SJ Petro rig parts

parts for SJ Petro drilling rig and workover rig

Z08120000002AADifferential lock lines
Z08030000002AADeck frame air lines
Z08150000001AACab lines
Z08060000002AADrawworks lines
Z08130000003AAAir suspension lines
Z08340000001AAFront drive lines
Z08090000001AAHydraulic pump lines
Z08040000002AAThrottle shutdown lines
Z08110000002AACarrier brake lines
Z08070000001AARotary table lines
Z08390000002AAAir compressor assembly
Z08180000001AASpinner lines
Z08200000001AACrown-o-matic air cylinder
Z08240000001AAValve saver
Z09000000150AA-AEDWire connection diagram of cab
Z09000000150AA-AEDWire harness of chassis
Z09000000150AA-AEDWire harness of engine
Z09000000150AA-AEDDriller’s control box harness
Z09000000150AA-AEDFront  wire  connection  plate  terminal
layout diagram
Z16020000002AASelf-controlled pulley
Z16120000012AAYG250 hook assembly
Z16120000045AATraveling block and hook assembly
Z16120100016AATraveling block assembly
Z16140000004AAZP275 rotary table assembly
Z16180000028AAMud board
Z05090900001AABOP handling guiderails
Z03010000164AAMain drum
Z03030000028AASand drum
Z03050000136AADrawworks frame and guard
Z03070000007AARight angle gear box
Z03180000001AAInstallation of upper drive box and lower
drive box and tong counterbalance unit
Z03280000003AAAuxiliary brake system
Z06020000004AALower chain case
Z06110000001AARotary table drive lower box
Z06110000002AARotary table drive upper box
Z07260000042AASchematic diagram of hydraulic system
Z07150000016AACathead cylinder
Z07050000002AACathead cylinder lines
Z07060200001AATwo bank valve lines
Z07060000012AASeven bank valve lines
Z07030000002AARaising lines
Z07120000001AARaising cylinder
Z07060300002AAThree bank valve lines
Z07130000033AATelescoping cylinder
Z07040000002AAHydraulic winch lines
Z07010000003AAOil pump lines
Z07020000002AAJack lines
Z07140000002AAJack cylinder
Z07140000009AAJack cylinder
Z07080000003AASteering power assisting lines
Z07320000004AALatch pin cylinder lines
Z07320000005AALatch pin cylinder
Z08280000170AASchematic diagram of air system
Z08270000019AAChassis air system diagram
Z01020000147AAConnection of engine and transmission
Z01090000002AAConnection diagram of fuel lines
Z01130000004AAPreheating and warming system
Z01200000024AAAir filling system
Z02010000011AADeck frame assembly
Z02200000002AAWireline for 5t hydraulic winch
Z02080000002AARear mechanical jack assembly
Z02040000008AARear suspension assembly
Z02070000003AAFront mechanical jack assembly
Z02040000016AAFront suspension assembly
Z02030000016AASteering mechanism
Z02030900002AASteering power assisting cylinder
Z05000000143AASubstructure assembly
Z05010200005AAEscaping sliding way
Z05010300013AAColumn I
Z05010300014AAColumn II
Z05010400288AAStairs assembly
Z05010601268AAGuardrail assembly
Z05011200133AABottom assembly
Z05011200134AABottom assembly
Z05011400069AARotary table beam
Z05011401131AATop assembly (left)
Z05011401141AATop assembly(right)
Z05012100001AARotary table area
Z05012200052AASetback area
Z05020100112AAPipe ramp
Z05020200121AACatwalk and pipe rack
Z05020300044AAPipe rack
ZJ040SPNZC006Working condition diagram
ZJ040SPNZC006Shipping status diagram
Z06070000207AASchematic diagram of driving system
Z04000000491AAMast assembly
Z04010000009AAMast lower section
Z04010500004AALatch pin unit
Z04020000018AAMast upper section
Z04020000154AACathead cylinder unit
Z04120000011AACrown block assembly
Z04120200003AASand sheave assembly
Z04120900005AACrown sheaves
Z04121000005AAFastline sheaves
Z04121200001AADeadline sheaves
Z04130000011AACrown block platform
Z04150000017AAMast base
Z04160000156AARacking board assembly
Z04160208025AARacking board body
Z04170000038AACentralizer, telescoping cylinder
Z04180000007AAMast support
Z04210000054AAGuyline assembly
Z04220000001AARegulator of load guyline
Z04230000010AAMast foundation assembly
Z04240000073AAFront support assembly(with load guyline
Z15010000154AAStandpipe assembly
Z01000000058AAPower system
Z01030000022AATransfer case assembly

Schematic diagram of driving system Z06070000207AA

Part name:

Intermediate fixed type driving shaftFront driving shaft LK0=705
Support shaftTwo-axle driving shaft LK0=895
Input driving shaft, lower chain caseDriving shaft LK0=1400
Driving shaft Lko=1950
Input shaft, lower angle box of rotary table LK0=750Driving shaft L=610±40
Output shaft, lower angle box of rotary tableInter-axle driving shaft LK0=680
Cage type universal couplingDriving shaft L=350±15
Three-row chain 1 3/4″ 28A-3Driving shaft from compound box to output driving shaft of rotary table
Four-row chain 1 1/4″ 20A-4Support, driving shaft
Double row chain 2″ 32A-2Spring washer 16
Hexagon head bolt 10.9 grade M16*1.5*60Nut 10 grade M16X1.5
Driving shaft LK0=805
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