Rosemount 2088 Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters are important in many industrial original equipment for controlling industrial processes and pressure variations. Pressure transmitter used to measure liquid, gas, or liquid level, density and pressure steam, and then converting the pressure signal into 4 ~ 20mADC signal output. Pressure Transmitters points capacitive pressure transmitter and the proliferation of silicon pressure transmitter, ceramic pressure transmitter, strain gauge pressure transmitters.

Measurement TypeGage, Absolute
OutputsHART, Low Power HART
Reference Accuracy± 0.10% of Span
Stability± 0.10% of URL for 12 months
Rosemount 2051

  1. Flexible Coplanar, traditional, inline and level process connections to meet your installation requirements
  2. Protocols include 2-20mA HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA, 1-5Vdc HART® Low Proper for easy integration with any host
  3. Stainless steel, alloy C-276, and tantalum wetted parts for compatibility with your applications
  4. Fully configurable LCD to display process variable, percent of range and diagnostic messages
  5. Aluminum and Stainless steel housings for all environmental compatibility
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