Honghua HH ZJ50DBS Rig Spare parts

Item No.Description of Item & Part No.Part no./Drawing codeUnit of SupplyPoint of SupplyUnit price
 A. Spares for Draw works Model:JC50DB
01.Fine oil filterGLYW-160X502 nos  
02.Primary oil filterGLYW-160×302 nos  
03.BalloonLT500/250T clutch1no  
04.Rubber hose25I-1150C2 nos  
05.Rubber hose32I-1200C2 nos  
06.Rubber hose32I-1900C2 nos  
07.Rope retainer/kick back rollerDSQ-01.002 nos  
08.Press rubber hose26711-10-10×1T10×6002 nos  
09.Rubber hose26711-06-05×1T05×7002 nos  
10.Toggle valveFP-L6A1 no  
11.Hydraulic pump for DW disk brakeA10VSO 10DR/52R- PPA14N001 no  
12.Gear type oil pump (2.2 Kw)KCB 83.31 no  
13.Coupling for KCB 83.3 gear oil pump 4 sets  
B. Spare parts for Hydraulic Cathead YM-16II
01.SpringF34´F4´150001 nos  
02.SpringF40´F4´150001 nos  
03.Wire line6´19+FC 10m long01 nos  
C.  ZB045.00 RT DRIVE
01.Universal Shaft: 775±25G303.03.0001 set  
D. Spare Parts for main Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)- [Honghua YZ1000F-093]
01.Filter ElementHDX-250×202 Nos.  
02.Scavenger Filter elementFAX-63Lx102 Nos.  
03.Filter elementIX-160×1002 Nos.  
04.Oil Filter elementTF63x1002 Nos.  
05.Oil  filter elementFBX-400×102 Nos.  
06.Oil filter elementTFX-400×1002 Nos.  
07.Air filterQUQ3-0631/2/24DC2 Nos.  
08.Hose assembly25I-1100J42D-J42D2 Nos  
09.Hose assembly32I-1500J52C-J52C2 Nos.  
10.Hose assembly87391-32-32/87311-40-32-1S×8002 Nos.  
11.Hose assembly87391-32-32/87311-40-32-1S×6002 Nos.  
12.Hose assembly19I-1500J36D-J36D2 Nos.  
13.Hose assembly19I-1600J36D-J36D2 Nos.  
14.Hose assembly8I-700J18C2 Nos.  
15.Micro high pressure hoseHFH2-P1-3-P-2.52 Nos.  
16.Self-sealed quick jointH3-63、66M2 Nos.  
17.Check valve(opening pressure:0.05MPa)S20G12 Nos.  
18.Pressure switch (Close pressure of TIP:0.4MPa)PCA2MA-1.6/10bar-1/4″-18NPT box thread2 Nos.  
19.Self-sealed quick jointH3-62、65M2 Nos.  
20.Anti-seismic pressure gauge(0-4MPa)YN63-Ⅲ1 No.  
21.Anti-seismic pressure gauge(0-25MPa)YN63-Ⅲ1 No.  
22.Anti-seismic pressure gauge(0-16MPa)YN63-Ⅲ2 Nos.  
23.Pressure testing connectorPT-31 No.  
24.Cartridge direct acting overflow valveDBDH20K10/202 Nos.  
25.Pressure testing connectorPT-71 No.  
26.Quick jointH6-63.66M10 Nos.  
27.Pressure transmitterKYB18G09M1P1C2i(0~35MPa)3 No.  
28.EP ratio pilot overflow valveRZMA-A-030/180/PA-GK/71 No.  
29.Check valveS6A1/22 Nos.  
30.Combined seal gasket:14JB982-765 Nos.  
31.O type rubber sealing ring:φ55×3.1GB1235-765 Nos.  
32.One-way throttle valve (open pressure: 4.5bar)DRV201-101 No.  
A. Spare Parts for Charging Pump SB 6×8-J 12½ 
01.Oil seal 63.5×88.8×12KIT206196 Nos.  
02.O ring 140×3.1GB1235-796 Nos.  
03.O ring 125×3.1GB1235-796 Nos.  
04.oil seal 47.6×69.9×10KIT206196 Nos.  
05.O ring  55×3.1GB1235-796 Nos.  
06.Packing 10×10T31016 Nos.  
07.Mechanical seal assemblyVJ563 Nos.  
08.Shaft of supercharger pump 3 Nos.Please provide part no.
09.Bearing of supercharger pump 6 Nos.
10.Impeller of supercharger pump 3 Nos.
B. Spare parts for Sand Pump, XBSY  SB 6×8 FJC  12- ½
01.Pin and sheath loop13000358996 Nos.  
02.Impeller-J13000921096 Nos.  
03.Gland packing set13000216156 Nos.  
04.Shaft13000992746 Nos.  
05.Bearing13000218946 Nos.  
06.Oil cover13000921216 Nos.  
07.Bearing13000218936 Nos.  
08.Cap nut13000976976 Nos.  
09.oil seal13000334718 Nos.  
10.Coupling rubber drum 12 Nos.Please provide part no.
C. Spare parts for Sand Pump XBSY, SB 5×6 JC 12 ½
01.Pin and sheath loop13000923274 Nos.  
02.Impeller-J13000923064 Nos.  
03.Gland packing set13000907554 Nos.  
04.Shaft13000922914 Nos.  
05.Bearing13000218924 Nos.  
06.Oil cover13000923124 Nos.  
07.Bearing13000979844 Nos.  
08.oil seal13000923178 Nos.  
09.Coupling rubber drum130009232712 Nos.  
D. Spare parts for Sand Pump XBSY, SB2x3 JC -10
01.Pin and sheath loop13000926284 Nos.  
02.Impeller-J13000925874 Nos.  
03.Gland packing set13000925974 Nos.  
04.Shaft13000926024 Nos.  
05.Bearing90000021454 Nos.  
06.Oil cover13000925984 Nos.  
07.Bearing90000021464 Nos.  
08.oil seal13001006004 Nos.  
09.Coupling rubber drum13000926286 Nos.  
E. Spare parts for Sand/water tank Pump XBSY, SB3x4 J -10
01.Pin and sheath loop13000207222 Nos.  
02.Impeller-J13000923283 Nos.  
03.Gland packing set13000089072 Nos.  
04.Shaft13000372063 Nos.  
05.Bearing13000372086 Nos.  
06.Oil cover13000925514 Nos.  
07.Bearing13000979816 Nos.  
08.oil seal13000372036 Nos.  
09.Coupling rubber drum13000207226 Nos.  
A. Spare parts for Pneumatic system
01.Air  dryer filter [Dryer model –  HAD-10 HTF]C-3002 Nos.  
02.Air  dryer filter [Dryer model –  HAD-10 HTF]T-3002 Nos.  
03.Crown-o-matic  valveQY34.002 Nos.  
04.Connecting hosePLN-12×1.75-NT2 Nos.  
05.Stainless Ball valve ¼” 4 Nos.  
06.Stainless Ball valve ½” 4 Nos.  
07.Stainless Ball valve 1” 12 Nos.  
08.Stainless Ball valve 1½” 4 Nos.  
09.Stainless Ball valve 2” 4 Nos.  
10.Nipple joint- ½” 8 Nos.  
11.Nipple joint- 1” 8 Nos.  
12.Nipple joint- 1½” 8 Nos.  
13.Nipple joint- 2” 8 Nos.  
14.Nipple joint- ¾ ” 8 Nos.  
B. Spare Parts for SULLAIR Air Compressor, Model-WS3010 AC
01.Air Filter ElementP/N-02250125-37212 Nos.  
02.Oil Filter ElementP/N:02250155-70908 Nos.  
03.AOS ElementP/N: 02250137-8958 Nos.  
04.Coupling elastomer88290010-0758 Nos.  
05.SULLUBE 32 fluid (Compressor oil) 18.5 litre per can250022-67012 can.  
06.Minimum pr. Valve repair kit0011772 Sets  
07.Pr. Regulator repair kit250019-4532 Sets  
08.Air inlet valve repair kit02250145-0972 Sets  
09.Solenoid valve repair kit250038-6722 Sets  
10.Solenoid valve250038-6662 Sets  
11.Pressure sensor 4 sets  
C. Driller’s Cabin and Drilling Parameter Instruments (Air Control of Driller’s Cabin)
01.Spininess valve island and valve flap,FestoCPV18-M1H-2×3-GLS-1/42 Nos.  
02.Spininess valve island and valve flap,FestoCPV18-M1H-2×3-OLS-1/42 No.  
03.Cable jumper,FestoKMP4-9P-5-PVC2 No.  
04.Pressure sensor (with NPT joint),FestoSDE-10-5V/20MA2 No.  
05.L- receptacle,FestoSIE-WD-TR2 No.  
06.Air source triple coupling,FestoFRC-1/2-D-MIDI-A-NPT2 No.  
07.Switch valve (NPT joint),FestoHE-1/2-D-MIDI2 No.  
08.Adjustable pressure switch,FestoPEV-1/4-B2 Nos.  
09.Normal close pneumatic valve,FestoVL/O-3-1/4-NPT2 No.  
10.Buffer gate,FestoOS-1/4-B-NPT2 No.  
11.Quick plug,FestoQS-3/8-1/2-U4 Nos.  
12.Quick plug,FestoQS-1/4-3/8-I-U8 Nos.  
13.Plug,FestoNPT1/24 Nos.  
14.L shape quick plug,FestoQSL-1/4-3/8-U8 Nos.  
15.L shape quick plug,FestoQS-3/8-1/2-U4 Nos.  
16.Y shape quick plug,FestoQSY-12T-U4 No.  
17.L shape quick plug,FestoQSL-1/2-1/2-U4 Nos.  
18.T shape quick plug,FestoQST-3/8T-U4 Nos.  
19.T shape quick plug,FestoQST-1/2-3/8-U2 No.  
20.Quick insert threaded bulkhead joint,FestoQSSF-1/4-3/8-B-U4 Nos.  
21.Quick insert threaded bulkhead joint,FestoQSSF-1/2-1/2-B-U4 Nos.  
22.Quick plug,FestoQSL-1/8-3/8-U4 No.  
23.Polyurethane air tube,FestoPUN-5/16-BL-U4 Nos.  
24.Polyurethane air tube,FestoPUN-1/2-BL-U4 Nos.  
25.Polyurethane air tube,FestoPUN-1/2-BL-U4 Nos.  
26.Polyurethane air tube,FestoPUN-3/8-BL-U4 Nos.  
27.Polyurethane air tube,FestoPUN-3/8-SW-U4 Nos.  
28.Normal open pneumatic valveQY234 No.  
29.Two position three way normal close pneumatic valveQY224 No.  
D. Spare parts for high pr. Manifold & stand pipe
01.O- ring for 4” hammer union Fig.1002 12 Nos.  
02.Union seal 2” 10 Nos.  
03.Rubber hose -4”, 4.5M, 35MPa/5000psiFemale hammer union 4″Fig1003, flange 4 1/16-354 Nos.  
04.Dual scale shock proof pr. Gauge0~60MPa, Grade1.5, R1 ½2 Nos.  
05.Rotary hose 4 Fig.1002 (Item No.-1 of Drawing No.-GH298.01.00 Manifold)4″, 23.5m, 35MPa1 No.  
06.Rotary hose 4 Fig.1002 (Item No.-3 of Drawing No.-GH298.01.00 Manifold)4″, 19m, 35MPa1 No.  
07.4Flange Type Flexil Gate valve41/16, 35MPa/5000psi,R3910 Set  
08.Repair Kit for above 4 Gate Valve including Gate, Seat, Bush, Metal Ring, O-ring etc. 15 Set  
09.2 Flange Type Flexil Gate valve21/16, 35MPa/5000psi10 Nos.  
10.Repair Kit for above 2 Gate Valve including Gate, Seat, Bush, Metal Ring, O-ring etc. 10 Set  
11.Gasket ringRX244 Nos.  
12.Gasket ringRX394 Nos.  
13.Gasket ringBX1524 Nos.  
E. Miscellaneous
01.Hydraulic hose – ¼ ”, 20 ft long with both end npt male connection3200 psi4 Nos.  
02.Hydraulic hose – ½ ”, 20 ft long with both end npt male connection3200 psi4 Nos.  
03.Hydraulic hose – 1 ”, 20 ft long with both end npt swivel female connection3200 psi4 Nos.  
04.Hydraulic hose – 1 ½ ”, 20 ft long with both end npt swivel female connection3200 psi4 Nos.  
05.Air hose – ¼ ”Minimum 350 psi150 ft  
06.Air  hose – ½”, 20 ft long with both end npt male connectionMinimum 350 psi4 Nos.  
07.Air  hose – 1”, 20 ft long with both end npt swivel female connectionMinimum 350 psi4 Nos.  
08.Air  hose – 1 ½”, 20 ft long with both end npt swivel female connectionMinimum 350 psi4 Nos.  
09.Quick joint – ¼ ” (for high pressure hose connection) 4 Nos.  
10.Quick joint – ½ ” (for high pressure hose connection) 4 Nos.  
11.Quick joint – 1” (for high pressure hose connection) 4 Nos.  
12.Quick joint -1 ½ ” (for high pressure hose connection) 4 Nos.  
13.Grease orifice /nipple-  M10 x 1 (for 36 Nos.  
14.Gear type oil pump (For Diesel tank)Ecb-2x11x2y-yB2-112m-4/4kw2 Nos.  
F. Spare parts for solid control system
01.Water hose pipe 1” 400ft  
02.Butterfly valve DN250/PN1.0 10 Nos.  
03.Butterfly valve DN300/PN1.0 10 Nos.  
04.Butterfly valve DN200/PN1.0 10 Nos.  
05.Butterfly valve DN150/PN1.0 10 Nos.  
06.Butterfly valve DN80/PN1.0 10 Nos.  
07.Cylindrical Pin of resilient coupling of agitator[NJ-15C2] (For LX3-42×112 coupling) 20 sets  
A. Spare parts for Derrick shale shaker
01.Rapid change bolt assy.12048-00 20 Set  
02.Pyramid screen API 20PMD500DF-A2044 Nos.  
03.Pyramid screen API 35PMD500DX-A3544 Nos.  
04.Pyramid screen API 45PMD500DX-A4544 Nos.  
05.Pyramid screen API 70PMD500DX-A7044 Nos.  
06.Pyramid screen API 80PMD500DX-A8044 Nos.  
07.Pyramid screen API 100PMD500DX-A10044 Nos.  
08.Pyramid screen API 200PMD500DX-A20044 Nos.  
B. Spare parts for Derrick Desander 
01.Apex 1.2506066-578 Nos.  
02.Apex holder6066-588 Nos.  
03.Lower band6066-558 Nos.  
04.Upper band6066-538 Nos.  
05.Victaulic coupling 5”VIC-5-758 Nos.  
06.Pr. gauge (0-100psi)PP14292 Nos.  
07.Victaulic cap 5”VIC-5-608 Nos.  
08.Victaulic coupling 8”VIC-8-758 Nos.  
09.Victaulic cap 8”VIC-8-608 Nos.  
C. Spare parts for Derrick Desilter
01.Triangular nut10523-1120 Nos.  
02.Drop in Apex(.500- .375)10523-0320 Nos.  
03.Drop in Apex(.625- .500)10523-0220 Nos.  
04.Thread on cone tip10523-0120 Nos.  
05.Hydro cyclone body 4”10523-0016 Nos.  
06.Victaulic coupling 6”VIC-6-7516 Nos.  
07.Victaulic cap 6”VIC-6-6016 Nos.  
08.Victaulic snap coupling 2”VIC-2-7816 Nos.  
09.Pr. Gauge (0-100psi)PP14292 Nos.  
10.Victaulic 90° elbowVIC-2-10016 Nos.  
D. Spare parts for Derrick  vacuum degasser
01.Hose HYDR 1” IDX13” longHYT-E716X13001 No.  
02.Hose 1”IDX 85 longHYT-E716X85001 No.  
03.Drive beltPP11374 Nos.  
04.Rod liquid trap6186-001 No.  
05.Air filter elementWLK-FRP-95-2091 No.  
06.Educator assy.10669-001 No.  
E. Spare parts for Centrifuge DE-1000
01.Flexible coupling for conveyerG00081256 Nos.  
02.Drive beltBELT-5G3V-10008 Nos.  
03. GREASE,HS-MAIN BRG DE-1000 16OZ TUBE *C000-RA-110-004 Nos.  
05.Air filter element coalescing type DXG00023011 No.  
06.Air filter element coalescing type BXG00023021 No.  
A. Spare parts for National Mud Pump, 9-P-100 (NOV)
01.Liner-6 ¾ ”05-465-67536 Nos.  
02.Liner-6 ”05-465-60054 Nos.  
03.Liner-5 ½ ”05-465-55054 Nos.  
04.Liner-5  ”05-465-50027nos  
05.Piston Complete-6 ¾ ”20-021-50818 Nos.  
06.Piston  Complete -6 ”20-021-50554 Nos.  
07.Piston  Complete -5 ½ ”20-021-50254 Nos.  
08.Piston  Complete -5”20-021-50227nos  
09.Piston Insert -6¾” (piston rubber with snap ring & plate)20-040-03918 Set  
10.Piston Insert  -6 ” (piston rubber with snap ring & plate)20-040-01318 Set  
11.Piston Insert – 5 ½ ” (piston rubber with snap ring & plate)20-040-00518 Set  
12.Piston Insert – 5” (piston rubber with snap ring & plate)20-040-00518 set  
13.Nut, piston63082419 Nos.  
14.Liner gasket,  6¾”154013727 Nos.  
15.Liner gasket  -6”154012436 Nos.  
16.Liner gasket- 5 ½ ”154012236 Nos.  
17.Liner gasket- 5”154012027nos  
18.Seat Valve156145054 Nos.  
19.Valve  complete156099554 Nos.  
20.Insert, valve guide129214118 Nos.  
21.Packing, valve cover154012636 Nos.  
22.Disc, valve15605879 Nos.  
23.Lock, valve15607069 Nos.  
24.Ring, snap15607059 Nos.  
25.Piston rod12931476 Nos.  
26.Liner spray system12931159 Nos.  
27.Hose assemblyG-24000759 Nos.  
28.Diaphragm with kit for Hydril K-20-5000 Pulsation  Dampener M-3110796-016 Nos.  
29.Nitrogen charging hose  of dampener (Hydril K-20-5000) with nippleM-1920006-041 Set.  
30.Strainer , discharge12912123 Nos.  
31.Pressure reset relief valve – 5000 psi, 3”, complete  setNOV , type- C, 1500-5000psi06 Sets.  
32.Suction line dampener diaphragm12901953 Nos.  
33.Pressure Gauge(0-5000psi)YN150B3 Nos.  
34.Gasket RingR48S3 Nos.  
35.Pr. Gauge(0-100psi)78060023 Nos.  
36.50mm mud gate valve, with 2” hammer union connection (For release line)Z23Y50-35-1502; (35 MPa)6 Nos.  
B. Spare Parts for Spraying Pump (NOV)  (size-1 x 1.5c ) (For 3   Spraying Pumps) 
01.Oil seal  FB35×55×8GB9877.1-882 Nos.  
02.Packing   8×8T31013 Nos.  
03.Mechanical seal  SB1 1/2″32SB3 Nos.  
04.Coupling for mud pump spraying pump78023276 Nos  
05.Shaft of spraying pump 3 Nos.Please provide part no.
06.Bearing of spraying pump 6 Nos.
07.Impeller of cooling pump4170-40-013 Nos.  
08.Lock washer  12GB856-883 Nos.  
C. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)- NOV [HE 100-Z-150VHP-3006-AC]
01.Hydraulic filters 3 Nos.  
02.Air filters 2 Nos.  
A. Spare Parts for CAT 3512B Engine (rig generator)
01.Oil Filter1R072696 Nos  
02.Fuel Filter 1R0756160 Nos  
03.Primary Air filter element 4P-071024 Nos.  
04.Secondary Air filter element 4P-071124 Nos.  
05.Air Starter complete set (Ingersol Rand)SS815R/4W510702 Set  
06.Kit seal and vane5N-839008 sets  
07.Pinion drive2W-607808 Nos.  
B. Spare Parts for CAT 3512 Engine (Top drive generator)
01.Primary Air filter element 8N-63094 Nos.  
02.Secondary Air filter element of CAT generator 8N-25564 Nos.  
03.Fan V Belt of CAT generator8N670016 Nos.  
C. Spare Parts for Volvo Penta Generator
01.Primary Oil FilterVolvo  2170713360 Nos.  
02. Oil Filter (bypass)Volvo  2170713230 Nos.  
03.Fuel Separator  of Volvo Penta GeneratorVolvo  P20998367 or (Fleetguard: FS19735)30 Nos.  
04.Fuel Filter of Volvo Penta Generator


Volvo  P20976003 or

(Fleetguard: FF 5507)

30 Nos.  
05.Air Filter Element  of Volvo Penta GeneratorP/N: 2170291118 Nos.  
06.Coolant filter of Volvo Penta Generator 6 Nos.Please provide part no.
Spare parts for Canrig top drive 1250AC
1Wash pipe Assy, 3.00 bore , 7.5K washpipeAY1750404 Nos  
2Washpipe, 3 in Bore, 7500 psi WPDT1794304 Nos  
3Packing, 3 in, HNBRR01-1002-04004 Nos  
4Grease NippleR01-1003-01A06 Nos  
5Retaining RingR01-1007-01002 Nos  
6O-ringS01-1348-01N04 Nos 
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