SK-4S04 Series camera-monitoring system

SK-4S04 Series camera-monitoring system

Shanghai ShenKai

SK-4S04 Series camera-monitoring system is specialized used in monitoring for drilling, oil production and hazardous area with flammable and explosive gas. It facilitates detecting of security risks promptly. In that case it will improve the safety of the working environment. In the security zone or danger area by pressing the button of explosion – proof control box, you can separately control each camera turn up, down, left and right. Besides, you can control the action of shield wiper and defrosting.

●  Witch to any of monitor screen you want, in order to make user monitor the operation condition of equipment intuitively, promptly and conveniently.
●  Support for video recording, video playback, network remote monitor.
●  6 screens monitor component is optional to equip with.

●  Environment temperature: -20℃~55℃
●  Relative humidity: 95%(+25℃)
●  Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa
●  Working pressure: 180~265VAC, 47~63 HZ
●  Resolution ratio: 1024*768

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