing NO.
1Power systemZ01020000131AA
2Lubrication system I of transfer caseZ01030300006AA
3Lubrication system II of transfer caseZ01030300007AA
4Transfer case assemblyZ01140000004AA
5Steering mechanismZ02030000015AA
6Steering assist power cylinderZ02030900001AA
7Rear suspension assemblyZ02040000003AA
8Air suspension assembly (right) of 5th axleZ02040000004AA
9Front suspension assemblyZ02040000005AA
10Air suspension assemblyZ02040000006AA
11Main drumZ03010000035AA
12Brake system of main drumZ03020000030AA
13Drawworks power input and output shieldZ03060000009AA
14Right angle gear boxZ03070000008AA
15Water circulation systemZ03110000007AA
16Mast assemblyZ04000000282AA
17Crown block assemblyZ04120000015AA
18Racking boardZ04160000020AA
19Tong balance deviceZ04190000010AA
20Cathead at driller’s sideZ04200000003AA
21Cathead cylinder off driller’s sideZ04200000004AA
22Guyline assemblyZ04210000005AA
23Telescoping substructureZ05010000148AA
24Chain drive case, rotary tableZ06030000007AA
25Driving diagram(with 34m mast and WCB224)Z06070000058AA
26Driving device of rotary tableZ06110000003AA
27Raising cylinderZ07000000003AA
28Hydraulic diagramZ07000000126AA
29Telescoping cylinderZ07130000011 AA
30Jack cylinderZ07140000004AA
31Cathead cylinder IZ07150000002AA
32Cathead cylinder IIZ07150000003AA
33Hydraulic oil tankZ07170000004AA
34Air cylinder, crown saverZ08200000001AA
35Front axle drive control air cylinderZ08210000002AA
36Valve saverZ08240000001AA
37Schematic diagram of chassis air systemZ08270000003AA
38Carrier air system diagramZ08280000081AA
39Electric diagramZ09010000056AA
40Carrier lights diagramZ09030000055AA
41Wire connection diagram, upper section of mastZ09190000004AA
42Wire connection diagram, lower section of mastZ09200000003AA
433” single standpipe assemblyZ15010000080AA
44Traveling block assemblyZ16120100011AA
45Hook assemblyZ16120200001AA
46ZP205 rotary table assemblyZ16140000009AA
47ATD-324-H push disc clutchZ16160100009AA
Parts list of power system
1Connection plateP6206407AA
2Rubber padP1000410AA
3Bolt M12X554301312055
4Spring washer 124313000012
5Nut M124309300012
7Support, water tankZ01060000040AA
8Support, cooled pipeZ01020300009AA
9Engine and ball valve connectorP1300760AA
10Air inlet connectorP1300764AA
11Connector, check valveP1300763AA
12Connector, air pumpP1300762AA
13Air inlet connectorP1300761AA
15Engine assembly (540HP)2500150026
16Air filter and supportZ01200100016M
17Muffler installationZ01100000066AA
18Gear box5401250025
19Range discP0200412AA
20Locating liner5402650173
22Flexible steel piece4900450024
23Flexible steel piece4900450023
24Shim plate4900450025
25Hex bolt5402650174
26Sealing liner5402650123
27Connection ring5402650452
28Stud boltP2200176AA
29Elat washer 104313400010
30Spring washer 104313000010
31Nut M104309300010
327/16″-14UNC bolt5402650175
33Washer 7/16″5402650176
34Support, engine torque-converterZ01020000036AA
35Retarder installationZ01180000001AA
36Heat exchanger connectionZ01080000006AA
37Throttle control mechanismZ01050000007AA
38Oil draining device, engine oil sumpZ01070000001AA
39Bolt with hole M16X604303316060
40Spring washer 164313000016
41Slotted nut M164311700016
42Cotter pin Ø3.2X304314532030
43Rubber padP6200316AA
44Engine installation beamZ01020100004AA
45Schematic diagram of fuel linesZ01090000002AA
46Adapter, warmerP4100371AA
47Oil filling port, torque converterZ01020I01012AA
48Connection flangeP0200778AA
50Engine belt1100850202
51Fuel radiator5402650330
52Support, air out cooled pipeZ01020300004AA
53Spare parts of M561 OAR transmissionZ01020400145AA
549/16” plugP2001095AA
55M18X1.5-9/16″ connectorP1300001AA
56Ø22 hose connectorP4100100AA
Parts list of lubrication system
2Copper pipe assembly IZ01140600002AA
3Bolt M6X244300806025
4Washer 64317100006
5Washer 64313100006
6Fixed plateZ01140600003AA
7Pressure gauge, spring pipe3800200036
9Taper thread bushingQBJ10010301
10Lower pressure overflow valve4900300019
11Double end taper thread subQBJ11010332
12Copper pipe assembly IIZ01030300008AA
13NPT3/8 fittingQBJ5230303
Parts list of lubrication system
2Bolt M6X254305506025
3Washer 64317100006
4Washer 64313100006
5Copper pipe assemblyZ01030300009AA
6Filter assembly, fittingZ0103030001OAA
7Copper shim (Inner hole Ø25,external circleØ36)P1000606AA
Parts list of transfer case assembly
1Upper input and output flangeP0200509AA
3Bolt Ml2X204300512020
4Locking pieceP6100160AA
5Input shaftP2400499AA
7End cover, input endP0100296AA
8Sealing washerP1000591AA
9Bearing NJ222E4500100132
10Box bodyP8200107AA
12Air plugZ03070100003AA
13Big end coverP0100297AA
14Bolt M15X1.5X404302316040
15Washer 164317100016
16Washer 164313100016
17Sealing washerP1000592AA
18Key 28X95P5400177AA
19Fork, couplingP5700034AA
20Tie barP5000571AA
21Oil seal PD25X50X105300200129
22Steel ball 1/2” (12.7)4500200013
23Spring, couplingP9000121AA
24Bearing 6316/P6X4500100077
25End coverP0100298AA
26Oil seal PG95X130X125300200103
27Output shaftP2400501AA
28Sealing washerP1D00594AA
29Lubricating system IIZ01030300006AA
30Bolt Ml2X354300312035
31Washer 124317100012
32Washer 124313100012
33Gear oil pump4900500005
34Sealing washerP1D00595AA
35Left end coverP0100299M
36Lubricating system IZ01030300007AA
37Housing body, couplingP8200108AA
COLower output flangeP0200510AA
39Gear ringP3100027AA
40Bearing 62064500100032
41Hex screw plug Z1 /2”QBJ120104
42O sealing ring 335X75300100596
43Driven shaftP2400502AA
44Retainer ring 754313800075
46Bull end coverP0100300AA
47Spacing linerP1101033AA
48Intermediate shaftP2400503AA
49Right end coverP0100301AA
50Bearing NJ218E/P6X4500100130
51Sealing washerP100059 BAA
52Intermediate gearP3100028AA
54Cover plateP6102721AA
55Sealing washerP1000597AA
56Bolt M8X254300508025
57Washer 84317100008
58Washer 84313100008
59Upper input and output flangeP0200511AA
600 sealing ringP1000598AA
61Output shaftP2400504AA
62Roller pin 3.5X29.84500200004
Parts list of steering mechanism
1Steering gear assemblyZ02030100004AA
2Support, steering gearZ02030200006AA
3Pin shaft, connection armP2001174AA
4Front connection arm (left)Z02030500002AA
5Connection pipeZ02030700001AA
6Steering connection rod assemblyZ02030800001AA
7Steering assist cylinder assemblyZ02030900001AA
8Bolt M8X254300808025
9Rear connection armZ02030500003AA
10Support, rear connection armZ02031000002AA
11Steering tie bar assembly (rear)Z02030700002AA
12Crass tie barZ02031100001AA
10Left support, PTO cylinderZ02030902001AA
14Bolt with hole M18X1.5X604303918060
15Slotted nut M 18X1.54316900017
16Cotter pin 4X284314504028
Parts list of steering assist power cylinder
1Screw plug, pin seatP2200195AA
3Buttonhead bowlP0900031AA
7Slip seatP7100144AA
9Clamping boltP2200192AA
10Spring seatP710D147AA
11Seat, pinP710D146AA
12Locking clipP090D033AA
13Locking boltP2200194AA
14Piston rodP2300009AA
15Retainer ringP0900032AA
16Retainer ringP1000127AA
17Sealing ringP1700089AA
18Sealing ringP1700088AA
19Sealing ringP1700087AA
20o ringP1700086AA
21Plug, cylinderP2D0D145AA
22Piston, cylinderP0700007AA
23Anti-wear ringP110D199AA
24o ringP17DDD85AA
25Cylinder bodyZ02030901002AA
26Connection seatP7100142AA
27Pin shaftP2000139AA
28Bolt, end coverP2200188AA
29Grease nipple M10X14101800008
30Cotter pin 4X604314504060
31Spring washer 124313000012
32Hex nut M12X1.254312200012
33Elastic retainer 374313700037
34Steel wire retainer ringP1000461AA
35Hex slotted nut M18x1.54316900017
36Cotter pinØ4×364314504036
37Elastic washer 224317000022
38Hex lock nut M22x1.54310000022
Parts list of rear suspension assembly
1Distance rod assembly (upper)L=6105002400089
2Connection bolt, distance rodP2200185AA
3Hex flat nut M20X1.54312600020
4Hex high nut M20X1.54309300020
5Cradle, distance rodP7100141AA
6Fixed bolt, distance rodP2200186AA
7Spring washer 204313000020
8Grease nipple M10X14101800008
9Balance beam assemblyZ02041200002AA
10Shim, cradle of balance beamP1000122AA
11Oil seal, support of balance beamZ02041300001AA
12Copper sleeve, balance beamP1100194AA
13Supporting shaftZ02041400001AA
14Cross bar, balance beamP1400098AA
15Outer pinshaft, balance beamP2000094AA
16Locating ring, pin shaft of balance beamP1000097AA
17Rubber liner assembly, balance beamZ02040400005AA
18Sleeve, pin shaft of balance beamP1400100AA
19Internal pin shaft, balance beamP1400101AA
20Set screw, pin shaft of balance beamP2200147AA
21Hex high nut M18X1.54317400018
22Spring washer 184313000018
23Washer 184317100018
24Bolt M16X1.54302516050
25Pin, rear wheel cylinder and supportP2000140AA
26Support, rear wheel cylinderP7100099AA
27Shim, cradle of balance beamP1000123AA
Parts list of air suspension assembly (right) of 5th axle
1Air bag assemblyZ02040500001AA
2Slide fastener assembly, stable beamZ02040600001AA
3Circular shaft cover assemblyZ02040700001AA
4Round rubber pad 231X190X3P6000883AA
5Semi-circle seatP7100101AA
6Rubber pad, fixed seatP6000885AA
7U type boltP2200156AA
8Rubber liner, stable beamZ02040400003AA
9Shaft liner, stable beamP1400107AA
10Clearance shimP1000107AA
11Slotted nut M244315100024
12Pin shaft, stable beamP2000098AA
13Stable beam assembly (right)Z02040800001AA
14Nut M244309300024
15Spring washer 124313100012
16Bolt M12X254301212025
17Nut M124309300012
18Flat washer 124313200012
19Bolt M14X1004300814100
20Nut M144309300014
21Spring washer 144313000014
22Round rubber padP1000108AA
23Cotter pin 5X504314505050
Parts list of front suspension assembly
1Fixed rod, front axle (front)Z0204D100003AA
2Front steel plate spring assembly5001200001
3Fixed rod, front axle (rear)Z0204D100004AA
4Lower seat, U type boltP6200445AA
5U bolt of steel plateP9860216M
6Upper shim plate, front steel plate springP6000844M
7Bumper block assemblyZ0204D300001AA
8Rubber liner assembly, tie barZ0204D400002AA
9Pin shaft, tie barP2200137AA
10Flat washer, tie barP1000D95AA
12Tray for front steel plate springP7100100AA
13Rubber liner assembly, balance shaftZ0204D400004AA
14Balance shaftP2400D88AA
15Large washerP1000109AA
16Nut M22X1.54310000022
17Nut M22X1.5P1200102AA
18Lock nut M24X1.54316500024
19Bolt M12X1,25X1204302312120
20Spring washer 124313000012
21Nut M12X1.254310000012
22Bolt M20X1.5X654302320065
Parts list of air suspension assembly (left) of 5th axle
1Airbag assemblyZ02040500001AA
2Slide fastener assembly, stable beamZ02040600001AA
3Round shaft cover assemblyZ02040700001M
4Round rubber pad 231X190X3P6000883AA
5Semi-circular seatP7100101AA
6Rubber pad, fixed seatP6000885AA
7U type boltP2200156AA
8Rubber liner, stable beamZ02040400003AA
9Shaft liner, stable beamP1400107AA
10Clearance shimP1000107AA
11Slotted nut M244315100024
12Pin shaft, stable beamP2000098AA
13Stable beam assembly (left)Z02040900001AA
14Nut M244309300024
15Spring washer 124313100012
16Bolt M12X254301212025
17Nut M124309300012
18Flat washer 124313200012
19Bolt M14X1004300814100
20Nut M144309300014
21Spring washer 144313000014
22Round rubber padP1000108AA
23Cotter pin 5X504314505050
Parts list of main drum
1Left couplingZ03010200026AA
3Pipe L= 1240P9972569AA
4Brake rimZ03010300011AA
5Right couplingZ03010200025AA
6Bolt M24X754300824075
7Nut M244309300024
8Washer 244313100024
9Air lines assemblyZ03011400005AA
10Screw plug Z1 /8”P2200083AA
11Key B36X I26P5400157AA
12Shaft linerP1400384AA
13Bearing boxP0000294AA
14Coupling, shieldP0200131AA
15Sprocket wheel Z=58 P=38.1P3500069AA
16Shaft linerP1400355AA
18Right spokeZ03010900009AA
19Bearing 2244500100055
20Bolt Ml0X254300310025
21Washer 104313100010
22Shaft linerP1400353AA
24ATD324 push disc clutchZ16160100009AA
25Key B32X230P5400158AA
26Air inlet pipeZ03011400001AA
28Oil seal PD1 50X1 80X1 65300200155
29Bearing coverP0000162AA
30Screw plug M24X25P2200042AA
31Right gear ringP3000070AA
32Bolt M20X100P2200640AA
33Washer 204313100020
34Bolt M6X204300506020
35Washer 64313100006
36Sealing padP1700276AA
38Sprocket wheel Z = 65 P=38.1P3500070AA
39Bolt M20X68P2200639AA
40Nut M204309300020
42Bearing 35244500100229
43Grease lubrication linesZ03010700003AA
44Bolt M10X124307810012
45Water line assemblyZ03010500004AA
46Drum bodyZ03010100018AA
47Mild steel wire Ø2.5X4400P9990180AA
48Pin shaftP2000066M
49Water jacketZ03010400012AA
50Screw plug Z1/2”P2000477AA
52Bolt M8X204300308020
53End cover, bearingP0000223AA
54Coupling, bearing boxZ03010200014AA
55Shaft linerP1100682AA
56Key B32X125P5400107AA
57Connection gearP3000046AA
59WCB224 water cooled brake5402650012
61Shaft linerP1100683AA
62Washer 164313100016
63Bolt M10X204300810020
64Nut M164312600016
65Bolt M16X904300816090
66Bearing 35264500100157
67Shaft linerP1400349M
68Shaft linerP1400480AA
Parts list of brake system of main drum
1Brake crank assemblyZ03020400001AA
2Bolt M10X504300510050
3Nut M104309300010
4Ratchet wheelP3500005AA
5Bolt M14X854300514085
6Lower brake crank seat and ratchet wheelZ03020500007AA
7Support plateZ03021100002AA
8Safety type automatic brake device3701800004
9Key B12X80P5400336AA
10Brake seat, 3.7m substructureZ03021100003AA
11Pin shaftP2400020AA
12Pin 4X304314504030
13Connection fork (left)Z03021400001AA
14Lock ringP1000014AA
15Nut (left)P1200016AA
16Oil cup M10X14101800008
17Bearing seatP7000004AA
18Transition shaft assemblyZ03021300002AA
19Seat plateP6200120AA
21Push rodZ03020800003AA
22Pin 38d11x1 62P2000022AA
23Pin 38d11 x85P2000021AA
24Balance weightZ03040300001AA
25Balance beamP5500004AA
26Key B18x85P5400018AA
27Brake shaftP2400024AA
28Regulating leverZ03021000004AA
29Bearing seatP7000001AA
30Bell crankP5900002AA
31Multiple brake pieceP4300011AA
32Roller assemblyZ03020700001AA
33Steel belt assemblyZ03021200003AA
35Screw stem M10P2200006AA
36Bolt M10X32P2200005AA
37Self-lock nutP1200004AA
38Connection plateP5900001AA
39Pin shaftP2000029AA
41Connection forkP5100008AA
42Nut M164309300016
43Press plateP6200094AA
44Bolt M1 6X1504300516150
45Bolt M1 6X2504300516250
46Pin 38d 11 X98P2000028AA
47Pin 8X604314508060
48Left screw stemP2200021AA
49Left capscrewP1200020AA
50Pin 6X504314563050
51Pin 25d11X86P2000025AA
52Adjusting capP1200021AA
53Right capscrewP1200022AA
54Connection armP5100009AA
55Right screw rodP2200022AA
56Washer 164313000016
57Washer 164313200016
58Bolt M1 6X1.5-60P2200029AA
59Nut M244309300024
60Tension rodZ03020800004AA
61Guard pipe L=550P9922707AA
62Pipe bracketP9820010AA
63Climbing connection rodZ03020800008AA
64Climbing connection rodZ03020800009AA
65Connection fork (right)Z03021400002AA
66Supporting plateZ03021100001AA
68Bolt M8X204300808020
69Grease lubrication line IIZ03020200001AA
70Grease lubrication line IZ03020200002AA
71Washer 244313200024
72Bolt M12X164307812016
73Bearing 3905124500100097
74Base plateP7100006AA
75Bearing 3905084500100095
76Sleeve L=50P9975486AA
77Washer 144313000014
78Nut M144309300014
79Bolt M16X354300816035
80Bolt M16X504300816050
81Bell crank seatZ03020900001AA
82Upper bell crank and ratchet mechanismZ03020300001AA
Parts list of drawworks power input and output shield
1Cover plate IP61G2250AA
3Cover plate IIZ0 30 5 DO 00 014AA
4BdH M8X2543005D8025
3Washer 84313000008
6Washer 843171D0008
7Ventilation hood, crank case5002400001
aSleeve3 ventilation hoodP1100D36AA
9Cover plateZ01140200002AA
10Sealing pad, front windowP1000494AA
11Sealing pad, front windowP6005720AA
12Front top coverP6102Z74AA
13Round vernier OYW-32-C4103200001
140 sealing ringP1700447AA
15Clutch shieldZ03060100021AA
160 sealing stripP1700316AA
17Bolt Ml0X404300810040
18Rear shieldZ0306D300014AA
19Front shieldZ0306D300015AA
20Sealing padP1700314AA
21Cover ploteP0000206AA
22Fixed pieceP6400547AA
23Clutch shield, rotary table driving deviceZ03060100022AA
24Hex tapered screw plugQBJ120104
25Bolt M10X304300810030
26Washer 104313000010
27Washer 104317100010
28Large caver plateP0100271AA
29O sealing stripP1700448AA
31Roto—seal shieldZ0306D4D00D1 AA
32Pin shaftP2400569AA
33Bearing 305630845001 D0173
34Retainer ringP5900012AA
35Tension pulleyZ0603D402003AA
36Retainer ring 32P69GOD11AA
37WasherP1000519 AA
38Rear cover plateP61G2337AA
39Washer 1043198DGD10
40Bolt M10X254300810025
41Shaft linerP1400469AA
42Retainer ringPB9G0D10AA
43Pin shaftP2000633AA
44Removable support, tension pulleyZG60301000D2M
45Support, tensin pulleyZ0603D1 00003AA
46Bolt M24X1504300524150
47Bolt Ml2X5043D0812D50
48Washer 124313100012
49Washer 124319800012
Parts list of right angle gear box
1Box bodyP8200013AA
2Bolt M30x70P2200139AA
3Nut M30P1200108AA
4Oil filling port and oil stickZ03070200004AA
7Retainer ringP1100145AA
8Gear Z=19P3200003AA
9End coverP0100065AA
10Flange discP0200124AA
11Press plateP1100147AA
12Bolt M20x50P2200631AA
15O sealing ring 75X2.655300100209
17End coverP0100066AA
21Cover plateP6100264AA
23Retainer ringP1000100AA
25Output end bearing seatP7D00117AA
26Bearing boxP700011 BAA
30Sprocket wheel t = 38.1P3500065AA
31Spacer linerP1400347AA
32Output shaftP2400441AA
33Press plateP0100266AA
35End coverP0100269AA
39Base plateP6203132AA
40Bolt for hinge hole M30x70P2200636AA
41Breather valveZ03070100002M
42Plug NPT3/4″QBJ120106
44End coverP0100268AA
45Oil cup M10X14101800008
46Bull gearP3200004AA
48Bolt M20X80P2200144AA
49Self-lock nutP1200479AA
50Stopper (II)P6005634AA
51Input shaftP2400442AA
52Stopper (I)P6D00863AA
53Spring washer 304313100030
54Double row tapered roller bearing4500100240
55Oh seal PG90X120X125300200099
56Bolt M12X304301312030
57Spring washer 124313100012
58Spring washer 164313100016
59Bolt Ml6X454300316045
60Bolt M16X404300316040
51Bolt M12X304300312030
62Double row tapered roller bearing4500100244
63Bolt MBX154300308015
64Spring washer 84313100008
65Single row radial short cylindrical roller bearing4500100106
66Bolt M14X304300314030
67Spring washer 144313100014
68Spring washer 184313100018
69Bolt M18X804300318080
70Bolt M8X254300308025
71Oil seal PG110X140X145300200113
720 sealing ring 95×2.655300100240
74Cylindrical roller bearing NU2215E4500100123
75Bolt M12X354300312035
76Spring washer 64313100006
77Bolt M6X354300306035
780 sealing ring 05.3(L=1240)P1700961AA
79Spring washer 204313100020
81Sprocket wheelP3500076AA
82Lock washerP6200406AA
83Bolt M12X404301312040
Parts list of water circulation system
1Water tank assemblyZ03110100006AA
2Support assemblyZ03110200007AA
33” union4700200009
4Outer square pipe plug R34700500080
52” sub L=60P9971738AA
62” gate valve4600300060
7M64X2-R2 adapterP1300042AA
8Hose assembly 511-8001101026042
9Connection flangeP0200332AA
10Sealing padP1700296AA
11Tampered adapter Z1-1/2”QBJ5221212
12Water temperature and pressure sensor3802400004
13Bushing, sensorP6201856AA
14Tee Z1-1/2”QBJ806121212
15Hose assembly 511-20001101026052
162” union4700700081
17Outer square pipe plug R24700500050
18Straight adapter M27X1.5—Z3/4”QBJ6012706
19Hose assembly 161-12001101008040
20Water connection boxP9870388AA
21Hose assembly 511-8501101026095
22Installation seatP7100012AA
23Elastic washer 104313100010
24Bolt M10X204300510020
25Hose assembly 161-10001101008038
26Straight adapter M27X1.5-Z3/4”QBJ5012706
27Hose assembly 161-13001101008061
28Hose assembly 511-19001101026051
29Straight adapter M64X2-Z1-1/2”QBJ6016412
30In-line pump4900500029
31Support, in-line pumpZ03110200002AA
32Bolt M10X504300510050
33Bolt M10X654300510065
34Nut M104309300010
35Hose assembly 161-15001101008041
36Hose assembly 511-35001101008047
37Hose assembly 511-9001101026043
39Hose assembly 161-18001101008062
40Bushing Z2”-Z1-1/2”QBJ10011612
42Adapter R2 —NPT2P1300484AA
43Straiqht adapter Z2”QBJ6131616
44M64X2-Z2” straiqht adapterQBJ5016416
45Seal pad, 3” unionP1000990AA
46Seal pad, 2” unionP1001031AA
Parts list of mast assembly
1Lower section of mastZ04010000015M
2Upper section of mastZ04020000030AA
3Crown block assemblyZ04120000015AA
4Crown platformZ04130000014AA
5Mast baseZ04150000021AA
6Racking boardZ04160000020AA
8Mast supportZ04180000006AA
9Tong balance deviceZ0419000001OAA
10Standpipe assemblyZ15010000080AA
11Socket, mast lightZ04013400001AA
12Guyline assemblyZ04210000005AA
13Front support assemblyZ04240000005AA
14Regulator, load guylineZ04220000006AA
Parts list of crown block
1Crown sheaveP0300093AA
2Bearing 20977224500100249
3Adjusting ring, bearingP1000529AA
4Square taper washer 22P1000531AA
5Bolt M22X854303322085
6Nut M224311700022
7Washer 224313100022
8Nut M204309300020
9Washer 204317100020
11Supporting sleeve L118P9960576AA
12Sealing ringZ07120100007AA
13Hex bolt M12X204319112020
14Lock nut M100X3P1200507AA
15Supporting sleeve L333P9960577AA
17Crown shaftP2400434AA
18Fixed seat, crown sheaveZ04120600004AA
19Spacer linerP1100932AA
20Fixed seat, crown sheaveZ04120500004AA
21Fastline sheaveP0300092AA
22Fixed seat, fastline sheaveZ04120700003AA
23Fixed seat, fastlineZ04120800003AA
24Bolt M22X754300322075
25Crown shaftP2400435AA
26Press plateP7200492AA
27Countersunk head bolt M6X104315306010
28Grease nipple M10X14101800008
29Fixed seat, deadline sheaveZ04120400003AA
30Fixed seat, deadline sheaveZ04120300005AA
31Cotter pin 4×404314504040
32API nameplate, crown blockP6302603AA
Parts list of racking board
1Sheave shaftP2400274M
2Sheave shaftP2400276M
3Racking boardZ04160200012AA
4Semi-circular washerP1000129AA
5Hex nut M244309300024
6Copper sleeveP1400254AA
7Wireline L=59000P9990137AA
8Wireline clamp 84400200008
9Latern ring 84400200108
10Line sheaveP0300052AA
11Lock plate 25X12P6400913AA
12Pin Ø3.2X404314532040
13Grease nipple M10X14101800008
Parts list of tong balance device
1Balance cylinderZ04190300002AA
3Wireline lantern ring 0.34400200108
4Wireline clamp Y— 104400200010
5Sheave assemblyZ04190100001AA
6U type boltP9860110AA
7Self-lock nut M20X1.54312500020
8Guide track plate assemblyZ04190500004AA
9Cotter pin 4×324314504032
Parts list of cathead at driller’s side
1Cathead sheave assemblyZ04200200 003AA
3Cathead lineZ04200100D02AA
5Rectangular tube lL=1300P9941627AA
6Rectangular tube IIL=650P9941628AA
7Pad eyeZ04010900D22AA
8Plug plate 92X66P6004616AA
9Hanger, cylinderZ04013700D02AA
10Sliding rod L2969P9870313AA
11Anti-wear plate IP6100432AA
12Guiding rodP9860011AA
13Anti-wear plate IIP6100433AA
Parts list of cathead cylinder off driller’s side
1Cathead sheave deflector assemblyZ04200200003AA
3Cathead lineZ04200100002AA
5Rectangular tube L=1300P9941614AA
Parts list of guyline assembly
1Windload guylineZ04210300003AA
2Guyline from racking board to groundZ04210400005AA
3Internal load guylineZ04210100003AA
Parts list of telescoping substructure
1Rear baseZ0505010001OAA
3Safety pinP9860066AA
4Welding chain 5P9100314AA
5Rear upper baseZ05011100019AA
7Pad eyeP6005398AA
8Front upper baseZ05011100020AA
9Front baseZ05011200078AA
11Pad eyeZ05011600045AA
12Pad eyeP6005425AA
13I steel L=2420P9930300AA
14Elasting slide way (4.8m)Z05010200017AA
15Rear guiderails, rightZ05050700008AA
16Pipe ramp assembly (4.8m)Z05010200018AA
17Rear guiderails, leftZ05050700009AA
18Stairs assembly (4.8m)Z04250300023AA
19Front guiderails, on the left sideZ05050700011AA
20Front guiderails, leftZ05050700012AA
21Cover plateZ05011300027AA
22Frong guiderails, rightZ05010600073AA
23Guide wheel, cathead cylinderZ05012000003AA
24Safety pinP9000033AA
26Pedal, mastZ05050500013AA
27Tail line postZ05012300003AA
30Sliding hook 3/16”(with safety clip)4103200131
31Welding chain 8P9100315AA
34Rectangular tube L=500P9942486AA
35Plug plate 96X96P6006094AA
38Power tong postZ05020200014AA
39Track, air hoistZ05090900004AA
Parts list of chain drive case, rotary table
1Air exhaust plugZ06030200002AA
2Box bodyZ06030300005AA
3Oil filling plugP0900012AA
490° liner pipe (ZG 1/4”)4700800003
5Oil plugP0900013AA
6Connection plateP6000362AA
7Bolt M24X654300324065
8Nut M244317700024
9Washer 244313200024
10Cover plateP6101537AA
12Torque converterZ06030700003AA
14Bolt M12X254300312025
15Washer 124313000012
16Washer 124313200012
17Chain 28A-25401500006
18Front coverZ07340100013AA
19Spacer, oil sealP1100054AA
20Bearing 22219C4500100328
21Washer, bearing seatP6200204AA
22Oil seal seatP0000034AA
23Flat keyP5400029AA
24Sprocket wheel Z=25P3500047AA
25Oil seal PG105X130X145300200111
26Spacer, oil sealP1100266AA
27Bearing 22218C4500100224
28Oil seal seatP0000033AA
29Spacer, oil sealP1100074AA
30Bolt M24X454300324045
31End face press plateP6000361AA
32Bolt M12X404300312040
33Bolt M16X404300316040
34Spring washer 164313100016
35Washer, bearing seatP0900011AA
36Bearing seatP7000008AA
37Bolt M12X354300512035
38Spacer, oil sealP1100267AA
39Grease nipple M10X14101800008
40Bearing seatP700001OAA
41Oil seal PG110X140X145300200024
42Input shaftZ06110400002AA
43Sprocket wheel Z=23P3500044AA
44Cover plateP6100237AA
46Bolt M10x204300810020
47Washer 104313100010
48Press plateP0000056AA
49Cover plateP6101544AA
50Seal shimP1700351AA
51Bolt M8X204300308020
52Washer 84313100008
Parts list of driving diagram
1Front inter-axle driving shaft L=815±505000700020
2Under-deck driving shaft L=1600+805000700067
3Under-deck fixed driving shaft5000700110
4Front 1st driving shaft L=200±155000800010
5On-deck front 2nd driving shaft L= 1015+505000700142
6Intermediate supportZ06010000004AA
8Anti-shock padP1000525AA
9On-deck front driving shaft L=740±505000700143
10Inter-rear axle driving shaft L=755±755000700024
11On-deck rear driving shaft L=1220±805000700164
12Nut y 16X1.5P1200056AA
13Bolt y 16X1.5P2200072AA
14Washer 164313100016
15Chain 1-1/2” 24A-25401500005
16Support, under deck fixed driving shaftZ02011500022AA
17Bolt M12X1.5X45P2200105AA
Parts list of driving device, rotary table
1ATD218H push disc clutchZ16160100003AA
2Bolt M16X75P2200624M
3“O” sealing strip
4Connection plateZ06020100003AA
5Oil seal SG240X280X185300200176
7End coverP0000287AA
8“O” sealinq stripP1700432AA
9Oil seal PD120x150x145300200149
10Bolt M12x304300312030
11Washer 124313100012
12Shaft linerP1100874AA
13Bearing seat of input shaftZ06010100004AA
14Bolt M20X504300320050
15Washer 204313100020
16Adjusting washerP1000473AA
17Adjusting washerP1000607AA
18Adjusting washerP1000608AA
20Bolt M16X404300316040
21Washer 164313000016
23Endface press plateP0100034AA
24Clutch shieldZ16160200001AA
25ATD118 push disc clutchZ16160100002AA
26Output shaftP2400400AA
27Gear ringP3100003AA
28Sealing padP1700020AA
29Shaft linerPI100875AA
31Washer 244313100024
32Bolt M24X654300324065
33Nut M244317500024
34Bearing seatP7000106M
36Shaft linerP1400036AA
38Bearing 535204500100350
39Shaft linerP1100876M
40Air vent valveZ06110300001AA
41Bearing 97520E4500100244
42Nut M204317500020
43Bolt M20X704300320090
44Oil filling cap and oil stickZ01030701003AA
453/4” plugQBJ120106
48Bolt M20X76P2200144AA
49Self-lock nutP1200479AA
50Bearing coverP7100536AA
51Clutch couplingP0000285AA
52Box coverZ06030500003AA
53Bolt M10X254300310025
54Washer 104313100010
550 sealing strip Ø97.5X3.555300100247
57Retainer ringP1000478AA
58Box bodyZ06110100008AA
59Oil cup 60“M10X 14101800009
60O sealing ringP1700453AA
61Shield couplingZ06020100002AA
62Bearing 536194500100501
63End coverP0000289AA
64Shaft linerP1100877AA
65Sprocket wheel Z = 33 P = 38 1P3500064AA
66Shaft linerP1100878AA
68Bearing 618484500100089
69Bearing 2184500100051
71Clutch couplingP0000291AA
73Oil seal PD100X140X125300200143
74Shaft linerP1100879AA
76Input shaftP2400404AA
77Key B20X140P5400358AA
78Bolt M10P2200425AA
79Shaft linerP1400754AA
80Bolt M22X704300822070
81Double-lock washerP6005547AA
82Air inlet pipeZ03011400001AA
83Bolt M 16×504300816050
84Washer 164317100016
85Oil seal PD 1 1 5X160X145300200148
86Shaft linerP1400335AA
87O sealing ring Ø185X3.555300100536
88Adjusting shimP1000481AA
89Adjusting shimP1000611AA
90Adjusting shimP1000612AA
91Shaft linerP1400336AA
93End face press plateP0000286AA
94Lock washerP1000483AA
95Hinge seatZ16140202001AA
97Adjusting washerP1000484AA
98Adjusting washerP1000609AA
99Adjusting washerP1000610AA
100Bearing 32222E4500100507
101Shaft linerP1400370AA
102Combination linerP1100881AA
104Push rodP5100115AA
105Shaft linerP1400338AA
106Shaft linerP1400339AA
107Bearing 1762224500100171
108Shaft linerP1400340AA
109Ball 1/2”4500200013
111Bolt M16X12P2200628AA
112Sealing washerQBJ150120
110O sealing ring 30X3.555300100090
114Pin shaftP2000615AA
115Nut M144309300014
116Washer 144313100014
117Retainer ringP1000485AA
118Bolt M14X304300814030
119Bolt M8X254300408025
120Key 8X7X40P5400154AA
121Washer 84317100008
122Nut M84309300008
120Washer 84313100008
124Shaft linerP1400337AA
125Flat keyP5400023AA
1261 ’’-14UNS-1 ”-1 4UNS bushingP1100090AA
Parts list of raising cylinder
1Cylinder bodyZ07120400001AA
2First stage plungerZ07120300003AA
3Second stage plungerZ07120300002AA
4Third stage plungerZ07120300001AA
5Screw sleeveP1100294AA
6Press ringP1100326AA
7Copper sleeveP1 100295M
9Screw sleeveP1300165AA
10Press ringP1100322AA
11Coppper sleeveP1100296AA
14Cover, cylinderP0100117AA
15Rod headP2300019AA
16Retainer ringP1100298AA
17Support ringP1100657AA
18Retainer ringP1100299AA
19Dust ringP1100300AA
20V ringP1100323AA
21Dust ringP1100301AA
22V ringP1100327AA
23Guide ringP1100302AA
24Anti-friction ringP1100303AA
25Guide ringP1100304AA
26Guide ringP1100305AA
28Spring seatP6201007AA
29Check valve seatP1300192AA
30Copper sleeveP1100293AA
32Plug Z1/8”QBJ120101
33Dust ringP1100332AA
34Pin shaftP2000225AA
35Grease nipple M10X14101800008
36Cotter pin 10X704314510070
37Steel ball 194500200017
38Z1/4 plugQBJ 120102
39Z1X1 /2 bushingQBJ10010804
40Hex set screw M8X104306808010
41O ring 15X2,655300100043
42O ring 58X3.555300100170
43O ring 175X5.35300100528
44O ring 165X75300100519
45Press ringP1100658AA
46V type sealing ringP1700331AA
47Support ringP1100325AA
48Support ringP1100330AA
Parts list of hydraulic diagram
1Oil suction filter5400200007
2Ball valve4600300006
3Check valve4900300008
4Vane pump4900550074
5Overflow valve4900350077
6High pressure ball valve4600100020
7Hydraulic oil tankZ07170000004AA
8Hydraulic air filter5400100012
9Bypass filter5400200034
10Check valveZ07270200004AA
11Overflow valve4900350043
12Oil suction filter5400200008
13Ball valve4600300004
14Gear pump4900550085
16Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)3800200010
17Pressure gauge (NPT1 /4)3800200015
183T hydraulic winch4000400011
195T hydraulic winch4000400012
20Cathead cylinderZ07150000003AA
21Cathead cylinderZ07150000002AA
22Oil filling valve4900450001
23Working valve4900450003
24Working valve4900450002
25Working valve4900450005
26Oil returning valve4900450004
27Oil filling valve4900450009
28Working valve4900450012
29Working valve4900450011
30Working valve4900450010
31Oil returning valve4900450013
32Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)3800200007
33Check valve4900300007
34Raising cylinderZ07000000003AA
35Telescoping cylinderZ07130000011AA
36Needle valve4900300058
37Check valve4900300006
38Jack cylinder (front and rear)Z07140000004AA
39Oil pump lineZ07010000001AA
40Jack lineZ07020000005AA
41Raising lineZ07030000004AA
42Hydrualic winch lineZ07040000002AA
43Tong lineZ07050000001AA
44Five bank valve lineZ07060500002AA
45Six bank valve lineZ07070000004AA
46Steering assist lineZ07080000001AA
47Multiple way valve remote control mechanismZ07060700010AA
Parts list of telescoping cylinder
1Cylinder bodyZ07130200007AA
3Guide sleevePI100319AA
4Copper sleeveP1100320AA
6Sealing ringP1700167AA
7O ringP1700168AA
10Check valveP4600013AA
12Spring seatP0900038AA
13Air exhaust plugZ07120200001AA
14J type dust ring D1305300300030
15M8X30 set screw4315908030
16O seal rinq 030X3.55300100089
17M27X2-1/2” bushingQBJ10072704
18Z1/2” plugQBJ120104
Parts list of jack cylinder
1Plug, cylinder bodyP2000205AA
30 sealing ring Ø130X5.75300100288
4Retainer ring A130X25302001031
5Cylinder bodyP160001OAA
6Piston rodP2300017AA
7Retainer ring 804313800080
8Bolt M10X354300810035
9Washer 104313200010
10Spring washer 104313000010
11Nut M104309300010
12Chain, safety pinP9100050AA
13Copper sleeveP1100278AA
14Nut, linerP1200183AA
17Safety pinP2000204AA
18Circlip, safety pinP9860033AA
19Base plateZ07140200001AA
200 sealing ring Ø110X5.75300100264
210 sealing ring Ø80X5.75300100221
22Set screwP2200264AA
23Nut M124309300012
24O sealing ring Ø60X5.75300100176
25Retainer ring A60X25302001011
26Screw plugP2200263AA
28Lock washer 564313600056
29Yx seal DII05300300066
Parts list of cathead cylinder I
2Connection rodP7200156AA
3Piston rodP2300028AA
4Tension rodP2200308M
5Copper sleevePI 101745M
6BA type ring5302000451
7Cover, cylinderZ07150200007AA
8Plug NPT1QBJ120108
9Cylinder bodyPI600019AA
11Cushion sleeveP1100158AA
13Guide ringP1100160AA
14Seal ringPI700064AA
15Anti-wear ringPI700065AA
16Cushion ringP1100159AA
17End cover, rightZ07150200002AA
18Elastic retainer ring 354313800035
19Pin shaftP2000099AA
20Screw plug NPT1/4P1200114AA
21Set screw M8X204317008020
22Dust ring J-505300300024
230 sealing ring 100X3.15300100248
240 sealing ring 41.2X3.555300100121
25Elastic retainer ring 604313800060
26Bolt M12X554300812055
27Washer 124317100012
28Spring washer 124313100012
29Nut M124309300012
30Nut M204315100020
31Spring washer 204313100020
32Bolt M12X904300812090
33Cotter pin Ø3.2X304314532030
Parts list of cathead cylinder II
2Connection endP7200156AA
3Piston rodP0700005AA
4Tension rodP1300102AA
5Copper sleeveP1101745AA
6BA type ring5302000451
7Cover, cylinderZ07150200007AA
8Plug NPT1QBJ120108
9Cylinder bodyPI 100155M
10Cushion sleeveP1100158AA
12Guide ringP1100160AA
13Sealing ringP1700064AA
14Anti-friction ringP1700065AA
15Cushion ringPI100159AA
16Right end coverZ07150200002AA
17Elastic retainer ring 354313800035
18Pin shaftP2000099AA
19Screw plug NPT1/4P1200114AA
20Set screw M8X204317008020
21Dust ring J-505300300024
22O sealing ring 100X3.15300100248
23O sealing ring 41.2X3.555300100121
24Elastic retainer ring 604313800060
25Bolt M1 2X1 004303312100
26Washer 124317100012
27Spring washer 124313100012
28Nut M124309300012
29Nut M204309300020
30Spring washer 204313100020
31Cotter pin 3.2X304314532030
Parts list of hydraulic oil tank
1Closing plateP72D0699AA
2Spacer plateP72D0703AA
3Upper plateP72D0706AA
4Lifting ringP50D0015AA
6Bottom plateP72D0709AA
7NPT1 connection pipeP9860010AA
8Flange discP02D0049AA
9NPT1.1 /4 connection pipeP9870798AA
10Flange discP02D0043AA
11Supporting angle steelP71D0011AA
12Bent pipeZ08D10500004AA
13NPT1.1 /2 connection pipeP9870799AA
14Z1-1/4” pipe collarQBJ11041055
15Fixed angle steelP9810014AA
16Connector, thermometerP13D0056AA
17Rubber padP10D0051AA
18Cover plateP61D0125AA
19Cover plate bodyG10030100002M
20Liner, cover plateP62D0105AA
21Cover plate seatG10030100001M
22Base plateP62D0154AA
23Oil scaleZ07170100001AA
24Bolt M8X204301308020
25Spring washer 84313000008
26Bimetal thermometer3800100004
27Bolt M12X604300512060
28Nut M124309300012
29Spring washer 124313000012
30Bolt M10X254300310025
31Nut W104309300010
32Spring washer 104313000010
33Bolt M8X204308008020
34NPT1.1/4” straight adapterQBJ5221010
35G1.1/4” ball valve4600300006
36G1.1/4”-NPT1.1/4 bushingP1300052AA
37Ø38 hose connectorP1300053AA
Parts list of air cylinder, crown saver
1Piston assemblyZ08200100001M
2Nut M204309300020
3Cover, cylinderP0000082AA
4Grease nipple M6X14101800004
5Nut M104309300010
6Spring washer 104313000010
7Stud boltP2200232AA
8Cylinder bodyP2100226AA
9Head, cylinderP0000081AA
10O sealing ringP1700133AA
11O sealing ringP1700132AA
13Guide sleeveP1100233AA
14Bolt M6X84316406008
Parts list of front axle drive control air cylinder
2Connection rodP6002026AA
3Connection pinP2000299AA
4Pin 4X204314504020
5Pin shaft Ad612X324314812032
6Nut M84309300008
7Washer 84313100008
8Bolt M8X204300308020
9Pin shaft Ad412X354314812035
10Air cylinder assemblyZ08210000001AA
Parts list of valve saver
2Nut M124312700012
3Regulating leverP5100018AA
4Bolt M5X64307805006
6Guide sleevePI100059AA
7Retainer ring 244313700024
80 sealing ring 11×1.95300100030
9Valve stemP2600011AA
100 sealing ring 22×2.45300100065
11Spacing plateP6000366AA
12Taper spring Ø8P9000012AA
14Valve body assemblyZ08240200001AA
15Seat ringP0900015AA
16Valve sleeveP1100060AA
17Spring Ø1.6P9000013M
180 sealing ring 24×2.45300100071
19Guide sleeveP1100061AA
Parts list of chassis air system
1Pressure gauge3800200005
2Manual brake valve5000100085
3Emergency brake valve4900300052
42 position 3 way button valve4900300051
5Brake acceleration valve5000100084
6Air cylinderZ08250000002AA
7Pressure reducing valve4900300037
8Overflow valve5002400087
9Pressure alarm switch5001900177
10Switch of brake light5000100063
112 position 3 way valve (normal open)3801950004
12Emergency relay valve4900300030
13Quick release valve4900300029
14Water draining valve4900300057
15Copper safety valve4900300056
16Check valve4900300012
17Double chamber brake valve5000100086
18Eront axle brake chamber5000200003
19Rear axle brake chamber5000200004
20Carrier brake linesZ08110000001AA
21Differential lock linesZ08120000001AA
22Air suspension linesZ08130000001AA
23Eront drive shutter linesZ08140000001AA
24Air control box of cabZ08260000001AA
Parts list of carrier air system
1Air compressor5001550007
2Check vlave4900300012
3Driver (24V)5402650803
4Air reserviorZ08250000001AA
5Safety valve5000100087
6Plug valveZ03111700002AA
7Pressure regulating valve4900350126
8G1/2″ ball valve4600300001
10Water draining valve5402650041
123 positin 4 way directional valve4900350091
132 position 3 way air controlled directional valve3801950004
14Test connector4700600266
15Pressure reduction valve4900300060
16Rotating joint4700650114
17Valve saverZ08240000001AA
18Air cylinderZ08200000001AA
19Shuttle valve4900350110
202 positin 3 way directional solenoid valve4900350304
22Brake acceleration valve5000100084
232 position 3 way manual directional valve4900350088
24Switch of air horn (button)4900300031
252 position 3 way air controlled directional valve3801950003
262 position 3 way air controlled directional valve4900350107
27Handwheel pressure regulating valve4900350182
28Combination valve, main drum4900350098
29One way choke valve4900300002
30Atomized lubricator5400400005
313 position 4 way manual directional valve4900350092
32Pressure gauge <NPT1/4)3800200005
33Air cylinder5400600002
342 position 3 way air controlled directional valve3801950001
35Throttle controller5402650038
36Pressure relay5402600002
372 position 3 way foot operated valve4900350089
38Pedal throttle valve4900350096
39Switch of air horn (foot operated)5000100031
40Air horn5000100034
41Girder pipelinesZ08030000001AA
42Throttle shutdown pipelinesZ08040000001AA
43Drawworks pipelineZ08060000002AA
44Rotary table pipelinesZ08070000003AA
45Hydraulic pump pipelinesZ08090000001AA
46Air slip pipelinesZ08100000001AA
47Element, filter (Equipped with IA-192)5400150039
Parts list of electric diagram
3Fuse box5000100049
4Toggle switch3401400012
5Ignition switch5100150003
7Toggle switch3401400017
8Self-recovery fuse3201200040
9Self-recovery fuse3201200041
10Indicating light3101800051
11Indicating light3101800052
12Indicating liqht3101800054
13Indicating light3101800053
14Oil scale gauge5001900201
15Parallel instantaneous button3101200032
18Rear combination signal light (left)5001900123
19Rear combination signal light (right)5001900122
21Relay seat3102600048
22General switch5000100016
24Front combination signal light (left)5001900127
25Front combination signal light (right)5001900126
26Side steering light5001900018
27Side marking light5001900013
28License light5001900007
29Front clearance light5001900015
30Rear clearance light5001900014
31Front fog light5001900003
32Top light5001900010
33Wiper switch5000100024
34Vehicle odometer(including sensor and cable)3800400007
36Galvanization welded pipe104900002
37Wire connection diagramZ09010100029M
38External lighting and signal device instrallation diagramZ09020000018M
39J1939 data communication wireZ09010100019M
40Support, seaf-recovery fuseP7101128AA
41Support, instrument boxZ09090000011AA
Parts list of carrier lights diagram
1Support, explosion-proof socketP7100125AA
2Explosion-proof socket3102000001
3Nameplate, mast lightingP6300048AA
4Support for nameplateP7101262M
5Sealing connector, cable3102500043
6Support, explosion-proof junction boxP7100122AA
7Explosion-proof branch box3102500005
8Support, explosion-proof power distribution cabinetP7100124AA
9Clip, cableP5200025AA
11Explosion-proof plug3102000002
14Wire wayP7101086AA
15Nameplate, substructure lightingP6300047M
Parts list of wire connection diagram, upper section of mast
1Explosion-proof plug3102000033
2Seal connector, cable3102500043
4Ø12 antiflaming bellows3200700064
Parts list of wire connection diagram, lower section of mast
1Explosion-proof socket3102000033
2Seal connector, cable3102500043
3Hex tapered screw plugQBJ120106
5Explosion-proof socket3102000032
6Ø12 antiflaming bellows3200700064
Parts list of 3” single standpipe assembly
1Fixed seatZ15010200052AA
3Wing nutK4131019AA
4Male unionK4132019AA
53” slurry gate valve4600100040
6Pressure gauge (CK60MPa)3800200067
7Four wayP4100069AA
8Wing nutK4121002AA
92” elbowP4100079AA
10Retainer ringK5000001AA
11Spring circlipK3114002AA
12Sealing ringK4124001AA
13Plug valve assemblyK31201000001AA
142” thread femal unionK4123001AA
15Lower standpipeZ15010400001AA
Parts list of traveling block assembly
1Sheave frameZ161201010D1AA
3Bearing 2097938E450D100329
4Oil sealZ161201020D1AA
5Spacer linerP17D0323M
6Sheave shaftP24D0303M
7Oil cup M10X14101800008
8Locating pieceP64D0692AA
9Balt M20X504303620050
10Line stopping plateZ161201030D1AA
11Side coverZ161201040D1AA
12Pin shaftP20D0455AA
13Square tapered screw pluq NPTfP22D0496AA
14Adjusting ring, bearingP10D0377AA
Parts list of hook
1Retainer ringP100Q378M
2Intermediate bodyP6400693M
3Grease nipple M10X14101800008
4Pin shaftP2000456M
5Bolt M24P2200497M
6Washer 244313100024
7Hexagon head bolt M22X554300322055
8Washer 224313100022
10Spring press plateP0000211M
11Safety valveZ16120201001AA
12Top coverP0000212AA
13Central shaftP2400304M
14Outer springP9000093M
15Middle springP9000094M
16Internal springP9000095M
17Spring trayP0000213M
18Brake ringZ16120202001AA
19Double row cylindrical roller thrust bearing4500300001
21Oil seal seatP0100220M
22O sealing ringP1700326M
23Lock deviceZ16120203001AA
24Hook bodyP7900010M
25Connection pin shaftP2000458M
28Locking plateP6400695M
30Pin for springP2000459M
31Pin shaft of locking armP200Q46QAA
32Locking armP690Q077AA
33Retaining rlnqP6101457AA
34Arm, elevator linkP2100553AA
35Plug NPT3/4”P2000461AA
36Bolt M24X1 604300324160
37Hex slotted nut M244318200024
38Cotter pin 5X4-54314505045
39Washer 244317100024
40Plug NPTfP2200496AA
Parts list of ZP205 rotary table assembly
2Upper coverZ16140300004AA
3Rotary table bodyZ16140400003AA
4Bull gear Z7433000071AA
5Bolt M20X603300320060
6Spring washer 203313100020
7Bearing 5617/6503500100511
9Pinion Z2333000072AA
10Gland, bearingZ16141 100001AA
11Bolt M16X503315616050
12Washer 163317100016
13Wireline Ø3“9990118AA
14O ring 400X7.03300100653
15Self-aligning roller bearinq 536263500100509
16Bearing box31100906M
17Single row cylindrical roller bearinq 326263500100508
18Bolt M20X453301320045
19Bolt M16X503301316050
20Spring washer 163313100016
21End cover, small bearingP7000113AA
22Seal ring B150 180 155300200027
24Bolt M6X254320516035
25Shaft linerP1400367AA
26O Ring 128*3.555300100286
29Bleed plugP1200248M
30Input shaftP2400426AA
33Screw plugZ16140800001AA
35Bolt M16X654315616065
36Bolt M12X3534301312035
37Spring washer 124313100012
38*CTring 830X8.65300100755
39Seal sleeveP1100908AA
40End cover, lower bearingP7000114AA
41“O” ring 615X8.65300100782
44Bolt M20X654301220065
45Bolt M12X404301312040
47Bearing 5617/6204500100510
48Bolt U24X804319124080
49Flat washer 2414317100024
52Screw plugP1200249AA
Parts list of ATD-324-H push disc clutch
3Intermediate gear discP3100016AA
4Friction pieceP1000337AA
5Air bagZ16160101004AA
6Fixed discP0000183AA
7Press plateP6003856AA
11Bolt M24X110P2200504AA
12Low carbon wire line Ø2.5X950P9990130AA
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