SK3Q02 Chromatograph

  • SK-3Q02 Chromatograph
  • SK – 3Q02G Hydrogen flame chromatograph was specially designed for analysis of hydrocarbon gases separate from drilling fluid in petroleum exploration and drilling site and in an indoor environment. The instrument can analyze hydrocarbon gas components and total hydrocarbon and report the oil and gas shows in time during the process of drilling.

    ●  The percentage content and output value of the component and total hydrocarbon have liner relationship in and the output value of relations on count coordinates, just one point calibration, qualitative and quantitative analysis are accurate
    ●  Good repeatability and vibration resistance, no need to debug after long-distance transportation
    ●  Improved chromatographic column, complete the analysis of the C1 ~ C5 in 3 minutes , and complete reverse function, C1 / C2 retention time for 5 seconds, the separation efficiency is superior to other models
    ●  Can calibrate total hydrocarbon and components at the same time with 100 ml sample, convenient to the user
    ●  Big LCD display
    ●  Various interface:recorder/integrator/RS232/parallel port, can connect various device or communicate with computer directly
    ●  Rational layout, compact structure, easy operation


  • ●  Power supply:220V±10% AC,50±1 Hz;
    ●  Total power:≤800 W;
    ●  Operating temperature:0℃~35℃;
    ●  Relative humidity:45%~85%;
    ●  Analysis time:180s(C1~nC5);
    ●  Methane and ethane separation degree:retention time ≥5s;
    ●  The minimum concentration of detector:total hydrocarbon:50 ppm;
    component:30 ppm;
    ●  Measuring range:total hydrocarbon:50~1×106 ppm;
    component:30~1×106 ppm;
    ●  Baseline shift:≤1% F.S./h;
    ●  Repeatability:≤2.5% F.S.
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