ZJ40DB Drilling rig Electric Control System

Beijing Slition Control Technologies Co., Ltd.

3 Technical specifications

3.1 Executive electric standard of design and manufacture

[1] GB/T3797-2005   Electric Control Equipment

[2]GB/T7251.8-2005  The General Technology Requirement for Low-voltage Package Switch Device and Control Device Intelligent Package Device

[3]GB/T10233-2005  The Basic Test Method for Low-voltage Package Switch Device and Electric Control Device.

[4]GB3836.1-2000  Electrical Device in Explosive Gas Environment Part 1:General Requirement

[5]GB3836.5-2004  Electrical Device in Explosive Gas Environment Part 5:Positive Pressure Crustal Type ” P”

[6] SY/T5609-1999  Petroleum Drilling rig Modality and Basic Parameter

[7] GB50058-92     Explosion and fire hazard for design of electrical installations

[8]Accord with API RP500(American Petroleum Institute Standard)

[9] Accord with the EN61800-3 Electro-Magnetic Interference Suppression EMC Standard

3.2 Explosion-proof test

The driller console(positive-pressure explosion-proof)and connecters must acquire the approve of the anti-explosion : 防爆;防爆(作用);防爆作用certification body, and be provided the certificate.

3.3 use condition of the equipment

3.3.1 Electric control room

[1] It is applied to land、desert(the temperature out of the room is  -20℃~ +50℃)

[2] It can fit the need of the oil rig in the transfer characteristic and drill technology.

[3] It has the function of leakage-proof, corrosion-proof, fire-proof, sand-proof, shock-proof, and heat preservation.

[4] The room body is fully steel structure, and is convenient for hoisting and dragging.

3.3.2 Electric control cabinet

[1]The protection level of system’s electric-control cabinets is IP20.

[2] Working environment temperature: -30℃~ +50℃ (above 40℃ should reduce capacity

[3]The value of relative humidity in air should not exceed 50%RH (40℃)/ 95% RH (20℃).

[4]The air must not have excessive dust、acid、salt、corrosive and explosibility gas.

[5] Below 3000 meter altitude, and require reducing capacity above 1000 meter.

[6] The permitted vibration frequency on groundwork where is for installing is 50~150Hz,the max acceleration of vibration is at most 50m/s2,the max gradient is at most 5°.

3.3.3 The HSE design of the electric control system

According to the requirement of the HSE, we carry out the risk analysis of control system’s operation、maintenance and training of manpower, and we find out the possible harm and consequence, Thus we adopts the effective guard methods and the regulatory measures to prevent it occurring. In order to reduce the personnel injure, the property damage and the environmental pollution, we pay great attention to the design, the manufacture, the debugging as well as training of manpower in the drive system. It includes:

(1) Earth and leakage protection

The control system should be earthed reliable to prevent safety incident even caused by Miss-operation. When it happens, it has striking prompt and alarm device prompt to attendants, and in the operation instruction, it gives the detailed analysis and the description about the processing method and the working instruction.

(2) EMC design and electromagnetic radiation

The system has the satisfying working ability in the electromagnetic environment and enough high anti jamming ability, also the equipment must be limited in the permissible value. The electricity drive system must meet the request of European EMC product standard (EN61800-3) about the industry environment as well as in the housing environment the lower anti jamming ability

(3) The system operation safety design includes keys, switches, marking, and caution.

(4) We strictly obey the HSE related health and the environmental protection request in the product design and lectotype. The product does not have the adverse effect material to the person health, and does not produce the waste water, the waste gas and the waste residue goods.

(5) Training of manpower

After training, electricians ought to be able to describe all kinds of risk clearly, and formulate regulatory measures to reduce the risk according to the risk recognition and the appraisal result. They also can be clear about the processing method in the risk control and the fight-flight reaction about the electricity drive system’s operation and maintenance.

4 Primary controlling object and technical parameter

4.1 Diesel generator set parameter

Main generator set:            3 sets

Diesel engine type:            CAT3512B

Diesel engine power:          1102kW

Diesel engine rotating speed:   1500r/min

Generator capacity:           1750kVA

Generator rated voltage:       600VAC

Generator rated frequency:     50Hz

Generator rated current:       1683A

Excitation current:             11.4A

Excitation voltage:            146VDC

Power factor (PF):             0.7


Auxiliary generator set:        1 set

Diesel engine type:

Diesel engine power:          320kW

Diesel engine rotating speed:   1500r/min

Generator type:

Generator capacity:           400kVA

Generator rated voltage:       400VAC

Generator rated current:        570A

Generator rated frequency:     50Hz

Power factor (PF):             0.7

4.2 AC electromotor parameter (mudpump)

Motor amount:                2 sets

Motor type:                   YJ423-1200/600 L或R

Rated power:                 1100kW

rated frequency:               52 Hz

Rated rotating speed:          1231r/min

voltage:                      0~600V AC(adjustable)

Rated current:                1200A

Cooling manner:              Forced wind-cooling

Protection level:              Strengthen isolation

4.3 AC electromotor parameter (drawworks, rotary table)

Motor amount:                3 sets

Motor type:                   YJ423-600 L或R(drawworks, rotary table)

Rated power:                 600kW

rated frequency:               37.5 Hz

Rated rotating speed:          661r/min

voltage:                      0~600V AC(adjustable)

Rated current:                715A

Cooling manner:              Forced wind-cooling

Protection level:              Strengthen isolation

5 System primary configurations

5.1 System Configuration

ZJ40DB AC electric-drive drilling rig system is composed of fully digital generating power part, SCR AC-drive part, automation and field bus part, power transformer and auxiliary equipment distribution-power system(MCC),etc.

Control system electricity diagram of the petroleum drilling machine sees the appendix 1.

System room body general arrangement of the petroleum drilling machine control sees the appendix 2.

5.1.1 Generating power part: divided to mobile power and auxiliary power

Mobile power is composed of 3 generator control cabinets controlling 3 diesel-generator sets separately that generate 3 phase,600V,50HZ AC power and control the paralleling of 3 generator sets through automatic exact-synch paralleling system. The grounding check device is used in 600V supply circuit, and the system can give an alarming because of earth fault.

The emergency power contains 1set 400KVA auxiliary diesel generator, which can supply AC400V, 50Hz alternating current as emergency power.

5.1.2 AC Drive System of Mud Pumps (DC BUS and DC-AC drive mode)

It contains 2 sets 1100kw AC frequency conversion motor, which drive F-1300 mud pump. AC inverter cabinet adopts “one-to-one” manner to drive the mudpump motor.

5.1.3 AC Drive System of Rotary Table and Drawworks(DC BUS and DC-AC drive mode)

The 2 sets 600kW drawworks AC frequency conversion motors of 5000m drill rig is drove by 2 sets AC frequency conversion cabinet(the motor can be used together or separately). The 1 set 600kW RT AC frequency conversion motor is drove by 1 set AC frequency conversion cabinet. The DW AC frequency conversion cabinet B can be used to drive the RT when emergency (At this situation, the main cable connection must be changed).

DW/RT dynamic braking system

During Releasing, the weight of the movable system makes the main motor rotate reverse. The main motor works as a generator, the energy of weight is changed into electric power, through the inverter and the braking system; it is changed into Quantity of heat. With this procedure, the drilling equipment can be released smoothly and safely.

It can also hold the drilling equipment when the motor doesn’t rotate.

The dynamic braking system is used when it need to break the movable system security and emergency. it can control the braking system automatically, and make the operation more steady, safe and reliable.

The system uses 1 set cutting wave dynamic braking system. When needed, it can realizes the releasing speed steady and adjustable, and the hovering drilling tool, and the braking power is P=2400KW.

  • Automation and fieldbus part

To centre on SIEMENS PLC(S7-300), making number-facility form PROFIBUS-DP network from local bus unit, drill control system makes communication high speed among five transducer, generate electricity part, automatic drilling, aptitude long-distance driller monitor, man-machine interface and electronic anti-collision. The system also monitors by IPC all the time, saves run-state of every system and supplies diagnosis messages of the fault. From PROFIBUS-DP network connections, IPC, automatic PLC, local digital drive grade and driller operate-platform form third class network system, passing parameter two sides. It built numeric, information, intellectualized managing flat roof. Finally, it transmits teledata, monitor trouble, optimize control and monitor all the drilling state.

The controlling system adopt double bus-line PLC redundancy control project( double networks, double CPU, double PLC power, double supply power of driller’s console , double HMI, double digital module). Driller-console SIEMENS touch screen is supplied to watch electric control system and drill parameter instrument.

Auto control system of traveling block preventing-touch:

An increment encoder is installed in the roller axis(supplied with electric control system). It is collected encoder signal, worked out the place of traveling block currently and compared the place enacted of preventing up and down touching by PLC. When the traveling block reach the beforehand alarm, it will send out beforehand alarm signal by numerical control program to control main motor into sate speed. When the traveling block reach limit place, it send out E-stop signal to brake from electromagnetic valve driving game-brake.

5.1.5 Auto drilling (or constant drilling speed) automatism drilling set

The system adopts 45KW frequency conversion motor to achieve constant pressure of drilling (or constant drilling speed) automatism drilling.

W——-fact drilling pressure;

F2——-die-line pull;

Uw——fact drilling-pressure after F2 by pressure sensor translate, Uw= whisht hanging load-fact hanging load.

Ug——expect drilling pull;

ΔW——difference between expect drilling pull and fact one;

n——speed 0f drawworks roller;

①speed loop adjusting

The function of speed loop adjust adjusting is going to drill-tool precise and controlling the transfer to a lower level speed of drawworks in thundering sense.

②constant drilling pressure loop adjusting

The function of constant drilling pressure loop adjusting is keeping drilling pressure invariableness to achieve auto-drilling in constant pressure.

5.1.6 Electricity power distribution and MCC part

The used electricity of Assistant facility and life facility are supplied by a set of dry-type power transformers whose capacity is 1000kVA、600V/400V.The MCC cabinet adopts standard drawer configuration and it gives well-field power supplying, controlling, protecting.

5.1.7 Others

Winch main-brake adopts hydraulic disc brake. Winch dynamic braking fill in assistant braking, and achieve hovering.

The hanging load signal which is acquainted by transducer can be used for controlling drawworks speed after PLC processing, and then achieve the protection of hook load limit.

5.2 Supply range



ItemQty (set)dimensionW×H×Dmmweightkg
l  Generated devices
1Generator control cabinet3600×2200×800500
l  Drive devices
2Rectifier cabinet(1250KW)21000×2200×6001000
3AC inverter


4AC inverter


5AC inverter


l  Automation devices
6PLC control cabinet2600×2200×800300
7Driller’s console

control cabinet

1(Will be decided as drillers house)150
l  Power distribution and MCC devices
9Switch control


10Power transformer


11MCC control


12Lighting cabinet1600×2200×800 


13Dynamic brake

unit cabinet

14Soft-start cabinet2800×2200×800300
15Top drive power


16Automatic bit feed


17Room body

(VFD or MCC)



18Desert air-conditioner2+2


19Dynamic Brake


1 set  
20Explosion-proof encoder4 setsDW/RT/Roller 
21Room cables and


1 set  
22Touch screen1 set  
23Winch handle1 set 


24transducer1 setHanging load 
25Technical files1 set 


See No.8
26Attachment tools1 set 


27Attachment spare


1 set 
28Spare part list


1 set 
30● Power and control cables from VFD room to Diesel generator sets

● Power and control cables from VFD room to AC motors

● Communication and control cables from VFD room to driller’s console

● Power and control communication cables from VFD room to VFD room


 See No.6.8


6 Control project and technology description

6.1 Engine-generator sets control system

Generating power part has functions that it can realize closed-loop regulating, running operating and measuring protection for engine-generator set, etc.

Diesel engine speed controller adopts 2301A speed controller to exactly control the rotating speed of diesel engine. Thereby it makes sure that generator output 50HZ constant frequency and distributes active power evenly among generators on network.

Generator voltage controller adopts DECS-100 or SLTDYTJ-10 to realize generator outputting stable voltage and distributing reactive power evenly among generators on network.

Technical description of generator control cabinet(4 set)

ItemTechnical description
Inlet-circuit breaker● 2000A,65kA Schneider MT series breaker

●long- time/ short-time/instantaneous trip

●manually charge, close

Main meter and control●current meter, scaled at 0~2000 A(AC), 1 block

●voltmeter, scaled at 0~1000V(AC), 1 block

●active-power meter, scaled at (0~2000) kW, 1 block

●reactive-meter, scaled at (-200-1500) KVAR, 1 block

●harmonic wave resistance, digital electric power integration meter ,1 block

●digital pulse frequency meter ,1 block

●generator timer ,  1 block

●speed setpoint potentiometer, 1 block

●voltage setpoint potentiometer, 1 block

●engine state control switch, “Off-Idle-full-generate-online”, 1 block

●generator “Run” indicating lamp ,1 block

●generator “Paralleling” indicating lamp,1 block

Main function●closed-loop regulating control for speed and voltage of diesel generator set

●automatic evenly distributed of active and reactive load

●measure and display electric parameters, and it has over-limit protection function

●power limit

●supply 24V DC for generator



● rated frequency: 50HZ(speed: 1500r/min)

●frequency regulating rate in steady-state: 0~5% (adjustable)

●frequency regulating rate in transient-state: ±5%

● frequency fluctuation rate: 0.5%

● frequency stable time:3s

● rated voltage: 600V

●voltage regulating rate in steady-state: ±2.5%( adjustable)

● voltage adjusting range: ±20%

● voltage fluctuation rate: 0.5%

● voltage stable time: 1.5s

● voltage response time: 1s

● active load unbalanced rate: ≤±5%

● reactive load unbalance rate: ≤±5%



● long-time over-current protection: regulate according to generator’s rated current

● short-time short circuit protection: regulate according to generator’s rated current

● instantaneous short circuit protection: regulate according to generator’s rated current

● over voltage protection: 660V, delay 1s

● under voltage protection:510V, delay 1s

● over frequency protection: 55HZ, delay 1s

● under frequency protection: 45HZ, delay 1s

● reverse power protection: -7%, delay 1s

● phase and mishandling protection

● power limit: ≥90% rated power of generator, sound and light alarm

≥93% rated power ,generator automatically reduces output power of drive system

● current limit: ≥90% rated current of generator, sound and light alarm

≥93% rated current ,generator automatically reduces output power

of drive system

Emergency Stop● when emergency shut down button is pressed, all generators on network break away from main bus;

● when emergency cut-off button is pressed, all diesel engine sets stop and flameout

Generator Synchronizing System

The system uses Automatic Synchronized System .When more generators are connected to the main AC bus; the Generator Synchronization (Sync) System is required. The Synchronizing System compares frequency, voltage, phase of needed paralleling generator set with that of the main busbar, and carries out paralleling operation when they are synchronous.

6.2 AC frequency conversion control system

AC frequency conversion control system consists of rectifier and inverter modules unit, based on public DC bus and 6 pulse rectification program. The conversion control system is delivered by siemens.

AC frequency conversion control system is based on public DC bus and inverter, the inverter control mode is used. no matter system configuration、power levels、transmission characteristics, the electrical control system designed by Slition can feet the demand of drilling technology totally.

DW and RT are controlled based on closed-loop control mode with speed sensor (pulse encoder), the control mode without speed sensor are used in the controlling of the mud pumps.

The vector control system contains perfect、reliable protection functions, it will interlock with the mechanical equipment when fault(such as dw and hydraulic disk brakes).

Stepless speed regulation function

The advanced digital vector control mode is used in this converter driving system, the speed of the dw、rt and mud pumps can be adjusted stepless form 0 to 100%.

Anti-collision function

Smart traveling position control system calculates traveling position correctly by detecting dw motor and cylinder digital encoder signal, combined with the dw control system, to avoid the block being collided.

Hover function

Auxiliary brake is controlled by main motor dynamic braking, with this, the block can be lie down smoothly, the rated torque can be outputted when the motor does rotate.

Fieldbus communication

The power section、converter section and remote manipulate and display section been connected together by the fieldbus Communication technology. The control be more intelligent, the overall level of drilling rig been improved substantive.

Automatic bit feed

The vector control mode (with speed signal) is used in auto bit feed control systems. It can provide high torque when the speed is slow. It consists of high quality HMI、converter cabinet、dead line sensor 、Pulse encoder. It can automatic feed bit in constant speed or constant pressure mode by using software closed-loop control.

The user can modify the parameters, monitor the bit pressure、bit speed、block position etc, control the block to slow down、stop、fault brake etc. It can prevent the slide drilling, sticking accidents efficiently, and improve the drilling speed and quality.

Drawworks control scheme

Drawworks adopts the scheme that Drawworks can work with or without speed encoder(can be changed in advanced menu of HMI, however, Only the man who has enough authority such as electrician can do it, because working without speed encoder is spare ), and Drawworks working without speed encoder usually is spare; The scheme can make Drawworks have high torque when the motor is low frequency, so the Drawworks hover can be achieved.

Drawworks drive system adopts dynamic braking (bake unit with brake resister) instead of auxiliary brake, and can work in four-quadrant. Drawworks has two running manner: single or double. When drawworks works in double running manner, torque respond is rapid, which can make the motor work in synchronous status and fulfil the brake character of drawworks at the max. Hook load. When drawworks works in double running manner, unbalanced degree of load is less than or equal to1%.

Drawworks is controlled by operating grip. The speed of drawworks is within the bounds of the protection which is determined by power limit. Drawworks can slow down and stop at the position calculated by the automatic system.

Rotary table control scheme

Rotary table adopts the scheme that rotary table can work with or without speed encoder. The scheme makes the system steady at the range of speed adjustment.

Rotary table can run forward or reverse .The torque limit of rotary table motor is from 0 to 100%. Rotary table also can slowly release torque to prevent inversion, and can interlock with inertia brake.

Mudpump control scheme

Mudpump adopts the scheme in which there is without speed encoder. The kind of drive is draper-type. Control system gathers and displays running parameter of motor via PLC and profibus, which can make  pump stroke and pump pressure steady.

Resctifying cabinet(BLM)

Technical description of rectifying cabinet (2 sets


ItemTechnical description
Main components●2000A breaker

●long-time/ instantaneous trip

●automatically charge, close

●precharge device

●inlet reactor

●high power diode

●fast-acting fuse

●switch power supply

●cooling fan

Rated input● voltage:AC600V


Rated output● Rated power:1500KW

● Rated current:1580A

Main functions● Supply for DC busbar.

● over-voltage and short circuit protection


Technology description of 1#MP~2#MP drive control cabinet2 sets


ItemsTechnology description
DimensionWidth(W) ×High(H) ×Deep(D)=800×2000×800mm
Referenced weight1000kg
Main components●DC connection board

●inversion unit//operation board//CBP board

Main functions●variable-frequency speed regulation and protection for driving motors of 1600HP mud pump
Rated input● voltage:DC890V

● current:DC1524A

Rated output● rated power:1100kW

● rated current:1270A

● basic load current:1230 A

● short-time current:1673A



● “one-to-one” control manner

●massive capacity、modularization、wind-cold type inverter


●Siemens  MASTERDRIVES Vector Control

●automatic optimization and abundant free function module

●communication manner: PROFIBUS-DP bus

●Bond rate: 1.5Mbit/s

Protection function●over-current protection

●over voltage protection

●overload protection

●fusing protection

●max output current limit

●wind-loss protection

●self-diagnostics function (fault、alarming、fault memory)

●ground checking


Drawworks A/B variable-frequency system(2 sets).


ItemsTechnology description
DimensionWidth(W) ×High(H) ×Deep(D)=800×2000×800mm
Referenced weight920kg
Main complements●DC connection board

●inversion unit//operation board//CBP board

Main functions●variable-frequency speed regulation and protection for driving 2 motors of 2000HP drawworks.
Rated input● voltage:DC890V

● current:DC1030A

Rated output● rated power:600kW

● rated current:710A

● basic load current:690 A

● short-time current:970A



● “one-to-one” control manner(The DWB cabinet can be switched to drive the motor of Rotary table).

●massive capacity、modularization、wind-cold type inverter cabinet

●Siemens MASTERDRIVES Vector Control

●automatic optimization and abundant free function module

●communication manner: PROFIBUS-DP bus

●Bond rate: 1.5Mbit/s

Protection function●over-current protection

●over voltage protection

●overload protection

●fusing protection

●max output current limit

●wind-loss protection

●self-diagnostics function (fault、alarming、fault memory)

●ground checking


Rotary table variable-frequency system (1 set)


ItemsTechnology description
DimensionWidth(W) ×High(H) ×Deep(D)=800×2000×800mm
Referenced weight820kg
Main complements●DC connection board

●inversion unit//operation board//CBP board

Main functions●variable-frequency speed regulation and protection for driving motor of rotary table.
Rated input● voltage:DC890V

● current:DC972A

Rated output● rated power:710kW

● rated current:720A

● basic load current:700 A

● short-time current:1060A



● “one-to-one” control manner

●massive capacity、modularization、wind-cold type inverter


●Siemens MASTERDRIVES Vector Control

●automatic optimization and abundant free function module

●communication manner: PROFIBUS-DP bus

●Bond rate: 1.5Mbit/s

Protection function●over-current protection

●over voltage protection

●overload protection

●fusing protection

●max output current limit

●wind-loss protection

●self-diagnostics function (fault、alarming、fault memory)

●ground checking


Dynamic brake unit2 sets  


Items Technology description
DimensionWidth(W) ×High(H) ×Deep(D)=400×2200×800mm
Referenced weight300kg
Dynamic brake


●dynamic brake unit (1200KW)

●used in parallel

●force wind-cooling

Main function●drawworks motors can run in fourth quadrant


●Make drawworks  motors energy consume dynamic brake

●Hovering function of drawworks

Protection function●over-voltage protection of DC side

●dynamic brake unit protection

●dynamic brake resistance protection

6.3 Automatic driller

Automatic driller variable-frequency system (1 set)


ItemsTechnology description
Main complements●      electric network connection board//breaker//fuse//

●      in-wire reactor// radio interference filter

●      rectification unit//inversion unit

●      operation board//CBP2 board

●      brake unit//brake resistance//DTI board

Main functions●realize automatically drilling
Rated input●voltage:3AC400V

●frequency: 50Hz

Rated output● rated power:45kW

● rated current:92A

● basic load current:84 A

● short-time current:126A



●constant-voltage automatically drilling

●constant-speed automatically drilling

●modularized、wind-cooling control cabinet

●Siemens MASTERDRIVES Vector Control

●automatic optimization and abundant free function module

●communication manner: PROFIBUS-DP bus

●Bond rate: 1.5Mbit/s

Protection function●over-current、over voltage、overload protection

●fusing protection

●max output current limit

●wind-loss protection

●self-diagnostics function (fault、alarming、fault memory)

●misoperation protection

●zero position locked

●ground checking


6.4 Automation and field bus system

PLC control cabinet is heart of automation system and adopts double PLC redundant control project. Field-grading industrial network is consisted of generated system, drive system, and driller’s console outer devices etc via PROFIBUS-DP field bus.

The PLC system realizes drill rig operation, system devices protection and interlock according to the need of the drilling technology. Software designs of the control system can realize not only protection and interlock among devices within this system but also protection and interlock between this system devices and devices without this system according to the need of safety operation (such as driller’s console is explosion-proof by positive pressure gas filling、wind-loss of motor etc.)

The design of driller operational interface mainly includes hardware operational environment and digital operational interface in MP370 HMI. It means the driller operate equipments not just via HMI but also via hand wheel and switch.

Electricityair and liquid control system

The PLC control system includes two parts: traveling block control system, electricity, air and hydraulic interlock control system:

(1) Automatic control system of traveling block

PLC through the profibus collecting roller shaft encoder digital signal accurately calculate the exact location of the current traveling block, and comparative analysis with the drop to prevent the collision location. When the traveling block to reach early-warning position, through NC program, the plc through profibus transmit warning command signals to control the main motor into the safe speed, to reach a dangerous position to issue emergency stop command signal, while disc brake for emergency braking.

(2) Electricity、air、hydraulic interlock control system

PLC bus control system collecting pressure of clutch, pressure of disk brake, pressure of work clamp of disk brake, pressure of safe clamp of disk brake, pressure of cat head, oil pressure of draw works, oil pressure of rotary table and so on to the touch screen of all data, and with the Comparison of limit issued by the system alarm. Acquisition over wind valve, crown anti-collision, speed of high and low of draw works interlock with electrical control systems , based on failure to complete the disc brake auto brake, protection of rotary table inertia brake launch.

According to operation of driller to control valve to complete operation of air and hydraulic, for example: air horn, wind moving spin make-up, wind moving break out, auto drilling clutch close or open.

Rotary table in the electronic control system interlocks with top drive system.

Note: Completion of the above features require OEMs supply a variety of at fields liquid valve and sensor, and to provide electrical control logic table to supplier.


Technology description of PLC control cabinet (2 set altogether)


Items Technology description
Main components●PLC and correlation components and intermediate relay etc





● Siemens S7-300 sectional PLC

●32 bit,fixed and floating point CPU

●1024 bit digital input/1024 bit digital output

●256 analog input /256 analog output

●self-diagnostics function

●the upper industrial control computer IPC + touch screen (unification industrial control computer)

●communication manner:PROFIBUS-DP bus/ bond rate:12Mbit/s





Main function

●Double PLC control manner

●The realization of drilling rig operation and protection

●The functions realization of interlock、supervision and remote communication

●Real-time display running parameter and diagnosis information

●Record run parameter and fault alarm information



The indicator

of the door

●indicator lamp of the DC24V power

●alarm lamp

●indicator lamp of the over temperature in the room

●fault lamp

●audible alarm

●alarm reset pushbutton

Intelligent remote driller operational control system can be optimal design and fixed according to the layout of the driller room. Operational hand shank、switches、HMI are arranged together at the left or right platform of rotary seat and right ahead platform, so it is convenient to operate and monitor.

The operation of air and liquid uses electricity signal.

All control components are fixed in the explode-proof driller’s console. The driller’s console can prevent spray and be disassemble.

Technology description of Driller’s Console (1 set altogether)   

Items Technology descriptionQuantity
Blower Start/StopHMI2
Heat Start/StopHMI2
Oil pump Start/StopHMI2
Setpoint(accelerate/ decelerate、positive/ reversal and hover function)Abroad hand shank1
Rotary tableStart/StopHMI1
Positive-Stop-ReverseThree-position self-locking knob1
Blower Start/StopHMI1
Heat Start/StopHMI1
RT inertia brake        automatic、force、releaseThree-position self-locking knob1
Torque limitHand wheel1
Speed setpointHand wheel1
Blower Start/StopHMI3
Heat Start/StopHMI3
Spray pump Start/StopHMI3
Oil pump Start/StopHMI2
Speed SetpointHand wheel3
Automatically drilling motorManual/automaticTwo-position self-locking knob1
Blower Start/StopHMI2
Heat Start/StopHMI2
Positive-Stop-ReverseThree-position self-locking knob1
automatic driller clutchTwo-position self-locking knob1
ProtectionTransducer emergence stopscram button1

emergence stop

scram button1
Emergence brakescram button1
ParkingTwo-position self-locking knob1
Air hornTwo-position self-locking knob1
Anti-collision releasebutton1
Air slipsTwo-position self-locking knob1
Replenishment pumpThree-position self-reset knob1
Fault alarmbuzzer1
HMIHighlight color MP370(Siemens,15 inch)

The follow is displayed in the HMI:

●monitor the real-time status of the drive which is in the PROFIBUS-DP net.

●monitor running status of the drill rig.

●the alarm message makes the driller know the status of the warned device

●the fault message makes the driller know t the fault device

●display integral drill parameter and curve: analog electronics indicating weight meter(hanging load、bit pressure)、RT speed、RT torsion、Pump stroke、hookheight and the related other parameters.

●indication of operating and help text

●indication of probable cause and help text in the alarm status

●indication of querying and help text in the fault status

●metric unit is used in Chinese interface, and imperial unit is used in English interface

●can query the English fault code.


6.5 Power distribution system

AC 600V main bus supplies AC 400V power source for MCC system via one 600V/400V、capacity 1250kVA dry type power transformer or emergency generator.

Main electric network interlocks with emergency generator.


Technology description of switch cabinet (1 set)  


Items Technology description
Main/subsidiary side breaker●2000A,45KA Schneider MT series breaker

●long-time/instantaneous trip unit

●Manually charge, close

Emergency breaker●800A,45KA SCHNEIDER MT series breaker

●long-time/short-time/instantaneous trip unit

●Manually charge, close


Main function●protection for power transfer

●400V feed and interlocking protection

●insulation supervision(400V BUS)


Technology description of power transfer (1 set)


Items Technology description
structure● dry type


●rated capacity:1000kVA

●in-put voltage:AC 600V,3phase

●out-put voltage:AC 400V,3phase

●wire-connection manner:Dyn11


Main function●providing AC 400V power for drilling rig and insulation


6.6 MCC system

MCC power supply system is three-phase five wire system, and null line separates with safe earthing.

MCC cabinet body adopts GCS standard switch cabinet or drawer cabinet. MCC provides power for devices at well field, controls it and protects it. All control units have maintenance locked function. Each heater is provided power respectively and MCC cabinet has operation indicator and knob. The horizontal bus will be tin plated copper and 2000 amps rated.  The vertical bus will be tin plated copper and rated for 1000 amps.  A copper ground bus will run the full length of the MCC line up.


Technology description of MCC control cabinet (5 sets)


Items Technology description


●in-put voltage:3AC 400V

●disjunction capacity:45kA

●drawer structure 、random assemble unit

●interchange between the same capacity unit,having

maintenance locked function

● “HOA”、“3WRC” control function

●provide power for well-field standardization circuit

●fieldbus network control

Main function●over-current


●grounding detect

●power distribution and protection of control object


Load sort of the MCC cabinet is the following(the exact number of circuits relay on the order confirmation):

MCC system contains about 60 circuits. AC-motors and lighting adopt district feed system and local control model, the breakers are in the VFD room. District feed include drilling floor area, cement area, pump room area and oil/water tank area.

HOA= Hands-Off-Automatic Control

3WRC = Three (3) Wire Remote Control

CB= Full Voltage direct Control


1Spray pump NO.15 kW3P1Linkage with

Mudpump blower

2Spray pump NO.25 kW3P1Linkage with

Mudpump blower

3Spare5 kW3P1 
4Mudpump 1 blower11 kW3P1HOA
5Mudpump 2 blower11 kW3P1HOA
6Spare11 kW3P1HOA
7Drawworks A/B blower11 kW3P2HOA
8Rotary table blower11 kW3P1HOA
9Charging pump55 kW3P3HOA ,3WRC Linkage with Mud mump
10Mud Mix Pump55 kW3P23WRC
11Shear pump55 kW3P13WRC
12Desander75 kW3P13WRC
13Desilter75 kW3P13WRC
141#-2# air-conditioner63A 2CB
15Well logging100A3P+N1CB
16BOP remote

-control room

171#-3#Engine room63A3P+N3CB, 1#~3#

Generator window outlet

18Oil tank area100A3P+N1CB  aux. Generator window outlet
19Water tank area100A3P+N1CB
20Drilling floor100A3P+N1CB
21Driller console63A3P+N1CB
221#-.4# Cement area power supply150A3P4CB
235#-.7# Cement area power supply150A3P3CB
24Cement power supply150A3P+N1CB
251#.2# Air compressor150A3P2CB
26Hydraulic power unit150A3P+N1CB  aux. Generator window outlet
27DW lube oil pump5KW3P CB
28Lubricating oil pump of  Rotary Table5KW3P HOA
29Trip  pump11KW3P1HOA

No connection

31Spare55KW3P1 HOA,3WRC

No connection

36Household Power400A3P+N2CB


400V/230V lighting cabinet

AUX power distribution cabinet supplies power for lighting and relevant equipment. Protection levels of these cabinets come up to IP20. AUX power distribution cabinet includes 30 circuit branches. The table below will provide more Information about circuit branches.

1VFD house interior lighting16A11P+N
2VFD house interior socket16A11P+N
3Draw works A、B Motor Heater6A21P+N
4Rotary Table Motor Heater6A11P+N
51#Mudpump  motor heater6A11P+N
62#Mudpump  motor heater6A11P+N
8Transformer temperature controller6A11P+N(the source comes from VFD lighting switch)
91#-4# searchlight16A41P+N
10Lighting for socket panel6A11P+N(the source comes from VFD lighting switch)
11Spare16A2  1P+N ,

electric leakage switch



6.7 Others in the room

AC motors (capacity of part devices is more 30KW) drive auxiliary devices. Intelligent soft-start machine control these motors on/off to reduce surge to main bus. Others use directly start.

The system uses redundant soft-start control, so these soft-start machines can be hot spare for each other. When one is fault, the other one can automatically work into the system immediately.

The system also provides standard external connector. All motors can be spare for each other.

If the system is fault, we can find the fault easily.

Technology description of soft-start cabinet2 sets

ItemTechnology description                   
Main components● 75KW soft-start machine

● breaker/contactor/fuse

Main function●large capacity AC motor soft-start or direct-start


Technology description of  top drive power cabinet1set

ItemTechnology description
Main components●1250A, 65KA Top Driver power breaker(normal)

●long-time/instantaneous trip unit

●Manually charged, closed

●250A, 45KA Top Driver power breaker(emergency)

●1600A,65KA,Transformer primary side breaker

●long-time/instantaneous trip unit

●Manually charged, closed

Main function●supply over-current and over-load protection for Top driver

●supply over-current and over-load protection for 1250KVA Transformer

●isolation monitor(600V BUS)

●supply power and protection for derives of well site


Technology description of VFD room

The BIC-1500HP petroleum drill rig electronic control system has two houses: VFD room and MCC room. The house has lifting structure at bottom. The frame of the house is constructed of structural steel and continuous welded. The out-sliding of the walls and roof are constructed of δ3mm 12# corrugated steel plate. All corners are trimmed out by bending and seam welding. The two ends of house have rain guide slot and don’t leave steel body of the room exposed. Bottom girder of the house is 40# I iron and the bottom of door is overall height 460mm. Wall surface、bottom layer and top of the house use rock wool to do heat- insulation process and the end wall of connector assembly can don’t do heat insulation. The inside surface of the walls is covered by aluminum panels. A rubber neoprene mat runs the full length of the interior of the house.

The house’s scutcheon must accord to the nation standard, and its material is stainless steel. The display text is Chinese and English, and the unit is metric.

The house would be painted hoisting mark(chain link)、hoisting points mark and centrobaric mark.

The house has two doors. Open the door is by pushing down on a “panic bar”.

Two sets refrigerating machinery (two refrigerating machinery are in house and two out of the house) are supplied and are the same with -30℃~+60℃ environmental temperature. The units are TRANE split body type. The hot air is re-circulated to refrigerating machinery via the open space between the top of the equipment and the bottom of the roof. The refrigerating capacity is 2 X 10 tons in VFD room. The refrigerating capacity is 2 X 2.5 tons in MCC room. The ventilator is placed in the MCC room.

There are four flush mount fluorescent lighting fixtures (220V/50HZ) in the house. These lighting lamps are fixed in the suspended ceiling. There are two sets emergency lighting lamps (can work more than 1 hour) which use battery as backup power source and have self-charge capabilities that are provided to use for maintenance task.

The output of generator’s main circuit is connected to VFD control room via copper bus.  Control cables connect the control system with the generator via connector. Power is outputted via copper bus from VFD to connection board on the side of house. The plug-boards incline downwards at 45°angle (“Z” shape) to reduce stress of cable. And the side of the house has double door to be opened and its bottom prepare and leave exit of out-wire. All used Plug-in units are the best domestic product, IP20 defended class is in the product’s scutcheon.

Manufacturing progresses of house include rust removal (sandblasting) and two coats paint spraying (inner and surface coats) .The paint of the control room must be in accordance with the paint and color code criterion supplied by drill rig factory. Rot-proof process of house body is able to be used in the environment of ocean wet climate. Transfers and two condensers are fixed on the other end of the house.

The power and control cables adopt polypropylene fiber insulating coat cables in VFD cabinet and generators control cabinet, their rated voltage is 2000V or 690V, and their working temperature reach to125℃. These cables are designed to satisfy with the demand of ocean circumstances. In order to eliminate interference in the system, power cables and control cables must be separated when wiring in the house.


ItemTechnology description   
Size●10500×3000×3050mm(to be according to the final design)

●9500×3000×3050mm(to be according to the final design), the size of MCC room can be reduced.

Main function●rot-proof、flameproof、sand-proof、shockproof、leak-proof and heat preservation function etc

●configuring  corresponding refrigeration set

●the entire room body is steel structure, has enough intension, has obvious hoisting mark and is convenient to hoisting and transportation.

●configuring daylight lamp which is enough light, two emergency lamps, and emergency power supply

●floor board for laying rubber insulating board

●the out-wire place of the VFD room have specific indicator

●the bottom of the house is convenient to connect with the railway track


6.8 Cable and accessories

Power cables include cable from VFD/MCC room to 6 sets AC motor(include automatically drilling motor)、from VFD to engine-generator sets. Power cables adopt 535 type 300MM2, 2000 V, 125℃ cable(Jiangsu shangshang).the both end of cables have obvious mark(wear well).

Control cables include cables from VFD room to AC motor(include encoder cables)、from VFD room to generator sets、from VFD room to driller’s console. Jiangsu shangshang cables are used for control cables.

The both end of cables have obvious mark(wear well).

Communication cables from VFD/MCC to driller’s console adopts high quality shield twisted-pair (produced by Siemens) and spare one set at the same time.

Receptacle and Plugs of whole control cables have water-proof function.

Receptacle and Plugs are divided according to the principle of furnishing Receptacle and Plugs by device provider. Cable is divided according to the principle of connecting and fitting by cable provider.

7 Interface

7.1 Technical documentation provide by Buyer

⑴ Layout for well field;

⑵ Layout for drilling room;

⑶ Interlocking requirement for electric ,air and hydraulic;

7.2 Technical documentation provide by Supplier

⑴ Size and weight of VFD room;

⑵ Layout for plug board;

⑶ Size, installation and interface of the driller console;

⑷ Single line of the electrical control system

7.3 system manufacture supervision and debug

⑴manufacture supervision and debug

The user can supervise the manufacture process of the product,and track the control of production quality. Two weeks before the system leaving factory, we would inform the user and the tenderee to check and accept in our factory

⑵The commissioning scopes and items of the control system in Slition factory

The drill rig control system is approved by the user after checking and accepting, then the commissioning before leaving factory is end.

⑶The commissioning scopes and items of the control system at the user’s well field

We would fix and debug the control system at the user’s well field

The drill rig control system is approved by the user after checking and accepting, then the commissioning at the user’s well field is end.

8  Technology documents and Attached tools

8.1 Technology documents of supplier

⑴ Data:(Chinese and English version)

Operation Manual:                                                       3 sets

Service Manual:                                                         3 sets

(2) Diagram 🙁 Chinese and English version)

VFD room layout diagram                                                3 sets

Control cabinet layout diagram                                            3 sets

VFD single-line diagram                                                  3 sets

Electronic control communication single-line diagram                         3 sets

Cable diagram                                                          3 sets

Circuit diagram                                                          3sets

Spare parts list                                                          1 set

(3) Third-party product attached data                                       1 set

(4) Certificate of qualified product and certificate of aptitude                   1 set

(5) Certificate of explode-proof electrical equipment and certificate of aptitude   1 set

The used qualified certificate would be translated to English, and they together with data would be supplied to user. Outsourcing components’ scutcheon should be Chinese and English version.

The above data and diagram use format A4; text height is 12 characters; Chinese separates with English

The English use Arial, theme word height is 2 characters, line spacing is 24 pounds, header and footer font is 10 characters, data and diagram are banded with standard 3 Hole Circle.

We provide 2 Disks including all above data.

8.2 Lists of tools

 Device NameTypeUnitQuantity


1Digital Oscilloscope20MHzset1
2electric vacuum cleaner1600 Wset2
3Digital insulation meter2000MΩ,1000MΩ,500MΩset1
4Digital millimeterFLUKE-15Bset1
5AC/DC multi-purpose tong tester2500Aset1


socket wrenchMetric sizes ,English sizesset1


solid wrenchMetric sizes ,English sizesset1
8adjustable wrench6、8、10、16 Inchset1
9Allen wrenchMetric sizes ,English sizesset1


8.3 Lists of Spare Parts

ItemDevice Name   TypeQuantityNote
1RelayHH54P-FL+TP514X DC24V5 
2RelayHH54P-FL+TP514X DC220V5 
5Fuse690V,2A/4A/6A/10AEach 5 
6Fuse500V,2A/4A/6A/10AEach 5 
7Signal lampAD16-22D/R/G/Y  24VEach 5 
8Signal lampAD16-22D   220V5 
9Push-buttonA1-22/g-A1-22/k 74:74-A1-22/yEach 5 


10Change-over switchLA392 
11DP plugDP2 
12Earthing cable25mm210 

8.4 Recommended 1 year’s spare Parts Lists(separate quote)

ItemDevice NameTypeQuantityNote
1DC Power sourceHF200W,AC220V/


2Controller BoardCUVC1 
3Amplification boardDTI1 
4Communication boardCBP21 
5RelayHH54P-FL+TP514X DC24V5 
6thermal relay


7thermal relayLR2-D53691 
8Voltage meter45L9-V  100V/0-1000V1 
9Voltage meter45L9-V  0-500V1 
10current meter99T10-50/52 
11current meter 99T10-100/52 
15Communication moduleIM1531 
17contactorLC1- D25101 
19fuse690V,2A/4A/6A/10AEach 5 
20fuse500V,2A/4A/6A/10AEach 5 
21Selector switchLW39A-16YH4/22 
22Selector switchLW39B-16D101/11 
23Selector switchK1F-022NLP2 
24Selector switchK1F-023NLP2 
25Selector switchK1A-001TLP2 
26Signal lampAD16-22D/R/G/Y  24VEach 3 
27Signal lampAD16-22D   220V5 


28Push-buttonA1-22/g -A1-22/k10 


29FilterDL-2DL 250V 2A4 

Notes: Spare part may be adjusted according to the final design.

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