ZJ40 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig Spare parts list

Chassis air system for ZJ40 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig

Z08270000019AAChassis air system diagram
3800200005Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
49003000242 position 3 way button valve
5000100085Manual brake valve
5000100063Switch of brake light
49003000522 position 4 way valve
49003000512 position 3 way button valve
Z08250000004AAAir reservoir
5000100084Brake acceleration valve
Z08210000001AAAir cylinder
4900300030Emergency relay valve
4900300029Quick release valve
4900350155Safety valve
4900650003Shuttle valve
49003503042 position 3 way solenoid valve
4900350154Pressure regulating valve
Z03111700002AAPlug valve
4900300056Copper safety valve
4900350110Shuttle valve
5000100086Double chamber brake valve
5001900177Air pressure alarm switch
P1301293AAFitting, airbag
Z08110000002AACarrier brake lines
Z08120000002AADifferential lock line
Z08130000003AAAir suspension line
Z08150000001AAAir controlled box, cab
Z08170000002AAMast locking pin line
Z08340000001AAFront drive line
Z08180000001AASpinner line
5000200003Front axle brake air chamber
5000200004Rear axle brake air chamber

Air system for ZJ40 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig

Z08280000170AASchematic diagram of air system
5001550007Air compressor
5402650803Drier (24V)
5000100087Safety valve
4900300057Water draining valve
4900350126Pressure regulating valve
Z08250000005AAAir reservoir
4600300001G1/2”ball valve
5402650041Water draining valve
5000100084Brake acceleration valve
4700650114Rotating fitting
49003503042 position 3 way solenoid valve
Z08240000001AAValve saver
38019500042 position 3 way air controleld directional valve
4900350101Combination valve, sand drum
49003500913 position 4 way directional valve
38019500012 position 3 way directional valve
5100150196Throttle controller
4900350110Shuttle valve
5402600002Pressure relay
Z08200000001AAAir cylinder
5400400005Atomized lubricator
4900350100Combination valve of main drum
49003501072 position 3 way air controleld directional valve
4900350098Combination valve
4900350182Handwheel pressure regulating valve
49003500923 position 4 way directional valve
4900350096Foot controlled throotle valve
3800200005Shock-resistant pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
49003500892 position 3 way foot controlled valve
4900300031Air horn switch(button)
5000100031Air horn switch(pedal)
5000100034Double tone air horn
5400600002Air cylinder
5400600006Air cylinder
4900350104Pedal throttle valve
49003500882 position 3 way manual directional valve
4900300052Emergency brake valve
4900300060Pressure reduction valve
4900300002One-way choke valve
Z08030000002AADeck frame lines
Z08040000002AAThrottle shutdown lines
Z08050000002AAGear shifting lines
Z08060000002AADrawworks lines
Z08070000001AARotary table lines
Z08090000001AAHydraulic pump lines
Z08390000002AAAir compressor lines
Z08010100002AARotary table valve modification

Latch pin cylinder for ZJ40 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig

Z07320000005AALatch pin cylinder
Z07330201002AACylinder block
P0000248AAEnd cover
Z07290100002AAPad eye
P1100761AACopper sleeve
P1100660AASupporting ring
QBJ120102Z1/4″ plug
5300100128O ring φ43.7X3.55
5300100142O ring φ48.7X3.55
5300100075O ring φ25X2.65
4309300020Nut M20
4313000008Spring washer 8
4101800008Allen bolt

Latch pin cylinder lines for ZJ40

Z07320000004AALatch pin cylinder lines
P2200610AAU type bolt
P9810492AAAngle steel
P9971757AASteel pipe 20 L≈13m
1101003021Hose assembly 10I-1000
1101003020Hose assembly 10I-900
1101003024Hose assembly 10I-1200
1101003023Hose assembly 10I-1300
1101006050Hose assembly 13II-1500
1101006051Hose assembly 13II-1700
QBJ10010403NPT1/2″-NPT3/8″ bushing
QBJ5011803M18X1.5-NPT3/8″ fitting
QBJ806040404NPT1/2″ tee
QBJ5220404NPT1/2″-NPT1/2″ fitting
QBJ11040438NPT1/2″ pipe clamp
QBJ5012204M22X1.5-NPT1/2″ fitting
4309300010Nut M10
4313000010Washer 10
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