Siemens Simatic TI 405

Siemens Simatic TI 405 series offers Coprocessor Modules, Network Master Modules and Isolated Analog Inputs.
405-12ABM-RM405-12ABM-RM Coprocessor Module (40512ABMRM)
405-12ABM-TM405-12ABM-TM Coprocessor Module (40512ABMTM)
405-15ABM405-15ABM Coprocessor Module (40515ABM)
405-16PID405-16PID PID Coprocessor Module (40516PID)
405-1NCM405-1NCM MODBUS Network Master Module (4051NCM)
405-1NIM405-1NIM MODBUS Network Master Module (4051NIM)
405-1NIM-RM405-1NIM-RM MODBUS Network Master Module (4051NIMRM)
405-2NIM405-2NIM MODBUS Network Master Module (4052NIM)
405-4ADC-S405-4ADC-S Isolated Analog Input Module (4054ADCS)
405-4DAC-2Siemens Simatic TI Analog Output Module (405-4DAC-2)
405-51ABM405-51ABM Coprocessor Module (40551ABM)
405-8ADC-1405-8ADC-1 Input card (4058ADC1)
405-8HDCN405-8HDCN Isolated Input Module (4058HDCN)
405-8HDCT405-8HDCT Isolated Output Module (4058HDCT)
405-8MPI405-8MPI Direct Input for Magnetic Pickups (4058MPI)
405-8RLY-I405-8RLY-I Isolated Output Module (4058RLYI)
405-8THM-1405-8THM-1 Analog Input Module (4058THM1)
405-8THM-2405-8THM-2 Analog Input Module (4058THM2)
405-8THM-3405-8THM-3 Analog Input Module (4058THM3)
405-8THM-E405-8THM-E Analog Input Module (4058THME)
405-8THM-J405-8THM-J Differential Thermocouple Module (4058THMJ)
405-8THM-K405-8THM-K Differential Thermocouple Module (4058THMK)
405-8THM-R405-8THM-R Differential Thermocouple Module (4058THMR)
405-8THM-S405-8THM-S Differential Thermocouple Module (4058THMS)
405-8THM-T405-8THM-T Differential Thermocouple Module (4058THMT)
405-9RLY-I405-9RLY-I Isolated Output Module (4059RLYI)
405-IOEX405-IOEX Local Base Expansion Unit with Power Supply (405IOEX)
405-LIC405-LIC Remote Input Output Module (405LIC)
405-RICSiemens TI Remote Input Output Slave Unit (405-RIC)
405-SDN405-SDN Shared Data Network Module (405SDN)
405DC-IOEX405DC-IOEX Local Base Expansion Unit with Power Supply (405DCIOEX)
405DC-RIC405DC-RIC Remote Input Output Slave Unit (405DCRIC)
430-CPU430-CPU CPU Module (430CPU)
435-CPUSiemens TI CPU Module (435-CPU)
435DC-CPU435DC-CPU Power Supply CPU Module (435DCCPU)
435DC1-CPU435DC1-CPU Power Supply CPU Module (435DC1CPU)
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