ROSSHILL communication control module 0521-2500-14
ROSSHILL DC control module 0522-2400-23
ETSCO communication control module EL21-2500-14
ETSCO DC control module EL22-2400-21
SCR cabinet power system PC01
The belt wheel skid plate PC05
Generator excitation board EXCITER PCB PC11
The detection plate PC13 earthing fault of SCR cabinet
Power limit box PC14
SCR cabinet solid state relay board PC15
SCR cabinet transformer, pulse transformer DDB02-05-02M DDB02-50-0 trigger
Fuse LE-1076 107RSM, 600A, 700V
Fuse LE-1051 105RSM, 60A, 1000V
Fuse Z301552
Insurance, low voltage fuse E300453
SCR silicon controlled KP1800A, 2500V and KP1400-22
The silicon controlled thyristor, N540CH18
Synchronous indicating lamp 130V 120V (130V)
Detection of grounding bulb 18V, 6W
CML755 6.3V 150MA indicating lamp
CML757 28V 80MA indicating lamp
Indicator – white P9XUIDD0
The indicator light green P9XUVRD0
Indicator – red P9XURRD0
The indicator light – yellow P9XUGDD0
Power limit indicator 9001KXPA1A (yellow)
Generator 9001KXPA1R internet indicating lamp (red)
Generator running indicating lamp (white) 9001KXPA1W
Generator synchronous closing containing lamp button 9001KXRB1A (yellow) Amber
DC contactor (Dan Ji) CCZ38-1250/10 74VDC
DC contactor (bipolar) CCZ38-1250/40
DC contactor CCZ38-1000/40
DC contactor 6702ED584
Bidirectional DC contactor 6702ED615
The main controller (winch operating handle) V61.1LBKM-02ZC-A050C152
The main controller (winch operating handle) VV61LM-02EC-A050C151
The two position switch CR104PSM21
The three position switch CR104PSM36
And the car selection switch synchronous switching 508A452G23
The 12 position switch 508A451G43
Current transfer switch 661A270G06
Duplex potentiometer 0100-0134-02
Voltage speed regulation potentiometer (rheostat) RHS1K0 1K Omega 25W
Foot switch potentiometer 59789-200/BCW-25W
The MYL8-750/70 varistor
SIEMENS HVR international 85301 15R0 + 20% resistance
Basler BASLER sync relay PRS250
Capacitor SCRN248R 1uF 2000V
A 1 SCRN248R-F/86A86105K80 capacitor f 2000V
Holzer transformer

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