SK8C05/8C05L Ultrasonic Pit Level Sensor

SK-8C05/8C05L Ultrasonic Pit Level Sensor


It is a kind of ultrasonic pit level sensor combining the sensing technique and electrical signals. It is used to measure the liquid level in open or sealed containers. The sensor is equipped with ultrasonic sensor and temperature sensing elements. The sensor can emit a series of ultrasonic pulse by the probe; the reflected ultrasonic pulse is received by the sensor after encountering liquid level. The filter in the sensor can distinguish the true reflected echo from the liquid level among various noises, such as acoustic and electric noise and noise from rotations of agitator paddles. After being compensated, the time spent from the second the impulse wave emitted to the liquid level until it returns to the sensor will be converted into distance readings and output current.

●  Working Voltage : 24VDC
●  Output Signal: 4~20mA
●  Working Temp: continuously work: -40~60℃
●  Measurement range (liquid): 0~5m (0~16.4ft)
●  Directional Beam Angle: 10°(-3dB)
●  Accuracy: 0.5%
●  Resolution: 3mm(0.125″)
●  Max Load: 600Ω (24VDC)
●  Pressure (pressure-tight tank): 200Kpa
(2bar or 30psi)
●  Material: PVC
●  Explosion-proof Grade: ExiaIICT5
●  Protection Class: IP65

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