Rongsheng F800/F1000 Drilling Mud Pump Parts-cylinder liner end cover

RS-F1000/800 mud pump hydraulic end assembly
No.Part NO.Item NameQty pcs
1RS11306A.05.009Valve cover1
2RS11306.05.008Valve cover seal ring1
3RS11306.05.010Valve rod guide1
4RS11306.05.012Baffle board1
5BG.05.001Bolt M10X204
6RS11306.05.11.00Spring guide1
7RS11306.05.013Valve spring2
8API #6 valve assembly2
9API #6 valve seat2
11BG.05.003Stud M33X2-M33X3X2564
12NG.05.002Nut M33X34
13GB/T 3452.1O-ring 97.5×3.551
14RS11306.05.002Cylinder head flange1
15GB.05.004Stud M36X2-M36X3X21810
16RS11306A.05.08.00Cylinder liner1
17NG.05.003Nut M36X310
18RS11306.05.004Cylinder liner sealing ring2
19RS11306.05.006Cylinder suport1
20RS11306.05.005Cylinder head plug1
21RS11306.05.003Cylinder head1
22RS11306.05.025Fixed grip1
23RS11306.05.26.001Valve rod guide (lower) guide1
24RS11306.05.26.002Valve rod guide (lower) inner sleeve1
25RS11306A.05.15.00Locking nut M39X31
26RS-HS.”X”Piston assembly1
27RS11305. ring1
28RS11306A.05.017Piston rod (F1000)1
RS11308A.05.008Piston rod (F800)1
29RS11306A.05.20.001Clamps (F1000)1
RS11308A.05.02.001Clamps (F800)1
30GB/T 93Spring washer 22(F1000)2
Spring washer 20(F800)
31GB/T 5782Bolt M22X1002
Bolt M20X90
32RS11306.05.022Cylinder end cap1
33NG.05.001Nut M39x38
34BG.05.002Stud M39X2-39X3X1658


Our mud pump produts are as follows,


Drilling Mud Pump Parts

BOMCO Series:F500/F800/F1000/F1300/F1600/F1600HL/F2200HL.

HH Series:HHF500/HHF800/HHF1000/HHF1300/HHF1600/HHF2200

Rongsheng Series:RSF500/RSF800/RSF1000/RSF1300/RSF1600

Qingzhou Series:QZ3NB500,QZ3NB800,QZ3NB1000,QZ3NB1300A,QZ3NB1600.


Mud pump parts list:

Fluid End: liner, piston rubber, valve body, valve seats, valve rubber, liner seals, cylinder head gasket, valve cover seals, piston rod, clamp assembly, valve cover, cylinder head, flange head, cylinder flange, cylinder cover, inhalation capsules, etc.

Power End: extension rod, crosshead, crosshead pin, cross pin baffle, upper and lower guide plate, packing boxes, seal ring, oil seal lips

Dampener: Dampener diaphragm, pressure gauges, fittings, tees, angle type valve, relief valve, exhaust valve

Other Accessories: JA-3 valve assembly, the small piston, small rod, cushion, 2S gear pumps, 32PL spray pump.

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