6AV78813AA000AA0SIMATIC IPC277D (Nanopanel PC)6AV7881-3AA00-0AA0
|||||3Touch 12″ Wide TFT
|||||1Atom E640 (1,0GHz), 1GB RAM
|||||1without drive, with CF-Slot
|||||1without operating system
|||||1without RTX/HMI-software
|||||2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet RJ45
|||||3 x USB V2.0 (high current); 1x serial (COM1)
|||||24 V DC industrial power supply
|||||Front Panel
Touch 7″ Wide TFT
2||||Touch 9″ Wide TFT
3||||Touch 12″ Wide TFT
4||||Touch 15″ Wide TFT, front USB-interface
5||||Touch 19″ Wide TFT, front USB-interface
||||Processor / RAM / buffered SRAM
Atom E640 (1,0GHz), 1GB RAM
B|||Atom E640 (1,0GHz), 1GB RAM, Remanence
E|||Atom E660 (1,3GHz), 2GB RAM
F|||Atom E660 (1,3GHz), 2GB RAM, Remanence
without drive, with CF-Slot
1||2 GB SIMATIC PC CompactFlash
2||4 GB SIMATIC PC CompactFlash
3||8 GB SIMATIC PC CompactFlash
4||16 GB SIMATIC PC CompactFlash
7||50 GB Solid-State Drive SATA (High Endurance)
8||80 GB Solid-State Drive SATA (Standard)
||Operating system
without operating system
0WES2009 only with CF from 2 GB / SSDB|WES 2009 SP3 (CF from 2 GB/SSD)
0XP-Prof. only with SSDC|XP-Prof. SP3, MUI (SSD)
0WES7 only with CF from 4 GB / SSDD|WES 7 SP1 32 Bit (CF from 4 GB/SSD)
0W7 only with SSDE|Windows 7 SP1 32 Bit, MUI (SSD)
|Software configuration
Awithout RTX/HMI-software
Base version
6AV7881 –3AA000AA0Total:
6AV2124-6GJ00-0AX0PROTECTIVE FILM  7″ 205MM X 149MM
6AV2124-6JJ00-0AX0PROTECTIVE FILM  9″ 265MM X 181MM
6AV2124-6MJ00-0AX0PROTECTIVE FILM 12″ 321MM X 232MM
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