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Drilling Rig parts list
ZJ10, ZJ15, ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50, ZJ70, ZJ90
ZJ10D, ZJ15D, ZJ20D, ZJ30D, ZJ40D, ZJ50D, ZJ70D, ZJ90D
ZJ20K, ZJ30K, ZJ40K, ZJ50K, ZJ70K

ZJ10/900CZ ZJ15/1350CZ ZJ20/1580CZ ZJ30/1700CZ ZJ40/2250CZ
ZJ20/1580CT ZJ30/1700T ZJ30/1700DT ZJ40/2250CT ZJ40/2250DT ZJ40/2250C

XJ250, XJ350, XJ450,XJ500, XJ550, XJ600, XJ650,XJ700, XJ750, XJ850, XJ900, XJ1000,XJ1100, XJ1350, XJ1800,XJ2250

XJ350 Workover Rig Spare Parts for One Year
ItemNameDWG No/Spec./No.Quty.UnitQuot./YuanRemarks
1Main rig
1.1Angle box
1.1.1Oil seal120-150-1210pc
1.1.2Oil seal110-140-1210pc
1.2Rotary drum
1.2.4Clutch air bag24″4pc
1.2.5Clutch friction plate24″4pc
1.2.6Clutch pushing plate24″4pc
1.2.7Weaving brake blockJC-03-1648pc
1.2.8Casting brake blockJC-03-1716pc
1.2.9 Oil sealB150×180×1512pc
1.2.10Brake steel beltJC-03-01-001set
1.2.11Sand drum steel brake beltJC14-03-07-001set
1.3Transfer box
1.3.3 Oil seal130-160-155set
1.4Rotary table transmission box
1.4.1 Bearing62174set
1.4.5 Bearing322188set
1.4.6 Bearing62198set
1.4.12Clutch air bag18″4pc
1.4.13Clutch friction plate18″4pc
1.4.14Clutch pushing plate18″4pc
1.5.1Chain between angle transmission box and main rotary box1pc
1.5.2Chain between main rotary box  and  hydromatic brake1pc
1.5.3Chain between main rotary box  and rotary table transmission box1pc
1.6Hydraulic system
1.6.1 Dversion hydralic way oil absorption oil filterLZX-160×100L-S2pc
1.6.2Diversion hydralic way oil return oil filterLZX-160*102pc
1.6.3 Main host hydralic way oil return oil filterLZX-400×180F-S2pc
1.6.4 Main host hydralic way oil absorption oil filterLZX-400*302pc
1.6.5 Diversion hydralic way oil absorption oil core2pc
1.6.6Diversion hydralic way oil return oil core2pc
1.6.7Main host hydralic way oil return oil core2pc
1.6.8Main host hydralic way oil absorption oil core2pc
1.7Air-path joint & pipeline
1.7.1Plug-in threading jointQS-1/4-1210pcImport
1.7.2Plug-in jointQS-1210pcImport
1.7.3L-plug-in jointQSL-125pcImport
1.7.4Plug-in threading jointQS-1/2-165pcImport
1.7.5T-plug-in threading jointQST-1/2-165pcImport
1.7.6L-threading jointQSL-1/2-165pcImport
1.7.7L-plug-in threading jointQSL-1/2-125pcImport
1.7.8L-plug-in threading jointQSL-1/4-1210pcImport
1.7.9Gas separation jointQSLV2-3/8-85pcImport
1.7.10Plug-in threading jointQS-3/8-125pcImport
1.7.11T-plug-in jointQST-165pcImport
1.7.12L-plug-in jointQSL-165pcImport
1.7.13T-plug-in jointQST-125pcImport
1.7.14L-plug-in threading jointQSL-3/8-125pcImport
1.7.15Plug-in threading jointQSF-1/4-8B5pcImport
1.7.16Plug-in threading jointQS-1/2-125pcImport
1.7.17Plug-in jointQSS-85pcImport
1.7.18L-plug-in threading jointQSL-3/8-85pcImport
1.7.19Plug-in threading jointQS-3/8-85pcImport
1.7.20T-plug-in jointQST-85pcImport
1.7.21Gas separation jointQSLV2-1/4-85pcImport
1.7.22Plug-in threading jointQS-1/4-85pcImport
1.7.23L-plug-in threading jointQSL-1/4-85pcImport
1.7.24Plug-in jointQSS-125pcImport
1.7.25Plug-in  jointQS-85pcImport
1.7.26Plug-in threading jointQS-1/8-85pcImport
1.7.27L-plug-in threading jointQSL-1/8-85pcImport
1.7.28Gas separation jointQSLV2-1/2-125pcImport
1.7.29L-plug-in  jointQSL-85pcImport
1.7.30 Plastic flexible pipePAN-8*1.2550mImport
1.7.31 Plastic flexible pipePAN-12*1.7550mImport
1.7.32Plastic flexible pipePAN-16*250mImport
1.8Power part
1.8.1Fan belt4jointImport
1.8.2Motor belt4jointImport
1.8.3Engine oil filter2pcImport
1.8.4Air filter I2pcImport
1.8.5  Air filter II2pcImport
1.8.6High efficiency filter2pcImport
1.8.7Diesel filter2pcImport
1.9Air-path valves
1.9.1Pneumatic control valveVL/O-3-1/42pcimport
1.9.2Pressure gageFMA-63-16-1/4-EN2pcimport
1.9.3Fast discharge valveSE-1/2B2pcimport
1.9.4Shuttle valveQS-1/4B2pcimport
1.9.5Shuttle valveOS-1/22pcimport
1.9.6Two position three links button valvesP-22-S+SVS-3-1/82pcimport
1.9.7Two position three links option valvesN-22-S+SVS-3-1/82pcimport
1.9.8Two steps four links option valvesN-22-S+SVS-4-1/82pcimport
1.9.9Foot acceleratorIA1001pcimport
1.9.10Foot brake valveIA4841pcimport
1.9.11Safety valveIV1891pcimport
1.9.12Air separation valveXJ-L162pcimport
1.9.13Rotating gas leading swivelFP-L61pcimport
1.9.14Three position four way valveIA2982pcimport
1.9.15Step button valveIA1981pcimport
1.10Liquid valve
1.10.1Check valveDIF-L322pcImport
1.10.2Pressure gagePG63-A-25MPa2pcImport
1.10.3Switch valveIV1842pcImport
1.10.4Check valveIV6071pcImport
1.10.5Check valveIV1301pcImport
1.10.6Check valveDIF-L20H2pc
1.10.7Pressure gagePG63-R-25MPa5pc
1.10.8Relief valveYF-L20H2pc
1.11Repair Kits
1.11.1Hydraulic pressure landing leg repair kit4pc
1.11.23 ton hydraulic draw works repair kit2pc
1.11.35 ton hydraulic draw worksrepair kit2pc
1.11.4Lifting cylinder repair kit2pc
1.11.5Telescoping cylinderrepair kit4pc
1.11.6Stretched buckle cylinder repair kit4pc
1.11.7SL135 swivel repair kit2set
1.11.8YG135B travelling block hook repair kit2set
2.1mud pump
2.1.1KB-45 Air bag1pc
2.1.2API5# valveassembly(including valve seat)3set
2.1.3API5#valve rubber sheet3pc
2.1.4valve spring9pc
2.1.5Cylinder liner seal ring12pc
2.1.6Oil seal2.75×3.75×0.56212pc
2.1.7JA-3 safety valve bumper6pc
2.1.8Piston rod3pc
2.1.9Drill pump61/2” cylinder liner6pc
2.1.10Drill pump 5” cylinder liner6pc
2.1.11Drill pump 41/2” cylinder liner6pc
2.1.12Drill pump 61/2” cylinder liner6pc
2.1.13Drill pump 5” cylinder liner6pc
2.1.14Drill pump 41/2” cylinder liner6pc
2.2Rubber parts
2.2.1Bonnet seal ring6pc
2.2.2O-ring 75×5.33pc
2.2.5 O-ring230x72pc
2.2.6Suck in air capsule1pc
2.2.7 Oil seal ring3pc
2.2.8 O-ring71x5.33pc
2.2.9 O-ring355x5.33pc
2.2.10O-ring 304.4×3.553pc
2.2.11O-ring 95×5.33pc
2.2.12Oil seal5.875×7.125×0.6252pc
2.3CAT C15
2.3.1AIR FILTER24650093pc
2.3.2AIR FILTER24650103pc
2.3.3FILTER OIL1R07165pc
2.3.5VEE BELT SET9N13245pc
2.3.6FUEL FILTER1R07495pc
3Solid control system
3.1HS280-3P Vibrating screen
3.1.1Vibration source HVM-32LHVM-32L1pcequipped with 280 type screen,when ordering, mark voltage and frenquency
3.1.2Bolt M24X2X85-10.9HS01-018pcHailai vibration motor, including nut and  flat gasket
3.1.3Starter BLK53-20/2HS02-011pcwhen ordering, mark voltage and frenquency
3.1.4Junction boxHS02-021pc
3.1.5Junction box
right outlet
HS02-031pcright outlet
3.1.6Junction box
left outlet
HS02-041pcleft outlet
3.1.7Hook plate boltHS280-P053pc
3.1.8Sieve installation wrenchHS280-P081pc
3.1.9Large Screen D140HS280-092pc
3.1.10Small screenHS280-014pcequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.11Large Screen rubber baseHS280-104pc
3.1.12Small Screen rubber baseHS280-024pc
3.1.13Hook plate=830HS280-083pcequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.14Transportation junction plateHS280-052pcequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.15adhesive tapeL=785HS03-0236jointequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.16splash proof curtain280HSFJ-011     pcequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.17bleeder sand curtain L=1300HS03-041     pcequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.18Splash proof device HSFJ-280LHSFJ-280L1     pcequipped with 280 type screen
3.1.19Hoisting machanism assemblyHSTJ-P061     pc
3.1.20Centralizer body assemblyHSTJ-P021     pc
3.1.21Screen stencilHS03-0630     pcequipped with 280 type screen,when ordering, mark voltage and frenquency
3.2.1Impeller 5.5KWHA05-011     pc
3.2.2Impeller 7.5KWHA07-021     pc
3.2.3Upper coupling 175/200HACP-012     pc
3.2.4coupling rubber block 70x15x25HACP-021     pc
3.2.5Oil seal70×95×12HA01-175-12     pcFCX-175 reducer output shaft
3.2.6Oil seal55×80×12HA01-175-22     pcFCX-175 reducer output shaft
3.2.7Oil seal60×85×12HA01-200-12     pcFCX-200 reducer input shaft
3.2.8Oil seal75×100×12HA01-200-22     pcFCX-200 reducer output shaft
3.2.9Observation WindowHA01-F012     pc
3.2.10BreatherHA01-F022     pc
3.3HD-300*2 Desander
3.3.1Vibration motorHD00-M511     pcwhen ordering, mark voltage and frenquency
3.3.2Swirlerφ300HD12-CH002     pc
3.3.3φ30 Sand blast nozzleHD12-CH112     pcequipped with swirlerφ300
3.3.4φ25 sand blast nozzleHD12-CH122     pcequipped with swirlerφ300
3.3.5φ20 sand blast nozzleHD12-CH132     pcequipped with swirlerφ300
3.3.6Swirlerφ250HD10-CH002     pc
3.3.7Clamp 6“HDC06-011     pc
3.3.8Glue clamp 6“HDC06-022     pc
3.3.9Clamp 5“HDC05-011     pc
3.3.10Rubber clamp5″HDC05-022     pc
3.3.11Shaken-proof pressure gaugeHD00-011     pc
3.3.12150 mesh screenHD00-0220     pc
3.3.13Adhensive tapeHD00-036     pc
3.3.14150 Seal gasket 150HD00-042     pc
3.3.15200 Seal gasket 200HD00-052     pc
3.3.16Small springHD00-064     pc
3.3.17Small spring rubber seatHS280-028     pc
3.4HM-100*12 Desilter
3.4.1φ100 desilt cycloneHM04-CH005     pc
3.4.2φ8 desilt nozzleHM04-CH1110     pcequipped with swirlerφ100
3.4.3φ10 desilt nozzleHM04-CH1210     pcequipped with swirlerφ100
3.4.4φ12 desilt nozzleHM04-CH1310     pcequipped with swirlerφ100
3.4.5Collar clamp 2“HMC02-012     pc
3.4.6Plastic inside hoop 2“HMC02-024     pc
3.4.7Shock-proof pressure gaugesHD00-011     pc
3.4.8150 mesh screenHD00-0210     pc
3.4.9Adhensive tapeHD00-036     pc
3.4.10Sealing gasket150HD00-042     pc
3.4.11Sealing gasket 200HD00-052     pc
3.4.12Small springHD00-064     pc
3.4.13Small spring rubber blockHS280-028     pc
3.5Centrifigal pump
3.5.1Pump shell 6x5x14TS-19123-01-30A1     pc
3.5.2Pump shell 6x5x11TS-19122-01-30A1     pc
3.5.3Pump shell 4x3x13TS-19205-01-30A1     pc
3.5.4Impeller 6×5TS-19121-xx-302     pc
3.5.5Impeller 4×3TS-19206-xx-302     pc
3.5.6Pump shaftTS-20612-02-331     pc
3.5.7Bearing blockTS-20618-12-11     pc
3.5.8Inner bearing cupTS-20626A2     pc
3.5.9Outer bearing cupTS-2061 7A2     pc
3.5.10Impeller lock bolt 3/4″-10UNC×43TS-20612-011     pc
3.5.11Wear-resisting shaft sleeveTS-20943-04A2     pc
3.5.12Axial adjusted sleeveTS-20624-01-011     pc
3.5.13Mechanical seal boxTS-22223-01-301     pc
3.5.14Mechanical sealTS-22451-11     pc
3.5.15packing 12×12TS-6264-24-OBA2     pc
3.5.16Packing sleeveTS-20622A2     pc
3.5.17Oil seal 63.5×88.9×9.53TS-20619-012     pc
3.5.18Oil seal 47.6×69.8×10TS-20619-022     pc
3.5.19Cylinder roller bearing NUP313ETS-250BIS1     pc
3.5.20Ball bearing tandem mounting  7311B/DFTS-250BOB1     pc
3.5.21coupling(large)TS-250CP-011     pc
3.5.22coupling(small)TS-250CP-021     pc
3.5.23Coupling rubber block 80×200×28TS-250CP-01A3     pc
3.5.24Coupling rubber block 75×145×27TS-250CP-02A3     pc
3.6HV240 Vacuum Degasser
3.6.1observation window φ200×20HVDT-1001-011     pc
3.6.2level control valveLCV.001     pc
3.6.3pressure regulating valveZTF-001     pc
3.6.4vacuum meterYTN-100HVDT_0001-011     pc
3.6.51/2″ ball valveHVDT_0002-011     pc
3.6.6stainless steel floating ballHVDT_0003-011     pc
3.6.7oil sealing PD65x95x12HVDT_0004-011     pc
3.6.8oil sealing PD100x130x12HVDT_0005-011     pc
3.6.9control cabinet1HVDT_0006-011     pc
3.6.10vacuum pumpSZB-8HVDT_0008-011     pc
3.6.113kw  motorHVDT_0010-011     pc
3.6.1215kw  motorHVDT_0012-011     pc
3.6.136″ clampHVDT_0014-014     pc
3.6.142″ clampHVDT_0015-015     pc
3.7.1ejector nozzleHSH200.02-011     pc
3.7.2Filter screenHSH200.062     pc
3.7.3ejector nozzle hold-down nutHSH200-018     pc
3.8Mud tank
3.8.1Seamless pipe Φ273×81     pcseamless pipe ¢273×8    L=1000, flexible rubber joint DN250, one piece for each
3.8.2Handle type butterfly valve DN80  1.6MPaKR113.14.28.001     pc
3.8.3Handle type butterfly valve DN80  1.6MPaKR113.14.29.001     pc
3.8.4Handle type butterfly valve DN80  1.6MPaKR113.14.65.001     pc
3.8.5Handle type butterfly valve DN150 1.6MPaKR113.18.10.002     pc
3.8.6Handle type butterfly valve DN150 1.6MPaKR113.18.11.001     pc
3.8.7Stainless steel  ball Valve DN50KR113.18.15.002     pc
3.8.8Quick loading union 3″KR113.18.15.002     pc
3.8.9Hanmmer union 10″KR113.18.13.001     pc
3.8.10Hanmmer union 12″KR113.18.14.001     pc
3.8.11Union seal ring 10″KR113.18.13.002     pc
3.8.12Union seal ring 12″KR113.18.14.002     pc
3.8.13Flexible synthetic rubber joint DN150KR113.18.10.001     pccode:Q/GS05-104
3.8.14Shall pin Φ14KR113.18.06.0010     pccode:KR113.14.10.01
3.8.15Shall pin Φ23KR113.18.16.0010     pccode:KR113.14.50.07
3.8.16pinKR113.18.06.005     pccode:KRT-01-01
3.8.17pinKR113.18.16.005     pc
3.8.18Oil sealKR113.18.18.004     pccode:63.5×88.9×9.52
3.8.19Oil sealKR113.18.18.004     pccode:47.63×69.85×9.5
3.8.20Coupling rubber blockKR113.18.004     pc
4Well Control System
4.1BOP stack
4.1.13 1/2″ valve plate rubber core,
Enclosed valve plate rubber core
2pcfour pieces for each
4.1.2FH18-21annular preventer sealing element2set
4.1.32FZ18-21double ram type preventer sealing element2set
4.1.4gasket ring R546pc
4.1.5Bolt M48×3×354,nut M48×35setbolt 5 pieces,nut 10peices;
used for valve plate
4.1.6Bolt M48×3×240,nut M48×35setbolt 5 pieces,nut 11peices;
used for annulus
4.1.7Bolt M33×3×215,nut M33×35setbolt 5 pieces,nut 12peices;
used for four way
4.1.8Gasket ring R3910pc
4.1.9R27gasket ring20pc
4.2Remote Control room FKQ480-5
4.2.1Full set sealing element1set
4.2.2Quake-proof pressure gage 40Mpa、25Mpa2pcone piece for each,equipped with remote  console,connector  M20×1.5
4.2.3Proportion pressure guage 40Mpa、25Mpa2pcone piece for each,equipped with driller console
4.2.4 Pressure guage 40MPA1pcsurface100mm equipped with manifold
4.2.5Relief valveYF-B20HS2pc
4.2.6Paper filter elementZU-H250X20FS2pc
4.2.7Pressure gage0-204pc
4.2.8Full set sealing element4set
4.2.9Angle Stop Valves3pc
4.3Choke manifold and kill manifold
4.3.1Complete set of sealings1set
4.3.2striking wrench1 1/4″(50)1pctool
4.3.3double offset ring spanner1 1/4″(50)1pc
4.3.4striking wrench1″(41)1pc
4.3.5double offset ring spanner1″(41)1pc
4.3.6striking wrench7/8″(36)1pc
4.3.7double offset ring spanner7/8″(36)1pc
4.3.8one-line screwdrivers250×91pc
4.3.9pressure gageY100;60Mpa 1/2NPT2pc
5Generator Set
5.1Air filter212122042pc
5.2Oil filter4787362pc
5.3Coarse filter4775562pc
5.4Diesel filter81938412pc
5.6V type belt9782072pc
5.7fuel oil pressure indicator204240562pc
5.8temperature sensor205766142pc
5.9temperature sensor8621541pc
5.10Oil seal38328632pc
5.11Oil seal851083522pc
6Air System
6.1WS2210 Air compressor
6.1Air filter core1pc
6.2Oil filter core1pc
6.3Gas-oil separator Core1pc
6.4Lubricating Oil0.5barrel5 gallon/barrel
6.2SRC40 refrigerated dryer
6.2.1Refrigerant low pressure gage2pc
6.2.2Refrigerant high pressure gage2pc
6.2.3Electronic water drain apparatus2pc
6.2.4Prefilter (inner core)2pc
6.2.5Post-filter (inner core)2pc
7Explosion-proof circuit and lightning system
7.1MCC cabinet
7.1.1BreakerNSX160F MA 150A 3P F+OF1pcSchneider
7.1.2BreakerNSX100F MA 100A 3P F+OF1pcSchneider
7.1.3BreakerC65N  2P C10A AC400V1pcSchneider
7.1.6Thermal relayLRD-43651pcSchneider
7.1.7Thermal relayLRD-3363C1pcSchneider
7.1.8Indicator lightXDJ3-22/21 AC220V绿色,红色10pcfive pieces for each
7.1.9Fast-acting fuseRS0-500V/200A3pcSchneider
7.1.11Time relayST3PC A2pc
7.1.12Current transformerSDH 60Ⅱ  1000/0.51pc
7.1.13Connector assembly150YT/GZ-4J/4K1pcBAOJI YOUTOP
7.1.14Connector assembly100YT/GZ-4J/4K1pcBAOJI YOUTOP
7.1.15Connector assembly60YT/GZ-4J/4K1pcBAOJI YOUTOP
7.1.16Connector assembly25YT/GZ-4J/4K1pcBAOJI YOUTOP
7.1.17Connector assembly25YT/GZ-3J/3K1pcBAOJI YOUTOP
7.1.18Connector assemblyP20J3H QG  ,P20K3M QG4pcBAOJI YOUTOP (two pieces for each)
7.1.19Small breakerC65-C63A/3P+OF1pcSchneider
7.1.20Small breakerC65-C25A/3P+OF1pcSchneider
7.1.21Small breakerC65-C25A/2P+OF1pcSchneider
7.1.22Small breakerC65-C16A/2P+OF1pcSchneider
7.1.23Ampere meter42L1-10V1pc
7.2Lighting system
7.2.1Anti-explosion  fluorescent light220V/2*40W/50HZ1pcBOSHAN explosion-proof
7.2.2Anti-explosion  fluorescent tube40W 单脚2pcequipped with BOSHAN anti-explosion  fluorescent light
7.2.3Anti-explosion  project  lamp tube400W1pcequipped with BOSHAN anti-explosion  fluorescent light
7.2.4All-plastic fluorescent tube40W4pcequipped with Shenyang Zhongxing full plastic light
7.2.5Ballast resistor40W2pcequipped with BOSHAN anti-explosion  fluorescent light
7.2.6Ballast resistor400W1pcequipped with BOSHAN anti-explosion  project lamp
7.2.7Ballast resistor40W1pcequipped with plastic shell  fluorescent light
7.2.8Anti-explosion plug-in unit150A1pcthree phase quadrupole (Baoji YOUTOP)
7.2.9Anti-explosion plug-in unit100A1pcthree phase quadrupole (Baoji YOUTOP)
7.2.10Anti-explosion plug-in unit60A1pcthree phase quadrupole (Baoji YOUTOP)
7.2.11Anti-explosion plug-in unit25A1pcBaoji YOUTOP
7.2.12Anti-explosion plug-in unit25A1pcBaoji YOUTOP
7.2.13Anti-explosion plug-in unit15A1pcBaoji YOUTOP
7.2.14Anti-explosion plug-in unit15A1pcBaoji YOUTOP
7.2.17Heat relay 23-32A3UA5800-2D2pc11KW
7.2.18Heat relay12.5-20A3UA5400-2B2pc5.5-7.5KW
8Well Head Tools
8.1ZQ162-50 Hydraulic tong
8.1.1Locating pin10pc
8.1.2Inserts of jaw rack10pc
8.1.3 Jaw assembly2 7/8″1set
8.1.4 Jaw assembly3 1/2″1set
8.1.5 Jaw assembly5″(168)1set
8.1.6End cap bolt8pc 2 pieces for each tong head
8.1.7Sloping slab10pc
8.1.10Pneumatic tyre clutch1set
8.1.11Brake  belt6pc
8.1.12oil inlet pipe10M1pc
8.1.13Oil return pipe10M1pc
8.1.14Hand-directional valve1pc
8.1.15Relief valve1pc
8.1.16Quake-proof pressure gage1pc
8.1.17 Located handhold assembly1set
8.1.18 T- bend air valve3pc
8.1.19Moving cylinder seal ring2set
8.1.20Clamp cylinder seal ring2set
8.1.21cylindrical pin25pc
8.2TQ340-35 Casing power tong
8.2.1Brake belt56.521.008pc
8.2.313 3/8” jaw assebly56.640.00A1set
8.2.414 3/8” jaw assebly56.620.001set
8.2.515 3/8”  jaw assebly56.630.001set
8.2.616 3/8” jaw assebly56.610.001set
8.2.7Sloping slab56.660.048pc
8.2.8Pneumatic tyre assebly1set
8.2.9Motor seal ring4set
8.2.10Hand-directional valve2pc
8.2.11Full set bearing used for gear box1set
8.2.12Torque gage1pc
8.2.13 upper jaw shelf56.660.001pc
8.2.14lower jaw shelf56.660.021pc
8.3YZBF-120  Hydraulic station
8.3.1low pressure ball valve G1-1/4Q11F-64P-11/42pc
8.3.2Tee joint ball valveQ14F-64P-1 1/41pc
8.3.3Liquid level and temperature gageYWZ-200T1pc
8.3.4Check valveS15A21pc
8.3.5Check valveS25A11pc
8.3.7Axial plunger pump(forward)QL100SCY14-1Bk2pc
8.3.8Quick coupling R1PAV1 R18pc
8.3.9Quick coupling NPT3/8PAV1 NPT3/81pc
8.3.10Quick couplingR3/4PV1 R3/42pc
8.3.11Manual directinal valve4WMM16G50/F2pc
8.3.12Magnatic ecxchange valve(DC24V)34GDYEO-H20B-T2pc
8.3.13Relief valveDB20-1-5x/31.53pc
8.3.14Magnatic relief valveY2DEH-Hd20B-11pc
8.3.15Check valveRVP-202pc
8.3.16plate-type high pressure ball valveYJZQ-H20B2pc
8.3.18Gear oil pumpCBF-E440-AL-P1pc
8.4B type tong 2 3/8-10 3/4/35
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