Nov11201684304120OILWELL EQUIPMENT 1 NUM OLD & USED (RE-CONDITIONED) 13-5/8 5K TYPE GK HYDRIL Annular BOP Sr No : DSV-2101United StatesNhava Sheva SeaUNT110,888,38210,888,382
Nov09201640169990(ALL ITEMS ARE OIL WELL EQUIPMENTS) (DGH NO ECIN201611070009) KIT, SEAL, HYDRIL P/N 3107360United StatesChennai SeaNOS214,6037,302
Oct19201673079990CROSSOVER 7? 29# HYDRILL 523 BOX CONNECTION WITH THREAD PROTECTORS MATERIAL: P-110United StatesBombay Air CargoNOS1104,355104,355
Oct182016843149902 NUM BALL, CHROME STEEL HYDRIL 4-1/4 INSingaporeNhava Sheva SeaKGS33223,4256,687
Oct15201684314990PACKING UNIT NBR (NITRILE RUBBER) (G1 18 -5M MD NBR) PACKING ELEMENT , HYDRIL OEM ,GL 18-3/4 5000 PSI WP , NITRILEUnited StatesBombay Air CargoNOS15,646,6965,646,696
Sep23201684314990PACKING UNIT NITRILE SPARES FOR 13/5-8 x 5M HYDRILL TYPE GKANNULAR BOP P/NO: 1003263-02 (OILWELL SUPPLIES)United StatesNhava Sheva SeaNOS1391,584391,584
Sep23201684314990NITRILE ELEMENT 13/5-8 x 5M HYDRILL GL ANNULAR P/NO: 3105077-02-636 (OILWELL SUPPLIES)United StatesNhava Sheva SeaNOS11,012,7911,012,791
Sep19201684304120OILWELL EQUIPMENT : X-OVER 3.5 PH6 BOX X 4.5 HYDRIL 563 PSingaporeNhava Sheva SeaPCS1306,111306,111
Sep19201684304120OILWELL EQUIPMENT : X-OVER 4.5 HYDRIL 563 BOX X 3.5 PH6 PSingaporeNhava Sheva SeaPCS1306,111306,111
Sep14201684314310OILWELL SUPPLIES:(PART NO.71001202)HANDLING SUB B X P 3.50 IF X HYDRILL WT31 CRT 5.000/5.500 6FTUnited Arab EmiratesNhava Sheva SeaUNT2629,198314,599
Sep09201684314390SPARES FOR OIL WELL EQUIPMENT-SETTING TOOL SPACER,HYDRIL WT31 BOX X PIN,STX,5.000/5.500 3FT,15FT TBRUnited StatesChennai SeaNOS2150,87475,437
Sep09201684314390SPARES FOR OIL WELL EQUIPMENT-SETTING TOOL EXTENSION,HYDRIL WT31 BOX X PIN, STX,5.000/5.500 8FTUnited StatesChennai SeaNOS2150,87475,437
Sep09201684314390SPARES FOR OIL WELL EQUIPMENT-ROTATING DOG ASSEMBLY,HYDRIL WT31 BOX UP X PIN DOWN, 05.00 XUnited StatesChennai SeaNOS2301,748150,874
Aug19201684819090OILWELL SUPPLIES: BOP PARTS ANNULAR SEAL KIT FOR 21-1/4 HYDRIL MSP 2000 PSI W/P. BPSR210220101000 PART NUMBER 1002571 BUnited StatesBombay Air CargoPCS1160,710160,710
Aug19201673079990CROSSOVER W/ 5.459-8 STUB ACME BOX X 3-1/2 9.2PPF HYDRIL 511 PIN 4130/4140 P-110 (OILWELL EQUIPMENT)CanadaBombay Air CargoNOS2242,055121,027
Aug19201673079990CROSSOVER W/ 2-3/8 4.7PPF HYDRIL CS BOX X 3-1/2 9.2PPF HYDRIL 511 PIN 4130/4140 P-110 (OILWELL EQUIPMENT)CanadaBombay Air CargoNOS2274,518137,259
Aug17201684314390SPARES FOR OIL WELL EQUIPMENT- SETTING TOOL SPACER, HYDRIL WT40 BOX X PIN STX 7.000/7.625 3FT, 15FT TBRUnited Arab EmiratesChennai Air CargoNOS1290,737290,737
Aug12201640169390PACKING UNIT GK 7-15M NBR (SPARES PARTS FOR HYDRIL BOP)United StatesKolkata SeaNOS11,420,1541,420,154
Aug12201640169330SEAL KIT GK 7-10M/15M (SPARES PARTS FOR HYDRIL BOP)P.O.NO.4050010867 DT-07.03.2016United StatesKolkata SeaNOS1672,704672,704
Aug09201640094200ASSEMBLY,CHARGING HOSE FOR HYDRIL K20-5000 P/N 1920006-04-99(COMPONENT OF RECIPROCATING PUMP)United StatesBombay Air CargoPCS395,34631,782
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