Hydraulic winch Parts

Telescoping cylinder repair kitJJ Series
YX seal ringD120
Dust-proofing ringCG21-110
Detent ringCG62-120
Detent ringCQ4-120

Hoisting cylinder repair kit

O-ring GB1235-76135×3.1
O-ring GB1235-76295×8.6
O-ring GB1235-76235×8.6
O-ring GB1235-76270×5.7
O-ring GB1235-76φ180×5.7
Seal CG17-95ZYA110×100
Seal CG17-95ZYA215×200
Seals for shaft SWD01000SWD01000
Model SITE seal SWD02000SWD02000
Abnormal seal for co-axles GTD12600GTD12600
Seas for hole SWD02000SWD02000
Dust-proofing ring CY52-81d100
Dust-proofing ring CY52-81d200
Dust-proofing ring GP6-2600

YJ-3,YJ-5 Hydraulic winch repair kit

YJ-3 Hydraulic winch repair kitYJ-3
Oil sealPG65×90×12
Oil sealPG75×95×12
Oil sealFB120×150×12
YJ-5 Hydraulic winch repair kitYJ-5
Oil sealPG100×130×12
Oil sealFB150×180×14

Control valve for main drum

Reverse valveIA480
Control valve for main drumIA295
Discharge valveSE-1/2B
Shuttle valveOS-1/4-B
Toggle valveFP-L6
Adjustable valve for hand wheelTMR8-L6
Three-way reverse valve with two positions23JR6-L8
Four-way reverse valve with three positions34JR6-L8
Air-accumulated valveVL/0-3-1/2
hydraulic pumpIP407
oil filterLXZ—400X30F
oil filterLXZ—400X180F
three-link partsFRC-3/4-D-MIDI-A
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